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Who's Counting? A Lean Accounting Business Novel
Published in Hardcover by WCM Associates (01 April, 2003)
Author: Jerrold M. Solomon
Amazon base price: $23.99
Average review score:

The effect of Lean
Who's Counting is a must read for anyone interested in Lean Manufacturing. Although the book's premise is an understanding of the facets of Lean Accounting, the book walks you through many of the challenges and internal struggles experienced as Lean is introduced into an organization.

Powerful ideas and enjoyable to read
Not only is this book filled with powerful, actionable ideas, it's enjoyable to read. How many books about accounting topics can you say that about? As a CFO, I think this is one of the most important books about accounting and finance that I've come across. Mr. Solomon has hit the nail on the head - now accounting can understand what they need to do to support lean manufacturing and why.

The Human Challenge of Implementing a Lean System
This book is a huge addition to the Lean Literature. It is a pleasurable read. Jerry clearly is influenced by Eli Goldratt's novel style in "The Goal" and follow on books. He does better than most in making it believable. The book centers on the on-going tension between Mike, a Lean implementor and Fred, the CFO of the publicly traded corporation for which they both work. . This format makes a painfully dry subject (accounting conventions) into a very readable book.

It covers Lean Accounting clearly. The book delivers a solid overview of it's purpose. How does one keep track of costs in a high-flow, minimal waste environment? In particular, how does one calculate product cost? Where does direct labor, local overhead and company overhead fit? What is the problem with absorption costing? Why do we uncritically accept full-absorption costing? How does one get consistent external financial statements while also producing lean internal controls? What adjustments are needed? These topics are well covered.

But it really covers Lean Implementation. This was my biggest surprise and a very positive one at that. This book portrays the very real difficulties in getting a Lean system started. It captures the real anger, personal problems, long hours and human barriers. It covers, from a Board level to a shop level the hurdles, both technical and human. Someone interested solely in implementing Lean could read this, skip the few parts that are especially technical on accounting and get a very accurate feel for what it takes to implement a Lean system.

Jerry has made a very good contribution to the Lean community. I recommend the book highly.

Solomon's Porch: The Story of Ben and Rose
Published in Paperback by AmErica House (20 October, 2001)
Author: Jane Riley
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $17.50
Buy one from zShops for: $18.70
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A book of pure devotion and inspiration!!!
The story of Ben and Rose in SOLOMON'S PORCH touches my heart deeply. This book is a riviting story of overcoming adversity and shows pure devotion and love enduring through trying times. I have never read a book that helps me see things through the eyes of the "care-giver," which puts quite a different "twist" on this wonderful book. The characters were "brought to life" as I read each page. Although the story is fictional, it is inspiring and educational, and I might add that it taught me many things I had never known about Guillain-Barre Syndrome. I smiled and I cried through-out the reading of this book. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to read it.

Solomon's Porch: The Story of Ben and Rose by Jane Riley
Ben and Rose face a long and trying battle with Ben's Guillan-Barre Syndrome. Jane Riley's sensitive yet constrained writing style reveal the strength and foibles of the characters, health care institutions and churches with no rancor. It is a book that I was not able to put down.

Very Touching Love Story
I recently finished reading Solomon's Porch and found it to be a beautifully written love story. Ben and Rose are a devoted couple through some very difficult times. Ben suffers from Guillain-Barre Syndrome and the love and care that he receives from his wife Rose is inspirational. The story is not told as a self-pity book, but rather told through the eyes of love while holding on to a sense of humor.

Caring for an ill loved one is a very traumatic experience. Trying to hold on to a sense of normalacy is difficult indeed. I would highly recommend this book for anyone that is interested in reading a story of adversity, hope, and love.

Language of Souls
Published in Hardcover by Language of Souls Publications Inc. (01 January, 2000)
Authors: K. T. Frankovich, David Taub, Ruth Solomon, Morgan Kenney, and Freydoon Rassouli
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $17.95
Collectible price: $9.48
Buy one from zShops for: $18.95
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Language Of Souls
Language Of Souls is heady and a delightful read. The artwork lends itself beautifully to the written work. The poetry of Mr. Taub, Ms. Frankovich and Mrs. Solomon holds your rapt attention. Definitely a must-buy book.

