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Adam and the Magic Marble
Published in Paperback by Hope Pr (January, 1991)
Author: Adam Buehrens
Amazon base price: $6.95
Average review score:

My son loved this book!!
My 11 year old son loved this book. In fact, when asked to do a book report for school on a fantasy book, he picked this. I think that he could really empathize with the characters. Having TS he knew exactly how those children felt. He laughed through the whole book and I remember how it made my heart lighten to hear that hearty laugh. I'm sure there are quite a few bullies that he would like to turn into frogs, also. I hope this author decides to write another book......I know one person who would be sure to scoop it up!!!

Excellent Children's Book for Disabled Children
A delightful adventure book about 3 boys. One has cerebral palsy and the other two have Tourette syndrome. They find a magic marble with magic powers and accidentally it becomes aimed at the bullies. I recommend this book to any child who has a disorder that makes them feel different from their peers.

Fun to read, good message, at last, heroes with handicaps!
The boys in our class thought the story was great - the girls thought the frogs were gross but still liked the story. And they all thought the belching was funny! The only negative comment was that there wasn't more books to read about the characters to learn more of their adventures. Write another one of these funny books!

Adam Green's Book of Hollow Days
Published in Paperback by Kensington Pub Corp (November, 1997)
Author: Adam Green
Amazon base price: $12.00
Used price: $7.95
Buy one from zShops for: $9.99
Average review score:

If you thought your holidays were bad...
Adam Green draws in a minimalist style but these comics are great. If you liked "What were you in a previous life?" then you'll enjoy this collection of holiday-themed comics.

Adam Green is God!
Adam Green is THE most brilliant cartoonist in the world at the moment. Everyone should own this book, and "What were you in a previous life?". Please buy this book, and worship Adam on a daily basis. (I actually laughed in the book store as I was reading this book. Not a quiet chuckle either...a big psycho laugh. People stared.) Adam's brand of humor isn't for everyone. Some people just won't get it. If you understand the Far Side and Life in Hell, you'll dig his stuff. Even his signatures are funny! Do yourself a favor...track down any and all Adam Green titles and buy them!

I thought the book was very funny.
This book was funny. It made me laugh. I said haha when I read it. It had funny pictures.

The adventures & brave deeds of the ship's cat on the Spanish Maine : together with the most lamentable losse of the Alcestis & triumphant firing of the Port of Chagres
Published in Unknown Binding by J. Cape ()
Author: Richard Adams
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $18.76
Collectible price: $15.88
Average review score:

Delightful children's book
This is a pleasure to read to children. It's nicely illustrated, with a traditional look. It's cleverly written, entirely in verse.

Lost Treasure
Really a pity to see such a treasure of a book out-of-print. I grew up with Dad reading this to me (am now 25) and the challenge of its language and verse, not to mention exquisitley curious art, broadens a child's horizon's far more than the PC drivel we print today.

Too bad I can't find a mint copy anywhere :/

Fantastically illustrated
I have a copy of this book. It is exquisitely illustrated by Alan Aldridge, who illustrated for The Beatles.

Celtic lettering of unparalleled quality.

Applied Drilling Engineering (Spe Textbook Series, Vol 2)
Published in Hardcover by Society of Petroleum (November, 1986)
Author: Adam T. Bourgoyne
Amazon base price: $58.00
Used price: $50.33
Average review score:

great reference
I have been able to pick up technical calculations and great drilling information that would have taken several years of hands on experience.

Excellent Textbook
This is an excellent book for it covers most of the aspects of drilling engineering. However, in some sense it is becoming outdated; it needs additional chapters on Novell Drilling techniques (Horizontal & Underbalanced drilling, Coiled tubing Drilling, MWD) chapter on drilling muds should go more in depth, one example of preparing drilling program and small completion chapter would be a definite assett for this book.

Excellent reference source for drilling engineering
This book provides a very detailed reference source for most aspects of drilling engineering. It covers everything from bit design to hydraulics to derived burst, collapse and tension equations for casing design. Diagrams and pictures are well presented and helpful in explaining some of the subject matter. The only thing that is lacking is a chapter on drilling optimization.

Online Dating Survival Guide
Published in Spiral-bound by E Solutions Press, Inc. (December, 2000)
Authors: Karen Adams and Kate Crenshaw
Amazon base price: $11.95
Average review score:

Love can be found in the online world!
I found the Online Dating Survival Guide quite helpful. After reading it I developed the courage to place an ad at one of the online dating sites found on the net, The book gave me the much needed skills to sort, search and remain anonymous. The book and the effectiveness of helped me meet someone that I found to be just right. I'd recommmend this book, and the web site too!!

finding ms. right
This book helped me find the woman of my dreams on line. Of course I had to go through a few bad dates to find ms. right.

