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L'Ecume Des Jours
Published in Paperback by Hachette (1999)
Author: Boris Vian
Amazon base price: $15.95
Used price: $11.70
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A book that really changes lives
I read this book 15 years ago, it really changed my look to literature, to language to life. I will have the foreword/preface written on my epitaph. it was something like this-forgive my poor translation-"...everything I said is true, because I dreamt about it."

Good news!
This is not a review but good news for all of us who have failed to find this wonderful book in English. I could not believe there wasn't a translation, I could not give up, and after several researches I now KNOW: the English version DOES exist! :) Now it is just a matter of time and luck to get it...

I found this on a Vian website:

"Stanley Chapman is the world's foremost translator of Boris Vian. His version of Froth on the Daydream was issued as a Penguin modern classic and can probably still be found second hand."

i have the Stanley Chapman translation of Froth in the Daydream. It is a gorgeous book, however the girl who recommended the book to me says that it fares unfavorably to the original, more so than usual for a translation because of Vian's unique punning, slangy style. However, for as I can't read French, it's the next best thing. It is available in England, Quartet books...

A Story About a Real Man
Published in Paperback by Fredonia Books (NL) (2002)
Author: Boris Polevoi
Amazon base price: $34.95
Collectible price: $23.99
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The triumph of human soul
It's the best book that I have read in a last years! I was very impressted by the main hero - Aleksei Meres'ev. This book is very easy to read so I highly recommended it for everyone. It's one of the most brilliant Russian novel of the twentith century

Human strength of mind prevails life's misfortunes
It is widely said that our utmost abilities, mental and physical, surface in extreme conditions. By definition, war is an extreme condition predicament. Let alone war in the frozen lands of the Russian (then Soviet) plains. One man and his will against all odds... The achievement and prevail of human spirit against life's little games.... Makes a man wonder when not to smile, when to complain, what to think as impossible. I guess impossible is just something we just don't want bad enough as Kazantzakis put it... Recommendable to all... Enjoy every page; I know I did...

Simply Superb
One of the greatest novels that have ever been written. It makes one realize the great power of human spirit. Brilliantly written. Unfortunately unknown to the book lovers at large.

Definitely Maybe: A Manuscript Discovered Under Unusual Circumstances (MacMillan's Best of Soviet Science Fiction)
Published in Hardcover by MacMillan Publishing Company (1978)
Authors: Arkadii Natanovich Strugatskii and Boris Natanovich Strugatskii
Amazon base price: $10.95
Used price: $15.00
Collectible price: $129.95
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A perfect story: nothing extra, nothing missing. Conveys the true feeling of being a scientist and making discoveries, and elegantly states the moral dilemma of committment to truth versus committment to one's self, appetites, and family.

very interesting
Just read this book and liked it a lot. It seemed to explore the theme of why most people never really live up to their potential, or fulfill the dreams of their youth, but instead get sidetracked or sucked down in the concerns of everyday life. Perhaps it's the homeostatic universe at work. "Since then crooked, roundabout, godforsaken paths stretch out before me..." Great stuff!

A book worth reading even if you don't like science fiction
I like Strugatsky very much. I'm happy I can read them in Russian, but you can find many translationsinto English just as well. Definitely Maybe, or, originally, One Billion Years before the End of the World, is, no doubt, one of their best books, along with Hard to be a God, Roadside Picnic or Snail on the Slope. It's a pity people in the West talk so much about Solzhenitsin and the like and know practically nothing about Strugatsky whose contribution to the world literature is in no way less. One more thought for those who think they hate science fiction. Strugatsky themselves (or Strugatskii, or Strugatski -- you can find any of those spellings on the Internet) once wrote that in fact there's no such genre as science fiction. There's good literature and bad literature. Strugatsky is definitely (without any maybe) a good literature.

