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Alice and Greta
Published in Paperback by Tailwinds (1999)
Authors: Steven J. Simmons and Cyd Moore
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Did You Do Something and it Came Back on You?
Did you ever do something good or bad to someone and it came back on you? The book Alice and Greta by Steven J. Simmons is a great example of how the treatment of others will come back on you! The book is about two witches, Alice and Greta, who see the same thing but differently. Alice sees good and Greta sees bad. Will Greta do good things or will she be in a mess? Well, you will find out when you read the book. I think this book was interesting because the pictures are so colorful and bright.

Student from G.P.

The Brewmerang Principle.......
Alice and Greta is a delightful book written by Steven J. Simmons. As you can read from the other reviews, it is about two witches who choose to behave differently, one doing good deeds and one doing bad deeds. The Brewmerang Principle is the main theme here, telling the witches that whatever you do will come back to you. My four year old granddaughter LOVES this book. The illustrations
by Cyd Moore are vibrant and wonderful! This book has been a wonderful way to teach my young granddaughter that good deeds return good deeds to her. She talks about being like Alice and doing good things for people. If you are looking for an entertaining book with a great moral lesson, this is it!! I have just discovered the other books in the series and am going to buy them today!! Thanks for a wonderful book!!

Alice and Greta: A Tale of Two Witches
Alice and Greta, two zealous young witches who have just graduated from Magic School, are ready for some action. Greta, whose nasty attire reflects her attitude is, searches for good things to ruin, while the sweet and perky Alice looks for good deeds to do. Each witch goes her own way until one day their paths collide, and Greta comes to terms with the most important lesson a witch can learn.
Cyd Moore's cover illustrations could cause this enchanting book to jump off of the shelf and into the arms of any young reader searching for a fun read. The detailed pictures and simple font help to maintain the picture book status, focusing on painting a picture through words and illustrations, while making each character and scene come alive. Simmons uses the witches' lives to expose the importance of treating others with kindness without blatantly preaching or forcing the idea on the reader. I recommend this magical book to children of all ages.

Baseball Prospectus 2000
Published in Paperback by Brasseys, Inc. (2000)
Authors: Chris Kahrl, Joseph S. Sheehan, Jeff Hildebrand, Rany Jazayerli, Dave Pease, Steven Rubio, Joseph S. Sheehan, Greg Spira, Michael Wolverton, and Keith Woolner
Amazon base price: $21.95
Used price: $13.99
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Baseball for adults
If every general manager in baseball (Ed Lynch, are you reading this! ) was forced to study this book, entire paradigms of baseball lore would suddenly be pushed aside in favor or fresh, rational, and rigorous principles of management. All of the statistics provided in the prospectus are, of course, second to none, but Michael Wolverton's relief ratings (ARP, ARA, etc.) are truly something special. I have always been amazed at how even the most "knowledgable" baseball minds accept simplistic statistics like ERA and saves as valuable appraisals of a relief pitcher's talents. It's as if the baseball gurus have failed to adjust to post-1950 baseball with its growing reliance on bullpens and decreasing reliance on starting pitchers, and the completely different conditions in which relief pitchers work in comparison to their starting compatriots. Yet these same "experts" have accepted without question the notion that a team must have a real "closer" in order to be a contender. Wolverton blasts these assumptions to smithereens with his analyses, and his elaborate calculations, yet pristine conclusions should revolutionize how the later innings of games are viewed. Throw in the authors' passionate defense of wise treatment of young pitchers, their funny yet consistently incisive comments about hundreds of players, their willingness to challenge age-old fallacies like "veteran leadership" and the genuinely historical perspective they bring to the table of baseball debate, and you have one of the most informative and entertaining baseball books I've ever read.

It'll Make You Smarter
BP debunks myths, explodes fallacies, and takes sabermetrics to a new height. It has an excellent method for evaluating and projecting performance, but many other credible methods can found elsewhere. BP's riches are found in the essays and player commentaries. Its insights will reshape the baseball debate in the coming years. Roster management, pitcher abuse, big markets v. small markets, tools v. skills -- the debates defining our age and the age to come are all discussed fully and insightfully here.

