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Aspca Complete Guide to Cats
Published in Paperback by Chronicle Books (1999)
Authors: James R. Richards and American Society for the Prevention of C
Amazon base price: $17.47
List price: $24.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $7.00
Collectible price: $8.45
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Average review score:

The cat's meow of guides...
As anyone who knows me knows, I have cats. I seem to attract them, well, like cats! I have cat joys and cat tragedies especially prominent in the past few years, with two outdoor disappearances and one indoor death, yet with wonderful new additions and the experience of sharing my home with seven new kittens born under my desk one summer, and five more from a different stray the next summer.

I had always considered cats low maintenance, essentially self-sufficient. This was a requirement to me, as I'm not home very often, and when I am, I can't spend too much time on cat duty. This was the reason I opted for cats over dogs. I was raised a dog person. But dogs require attention several times a day. Sorry, can't do it...

Well, with all that happened in the past year, I found that cats, while generally low-maintenance, have periods nonetheless in which they need special care and attention (even if, like Emma, they don't really want it). Thus, being a person in the education mode, I decided I needed to learn more. It just so happened that one of my book clubs was offering the ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats, so I ordered it.

This has been a gem of a book. It is complete, concise yet filled with information, well organised, colourful and picture-ful, durable (slick coating on the covers and a finish on the pages means the cats can walk across with dampened paws and not destroy the book, useful when it is opened when I attending their needs).

The first section discusses how and when to bring a cat home. It addresses such issues as cats and kids, preparing the home for a cat, your own readiness, and which kind is most appropriate for which environment. It also discusses what to do when welcoming your new friend into the home. Food, vet care, litter (to box or not to box, ah, that is a question!), and how to introduce new cats to other cats is discussed.

The second section is a reference guide to cat breeds. In addition to specific breeds organised alphabetically (Abyssinian to York Chocolate) it talks about coat palettes and patterns, colourations, paw and toe issues, and special needs. The breed section identifies special grooming and dietary needs, lap- and kid-friendly breeds, energy, and of course, wonderful photographs of representative cats for each breed.

Section three gives a bit of biological and physiological information, about cats, as well as (if it is possible!) some insight into the psychological functioning of cats. Are they really that smart? Are they really that clean? It addresses mating habits and catnip addictions, too!

The fourth section has been the most important to me, Taking care of your cat. It discusses briefly everyday feeding and care, but then has a good section on potential health concerns, what to do in the case of injury and illness, gives home nursing tips (important with Emma), and how to deal with both the beginning and end of the lifespan, which, with new kittens in the bedroom and a declining Emma in the living room, I was dealing with both ends of the spectrum.

This is an excellent one-volume reference to cats, useful for anyone who cares for cats. The appendices have glossaries, telephone numbers and resources, and recommended readings to continue a feline-related education.

But, if you just pick this one up for the pictures, it would be worth it for that too. And you might just learn something along the way--always a plus.

Invaluable reference book
This book is ideal for someone who is considering adopting a kitten or cat. It has abundant info on breeds, including each breed's talkativeness, activity level, and temperament. The numerous photos are captivating. It deals with basic aspects of feline life phases, health & bodily functions, and behavior. It is a useful guide to the cat owner regarding the basics of pet care & problem solving. This is quite a thorough book for being a slim volume, and it was my constant companion through kittenhood.

By the way, our cat has stayed with friends several times when we were out of town, and I have found it useful to loan them _Aspca Complete Guide to Cats_ along with the kitty. It is an entertaining read for the sitters and puts my mind at ease.

If you already have a cat and want more in depth reading, I recommend _The Character of Cats: The Origins, Intelligence, Behavior, and Stratagems of Felis Silvestris Catus_ by Stephen Budiansky, which I found fascinating.

Excellent Cat Guide
An excellent book about cats...Helps you to choose the right cat for YOU & YOUR family, to understanding cat behavior, to basic & emergency health care, and much more. The full-color Reference Guide to Cat Breeds is excellent & concise...It shows the different coat colors - from deep to dilute, the different patterns - from Solid to Tabby, to Pointed to Vans, and Feline Head Shapes, Eye Shapes, Body Types, and more. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in cats.

It's Never Too Late to Get Rich: The Nine Secrets to Building a Nest Egg at Any Age
Published in Digital by Fireside ()
Authors: Jim Jorgensen, Richard Jorgensen, and James A. Jorgensen
Amazon base price: $9.99
Average review score:

This book is a must have!
I read Jim Jorgensen's book and found it very enlightning! It is written so everyone can understand it and can make money by following his nine points to building wealth. The best part about this book is it takes a conservative and sensible view of investing! Anyone can make money by following Jorgensen's advise, no matter how much money you have to invest!!!