Language of Souls
This book, consisting of the poems of k.t. Frankovich, Ruth Solomon and David Taub, is beautifully presented with illustrations by Freydoon Rassouli.

The poems are positive and hopeful. And they are written in a form that can be easily understood. I enjoyed them immensely.

A Facinating, Riviting Poetry Book
I heard KT and David do a Poetry Reading from their Book Language of Souls, it was done with such love and special meaning,I know that the words and poems chosen,When kt and David recited their works it made you feel as if you were reliving the experinces that they shared in there superb poems. They have such depth in the way they express themselves and beauty in the words. Just wonderful, there are not enough words I can say about these special people. Keep up the Wonderful Work God Bless Janet Russell Host and Producer Beyond The Unexplained

Published in Hardcover by Free Press (1999)
Author: Burt Solomon
Amazon base price: $17.50
List price: $25.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $2.40
Collectible price: $9.53
Buy one from zShops for: $3.50
Average review score:

A fascinating look at the ur-history of baseball
Many will know that Dimaggio broke Wee Willie Keeler's hitting streak of 44 consecutive games, or will know the name of Ty Cobb's manager Hughie Jennings, or the name of the much-feared Giants manager John McGraw (who turns out to be the combined Ty Cobb and Tony Gwynn of his day), but this book brings these legendaries to life in the days when they themselves were playing, all on the same team as it turns out! Also included is Ned Hanlon, a little known manager who seems to have practically invented modern baseball training and tactics, "Iron Man" Joe McGinnity, Cy Young (he of the famous award), Kid Nichols, Charles Ebbets and other distant whispers. There is even the occasional mention of Babe Ruth. The book does everything right, knowing when to slow down and just enjoy the subject and when to fast forward to the next salient points. There is a nice collection of photos, thorough appendices and wondeful footnotes that are a pleasure to read in themselves. Overall, Solomon and his editorial team have created a fascinating immersion in the time when fans were "cranks" and hurlers were "twirlers".

The Fascinating World of Baseball--1890's Style
Although I have always enjoyed baseball history, I have never had much interest in baseball before the first World Series in 1903. I thought that since early baseball was so unlike the "modern" game it was as dry as dust. This book has corrected that erroneous opinion. Mr. Solomon shows the continuity of the game since the early days, yet refers to significant changes in the rules that led to the way the game has, essentially, been played over the past 100 years. The author also does an excellent job of placing the events of his story within the context of the social and economic conditions of the day. However, the most obvious parallel is that the business aspects of major league baseball have changed very little over the years. The more things change, the more they remain the same! This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it.

Great read for any baseball fan
Being an Oriole fan for many years, I was attracted to this book by it's title, but I got much more than I expected. This book is chock full of baseball history regarding the early years of what is now considered "modern baseball". Stories about the early Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers, Wee Willie Keeler, and John McGraw make this a must read for any true baseball fan.

The Complete Asian Cookbook
Published in Hardcover by Charles E Tuttle Co (2002)
Authors: Charmaine Soloman and Charmaine Solomon
Amazon base price: $27.97
List price: $39.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $18.50
Buy one from zShops for: $22.95
Average review score:

The Complete Asian Cookbook
First off, let me confess - I am the author of this book. However, I have only recently dared to "surf the net" and have been delighted to discover several 5-star reviews of this book which was written 25 years ago. I would like to thank all those who have given it such high praise, and assure them that the reason the recipes work so well is because I tested them all and then made sure that I relayed the information in easy-to-understand language. It was lots of hard but enjoyable work, and when I read the reviews it makes me feel it was certainly worth while. I have thanked those who included an email address, and just wish they all did. I have written many books since then, but this one is probably the most used in my kitchen too. If anyone thinks their copy is dog-eared and has stains on it, they should see mine! Before the internet, I would get letters from places I have never been, but where someone has cooked from my book and found it rewarding. Considering the way Asian ingredients have become widely available in the intervening years, the introduction to the revised edition covers the subject for those who live in big cities and can buy the fresh herbs, roots and leaves which are now sold even in "western" societies. The publisher keeps reminding me that there are folks out in woop-woop (Australian slang for back of beyond), who would still have to rely on dried or canned ingredients, so we didn't re-write the recipes, knowing that any keen cook would make their own adjustments. Meanwhile, I have been making my own adjustments - there's always something to learn, and in the past five years I've taken to making curry pastes and marinades which cut time in the kitchen by half. These were mostly to save myself and my cooking pupils time and effort. Soon it became impossible to keep it so exclusive, and now the Charmaine Solomon range of curry pastes, marinades and spice mixes are sold in specialist food stores throughout Australia, in Sainsbury in UK and Dean & Deluca in U.S. To all those who enjoy my work, a big, heart-felt thank you. Happy cooking and eating!