BP readers will in short time find themselves looking at baseball in a much more complex and accurate way. They will find themselves at greater and greater distance from the newsstand knowledge of those who rely on magazines and Baseball Weekly. They'll be better fans for having read BP. No other book provides so much. BP2K is the best value on the market.

best baseball annual going
Baseball Prospectus is a must-have for any hard-core baseball fan. These guys do a fantastic job of stripping away the nonsense and the myths and really analyzing the facts to come up with some really useful observations. Also, the manner in which they do it is fun, funny and engrossing; never just a cold statistical survey. All fantasy league players should buy this book immediately, but it will be a great read to any fan of the game.

Data Modeler's Workbench: Tools and Techniques for Analysis and Design
Published in Digital by John Wiley & Sons ()
Author: Steven Hoberman
Amazon base price: $49.99
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Excellent repository of checklists in the book
The book is based on actual experience as opposed to the theoretical treatment modeling receives in many books.

Steve has shared a lot of practical REAL LIFE checklists which help in extracting domain ... very useful !!!

Great book, got me going quick
This is a wonderful book. I just purchased it on a whim. When I got it I found that the step-by-step approach and the various templates were invaluable in helping me plan my data-modeling project and rallying others around the plan of action.

Much recommended to anyone doing data-modeling.

A logical approach to logical data modeling
What I liked most about this book was that all the techniques were explained in the order in which they should be applied. For example the subject area analysis techniques were discussed and occur before the subject area modeling techniques. It was very clear how the techniques in the later chapters relied upon the results from techniques in the earlier chapters. I also found the introductions to each of the chapters very entertaining.

Duty-Honor-Valor: The Story of the Eleventh Mississippi Infantry Regiment
Published in Hardcover by Quail Ridge Pr (2000)
Author: Steven H. Stubbs
Amazon base price: $
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Awesome-What More Can I say
This is without a doubt the best account of the day to day activities encountered by our ancestors who served in the Eleventh Mississippi Infantry Regiment. From chapter to chapter, as I read, I feel I am with them. As a genealogist I have found more information about several of my ancestors, most who were members of the "University Greys" Co. A" in this book than I have found after several years research in Libraries and Archives. I commend Col. Stubbs for compiling the greatest account of any Civil War unit I have ever read. I highly reccomend this book not only to Civil War buffs but also to Genealogists. There is priceless information in this great book.

Long Overdue Recognition for an Outstanding Regiment
Steven H. Stubbs labor of love which documents not only the 11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, but also the individuals who comprised it, is everything a regimental history should be. Unjustly overlooked by historians due in large part to the fact the regiment served as a part of two different brigades (the first a very unusal mixed-state command), the 11th Mississippi's combat record in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia is second to none. By the time it was assigned to Brigadier Joseph R. Davis's brigade in early 1863, combat reputations at the brigade level had unfortunately already been established and "carved in stone." As a part of Bee's/Whiting's/Law's hard-hitting "mixed" brigade, the 11th Mississippi, 2nd Mississippi, 4th Alabama and 6th North Carolina comprised one of Lee's premier combat units and played a major role at 1st Manassas, Gaines Mill, 2nd Manassas, South Mountain and Antietam. However, the brigade was broken up in late 1862 and the units reassigned to more traditional "state" commands. The two Mississippi units went on to form the core of Davis's new brigade which came to grief during the Gettysburg Campaign. Although the 11th Mississippi missed the debacle at the Railroad Cut on July 1, it was present for "Pickett's Charge" forming the highly exposed left flank of the Confederate line once Brockenbrough's small Virginia brigade broke to the rear. The remnants of the 11th Mississippi, along with the other units of Davis's Brigade, also suffered in rear-guard actions at Williamsport and Falling Waters. Thus, the outstanding performance subsequently demonstrated by Davis's brigade following the Gettysburg debacle, during the Overland Campaign and the fighting south of Petersburg in the closing months of the war, was largely relegated to brief passages or footnotes in the works of most Civil War historians. Steven Stubbs history of the 11th Mississippi helps correct this serious error of omission. Highly recommended.

