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Perry's Chemical Engineers' Platinum Edition
Published in Hardcover by McGraw-Hill Professional (26 July, 1999)
Authors: Robert H. Perry, Don W. Green, and James O. Maloney
Amazon base price: $157.50
List price: $225.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $132.82
Buy one from zShops for: $137.21
Average review score:

Best thing since sliced bread!Well...for Chemical Engineers'
I am a Junior/Senior in Chemical Engineering, and I can't say enough about this set I recently purchased. My husband is a Graduate student in Chemical Engineering and he told me to hold off, that he never used his copy (1991 version), and never needed it in college. I use the electronic book all the time on my laptop. It's a great resource, and so EASY to use. I even caught my husband using my Perry's on more than one occasion, and he finally admitted my version was much better and easier to use than his! He went out and bought his OWN copy! I pretty much only use the electronic book, but it's nice to know if my laptop crashed, I have a hardcopy to go to. With the active 8, you can get the variables from a z-Compressibility Chart without having to take out the magnifying lens and ruler. Just slide your mouse and a red bordered legend tells you the Tr Pr and z simultaneously until you reach your desired measurements. Printing is a cinch, and it looks like the hardcopy except on 1 page! As I said, I use this book about every day, and I am sure this is what I'll bring to the office when I'm done with school. This would have been sweet during my Material/Energy Balance class as a sophomore, too. If you're a student you already spend $500+ on textbooks a term anyway, you might as well buy a book that has the information of every book you will buy in college in one resource for a little extra money, I put my name on it. You won't regret it if you're serious about your major.

Great Guide
I am a chemical engineering student at Kansas University, where Don Green teaches. I just hope that when I take my econ. class from him next semester, that his class is as easy as this book is easy to use.....a must for students, not only professionals

A must-have reference for all power & process engineers
I used the early editions of Perry before, but this 7th edition is the most comprehensive one ever. All you need from steam tables to equations & formulae are all included in the CD ROM. I recommend it to every professional engineer in power plant and/or process industries. It's a must-have reference.

Hadi Kazwini Plant Performance Engineer ALSTOM POWER LTD Australia

Philip II and Alexander the Great Unify Greece in World History (In World History)
Published in Library Binding by Enslow Publishers, Inc. (2000)
Author: Don Nardo
Amazon base price: $20.95
Average review score:

Helpful and Interesting
A very informative book that tells really a lot about Macedonian king Philp the 2nd and the way he forced himself on the Greeks. There's not as much in there about his son, Alexander, but it was worthwhile anyway for anybody who wants to know about the wars of that time in ancient Greece. I highly recomend it.

A Good Overview of Philip II
This book is the best book I have seen about King Philip II for general readers. Several scholarly books that are available contain more information of course. But for those who want a simple, straightforward overview, this book is excellent. The book contains a good deal less on Alexander and seems to make the case that much of Alexander's later success was due to his father's considerable talents. Nice job all around.

A Very Informative Volume
The achivements and conquests of the Macedonian king Philip II are summarized in this highly informative volume. The author devotes most of the book to Philip, rather than his illustrius son, Alexander, which is Ok because there are plenty of books about Alexander out there already. It is really refreshing to find out how much of Alexnader's accomplishments were the result of his father's talent and achievements, which tend to get glossed over in a lot of books about Alexander. As one of the reviews above mentions, the author does a really nice job of working in actual quotes from ancient writers, which gives the book a strong feeling of authenticity.

Power Networking: Using the Contacts You Don't Even Know You Have to Succeed in the Job You Want
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books (1998)
Author: Marc Kramer
Amazon base price: $10.36
List price: $12.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $7.95
Buy one from zShops for: $9.00
Average review score:

Reminds Us What We Should Do, But Don't
Good networking skills are a combination of common sense strategies, and techniques derived from experience. Kramer's book gives us both. Most importantly, he reminds of the things we know we should do--like not sitting with a friend at a networking dinner--but don't do. Any one of the tips in this book make it worth the time and money to buy and read.

Crisp and to the Point
Perfect timing. The book arrived the day before my first after-work job networking meeting. The meeting was a tremendous success. The book clearly described keys to being a great networker. Because of this book, I did not discuss the weather or sports at my networking meeting. In a casual atmosphere, I asked people where they worked and what they did for work. I did much listening. As a result, I heard about a Quality Director position at a local manufacturing company, which I am investigating further. Excellent book !!!