This book is a must have!!!
Jim Jorgensen wrote a book that everyone can understand and best of all, can profit from his sound advise. His advise is conservative and makes so much sense. His steps to getting rich are concise and easy to follow. I am working on enriching my wealth with his advise!

Its Never too Late to Get Rich - Great book!
This book was a great tool for me in my financial planning. I found this book to be informative, well written and not restricted to one audience. I am in the early stages of planning my future financial needs and this book was an awesome guide.
This book is a great investment for anyone!

KJV New Adventure Hardcover
Published in Hardcover by Zondervan (1998)
Authors: Larry Richards, Mich.) Zondervan Publishing House (Grand Rapids, and Zondervan Publishing Company
Amazon base price: $24.99
Average review score:

Great Bible
The one and only King James Version. This Bible has everything that a growing child needs. There is the original text combined with easy to follow descriptions and explanations to help your child understand the ideas that are presented. There are special sections such as "Words to Remember", "Let's Live It", "Life in Bible Times", and trivia in the "Did You Know". This is a must have for yout child if you are concerned about what text your child is reading.

Great Bible for Kids
I am a children's pastor and I highly reccommend this book. I use it for my lessons and also in class.

The New Adventure Bible
This Bible is great for young readers and will keep them going well in to High School. There are many graphics throughout this Bible and special interest comments that explain why people did things the way they did or why they wore a particular type of clothing. Our church gave this New Adventure Bible to all children graduating into the third grade. The NIV translation is pretty understandable to young readers. Each book has an introduction that is designed towards the young reader. There are also special pages to enhance a childs understanding: for example in addition to the actual text of the ten commandments - is a special page with pretty graphics that re-word the commandments in language for youth. A special page explains "How to pray" - another summarizes Old Testament Prophets, and yet another page called "Getting to know Jesus" helps kids understand what it means to be a Christian. Just like the 'grown up' Bible - this book is a Red Letter edition. My fifteen year old still loves this Bible.

James Joyce
Published in Paperback by Anagrama (1996)
Author: Richard Ellmann
Amazon base price: $81.25
Average review score:

Exhaustive and entertaining
An indispensible resource for scholars and fans. No other biography so captures the man and his work. On top of that its a damn fine read, and I would recommend it to anyone who seeks to tackle either of Joyce's last two novels.

I was prompted to read this by Tom Stoppard's glowing recommendation of it in "Travesties." Ellman certainly brings the liveliness of James Joyce's life to life, describing everything from his practical jokes to his desparate financial straits -- meticulous to the point of noting the times when Joyce entered the lottery. I'd read the original 1958 edition, and I'm curious how the revised edition would stand against that now-honoured text.

For more Ellman, I highly recommend his collection of essays, "a long the river run."

Joyce's Shadow
Richard Ellmann's biography is by far the most comprehensive and readable book on the life of this Irish genius. Ellmann takes us through Joyce's quarrels with his family,church and nation, "the nets," his courtship and family life with Nora, and most importantly, shows the biographical link between Joyce's life and work.This book is a treasure.

Unix System V Release 4: An Introduction
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (01 February, 1996)
Authors: Kenneth H. Rosen, Richard R. Rosinski, Farber James M., Douglas A. Host, Richard P. Rosinski, and James M. Farber
Amazon base price: $39.95
Used price: $7.25
Collectible price: $17.50
Buy one from zShops for: $10.00
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Great Unix book for beginners and intermediate users
Had to give this one four stars, though, instead of five. The chapter on Tcl/Tk and Expect (chapter 20) is loaded with errors - probably editorial in nature (lots of places where parentheses are used instead of brackets "{}" and these WILL cause errors if you try to run the commands.). Otherwise, this is a fine book for learning Unix or going beyond the beginner level. The authors not only know their stuff, but they communicate it well. Highly recommended!

Essential Book for your UNIX Reference Library
I own the first and second editions of this book. I keep a copy at home, and one at work. It is comprehensive guide to the UNIX operating system. I always look here first for any questions or help I need with UNIX. I would recommend this book for anyone that uses UNIX.

still the best overview
I owned the 1st edition before and just received my copy of the 2nd. Imo, this is still the best general description of traditional Unix systems. There are so many important topics and utilities covered in this book that I recommend it to every Unix user. Classical Unix tools (shells, roff, ed, vi, awk), scripting languages (tcl, perl), programming tools (make, lint), networking, it is all there. This is certainly not my only book on Unix, but one of the few that I would never give away.