The Firebird and Other Russian Fairy Tales (A Studio Book)
Published in Hardcover by Viking Press (1978)
Authors: Jacqueline Onassis and Boris Zvorykin
Amazon base price: $16.95
Used price: $6.99
Collectible price: $15.88
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A Beautiful Book
The illustrations in this volume are lush and expressive-- Baba Yaga is truly a sight to see. Boris Zvorykin's vivid imagination perfectly complements the stories, bringing them to life without overshadowing them. Of all the books I read as a child, this is no doubt one of the most memorable and most touching.

Like a fool over 22 years ago I gave my copy to my nieces my copy of this most wonderful storybook. The illustrations are some of the most imtensive color printing I've seen in many years, the stories are equally wonderful, and would be welcome in anyones' fine book collection.

The full-page illustrations in this book are simply stunning. The soft pastels blend with the glittering jeweltones, and the fantasy settings and gorgeous characters are sumptuously detailed. Each plate is a work of art and suitable for framing; believe me, if you have a color scanner/printer you'll be grateful. Notes at the end of the book inform us that the illustrations are reproduced from the original gouache paintings, and the pages are in heavy glossy paper.

There are four tales in this volume: The Firebird, Maria Morevna, Vassilissa the Fair, The Snow Maiden.

The pictures will take your breath away. The stories are charming and well translated (from an older Russian translated into French volume), but you will probably be too taken away by the glorious art to really pay much attention to the not-really-for-small-children fairy tales.

New Hope for People with Lupus: Your Friendly, Authoritive Guide to the Latest in Traditional and Complementary Solutions
Published in Paperback by Prima Publishing (23 April, 2002)
Authors: Theresa Foy Digeronimo, Stephen Paget, Boris Birmaher, and Sara J. Henry
Amazon base price: $13.27
List price: $18.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $13.08
Buy one from zShops for: $12.79
Average review score:

Informative and optimistic
This a good book for any Lupus patient. I have SLE and found this book inforamtive, but it is interlaced with optimism and cases of people who were able to reduce their symptoms. It has everything.. the basics, meds, alternative therapies, coping and relationships, tips on what to ask the doc. This is a good book.

Best Lupus Book on the Market
Being a long time Lupus sufferer, I've read and have every book known to man. This book explains everything you've ever wanted to know about Lupus, very elouquently. Applause go out to the author, Theresa DiGeronimo. If you are or know someone who suffers from Lupus, this is the best book on the market.

Best of all the MANY books about lupus
As a lupus sufferer who's read just about every book ever written on the subject, I found this to be the definitive book on a very complex subject. Digeronimo covers the realm of symptoms, treatments and complications thoroughly and with warmth and compassion. If you've just been diagnosed with lupus, or know someone who has it, this is the book for you! Congratulations to the author on a job well done.

Amos & Boris
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (1999)
Author: William Steig
Amazon base price: $10.47
List price: $14.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $11.33
Collectible price: $19.95
Average review score:

A soft-hearted story about the meaning of friendship
'Amos and Boris' was my favorite book when I was in Kindergarten. It is now my children's favorite, too. The characters, Amos (a mouse) and Boris (a whale) learn about friendship, loss and love in a warm, comforting story. This is a book Mr. Rogers might read to his kids - but without the annoyance factor. The illustrations are peaceful, immpressionistic, and very grown up. Parents won't mind being asked to read 'Amos and Boris' night after night.

"Bowling along under full sail"
As far as I am concerned, William Steig should be given a Pulitzer Prize for his body of children's literature. I don't think any one author/illustrator has such a catalog of playful, meaningful, generous, witty, profound and literate books for young people. Amos and Boris is a distillation of all the great themes of life: friendship, courage, spiritual ecstacy, the question of an afterlife ("Would his soul go to heaven? Would there be any mice there?"), altruism and love.

As weighty as these issues are, they are simply part of the fabric of the wonderful story; there is nothing ponderous or cobbed on, no subtext. Steig's genius lies in his ability to create stories that appeal equally to small children, and to their parents and grandparents -- they ring that true on all levels.

The characters in this little book have become a part of my heart, as has William Steig. Don't miss it.