Wonderful, Authentic asian cookbook!!!!!
If you like Asian cooking, you HAVE to get this book! Charmaine Solomon has researched these 800+ recipes and each is authentic and wonderful! I recently checked this book out at my local library and am buying it now. The only problem you might have are that the recipes are listed first with their real names, with the western names underneath, but don't let that dissuade you; if you are serious about creating restaurant (or better) quality Asian meals, this is the only book you'll ever need. Trust me, I've bought many cookbooks and this is the definitive Asian cookbook. I'll never shop at Uajimaya the same again!

the definitive asian cookbook
I myself come from asia, and EVERY single asian relative of mine owns this wonderful book, which must say something. Thank goodness it is available through Amazon; for some strange reason, it has been impossible to get hold of in Europe for the past five years at least. This really is the clearest and most inspiring asian cookbook I have ever read, and includes recipes from smaller countries such as Sri Lanka and Burma, which many other books do not have. Thank you Charmaine!

Sybase SQL Server 11 Unleashed
Published in Paperback by Sams (1996)
Authors: Ray Rankins, Jeffrey R. Garbus, David Solomon, Bennett Wm. McEwan, and Northern Lights Consulting
Amazon base price: $41.99
List price: $59.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $30.81
Buy one from zShops for: $31.04
Average review score:

complete compendium of sybase administration
This book is just what I looked for: A complete reference of howto's in Sybase ASE administration. It describes the ways to handle sybase admin tasks using the non-graphical interfaces. Especially for the friends of linux who get the ASE 11 for free this is the perfect manual to use ASE easily!

Probably the only book about Sybase DBMS you need.
The book covers generally all aspects of Sybase SQL Server using in real life. It is outdated a bit (SQL Server version 11 already isn't latest release of Sybase DBMS), but, in my opinion, it is still the best book for any serious Sybase database administrator or programmer.

Everything That I've Needed
I already knew Sybase fairly well when I got a copy of this book. So I never felt the need to read the entire thing.

The reason I know it is valuable and the reason I give it 5 stars is this: every time I have a problem or run across something I don't know how to do, I open this book. Then I quickly and easily find the solution. That makes the book good as gold as far as I am concerned.

The Key of Solomon The King
Published in Paperback by Book Tree (1999)
Authors: S. Liddell Macgregor Mather and S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers
Amazon base price: $10.36
List price: $12.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $9.00
Buy one from zShops for: $9.00
Average review score:

Call Me Arrogant
Perhaps it is hubris when I say that I didn't like this manuscript as much as I thought I would. It wasn't through any fault of the information within, but rather the boring and obtuse writing style. Now, perhaps I am arrogant to challenge S.L. Mathers, and perhaps King Solomon himself, when I say that it was long, slow and, at times, unnecessarily vague. When contemplating purchasing this book, however, you must remember that it wasn't intended as a quiet read. This is a Grimoire, and as such does not belabor the point much with storytelling. If you are looking for expoundation on occult philosophy, then I would not recommend this book. If, however, you are already versed in the Esoteric Occult system and ready to closely examine ritual work on your own, I suggest that you peruse this manual and incorporate its ideas.

Obviously, without a doubt , the TRUE origin of magick . . .
Upon receiving my edition of this work . . .it became apparent to me that (comparing it to most all other magick related subjects) . . that this book is , in fact , the true origin of witchcraft as we know it today. I have recognized the manner in which most arts are formulated , and ALL that Ive studied seems to be derived from nonother than this SPECTACULAR grimoire , containing many helpful MAGICKAL SEALS which can be (I believe) directly used even with the simplicity of modern wicca . . .which(witch) . . obviously is a simplified form of this great work. This book is a MUST HAVE for ALL serious "to-be practitioners". This book gives the real understanding of what witchcraft REALLY is all about.