Very encouraging!
I was a vice president and product manager with a stock brokerage firm but, due to corporate restructuring, I'm no longer there. I have been networking to find a new position (I want to make sure that I land in the right spot) and Marc's book has re-enforced what I have been doing and let me know that I am heading in the right direction.

Purrfect Parenting
Published in Paperback by Fisher Books (1987)
Authors: Beverly Guhl and Don H. Fontenelle
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $0.68
Buy one from zShops for: $4.95
Average review score:

Just found out about this wonderful book
I was haveing big problems with my 4 year old adhd son and his consler showed me this book and you know alot of this book was me! I really did not realize it till I was showed that I was just giving my son control of ME and I was not really being the parent. I was letting me son run My life and this book made me see that. THANK YOU FOR COMING OUT WITH A BOOK TO SHOW US PARENTS THAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PURRFECT PARENT BUT WE ALL ARE STILL LEARNING! I am still learning to this day. My son seems happier that I am not putting so many adult decisions on him but that I am letting him be a child! once again thank you so much and I hope other parents find this book as helpful as I did. I do not own one yet but I'm trying to get one.Times are rough for me right now but as soon as I get back on me feet, And hopefully soon I will buy the used one. Hope everyone else gets what I did out of this book. Thank you so much Charity Castleberry

"PURRFECT" for all parents or future parents!!!!
This is a light hearted book about the very serious job of parenting. Sound simple advice that works! I am anxious for this book to be re-printed. I used it with my now 14 year son an would love an updated version to use with my 18 month old twins. I would definately give this book as a gift at baby showers or to those parents that are having difficult times with their children. So please, please, please give us more of PURRFECT PARENTING!!!

Ancient secret fundamental truths about discipline revealed
Everything you need to raise polite, nice, well-mannered kids (works for pets, too!) is in this book. It's not rocket science, but you DO need to be consistent, firm, and rational. It might be easy to dismiss the content based on the humorous presentation, but this book will solve (and prevent!) your child(ren)'s behavioral and discipline issues.

PLEASE REPUBLISH THIS TITLE! We loaned ours out and it is gone. We want to give this book to all our friends with kids, but can't and now we can't lend it.

Secrets of Personal Marketing Power: Strategies for Achieving Greater Personal and Business Success
Published in Paperback by Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company (1994)
Author: Don Price
Amazon base price: $19.95
Collectible price: $24.95
Buy one from zShops for: $14.95
Average review score:

Secrets of Personal Marketing Power
I love it! I found Secrets of Personal Marketing Power to be timeless in content and extremely valuable to my dental practice. The 26 secrets are powerful and useful in any business. This is a must read for anyone wanting to have an effective marketing advantage.

Don Price is the Guru of Marketing
I have used Don's techniques in both my personal and professional life, and it works. Don's easy approach takes the work out of marketing by making it not only beneficial but fun. The resutls I garnered from his advice has helped me increase my profitability by more than 30% in the first quarter of implementation. Thanks Don for writing such a valuable tool.

A wonderful reference guide!
Don Price's book is an upbeat, step-by-step, guide to achieving your business goals! I particularly liked it because it was so positive, easy to read, and contained lots of suggestions in a step-by-step manner for marketing yourself. It seemed pretty comprehensive, filled with both practical and innovative ideas. He concludes the book with especially good (step-by-step) questions to help you develop your own marketing action plan. In addition to that, the Appendix includes lots of sources of support for your marketing efforts - business cards, directories, publishers, audio/videotape producers, etc. I think this book would be a really great gift item, too, particularly for those friends starting their own businesses!

The Sensuous Garden
Published in Paperback by Conran (2001)
Author: Monty Don
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $7.65
Buy one from zShops for: $9.25
Average review score:

Entertaining the Sixth Sense....
I garden year round, am a photographer of sorts, and I collect garden and art books. THE SENSUOUS GARDEN by Monty Don is a new kind of book with a fresh approach to garden photography, one that takes the viewer up-close-and-personal and arouses the five senses as well as what Don calls the sixth sense or intuition. I don't know if my intuition is involved, but Don's photographs affect my various senses and the whole effect is greater than the sum of the parts. This is a beautiful book filled with beautiful pictures.

In a few instances, Don has photographed places I know (gardens in Spain) but all of his photos have been taken from a unique angle which pinpoints the essence of the thing photographed. Too often, photos are taken with the frame of reference in mind..i.e. the frame. Don's photos are so physical I can hear the tinkling bells and falling water. I can taste the juicy fruit. I can touch the soft rust and white bib of the bluebird. I've seen bluebirds before, as many as five at one time. They are clever and quick and flit away before I can retrieve my camera. But Mr. Don got the photo I wanted. I can only marvel, and sit and enjoy the bluebird a while longer.