Profound Story of Friendship
I love William Steig's work, and this is one of his best picture books. Steig always fills his books with love and family and friendship and with a love of life. Rarely in any type of literature will you find a book about friendship better than this one. The story of "Amos and Boris" is about a mouse and a whale. When the mouse has an accident in his sailing ship, he is saved by the whale. The two strike up an immediate and deep friendship which will continue though the two are forced to be worlds apart. "Amos and Boris" is a remarkable book for the meaningful lessons it teaches. It is also remarkable for the beautiful prose, the humor, and for the marvelous pictures by Steig. "Amos and Boris" is truly a perfect picture book for children and for adults.

Monday Begins on Saturday
Published in Paperback by New American Library (1977)
Authors: Arkadi Strugatski and Boris Strugatski
Amazon base price: $1.75
Used price: $35.99
Collectible price: $34.99
Average review score:

One of my all-time favorites!
I have read hundreds of sci-fi books in my life - nothing like this one! I must reiterate - you will never read anything like this again! The most original sci-fi ever written, and if you combine this with light, humorous satire at the soviet reality, disguised as a phantasy - you get one of the most enchanting sci-fi stories ever. It helps if you are familiar with the Russian folklore and culture, but don't be taken aback if you are not! Another thing, I first read this book when I was 10, and re-read it maybe 20 times since then - it only gets better with time!

Best Sci-Fi you'll ever read
I'm really disappointed to find out that "Monday Begins on Saturday" is the only book of brothers Strugatski that... has in his database. I read a lot of books of the brothers Strugatski in German (and now would like to read them again, but in English), and nearly all of them are the best Science Fiction you'll ever read. One of them is "Monday Begins on Saturday".

best sci-fi book out there, not cheesy like azimov or clark
This is by far my favorite book of all times, i must have read it 50 times in bulgarian...this book is filled with gems. Really really cool!

Published in Paperback by Thunder's Mouth Press (09 June, 2001)
Authors: Boris Vallejo, Nigel Suckling, and Doris Vallejo
Amazon base price: $16.77
List price: $23.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $9.00
Buy one from zShops for: $4.85
Average review score:

Boris Vallejo is one of the best artists who can create and depict fantasy art like no one else. I really believe that if someone is not turned on to fantasy art and they recieve a chance to look at the contents of Mirage they will be a fan at the least. This is my favorite book out of his collection and I like to look it over before I work on my drawings and paintings of women. It helps me focus on what I am trying to create and what I want to create. Buy this book you will not regret it.

Erotic and beautifully illustrated
Boris Vallejo, to me, is an exceptional artist. He is also my first inspirational artist. At school, I had seen his images but never knew directly anything about Boris. So, I went and found some information and as soon as I discovered the many books on his art, I made it my business to try and get them all. Mirage is truely a beautiful part of my collection. The images of the women embracing demons, in seductive poses and their fleshy vibrancy really make this book attractive. At the start of the book, which I found helpful with my drawing, are graceful images drawn in pencil. Delicate particles of graphite sculpted to create beautiful images. What makes Boris a great artist is his ability to see, not just to view a body in 2D but to see all the angular parts of the body. This is best demonstrated in his shading and the way he captivates light illuminating the body. This book also contains erotic landscapes, and I say erotic because they clearly depict forms of an erotic and sexual nature. The text pieces accompanying the images are abstract but they do add to the mystery and interpretations of each and every picture. If you are a collector of art books or anything to do with the fantasy art genre, I would honestly recommend this as a book to have, simply because of the depictions, the colour and because it's Boris, Boris at his best. Look for the washing image and the soapy bubbles and the woman's rear!---Magnificent and realistic.

A fantasy art collection like no other!
For many years now Boris Vallejo has been at the top of my favourite artists, no other painter comes close (perhaps Michael Whelan?). A collection of erotic fantasy paintings from a time when Vallejo was at his best. A must for any budding fantasy artist (like myself!).