It is an amasing work of research and of translation.
This is what I call TRUE MAGIK. This kind of books ilustrate what Magick was, and what Magick is. I admire the author for his work. Of course Samuel L. McGreagor Mathers was an expert on the Magical subjects. Obviously that this book is different from those "new age" garbage that are well fashioned now. This book contain the most excelent description of how to summon and control entities from other realms of existence. Anyhow the student should be wise enough to read this book by the light of the time it was first written. I take the liberty to advise the book Elemetar Treatise on Practical Magick, Papus. It teaches the importance of how to use this knoledge in ower days. EXECELENT WORK.

Inside Microsoft Windows 2000 (Microsoft Programming Series)
Published in Paperback by Microsoft Press (2000)
Authors: David A. Solomon and Mark Russinovich
Amazon base price: $34.99
List price: $49.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $23.52
Buy one from zShops for: $32.01
Average review score:

clear and interesting, but some things are left out
This book is interesting for people who want to learn about what goes on under the hood of Windows 2000. The authors' style is clear and easy to understand and there is a good wealth of precious, in depth information.
It would have been even better if more details were included: some system mechanisms are mentioned, but the details are left out (particularly on LPCs). Also, the book is not oriented toward experimenting with the system by means of writing kernel mode code: nearly all of the experiments are based on the usage of tools. I think the book could have had room for something more if a number of pages of data structures listing (returned by Kd commands) were left out, particularly since these listings have very few comments and therefore add very little to what everyone can get from the debugger.

Must have for any Windows Develepor
This book explains windows 2000 internal workings in reasonable breadth and sufficient depth. This book is MUCH better than the 2nd Edition of Inside Windows NT, perhaps because of Mark's contributions.
The only problem with this book is that, inspite of being huge, it is only one volume. I think Windows 2000 is too extensive to fit in one book, and though the book is great for getting at many of the principles, you need to look at the DDK/SDK documentation to get more details, and actually use them in your work. At this level the book provides a great starting point to delve into OS internals, but perhaps someone needs to write a book for each chapter to do justice.

2000 Systems Programming at its best!!!
As a former systems programmer on Burroughs (Unisys) systems, I was always used to knowing how the OS did things. It is a real treat after working on PCs for so long, to finally get a book that makes it interesting to learn the internals again. This book is full of things that will give you an appreciation of any OS, but the way it cracks into the guts of 2000 is great. The experiments in this book make it really easy to learn how 2000 is organized and apply it to existing programming projects. Learning 2000 from the inside via the debugger is just a great way to do it. No offense to David, but Mark's influence is obvious. If you are a fan of his Internals column, you will like this book even better. The fact that he does it without source code is even more amazing. Wait a minute...why hasn't Microsoft paid these guys whatever they want to build the next version of 2000?
If you appreciate a good OS and an even better manual on it...Buy This Book...

Published in Paperback by MTV Books (1997)
Authors: Alan Carter and James Solomon
Amazon base price: $18.00
Used price: $0.95
Collectible price: $6.34
Buy one from zShops for: $5.92
Average review score:

Really Cool Book
This book is perfect for any Real World fan as it gives you tons of good info on the seasons 1-6 (there are 8 now). If Boston is your favorite season this is also for you as it has nearly 100 pages on it!

The Insiders Guide - a must have for self-proclaimed fans!
The Ultimate Insiders Guide is a definite must for Real World fans because of the content. The Boston section is really in depth including many sections about different things that occured throughout the season. The sections for seasons 1-5 are great too, including a little more info about the cast than was offered in The Real World Diaries. Each person has their lines that could be quoted for generations to come. For instance, Jason from RW VI says, "The journey teaches you to be a really good friend to yourself, because sometimes that's all you've got." My personal fave section was the analysis of how the outside couples survived and the "Did...sleep with...?" section for each season. If you really claim to be a RW fan than ou must get this book. You'll be glad you did.