An EXCELLENT regimental history
Mr. Stubbs has written an excellent history of the Eleventh Mississippi Infantry Regiment. The Eleventh fought from First Manassas to Appamattox and had as colorful and as glorious a record as any regiment in R. E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. That record, until now, has largely gone unnoticed. Finally it has been told in great detail. As an Ole Miss alumni I especially enjoyed reading about the University Greys who were University of Mississippi students who made up Company A of the Eleventh. I also liked the roster included in the book. It gives the service record of every man in the regiment, some 1500 of them total. I would recomend this book to Ole Miss students, Ole Miss alumni, Mississippians in general, descendants of these men and anyone interested in the Army of Northern Virginia.

Gothica : Romance of the Immortals
Published in Paperback by Southern Charm Press (14 February, 2001)
Author: Steven R. Cowan
Amazon base price: $18.95
Used price: $8.00
Collectible price: $12.42
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Very good reading!
Calvin McLeish's life was spiraling down hill at an alarming rate. His wife had left him, he was jobless, and had only a new computer to keep him company. He soon learned all about chat rooms. His favorite was known as Gothica. Calvin called himself Timetravellar. Whenever he got online with Vampyra he could not seem to control himself. It was not long before Calvin realized that Timetravellar was as real as himself. In fact, Travellar was himself. An alter.

Vampyra was one of the few real vamps still left in the world. She had her own tormenters though, other than the normal cops who constantly searched for the street killer. The Dark Huntress needed her own champion and she hoped it was the one called Timetravellar.

Here, in cyber space, reality and fantasy collide. A final fight between the noble house of MacTavish and a cruel Marquis, will begin...and end!

*** Excellent dark fantasy that will be read and reread often by its readers. Be forewarned of a lot of cyber-sex that goes into detail though. Full of nosy neighbors, lusty online friends, and an interesting new look at the undead! Very good story here! ***

Gothica got my attention
After the first chapter, I was interested. After the third chapter, I could not put the book down.

Gothica - A surprise to a non-vampire fan....
I am not usually a fan of books about vampires. I have seen recent movies with vampires as their subject matter, and was not impressed. This book, however, took me by surprise.

Mr. Cowan has captured the sadness that must exist for the mythical vampire. The loneliness of eternal life, and a life without permanent love. The sadness of taking a life to feed their blood thirst, and the sexual satisfaction of creating a lover.

He also brings to light some brilliant images of fairies and sprites. Those mythical creatures that we would all like to believe in, but few do.

The plot seems predictable at first, but there are several twists that get your attention, and make this book worth reading and re-reading. He also leaves this book open for a sequel. I would be first in line to buy a sequel when and if he writes it.

I would recommend this book for anyone above the age of 12. I have a nine year old son, and I read some passages of the book to him, and he seemed entertained by it. I even recommend this to people who are afraid of, or have nightmares about vampires, because this book does much to show the inner workings of a vampires mind. It is not all death and destruction.

Keep Gothica - Romance of the Immortals in your mind when you are looking for great entertaining reading.

Rulers of Darkness
Published in Hardcover by St. Martin's Press (1995)
Author: Steven Spruill
Amazon base price: $22.95
Used price: $1.74
Collectible price: $4.00
Buy one from zShops for: $5.98
Average review score:

A Superb Vampire Story
Just when you thought vampires were cliche' and couldn't be given a new spin, Spruill proves you wrong. "Ruler of Darkness" is really unique. It grounds vampirism in reality and explains many attributes of vampires through the use of science. I found this book and it's sequel, "Daughter of Darkness," to be one of the best vampire treatments ever written.