Uncle Boris in the Yukon and Other Shaggy Dog Stories
Published in Hardcover by Simon & Schuster (06 November, 2001)
Author: Daniel Pinkwater
Amazon base price: $14.00
List price: $20.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $3.93
Buy one from zShops for: $4.50
Average review score:

Truly interesting.
This book was not quite what I expected when I bought it. My first thought when I saw it on the shelf was, "Oh, a new Daniel Pinkwater novel! I better get that." About halfway through the first story, though, I began to be suspicious. "This isn't a novel. . .or is it? Is he kidding, or is he serious? Is this nonfiction?" This is one of the great things about Daniel Pinkwater--he keeps you on your toes, always trying to guess what is next to come. By the time I'd finished the book, I'd learned some neat dog-training tips (in case I should ever need them). I'd laughed guiltily and hysterically at the idea of a parrot being frightened to death by the misconception that it was being cooked, and I'd thought a lot about how funny life can be. This book is good for reading over one long sitting or for digesting one anecdote at a time.

Great book for any dog-lover
Daniel Pinkwater is a very smart and funny writer -- one who knows the value of not taking himself too seriously. This thoroughly enjoyable book points out what most perceptive dog-lovers know: that dogs have a lot to teach us, about them and about ourselves. Pinkwater's dogs have taught him, among other things, that having the capacity to be both silly and dignified enriches a life.

I ended up reading this book one chapter at a time before bedtime, and each night I'd go to sleep with a smile.

If you loves dogs, you'll enjoy this book -- which also makes a great gift for the dog-lovers in your life.

Rave reviews for Uncle Boris in the Yukon
Anyone who knows Daniel Manus Pinkwater's work is destined to buy this book for the sheer pleasure of carefully digesting every syllable he writes, as always. In this autobiographical book he bears his huge soul, his comical side (that we all know and love) and his uncanny, campy, unusual way of looking at the world, all as it relates to his many relationships with Canines.
Buy it! You will not be disappointed.

Prisoners of Power
Published in Hardcover by MacMillan Publishing Company (1977)
Authors: Arkady Strugatsky and Boris Strugatsky
Amazon base price: $17.95
Used price: $15.00
Average review score:

Imagine a world where there is no freedom

In this Strugatsky book, Maxim Kammerer is a 19-year-old explorer from a 23rd century idealic Earth who finds himself on a planet with quasi-20th century technology, but no democracy of freedom. Imagine a planet Earth in which only Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and Communist China exist. That's where he lands.

This book is kind of an Aesop's fable in that the author's criticize their government without mentioning it by name, or, better yet, by making it look like they're criticizing other governments.

Good adventure, solid writing and characters, and an altogether interesting sci-fi story. The translation is kind of weak. This is the first book of the Progressor series, in which humans try to accelerate alien societies through their trial and tribulation times, into the utopian society humans have developed.

-- JJ Timmins

Timeless classic
An excellent book for all times, cultures, and societies, "Prisoners of Power" (the original is called "The Inhabited Island") is about every person's right to be free and about the responsibilities that come with freedom. A hero from Utopian society finds himself in the world where he is nearly a Superman, but in this world he doesn't know the difference between good and evil, and a mistake in judgement can cost him more than his own life. This is one of my favorite books. Unfortunately, the English translation misses some finer points of the book. I can only hope that with the new version of the book, where the authors restored the changes made (I should say inflicted) by the Soviet censorship, English-speaking readers will get a translation that's closer to the spirit of the original.

The best Sci-fi I have read!
This might be not the best book Strugatzky wrote (The Picnic, 1000 years till the end of the world, Monday starts in Saturday...), but it is the beginning of thye "progessors" saga, the best thing Sci-fi. I've read Zelazny, Azimov, Simak, Lem, Windam... But maybe only Zelazny is a step close to Strugazky. It is not only the fantazsy they have... it's the way they describe the mankind, they way it goes, the mistakes we make. Look around, you will see how sad and small and how great we could be... It is not great to be powerful and good, the great is being the weaker and still be good... If you can find the book- read it and you will need more.

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