Opened my eyes when I thought I could see
This is an incredible book, and it isn't just for gardeners or those who like flowers. This book can be read by all to their benefit. The pictures alone are worth the price, but what the author has to say along with his pictures has radically changed my view of the world and the beauty of nature.

For instance, recently when I was in Ft. Lauderdale on vacation I was sitting on the patio of our hotel looking at the ocean and the lovely palm trees. Suddenly I noticed patterns and shapes I had never seen before. I noticed that on the different palm trees the configuration of the palm fronds make up intricate, harmonious patterns that were fascinating. With one eye on a palm frond, I traced the source at the tree trunk up to the tip of the frond. On the inside at the branch of the frond there were openings, kind of in a triangular pattern, but each slightly unique. I must have stared at that frond for 15 minutes. My husband must have thought I was crazy.

This book opened my eyes to beauty that does not hit you between the eyes sometimes. Sometimes it does. But I am learning that there is a world within a world of the tiniest bit of nature just waiting for my senses to soak in and ENJOY.

Buy the book...and read it. You don't have to read it like you would a novel. It is one that you can put down after a time, think about what you have seen and read, then pick it up later on to learn more about how nature and beauty are more present than we can possibly conceive of.

The words are as beautiful as the photos
The words are as beautiful as the photos of the gardens. It makes you want to go out and plant a garden this moment. This is one of my favorite gift books. I have copied some of the words and keep them on my computer for quiet moments or to send to someone in an email. A perfect book. I never tire of reading through it.

Shame and Grace : Healing the Shame We Don't Deserve
Published in Paperback by Harper SanFrancisco (1994)
Author: Lewis B. Smedes
Amazon base price: $10.40
List price: $13.00 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $9.09
Collectible price: $10.59
Buy one from zShops for: $8.58
Average review score:

Break Those Addictions!
If you have addictions of any kind, you should read this book. At the core of what keeps us addicted is often shame and the rejection of the power of grace. We may be shamed by ourselves, our family, our church or our society. We miss the magnitude and scope of God's grace. Satan thrives on that and convinces us how despicable we are, driving us further into our addictions (how can a miserable person like me deserve to be close to God). A vicious cycle, which was close to being broken, continues anew. This book helps us understand that, which gets us on the path to recovery.

Awesome Book
This book was given to me to read for a class I took in college, and am I ever glad it was! It's a great book! Once you start reading it, you really start understanding yourself and others better! It opened my eyes to the shame I don't deserve and the grace God offers me that I was pushing away! Read this book!

Excellent read and thoughtful...
This book was recommended to me by a counsellor. I could hardly put it down. Even after 3 years of Seminary training some of the principles and perspectives presented here were refreshing to my soul. Buy it and read it and give it to someone you love.

The Power of Silence: Further Lessons of Don Juan
Published in Hardcover by Simon & Schuster (1991)
Author: Carlos Castaneda
Amazon base price: $2.98
Used price: $1.49
Collectible price: $1.50
Buy one from zShops for: $2.90
Average review score:

Like Nothing I've Ever Read
That's why I gave it four stars. This book is amazing. If you've ever read anything by Dan Millman or Ken Wilber, you'll like this. A lot of the same stuff, and a lot of it is really hard to understand. I've read it once, and I didn't get it too well, but I'm about halfway done with yet again and it really is a great book. This is the first Castaneda book I've read, and I think that maybe I should have started with The Teachings of Don Juan, because alot of this subject matter is way out there, but I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to see things differently.
This book chose me to read it and became a savior. Never a adamant reader how ever finished this book in a few days. As it turned out this book brought light to my shadows of darkness and showed me that I am not alone but rather part of all that is. Teaching me how to stalk myself was like finally getting a major obstacle out of the way. Still if one has not attained an understanding of certain fundamental & spiritual concepts and incorporated them into a quest for at least a basic quest for knowledge, the book can only serve as entertainment.

Key explanations to advanced practicers
By far one of the best Castaneda`s books revealing very profound and important explanations. Useful only if the one who reads it has certain achievements in "stopping the world", "seeing", etc. Otherwise save it for later - don`t think upon it,won`t help you. Just read it and wait till you get positive results in your own practice. The book is very clear to understand with one`s mind but as always that doesn`t help at all - the problem in achieving practical results remains. If you are looking just for another interesting book - well, I guess you`ve found it. But if you are serious about it I hope my comments might be of some use to you.