Story Telling at it's BEST
This book was one of the best told books that I have ever read. The medical-murder-mystery-love story is most complelling. The way Spruill told the story and descibed all the events and characters was amazing. It felt as if I was sitting right there with the charachters watching everything happen. Merrick, Katie, and Zane were described so well it was as if I personally knew them. Being a PREVIOUS non - reading type of person Spruill change my outlook completely on reading and now I would rather read than watch a movie. This is without a doubt an author that should be recognized for all his work becase it is absoulutly amazing. I am looking forward to reading Daughters of Darkness (the follow up) and I have read Painkiller which was also a GREAT book! And I plan on reading all or most of Spruill's other books! ~Sheila

Masterly Written
I picked this book up at the library barley reading the discription and just picking it up for something to read. When I got home and started to read I couldn't put it down. It's compelling in it's mysterious mixture of a scientifical, medical, murder mystery love story. The way Spruill describes all the characters and situations, you can paint the most vivid discription in your mind that's better than watching a movie. If your not a book person (as I was not) this book will quickly change your views and you won't put it down untill the end! You will IMEDIATELY fall in love with this author and want to read more of his works.

365 Tv-Free Activities You Can Do With Your Child: Plus 50 All-New Bonus Activities
Published in Paperback by Adams Media Corporation (2002)
Authors: Steven J. Bennett, Ruth Bennett, and Steve Bennett
Amazon base price: $8.95
Used price: $5.90
Buy one from zShops for: $5.95
Average review score:

TV free
I tripped across this book at my local library and I am here looking for my own copy, as we are limited on how long we keep it. I brutally removed the kids from their TV addiction, and the transition has been difficult on the older ones especially. This book has been my salvation. The prereader like to pick out things by picture, my beginner read has no problem understanding the direction and my toddler and teen get involved too. We have used this to fill the huge void of television and to stave of the "mom I am bored..." routine. This is a small book it fits in my purse and we take it with us everywhere. Breaking the index down by activity type means I can have a Doctor's waiting room idea or a park idea up in running in 2 minutes. The materials list is in the margin for easy access and all the material are everyday every house items, half of which are in my purse any way... This book is a keeper!

Great addition to a family's library
This book was recommended in the book Living the Simple Life. I'm so glad I took the time to get it. It's a wonderful resource for busy families looking to spend some quality time together. So turn that TV off and buy this book. Encourages you and your child's imagination and they learn through playing with simple things around the house and the bonus is that by not watching that TV, you've spent memorable time with each other...what could be better?

Lots of activities for your children to choose from
For each activity, the authors explain how to do the activity, materials required and materials that are optional to use

365 activities to choose from which are grouped into 16 categories

Safety reminders are included to ensure safe play environments and to monitor potentially tricky materials

The authors explains the importance of quality tiem and quailty play

Few of the many activites includes:
Alphabet Hands
Atlas Adventure
Crayon Rubbings
Easy House of Cards
Family Calender

House Detective
I've Got a List
Phone Words
Sand Painting

Dude Ranch (The Saddle Club, Vol 6)
Published in Library Binding by Gareth Stevens (1995)
Authors: Bonnie Bryant and Gareth Stevens Publishing
Amazon base price: $21.27
Used price: $15.00
Average review score:

Another GOOD horse book
I thought that The Saddle Club No. 6 Was a very good book ! IT is a must have for horse and dog lovers. When the Saddle Club flys out to there Friends Dude ranch The Saddle Club has an adventure waiting for them . In the early morning the girls encounter a mysterious rider who the find out is a young girl named Christine . It made me a little angery becasue the girls are so prejudiced twards her but it all turns out good in the end . Also stevies birthday is coming and nobody seems to care. Do lisa and Carole have a surprize? read this book and find out also will stevie be trapped by a rattle snake ? This a really good book and I suggest you read it !!!!!!!!!!!

Horses, adventure, and mysterious stuff!
This book, Dude Ranch, is also one of the Saddle Club series. In one of the previous reviews, I wrote about "Hoof Beat" which is the same series as this book. The characters (Stevie Lake, Carole Hanson, and Lisa Atwood) are also the same. In this book, they go to the west to Carole's friend Kate Divine's ranch. They meet a 'mysterious' rider that goes out every early morning, Stevie is trapped by a dangerous rattlesnake, and her birthday is coming and no one seems to actually care or think about it. Will Stevie get away with the rattlesnake? Who is the 'mysterious' rider every early morning? What about Stevie's birthday? Read this book to find out every answer of these questions! It's really interesting, and I say that you should get this exciting book!!!