Keeping it simple
This book was just what it the point and easy to get online, fast ... I don't like to read a lot of info, the section about what phrases attract the opposite sex really did work!

The Princeton Review Word Smart II Audio Program: How to Build an Even More Educated Vocabulary
Published in Audio Cassette by Living Language (January, 1994)
Authors: Adam Robinson, Julian Fleisher, and Princeton Review
Amazon base price: $17.50
List price: $25.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $4.89
Buy one from zShops for: $16.95
Average review score:

Good but a little annoying
It teaches you over 200 new words that you can listen and learn. The dialog in the tape can be very annoying. I wish that the tape contains more word and less useless dialog. If you take out all the annoying dialogs in the tape, it will make 5-stars tape :)

If you want to learn as much new words as you can in a short period of time, try Verbal Advantage (ISBN 1559276193).

Excellent series - The Best!
I have several vocabulary series tapes and Princeton Review is by far the best. I have retained 99% of all the words reviewed and each of the three different series.

Very well produced.
I have a limited vocabulary and wanted to improve it for the purpose of improving my chances of getting a job as a firefighter. I believe that if I listen and practice using the words that the tapes present, I will be a better candidate. In the lines of work I have previously been accustomed too, I have not heard many of the words used. I only can speculate that if I want to improve my communication skills get my desire accross to my interviewers, I will have to increase my vocabulary. I feel that Word Smart can help me with this..... Oh what's the word? Endever? Well, I still have some work to do.

Rough Guide Jamaica (1st Edition)
Published in Paperback by Rough Guides (December, 1997)
Authors: Polly Thomas and Adam Vaitilingham
Amazon base price: $11.87
List price: $16.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $1.45
Collectible price: $12.66
Buy one from zShops for: $3.95
Average review score:

A valuable guide that will help you understand Jamaica
Jamaica has a distinct attitude and unique character unlike any other Caribbean island you are likely to visit. The people of this country are proud of their history, sportsmen, and artistic and musical genius. Yet the inequity of wealth, growing poverty, governmental corruption, and grave social tensions have created an attitude within Jamaicans that can be brash, sassy, rude, and often in-your-face. This is especially true around the big, all-inclusive resorts, which exacerbate the inequity of wealth.

A good guidebook should give you more than just star ratings on hotels and restaurants - it should help the savvy and curious traveler learn about the culture, politics, and people as well as tell you where to find the best beaches and hottest night clubs.

"Jamaica: The Rough Guide" is a good source for travel in Jamaica, although some content is lacking.

The authors have adequately covered all the basic information for visiting Jamaica. The accommodation and restaurant sections are ample enough to help the reader make a decision, but I found the ratings systems in guides such as Fielding to be easier to comprehend and use. A significant shortcoming is the lack of web sites or e-mail, most hotels have e-mail and web sites that make booking a reservation easy and cheap. Since the guide is a 1999 reprint, this information should be included.

There are some very interesting and occasionally fascinating tidbits of information found in sidebars on the pages of this guidebook. For example, "Sexual Stamina Potions ensure a sexual libido in Jamaican men" and "Ackee: the national dish kills up to 10 people a year."

Overall, "Jamaica: The Rough Guide" is a valuable guide and will help you understand this wonderful country. It is an adequate guidebook as it pertains to recommending hotels and restaurants. Recommended >

The best guidebook option for first-time or repeat visitors
The Rough Guide covers the gamut in no-nonsense, tell it like it is terminology. This is not a guide designed to explain how wonderful Jamaica is -- the reader gets a good sense of the great opportunities for fun and adventure Jamaica provides, as well as enormously valuable tips on how to deal with some of the less pleasant aspects of traveling there. The book makes no bones, for instance, about the constant presence of hawkers and ganja pushers no matter where you are -- and it gives travelers a good idea of how to stay safe and happy on vacation. Where the book lacks is in its profiles of hotels and restaurants -- the Rough Guide favors info on how to get around, local culture, unusual local haunts, etc. The editors do welcome input from readers based on their experiences in Jamaica, though. I highly recommend buying this book well before you go to Jamaica, and be sure to bring it with you!