The Holy Bible: Douay Rheims Version
Published in Hardcover by Tan Books & Publishers, Inc. (1989)
Authors: James Gibbons and Richard Challoner
Amazon base price: $35.00
Used price: $49.89
Collectible price: $49.90
Buy one from zShops for: $50.00
Average review score:

Beautifully and accurately written.
Every English speaking Catholic should own and read this Bible. It is a word for word translation of the Latin Vulgate of Saint Jerome, the first book to be printed by moveable type. The Latin Vulgate was approved by the Council of Trent 1545-63. Printed in English before the King James Bible.
The type is small about font '8'. This is the only problem.

A Must for Bible Scholars
This edition of the Bible is a must for anyone who studies the Bible. I have many editions of the Bible but I always refer back to this edition. I wished the Church would revert back to using the Douay Rhiems version of the Bible. Great for Protestant scholars as well.

The Best Version
The Douay Rheims is by far the best translation of any of the bibles assuming, of course, that you don't read Latin. TAN publshers recently came out with a book explaining why the DR is the best translation and I highly recommend reading.

The Last Full Measure: The Life and Death of the First Minnesota Volunteers
Published in Hardcover by Minnesota Historical Society (2001)
Authors: Richard Moe and James Macgregor Burns
Amazon base price: $32.95
Used price: $22.90
Buy one from zShops for: $22.90
Average review score:

Detailed Account of Civil War Service of the Famous 1st MN
Richard Moe has written a good book. Drawing heavily on diary entries, he follows the course of the 1st Minnesota Volunteers during the Civil War. The unit had a rather typical experience of front line Union combat regiments. Until Gettysburg. Resting on Cemetary Ridge on July Second, they (all 262) were fortuitously (for the rest of the Union Army) available to throw against onrushing Confederates who had a chance to take the center of the Union line. Gen. Hancock ordered them forward, telling their Colonel to take the oncoming flag of the much more numerous rebels. In a shocking movement, the Minnesotans did their duty, knowing that they were being sacrificed so that the Union side could live to fight another day. They were successful, blunting the southerners. The cost: the 1st Minnesota had more causualties than any other Union regiment at Gettysburg.

Moe lets his fellow Minnesotans do much of the speaking which lends great authenticity to the tale. This is a heroic story of grand sacrifice during the unit's unique moment in history. It also offers an informative telling of life on the road with the Army of the Potmac during the first three years of the war.

(Moe describes being enthralled by a painting of the 1st Minnesota's heroic charge that hangs in that state's state house as a youth. It helped create a mental image that led to his writing the book. It also gave me the idea to tell a similar story of bravery via a painting in Delaware's state house. Next January, the State of Delaware will hang an oil by Bradley Schmehl in Legislative Hall in Dover, DE. The painting will depict the 2nd Delaware advancing through the Wheatfield during the Battle of Gettysburg, an action that helped secure the flank of Gen. Sickle's Corps during a time when it was threatened with being rolled up and opeining the Union center).

This book tells the story of the First Minnesota in such a way that makes you fell like you are with the soldiers. It was nice to read a book actually made up a lot of the soldiers own writing through letters and diaries. The First was a large part of the Union winning the battle of Gettysburg and it was nice to read the soldiers account of what happened. The author also put in other accounts of the First from the Generals that were involved as they praised the First. Great Book.

The Spirit of the First Minnesota
Richard Moe draws heavily from the letters and diaries (many of them unpublished) of the men of the First and weaves them into a complelling story. This is one of the few books on any topic that I have read twice and I am sure I will read it again. You will never forget Lyman and Issac Taylor and many of the other soldiers of the First after you have read this book. Their very personal writings cover a three year period and give the reader an insight into a soldier's life not often found in any book. I found myself not wanting to finish the book. These men had become friends and I knew full well their fate. They also knew their duty and did not hesitate. 262 of them charged 1,200. Gen. Hancock asked them to give him 5 min. to bring up reinforcements, they gave him 15. Of the 262 only 47 walked away. Many of the voices I had come to know fell silent. History does not allow you to change the ending as much as you might wish you could. By the way, I bought this book in Freeport ME at the 20th Maine Bookstore (it was their last copy). It can be argued that these two units, a mile apart, saved the Union line on July 2nd 1863.

Published in Paperback by Omnibus Press (01 June, 1998)
Author: Richard James Burgess
Amazon base price: $17.95
Used price: $11.97
Average review score:

Well done
This is a fine description of the magic and the mystery of what goes into being a successful record producer. The only drawback is the insight into the fact that it is more mystery than magic. All too often Burgess says 'of course, you can never tell what will be a hit' -- this tells us all too much about the industry itself. Still, the insight into how the biz works is more than worth the price of entry...