The Real World Rocks!
This book is great and is the source of all infomation on all The Real Worlds so far. If you're a fan this is a must have. It's helped develop 'The Real World Web Site.

The Bridge: A Novel
Published in Hardcover by St. Martin's Minotaur (2003)
Author: Solomon Jones
Amazon base price: $16.77
List price: $23.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $10.00
Buy one from zShops for: $9.59
Average review score:

Where's Kenya
Life has always been rough for nine-year-old Kenya. She was born to a teenage mother; the product of a rape; later removed from this crack addicted mother who repeatedly abused and neglected her resulting in her being placed by DCH with her crack-dealing aunt. Even with all this negativity in her life, Kenya was the most loveable and sweetest child in the Public Housing Unit known as the Bridge. One Friday night, Kenya did not return home and the search for this young child begins in this suspense/thriller novel The Bridge by Solomon Jones.

Detective Kevin Lynch is contacted by Daneen, Kenya's mother. She beseeches him to help her locate her child. Detective Lynch feels an obligation to the child and his childhood friend, the alleged father of Kenya, so he immediately begins to investigate her disappearance. The prime suspect is Sonny and he is on the run, motivated by greed and his desire to escape the Bridge. In the midst of searching for these two, people die, cars crash and tempers flare. Detective Lynch is suspended when one police chase causes the death of a popular judge. He becomes the fall guy for the police department. Unofficially he continues the search for Kenya looking for answers at the Bridge.

This book is filled with twists that will lead you in one direction then another angle is revealed that turns you in the opposite way. There are flashbacks into the past of the characters which help you understand what motivates them. Combine this with exciting police chases and graphic murder scenes and you have a good police drama read. If you like the suspense/ thriller novels of authors such as Gary Hardwick, you will enjoy this one.

APOOO BookClub

Cross "THE BRIDGE" into the world of Solomon Jones
For anyone who has ever grown up in the inner city this is the book for you. Mr. Jones developes characters in the book that you want to connect with. Characters whose life story you want to believe. The story grabs you and pulls you to read on and on. You just do not get tired of this book.

The bridge for me was a story of hope. Mr. Jones makes you hope for the people in the book. He makes you believe that things can and will get better for the chacters. That the story of the Bridge and those stories of the chacrters individual lives will all end happily. He easily blends this theme of hope with the reality of life in a way that is just too real. The ending of the book is the completion of an emotional ride that leaves you tired.

Bravo Mr. Jones!!! I hope that you continue to write books as well and better then your first two projects.

Life in the Ghetto
Fans of Solomon Jones' Pipe Dreams will not be disappointed with his sophomore novel, THE BRIDGE. Police Detective Kevin Lynch has left his troubled past in the projects known as THE BRIDGE, and has moved on with his life. But one phone call draws him back into the past he has tried to forget.

Daneen feels as if she has nowhere to turn. Her daughter, Kenya, is missing and she is determined to find her to make right all the wrongs that she has put her through. Daneen is a recovering crack addict, who frequently abused Kenya, and finally left her to live with her Aunt Judy in a crackhouse. She calls on Detective Lynch, a childhood friend, to help aid in the search for her missing child.

Judy, Kenya's aunt and guardian, lives only to make money off of her thriving crack business and to love her business partner/lover, Sonny. Although she is saddened by her niece's disappearance, she puts her allegiance to Sonny first, despite the fact that he is the primary suspect.

Daneen's brother, Darnell, also joins in the search for Kenya. He is also addicted to crack, but tries to put his problems aside to help search for his niece. As time goes on, you wonder if Darnell has ulterior motives in helping with the search, and Darnell has several skeletons in his closet that further hinder the investigation.

These characters all come together in a deadly game of cat and mouse that will expose secrets and change lives. Filled with suspense, twists and turns, THE BRIDGE is a fast-paced novel that will leave you breathless. Solomon Jones does an excellent job portraying the desperate, deviant lives of addicts, and of those living in the ghetto. Yet he intertwines characters with good morals and high values, which are able to overcome the many obstacles that life in the projects presents. I really enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it. I cannot wait to see what Solomon Jones comes up with next.

Reviewed by Latoya Carter-Qawiyy
The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

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