The Ra Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks (The Law of One , No 1)
Published in Paperback by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. (1984)
Authors: Elkins McCarty, Don Elkins, James Allen McCarty, and Carla Rueckert
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $5.95
Collectible price: $8.99
Buy one from zShops for: $9.95
Average review score:

The history of psychic channelling and channelled material has a long and checkered past. In the last century, at least in the West, the seriousness and quality of such work has been generally dismissed as something between a quaint parlor trick and delusional doomsday prophesying. In a broader historical context, however, channeling has been accepted for 1000's of years as a genuine means of acquiring valid and useful information. Consider that much of the Bible, as the divinely inspired Word of God, easily qualifies as channelled material. It is from this latter context that I view the RA Material. From an intuitive standpoint the information contained within this first book, as well as, the remaining four other books rings true. The channelled entity RA claims to be a higher dimensional being of collective intelligence with karmic connections to Earth and it's ensouled inhabitants. Essentially, the message is as follows: Long ago, Earth was selected by benevolent higher dimensional beings as a planet for the seeding of Life in all its myriad forms including humankind. These beings are members of an "intergalactic federation" of sorts comprised of various advanced intelligences with representatives from assorted civilizations throughout the universe. There "mission" is to oversee and nurture the development and evolution of other less advanced civilizations while not interfering with planetary affairs or indvidual lives to the point of violating Free Will. One realizes that at some point, the distictions between angels and highly developed extra-dimensional alien beings who watch over us with concern and care are rougly one and the same. Throughout history, they have periodically attempted to gently steer us away from the darkness of possible destruction and towards the light of soul development or evolution by offering wisdom and understanding through various means ranging from inspiration in dreams to direct physical contact. Their message is The Law Of One which states that the Creator is real, that the universe and everything in it is His creation, and that Love is not only also real but a powerful energetic force of Creation. We are all souls having a "human experience" over many physical incarnations for the purpose of learning truths which will allow us to move on to the next level of development in an endless jouney to become one with the Creator again. This is but a brief synopsis and doesn't do justice to the remarkable amount of information and specific detail contained in the five books. The books were written in the early 1980's, and the fact that a great many of RA's statements have come to pass in the last twenty years lends credence to the overall quality of the work and channelling in general. In my experience, this material is the best of it's kind, easily ranking with the Jane Roberts' Seth books. Read the RA Material and enjoy the feeling of wonder again and again.

The Ra material is the transcription of the taped communications between researcher Don and the entity RA, a being that is talking through Carla, often referred to as the "instrument" throughout the book (s), in a state of deep trance. The transcriptions are carried out by Jim and the three are always present during all sessions, creating a triangulation of light that allows for RA, a sixth dimensional being, that calles itself a "socialmemory complex", to come through and speak.

RA has choosen this group because of the purity of their intent and makes himself available to them for questions about the Universe, the Creator, the dimensions, Karma, the law of One and any other material that might aid people in understanding universal truths that might be helpful for mankinds evolution.

The materail is very esoteric and requires some concentration. However, it is well worth the effort, as it is enlightening, very precise, accurate and informative. The explanations around the shift in dimensions we are about to undergo on the planet, that Ra defines as the harvest, are devoid of hype and sensation. Harvest is a process that all beings and planetary bodies eventually encur, following physical/spiritual law just as eclipses do or the seasons.The science of the harvest ( ascension) is explained in depth here as is the chakra system and it's role in Soul evolution.

Also extremely interesting the explanation of the polarization of entities into Service to Self orintated entities and Service to Others orientated entities and the implications these have in the ascension process and the roles they play within the bigger picture.

A really deep read and well worth the effort. I have read all four volumes and I am about to tackle vol 5. I thoroughly recommend it.

The Ra Material & Law of One books
This "contact" is the only example of so-called channeled material to which I would give an unqualified endorsement -- if by "channeled" one refers to communication with another entity, not one's own subconscious or superconscious, nor "angelic" or hierarchical sources, while in trance.

Guaranteed to interest students of forteana, metaphysics, and matters of the spirit... But, to those of you on the straight and narrow spiritual path, a cautionary note is advised whenever the possibility arises of engaging in "spiritual gossip" that may accompany the "true teachings". And said Goethe: "Thought widens, but paralyzes; whereas action enlivens, but narrows."

Hope I haven't confused you too much with this electronic "contact". Happy distorting.