Everything you need to know
I have been to Jamaica many times since 1972, doing research as an anthropologist, which includes reading everything I can about its people and culture as well as traveling about and living in various communities. I picked up this book shortly before my most recent trip, hoping to get some hints on places to stay as it's been awhile since I've been back. I read it thoroughly as I traveled extensively around the island for 18 days. And I'm quite impressed. It is an extremely informative and accurate guide to the history, culture, things to see and do, places to eat and stay. The hotel reviews are brief but to the point. The advice is sound. The maps are very helpful. The only criticism I can make is that in at least two cases I found the directions to be wrong. I am most impressed with the fact that the book can really get you out of the tourist areas and into the real Jamaica. It is a great guide for those who want to EXPLORE the island and come to know it well. This takes time, a car, and money, though. Finally, I'd like to add that the book is just the right size, easy to carry, and has a very sturdy cover and binding, so it'll survive more than one trip. I suppose the greatest compliment is that a Jamaican friend wanted me to give it to her after she discovered it had information on her own town that she didn't know.

The Silver Boat II : The Journey
Published in Paperback by Silver Boat Productions (30 November, 1994)
Authors: Ann Adams and Jeff Pace
Amazon base price: $12.95
Used price: $48.49
Buy one from zShops for: $12.95
Average review score:

Sickeningly sweet. My littles need more substance than this. Why do so many authors assume that kids are stupid?

Reach Me
Talking helps. But reading and hearing a story, and looking at wonderful illustrations, and thinking in metaphors and feeling in colors all contribute to getting the message across more fully and deeply, especially to the little ones. This is an uplifting story in it's own right, and a great aid to further understanding and healing.

My personal review of The Silver Boat and the Silver Boat II
I was thoroughly touched by both books and was moved even more into a healing place from which I found strength to deal with my own dragons and all the help from inside to work together through a healing journey. I found that it was ok to have dragons and if one can work together you can get through anything. The books also taught me about a great place that you can go to inside where everything is calm and beautiful and safe where there is blue light, and you can even ride on a dolphin and find lightness of heart while dealing with the most troublesome areas of my life. I found you can create in your mind that great place to go to when things hurt so much, a place all your own. Found that even the most meanest dragons can be beautiful swans. These books helped me be ok with the healing journey I must face in order to become the person I want to be and that it's ok to be scared and confused and sad. I found that I can have fun and have feelings that are good and work on other issues at the same time and rely on my inner strengths to get through even the most troublesome times and find healing at last. The nice thing about these books is how well written they are and easy to understand and to be ok with what you must deal with. Yes while going through the forest there are many dangerous animals and yet you can find strength in the forest as well and beauty. These books helped me to see that and to go through this journey although painful and yet very calming while working together to all become beautiful swans and then you find you all were beautiful swans all along, some needed help to see it that way. The illustrations in these books are so colorful and meaningful.

Adam and Eve Sindrome
Published in Paperback by Foundation of Human Understanding (January, 2001)
Authors: Roy Masters and Robin Stevens
Amazon base price: $15.95
Used price: $11.78
Average review score:

In the beginning, Adam just stood there and said nothing
I've read a number of Roy's books and have yet to see the topic of equality addressed by him. His idea of a right relationship between men and women begins with the man having a right relationship with his Father in the Heavens and then becoming a "god" of sorts to his wife, who can then follow this man. I'm sorry, Roy, but that doesn't work. The reason: many men have tremendous egos and if he does not keep up his "right relationship" with the Creator, he can easily become enamoured by the devotion and attention bestowed upon him by a trusting and sincere wife. Then, all hell can break loose. The male ego is a dangerous and demonic substance and cannot be trusted. Roy himself continually admonishes his listeners to be quiet and patient with people we know (especially our beloved family members). Then, when he receives a phone call on radio from someone who takes issue with his beliefs, Roy hastily and impatiently brushes off the questions by the telephone "disbeliever", and reveals beyond a shadow of a doubt that he does not practice what he himself preaches. He is not patient or kind with some telephone callers. And that's a shame.

I enjoy Roy's books, but there is a quality missing from them all: he refuses to place men and women on the same level. According to him, women should be subservient to a man who has a "right" relationship with God. I don't buy it anymore. Sorry Roy. God created us equal, male and female created He them. To God, we are equal. To Roy we are not. That's wrong thinking.

If you're looking for an author who exhibits great, in-depth spirituality, I would recommend anything by Leo Tolstoy, but in particular, "The Kingdom of God is Within," to begin your reading.

This Book Nails It
I've read this book as well as several others
by Roy Masters.This book unlocks the secret truths about
male/female relationships that have been lost for many,many
many generations.This is not a book for the casual reader.
This book goes to a depth that NOTHING else in this shallow
society could even attempt.If you want the usual men & women
are equal pablum that is spewed forth in our society constantly,
this book is not for you.It isn't politically correct at all.
This book points out the futility of the way we are conditioned
to practice that type of "love".But if you are a truth seeking
individual,male or female;you will find this book as a welcome
breath of fresh air that you may have searched for all your life.
Roy Masters cracks the greatest mystery of all time and blows the lid off of all of our illusions on relationships.
If you want to know the truth about relationships/sex/marriage,
get this book:NOW!

