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Empty Nesting: Reinventing Your Marriage When the Kids Leave Home
Published in Paperback by Jossey-Bass (26 November, 2001)
Authors: David H. Arp, Claudia S. Arp, Scott M. Stanley, Howard J. Markman, and Susan L. Blumberg
Amazon base price: $12.57
List price: $17.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $11.95
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Make the rest the best!
One word describes this book: OUTSTANDING! Given these two statistics: (1) Every seven seconds, a baby boomer turns age 50, and (2) the divorce rate is up 16 percent for marriages of 30-plus years, this book is a MUST READ for all couples who fall into the empty nest/second half marriage category. Don't let the word "fighting" in the title make you think for a minute that this book is only for couples whose marriages are on shaky ground. It is for ALL couples wanting to build, keep, or return to a great relationship.

This book is the best of the best. It is the best of the book The Second Half of Marriage by David and Claudia Arp in which they identify eight challenges every marriage in the second half faces. And, it is the best of the strategies and techniques of the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) developed by Stanley, Markman, and Blumberg. Not only do the authors suggest powerful, yet simple, ways couples can upgrade their communication and conflict resolution skills, they also stress the importance of building couple friendship, having fun, becoming empty nest lovers, and keeping the relationship strong.

Do you want the rest to be the best? READ this book!

Just the two of us again
Although we are an empty nest couple, it doesn't seem that way with the pets we inherited from the kids when they moved out. We have 3 cats, 1 dog and an iguana to keep us busy now. I think the kids were easier to raise!

This great book isn't just for couples who have a truly empty nest. Many midlife couples today find that their nests get refilled with boomerang adult kids, aging parents, visits from kids and grandkids, or grandkids on a full time basis.

I liked the section on how to learn about the danger signs of behaviors that can lead couples who have been married for decades to the divorce court. There is also good information on the major issues that midlife couples need to deal with in order to have a strong marriage.

Enumerative Combinatorics
Published in Hardcover by Wadsworth Publishing (1998)
Author: Richard P. Stanley
Amazon base price: $42.95
Used price: $31.76
Buy one from zShops for: $85.00
Average review score:

People who like to COUNT?!? People who like hard-core math.
There was an earier review that claimed this book is for "people who like to count." That's a little silly. This book is a rigorous math text. And it's glorious. It's probably my favorite text. But it's not light reading at all.

I spent a semester actively reading and working on this book with my advisor. I read this book and worked on research, 50/50 split on my time. I got through 2.5 of the 4 chapters, and I'm damn proud of myself. It's a great book, but if you didn't know that 'enumerative' was for "people who like to count", you probably want a different text.

A Classic!
This book is a must for anyone who likes how to count. In addition to the superb exposition of deep and important mathematics, it contains so many intriguing problems, some of them even puzzle-like. Read this book cover-to-cover or open it at a random page. Either way you would love it!

The European Union: Politics and Policies (The New Europe: Interdisciplinary Perspectives)
Published in Paperback by Westview Press (1996)
Authors: John McCormick and Stanley Hoffman
Amazon base price: $34.00
Used price: $3.50
Average review score:

Good tool for learning about the EU.
I took a course on the European Union at the University of Pittsburgh with only the dimmest idea about what the EU was about. This book, one of the books assigned for the course, is a very readable, very understandable dissection of the EU's history, its structure and its internal politics. I highly recommend to anyone reading about the EU for the first time or taking a class on the EU.

A great learning tool!
John McCormick's book on European Union policy and politics is a great book for people who want to learn more about the EU. The book is broken up nicely into three parts: Part One deals with the evolution of the European Union and gives a good background on how the European Community began in the 1950's; to the evolution of the European Union up and through the Treaty of Maastericht. Part two discusses the institutions of the EU. The EU Parliament, Commission, Council of Ministers, Court of Justice, and the European Council; the book tells how each one works and what roles each body plays in government and politics. The third and final section talks about EU policies...from Education through Economics all EU policies are broken down and analyzed in the book. I think the book is a great tool for students learning about the EU and people who take an interest in European Politics. Believe me when I say..."you won't be dissappointed."

Fantastic Illustrations of Grandville: 266 Illustrations from UN Autre Monde and Les Animaux
Published in Paperback by Dover Pubns (1987)
Authors: Jean Ignace Isidore Grandville and Stanley Appelbaum
Amazon base price: $10.36
List price: $12.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $6.15
Collectible price: $11.00
Buy one from zShops for: $8.55
Average review score:

This book has a wild and imaginative collections of copyright free illustrations. Cosmic and creative. A good stimulus for the mind.

Great Children-Adult Picture Book
I am buying this book for a friend's new baby. I have a very old copy of the same book that I recieved when I was just three years old. It has always fascinated and excited me. Children love it for the wild and surreal drawings. Adults love it for the sheer beauty in the artwork. I highly recommend this collection for anyone who wants something a little different. You won't be dissapointed.

Fascism in Spain, 1923-1977
Published in Paperback by Univ of Wisconsin Pr (1999)
Author: Stanley G. Payne
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $14.00
Collectible price: $15.88
Buy one from zShops for: $22.00
Average review score:

Good thorough introduction into Spanish Fascism
So THIS is why Franco was able to rule for 39 years! Payne has done a fantastic job of explaining how Primo de Rivera could come to power, fall, then nine years later Franco could become Spain's "Caudillo". Payne's detailed account makes one feel as though they have experienced what it was like in Spain from the beginning of Primo de Rivera's dictatorship to the restoration of democratic institutions in 1977. Overall, a good read.