Sales Don't Just Happen: 26 Proven Strategies to Increase Sales in Any Market
Published in Paperback by Dearborn Trade Publishing (2002)
Author: Stephan Schiffman
Amazon base price: $11.17
List price: $15.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $9.10
Buy one from zShops for: $10.47
Average review score:

Highly Recommended!
In Sales Don't Just Happen, Stephan Schiffman, the founder of a fast-growing sales training company, expands on his approach to selling based on developing a proposal that makes sense to the prospect. He fills his book with discussions of the same basic principles he has presented in several other books, though each has its own emphasis, such as cold calling or making a more effective close. Here Schiffman ranges through the four key phases of the sales cycle - prospecting, interviewing, presentation and close - to teach 26 strategies (one main technique per chapter) that push a sale forward. At the end of each chapter, he summarizes how to apply that chapter's tips. These methods are generally quite useful, though familiar, basic approaches. One warning: if you've read Schiffman's other sales books, you may experience a sense of déjà vu. But otherwise, we from getAbstract recommend this solid manual to any corporate sales rep who makes in-person presentations in quest of large sales.

Luck Is for Rabbits
The core concept in this book is that success in sales depends almost entirely on a possible purchaser's willingness to become (in effect) a collaborator with the salesperson inorder to determine HOW best to meet the possible purchaser's needs, solve her or his problems, achieve his or her objectives. (Note: A "possible" does not become a "prospect" unless and until she or he commits to take the Next Step.) The progress and satisfactory conclusion of this collaborative process require a series of Next Steps to which the prospect is agreeable. Schiffman asserts (and I wholly agree) that sales "don't just happen"; rather, they are achieved by the aforementioned process which requires a prospect's permission to collaborate, permission which the salesman must obtain at each stage.

The sequence of Next Steps is not merely a buying of time, however. On the contrary, if skillfully managed by the salesperson, it accelerates the buying cycle as objections are systematically eliminated. To repeat, the objective for the salesperson at each stage in the process is to have the prospect agree to their taking, together, the Next Step. Moreover, the Final Step is not closing on a given sale. There is no Final Step. If I understand Schiffman's thinking and the 26 strategies which he advocates, there is always a Next Step to strengthen even more the relationship with the buyer who will presumably make other purchases later.

Recently I learned that, after surveying many thousands of consumers of various products and services over a period of five years to learn why they no longer did business with certain companies, researchers were told that 1% of the customers had died; 3% had moved out of the area; 5% had been "influenced" away; 9% had found "better service" elsewhere; and 14% had experienced "unresolved conflicts" with the given company.

That adds up to 32%. Now here's the kicker:

68% left because of "perceived indifference."

Hence the obvious importance of what happens after a sale is made. Schiffman is dead-on when insisting that one of the salesperson's greatest challenges is to proceed, relentlessly, to each Next Step after one sale and before the next each customer. In this book, he explains HOW to do that, also why; it is the salesperson's responsibility sustain forward movement. Schiffman also explains why, in certain situations, it would be a waste of time to continue with certain clients without their permission. That does not preclude sustaining contact, and doing so with style and grace. His eminently sensible implication is that there are significant differences between cultivation and solicitation.

Throughout the book, the reader is provided with an abundance of practical advice which includes don'ts as well as do's. For example, Schiffman explains in Chapter 2 how to find out "who's really playing ball"...and who isn't; in Chapter 8, how to make forward progress even when the prospect says no; in Chapter 12, new ways to wake up sleeping prospects; in Chapter 20, how to raise the tough issues before the prospect does; and in Chapter 24, "how to find out where we really stand in the prospect's world." Simply knowing what the 26 "proven strategies" are is well worth the cost of this book; having Schiffman explain how to use each most effectively creates for the book a value that is incalculable.

Of course, the best advice in the world is worthless unless and until it results in appropriate action. Success doesn't just happen.

Another Masterpiece!
This selection from Stephan Schiffman is an excellent tool for sales professionals. It is a clear concise guide to move prospects to clients. I am a huge fan of Schiffman, and his ideas previous books have boosted my productivity and helped me close more sales. Therefore, I had huge expectations for this book, and I was not let down.

Schiffman included actual case examples from his company, including some of their failures and how they corrected them. I have many pages bookmarked for future referrence. Many salespeople "fall of the wagon" every now and then. Schiffman helps the sales profession get back on the wagon to success.

Sales Don't Just Happen: 26 Proven Strategies to Increase Sales in Any Market covers many of the topics discussed in more detail in other Schiffman books. However, I strongly suggest that you read the other targeted selections, such as Cold Calling Techniques, Closing, Telesales etc. The targeted guides, as I call them, will complement the Sales Don't Just Happen book.

Buy this book, you will not be disappointed.

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