Informative book
This book was great man...I have read quite a few books on recording and music but none as good as this one. Its was very detailed about the processes and tricks of the trade on the how to/why to of this very secretive part of the business. It really contains all the full spectrum of information on how do start and maintain a successfull career as a Producer. I would hightly recomend this to anyone interested in beginnnig any sort of career in this business!!

Best book on the subject of record production
If record production is the career for you then this is the book you're looking for. This is not one persons subjective view on the art, but rather an intelligent overview of the various styles of record production backed by hundreds of quotes from many of the worlds greatest producers.

Richard saves the would-be record producer from tripping over themselves for years by providing a very comprehesive insight into this interesting profession. This is by no means a book on the glamour of the industry, but a practical guide that will leave you knowing whether you've got what it takes or don't think it's for you. Short of handing you a production deal, Richard has given you as much information to get a producer started that can be found between the covers of a book.

I would highly recommend this book to anybody considering record production. Kudos to Richard Burgess.

Harvard Business Review on Change (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
Published in Paperback by Harvard Business School Press (1998)
Authors: John P. Kotter, James Collins, Richard Pascale, Jeanie Daniel Duck, Jerry Porras, and Anthony G. Athos
Amazon base price: $13.97
List price: $19.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $9.75
Buy one from zShops for: $10.00
Average review score:

Very good, and in addition.
This is a very good series of articles. In addition, I strongly recommend "Strategic Organizational Change" by Beitler. It is time and money well spent.

A positive goldmine

In the nicest possible sense, this book isn't exactly what the title claims. All to often discussions of change management tend to concentrate on the people side of things and ignore the less glamerous topics such as re-tooling, revised administrative and reporting procedures and so on.
So, just to keep the record straight, this book is primarily concerned with the personnel aspects of change, with all other aspects of the overall process taking a very secondary part in the proceedings.

And now, on with the review:

One of the ways I judge a book like this is by the number of highlights I've made (makes it so much easier to refer back to the key points).
Sometimes I'll go through an entire book and be lucky to have half a dozen highlighted passage.

NOT here, though.

Without a hint of exaggeration I found numerous points worth highlighting in every one of the eight reprinted articles.

Of course this is not entirely surprising given the list of contributors, which includes such "leaders of the pack" as John Cotter ("Leading Change"), Richard Pascale and Anthony Athos ("The Reinvention Roller Coaster"), and Jerry Porras (Building Your Company's Vision").

I'd also like to commend the article "Managing Change : The Art of Balancing", by Jeanie Daniel Duck, (which ended up with highlighting on nearly every page!).

So, whilst the material is not exactly new (the various items appeared in the Harvard Business Review between 1992 and 1998), I'd suggest this well-chosen set of articles is as important now as when the articles were first published.

Tight, Concise and Has Executive Summaries
Do you prefer tight, concise articles compared to eloquent tomes, simply because you don't have the time to read as much as you might like? If that's the case, then here is a great book on change management just for you. This collection is one in a series from the Harvard Business Review, and is just about the most wide-ranging printed resource that this writer has found available for taking on corporate change.

There are articles from such leading authorities on change management as John Kotter (Leading Change), Paul Strebel, and more. Each article opens with an executive summary, helping you decide if you want to tackle that article then and there, or move on to another that fits your interests of the moment.

Sooner or later, change is about people altering the status quo, and those in charge often turn a blind eye to the fact that leadership is singularly the most important issue when an organization has to implement major changes. This is followed closely by teamwork, of which there won't be any without leadership.

Inside the covers you'll find the collected knowledge, opinions and counsel of those executives and consultants who have dealt with change at all levels. If your schedule doesn't permit you to leisurely meander through hundreds of pages to find a few workable ideas upon which to build some change solutions, then this collection should be highly recommended for you.

How Firms Succeed: A Field Guide to Design Management
Published in Paperback by National Book Network (2002)
Authors: James P. Cramer, Scott Simpson, and Richard Swett Faia
Amazon base price: $27.30
List price: $39.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $27.10
Buy one from zShops for: $26.31
Average review score:

How Firms Succeed transforms the poetry of architecture into the prose of practical management advice. This book offers solutions to the questions and problems that distract firms from their quest to provide excellent design. It should rapidly become an indispensable part of every architect's working library.

Must Have
How Firms Succeed should be on every Design Firm's must read list. It is the closest thing to a how-to manual in running a design firm. Anyone who follows the principles of the text will reap the rewards as their business grows.

Too many design professionals think that design excellence and financial acumen are mutually exclusive. Thanks to the authors of How Firms Succeed for putting this myth to rest. This book addresses the issues that, if practiced, will allow for both. One can only imagine the impact of a firm that provides best-of-class design and its impact on our communities.

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