Error in review
I have not read this book yet, but I intend to buy it soon. I have to call attention to an error in the online book review -- Francisco Franco died Nov, 20, 1975, not in 1977. Spain's first free elctions in decades were held June 15, 1977.

The Fifth Dimension
Published in Paperback by Red Wheel/Weiser (1992)
Author: Vera Stanley Alder
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $1.79
Collectible price: $8.99
Buy one from zShops for: $7.95
Average review score:

The Future Evolution of Mankind
In this book, the author takes us through the meanings of the various dimensions. She explains the First Dimension as a line, the Second Dimension as a square, polygon, etc, the Third Dimension as objects and materialism, the Fourth Dimension as radiations flowing in all directions and interacting with one another. Also included in this dimension are the radiations of Wisdom and Love. Finally in the Fifth Dimension she explains to be the opposite of the Fourth Dimension, where instead of radiations flowing in every direction we have inter-penetration, where worlds can dwell one within the other. The Fifth Dimension is to be ruled by the use of mind-power.

She explains that each dimension to be of higher level of vibration and how the Earth is slowly raising its level of vibration and transmuting itself to attain oneness with God. Back in 1940, she prophesies the future of Man's evolution - the future of government into a world government & the union of various religions, the future of health-care and the future of education. She also explains how science through the development of free electricity will free the world and through etheric photography will stimulate the mind into higher activity.

All these activities predicted here will be the dawning of 'The Golden Age'.

A book with unusual future insight.
This book was originally printed before or around 1950. Some of Vera's books were printed in the 30's. It is an amazing book under the New Age catagory that one would expect to find newly printed (due to the content). In this book, the author has drawn on a number of sources to draw conclusions of the future. When I first read this book I was fascinated and now I see these things have either come true or are on their way. She even speaks of a New World Order, and walls that give off light at night that they stored up during the day (Maybe solar power?). She also discusses an energy source that will be free and fully available. (cold fusion?) All in all it is a timelessly fascinating book. Cindy Ratcliff

Filth Eater
Published in Paperback by (2000)
Author: Stanley L. Struble
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $11.95
Average review score:

I loved it
I couldn't put this book down. The writer's style is fresh and different. The "flavor" of Mexico City was vivid, and the plot and characters were believable. I agree, this would make a great movie starring Benicio del Torro as Juan.

I'll be looking for more books by this author.

This story screams "MAKE ME INTO A MOVIE!"
This novel contains a great mixture of mystery, humor and sexual energy. The story takes place in Mexico and involves scandalous deeds commited by important political officials. Many corresponding events occur and all are described vividly and flawlessly.

This book would make a great movie!

The Fluvial System
Published in Paperback by The Blackburn Press (01 June, 2003)
Author: Stanley A. Schumm
Amazon base price: $52.95
Average review score:

The best Fluvial Geomorph book around...
I have read alot of books on this subject and this is still one of the leaders in having all of the info that you want in one book. All topics are covered and in such detail!!! It is such a valuble tool that someone should republish it for students now.

Very good overview of fluvial processes and geomorpholoy
Designed as a companion for his college course on the subject. Schumm clearly explains the concepts and theories behind fluvial geomorphology. This book should be required reading for all students and practicioners of fluvial sequence stratigraphy. CJ

Fractal Concepts in Surface Growth
Published in Hardcover by Cambridge University Press (1995)
Authors: Albert-Laszls Barabási and Harry Eugene Stanley
Amazon base price: $100.00
Average review score:

Fractal Concepts in Surface Growth
This is the first book I have so far encountered on interface growth to treat the subject in a simple, intuitive and entertaining manner. All the basic mathematical concepts are explained, the book is easy to read and contains plenty of illustrations and examples from real life. Barabasi and Stanley show how processes ranging from accumulation of snow on car windows, to bacterial colony growth on agar surfacees, are governed by similiar mathematical laws. Exercises are conceptual as well as mathematical, with many questions asking for discussion or further research. This book is essential for novices and experts alike.

gives science growth that generates a increase in human life
This book does not deseves critics in completelly perfect

Fracture and Fatigue Control in Structures: Applications of Fracture Mechanics
Published in Hardcover by Prentice Hall College Div (1987)
Authors: John M. Barsom and Stanley T. Rolfe
Amazon base price: $89.00
Used price: $54.00
Average review score:

A "practicing engineer's" Fracture Mechanics!
This is an excellent book for the practicing engineer who wants to use fracture mechanics to solve fracture and fatigue problems used in industry today. The author explains fracture mechanics and fatigue in terms the practicing engineer uses on a daily basis. For example, different material properties used in fracture mechanics are compared to Hook's Law, yield strength, and tensile strength, material properites common to structural engineers.

Also, the author gives precise definitions of fracture and fatigue, how it can be used during the design phase, why structures fail structurally, and how to use fracture and fatigue analysis to solve these real-life problems.

Excellent Book
Excellent for practical engenieers that face fracture mechanics problems and need to solve it very quickly. Tons of experimental data and estimations from simple-->cheaper test to get important proprieties as KIc. Very general book covers a lot of subjects as weldings, inspections routines and many others briefly.

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