Unparralled insight into the workings of the Soul
Roy Masters sheds light on the universally mysterious man/woman relationships in this insightfull book. You may come away with a restored marriage and and even a restoration of your Faith in God. By discussing the parralells in the Adam and eve Account in Genesis, with modern man, Roy Masters sheds light on the questions of why men and woman seem to be so much at odds with each other while at the same time in dire need for each other. He discusses the subtle underpinnings in the different ways in which men and women relate to their worlds. He disccusses the causes of our sexual frustrations and needs, and of abusive relationships, the destruction of the family,........this book is an anidote to the fashionable politcally correct "Women are from venus,Men are from Mars" Psychobabble. Be warned...Mr. Masters style can best be described as "flowing conversationalism" which can at times seem confusing and redundant...but if you will read closely and with an open may discover the peace and joy within your marriage and relationships that you have been searching for all your lives>

America Afire : Jefferson, Adams, and the First Contested Election
Published in Paperback by Perennial (18 September, 2001)
Author: Bernard A. Weisberger
Amazon base price: $11.20
List price: $14.00 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $2.80
Collectible price: $4.24
Buy one from zShops for: $2.79
Average review score:

An Exciting Period in American History Spun Well
Bernard A. Weisberger's America Afire (Jefferson, Adams, and the First Contested Election) is a both a marvelous tale and a wonderful slice of history. It covers similar ground (and the 1790's in America is probably one of the richest historical hunting ground around) as Joseph Ellis' Founding Brothers but in a more narrative fashion that will keep the reader gripped from beginning to end. One of the great joys of this books is that it is not strictly about the election of 1800 but, rather, about the decade that preceded it and resulted in the nail biter showdown between Jefferson and Adams (and then in bizarre twist betweem Jefferson and Burr). The book gets the story just right and manages to tell the sometimes complex tale in a comprehensible and straight forward manner to delight any reader. A nice introduction to this fascinating period of American history.

Ameria Afire: An Surprising Slant on Early US History
America Afire provided a dramatic look at American history from the Constitutional Convention through the deaths of Adams and Jefferson. Weisberger gives a vivid account of lesser known stories of the era. He also tracks the political careers of men such as Hamilton and Burr. The book actually spends most of the time explaining the events leading up to the contested election of 1800 - but in doing so lays a rich framework that helps the reader appreciate how crucial the election was. The book was informative and a pleasure to read. I especially enjoyed the rivalry between Hamilton and Burr.

Prelude to the Golden Age of America: 1787-1800
This book was exactly what I wanted. I thought I was buying an account of the 1800 election but the coverage is much broader. Repeat: this book is not just about the election but is a political history of the US from the Constitution (1787) through the election of 1800, with a chapter devoted to Jefferson's suceeding first term (1801-1804). Discussion of the actual campaigning and election of 1800 don't start being discussed until part V, pg 227. That is because this election was so hot and so important because of the seeds of political conflict and discord that had been sown in the previous 15 or so years, from the signing of the Constitution in 1787, through the administrations of George Washington and John Adams.

This is the story of the emergence of competing political parties, Federalists and Republicans, with competing ideas about how to interpret the Constitution and how to govern the young nation. Essentially, Federalists like Hamilton and Washington believed in a strong central government, possibly with a standing army and navy, a central bank, national debt to obtain a class of creditors interested in the well being of the US government, etc... Republicans, like Jefferson and Madision, believed in a weaker central government. Jefferson said it best in his March 4, 1801 inaugural address, "... a wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits.... and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government" (pg 283). So, when elected, Jefferson slashed the army and navy, cut back on embassies in less significant countries and tried to pay down the national debt (pgs 287-88). The election of Jefferson in 1800 marked a turning point, a transition of power from Federalists to Republicans. Jefferson was then re-elected, followed by two terms for fellow Republican Madison and two for fellow republican James Monroe after that: "Among them, Jefferson and his two chief Virginia lieutenants (Madison and Monroe) held the presidency for almost the whole first quarter of the nineteenth century" (pg 308). To me, this was the GOLDEN AGE OF AMERICA.

This book has great coverage: the debates of the Constitutional Convention, the war between Britain and France that America was inevitably drawn into through it's trade with the two countries, Citizen Genet, the Jay Treaty with Britain, the Alien and Sedition Acts, etc... I found this book very worthwhile, informative, and easy reading...

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