Very Exciting!
A really good one. All of Bonnie Bryants are good, especially the western ones. it was a little sad but GOOD!

Henry Chung's Hunan Style Chinese Cookbook
Published in Paperback by Harmony Books (1988)
Authors: Henry Chung, Tony Hiss, and Steven Shore
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $40.25
Collectible price: $49.95
Average review score:

I've never eaten at the restaurant (but think I saw it when I visited San Fran years ago). The book is written in simple sturdy english. The recipes are authentic. Best of all, I like the fantastic fables and hearsay of not-so-old China (and personal anecdotes)as related by Chung. Enjoyable to read, even if you never intend to try out any of the recipes.

Henry is Magnificent
cheers, Henry, Cheers... From Marty's Special BBQ Pork, to the overstuffed steamed dumplings this book has it all including an amazing recepie for Velvet Chicken. A must purchase.

Chinese food will never be the same after trying this book
For those who love to eat or cook Chinese food, this book is a must-have. It details about 50 tasty recipes from Hunan province in China, and is totally authentic. The author has avoided "spicing down" recipes for American readers -- garlic, hot chiles and other Hunan staples are used boldly and creatively, and your taste buds will be crying out for more after trying these gems. In fact, my wife, who is herself Chinese, relies on Henry Chung's book more than the Chinese-language cookbooks she brought from Taiwan. It really is that good.

Herb Ritts: Work
Published in Hardcover by Bulfinch Press (1996)
Authors: Herb Ritts, Trevor J. Fairbrother, Richard Martin, Steven Meisel, Ingrid Sischy, and Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Amazon base price: $94.50
List price: $135.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $40.00
Buy one from zShops for: $93.72
Average review score:

Herb Ritts: Work
I was mesmorized by this book! Herb Ritts has the ability to not ownly create a beautiful portrait, but to capture I personality of his models. Each photograph tells a fabulous story of fantasy, glamour, and often just everyday life. I would highly recommend this collection. Among my favorite celebrity photos: Johnny Depp on the set of Edward Scissorhands, Jim Carrey dressed as a Mermaid, Tom Cruise on the set of Mission Impossible 2, the tattooed arm of Axle Rose, and a mysterious grin by Roy Lichtenstein. These photos are also large enough (most are at least 8x10) to remove and frame.

Powerful Black & White Imagery
As an amateur photographer, I have always found Herb Ritts to be one of the greatest modern photographers living. Similiar to many celebrity photographers such as Richard Avedon, David LaChapelle, and Annie Liebowitz, Ritts captures the essence that is celebrity perfectly. Whether it is the photograph of Madonna and Sean Pean as a loving couple, or a gathering of today's top supermodels (all nude) Ritts has an eye for detail, as well as an approach few photographers nowadays don't utilize, direct communication with your subjects. In the past (and even in the present) celebrity photography can be a pain as many celebrities tend to want their agents around them whenever there is a shoot.

Many of Ritts photographs in this compilation happen to be of a homoerotic nature. Ritts, who is openly gay, captures the essence of male sexuality perfect, and the results can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their orientation.

I hope in the future Ritts comes out with another huge compilation of his work. His recent work with such celebrities such as Monica Lewinsky and Janet Jackson should be published in a volume, but for the meanwhile, purchase this book for your coffee table or library. It will make an interesting topic of conversation with anyone. Ritts is pure genius!

Nothing Short of Extraordinary...
It is excellent. Sensual, lyrical, erotic, powerful, sometimes whimsical and as hot as the Arizona sun. Ritts is America's Rennaisance photographer and his pictures and videos of Jan and Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cindy, Nicholson, etal, etal, are must-views in exhibit, too. His work is up there with contemporaries Leibowitz, Scavullo and helmut have got to see his work!

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