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The Guillotine and the Cross
Published in Paperback by Christendom Press (1991)
Author: Warren H. Carroll
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $11.95
Average review score:

Carroll's Guillotine is Sharp!
This book is well researched, organized, and written, but most of all it is INTERESTING to the highest degree! Read the compelling story of the wonderful Carmelite nuns of Compiegne! Highly recommended!!

From Revolution to Regicide, then to Genocide
A wit once remarked that any fool can make history, but only a great man can write one. I'm happy to say that this book proves Warren Carroll such a man. He covers in detail the start of the revolution proper, with the arrest of King Louis XVI, proceeding through the Terror and its aftermath. His style is gripping, telling history as it is meant to be--a living story of a once-alive past. I was especially glad to see a whole chapter devoted to the uprising in the Vendee; these royalists are rarely heard of in today's textbooks, and I myself had not heard of it until early this year. Carroll covers in detail the suppression of Catholicism, along with the slaughter of priests and the martyrdom of the Carmelite sisters upon the Guillotine.

I would only add that Carroll is an obvious sympathizer with the ancien regime, which may make uncomfortable those accustomed to republican sentiment. His work provokes one to wonder just how the American republic contrasted to the French version. This history proves that Republics are not immune from despots and mass murder.

The TRUTH about the French Revolution
This is a great book. It should be subtitled "The TRUTH about the French Revolution". Full of facts and dates, and heavily footnoted so that sources can be referenced, the author paints an indisputable picture of what the French Revolution really was: a chaotic bloodbath in which the Catholic Church and anyone associated with it was brutally persecuted. Carroll totally discounts the modern myth of the French Revolution as an event that simply brought France from monarchy to democracy, by inundating the reader with facts to the contrary; did you know that one of the first people to die in the guillotine was a newspaper reporter? So much for freedom of the press. My only complaint about this book is that it is so full of facts and dates it made it slow to read because I found myself wanting to take notes! This book is truly a powerful weapon for combatting the myths about the French Revolution. The description of the "field of screams" was chilling. Also disturbing was the scene where the animals pulling the death cart refused to enter the square where the guillotine was, because their senses were so repulsed by the blood-soaked ground.

Happy Birthday, The Cat: True Meow Stories By Birthday
Published in Hardcover by Andrews McMeel Publishing (02 March, 2003)
Authors: Noriko Carroll and Don Carroll
Amazon base price: $11.87
List price: $16.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $6.95
Buy one from zShops for: $6.59
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This is a HUMAN cat, ofcourse they all are!
It's been a long time since I enjoyed a book about cats that I can give to friends of mine that are older than 6 - much older than 6. I think this is one of those rare books that adults and children will love. While I admit, I am partial to cats, even my dog loving friends will find this book a real treat. I can't wait until I get compliments on my taste after I've given this book as a present to my friends. The authors and their companion are marvelous.

A great adventure!
This is a wonderfully imaginative and insightful look at the world of a cat through the eyes of a human. Don and Noriko Carroll have captured the essence of mischief and adventure of what we love about cats! The funny tales and the sweet family (Mama and Papa and Birthday) are enjoyable to read and even more beautiful to look at. A great book for kids, adults and cat-lovers of all ages!

A truly beautiful book!
Birthday, the cat, is a charming character whose adventures are irresistible! Birthday's sense of humor and adorable antics will bring joy to any reader. Her take on the aspects of our world that we may sometimes take for granted such as a romp on the beach, a meeting in the park, or simply a beautiful sky, will brighten every readers day. I found myself chuckling through many of the stories, and captivated by Don and Noriko Carroll's gorgeous photography. This is a fabulous book for adults, children and anyone who has ever loved a pet. In addition, the glimmering images make this book a fixture for the coffee table and an excellent gift! I never get tired of Birthday's world, and I'm delighted to have this book in my collection.

How to Worship Jesus Christ
Published in Paperback by Moody Publishers (1991)
Authors: Joseph S. Carroll and John F. MacArthur
Amazon base price: $8.99
Used price: $2.63
Collectible price: $4.25
Buy one from zShops for: $5.88
Average review score:

Life Changing
I can only name a handfull of books that have changed my life. This would be one of them. How to Worship Jesus Christ will get you excited about worshipping Jesus and you will find yourself having a hard time waiting to spend eternity with Him. It is a book that should be read at least once a year. It is a short easy read, yet profound. Jesus is the focal point of all Scripture. Why not learn more on how to better worship Him.

A life changing gem of truth.
Brother Carroll outlines the biblical pattern of worship. It is so simple and the results are so profound. The book is simple to read and will hold your attention all the way through. It will bring you back to the priority of the christian life as Jesus intended it to be. If you are spiritually dry, if you feel you have lost your power in the daily life, I encourage you to read this book. It will renew the fountain of living water by seeking Jesus through the scriptural principles set forth.

excellent advice on how to enter into fuller worship of God
IF you desire a more meaningful Spirit filled life, this book is a must. Joseph Carroll teaches the fundamentals of worship from a pure heart. He also pinpoints trouble spots that maybe hindering your worship. This is one of the best Christian books that I have read on worship.

Legendary Texas
Published in Paperback by Wheelock Press (01 March, 1998)
Author: Jeff Carroll
Amazon base price: $22.95
Average review score:

Texas History, With a Twist
Jeff Carroll has a unique way of presenting the history of Texas...from the perspective of the courageous people that settled this great land. While you won't find many of his stories in traditional Texas History text books, they are nonetheless, just as important. In fact, I will go as far as to say that these stories and accounts are more important because they bring the history of Texas to a personal level - they bring it to life!

The stories are fun to read and very educational. I've read all of the 'Legendary Texas' volumes at least twice and will enjoy reading them again! I highly recommend these books for anyone that enjoys a good story and especially those who enjoy Texas History.

Great Educational Fun
Contains easy-to-read stories of Texas Heritage. Makes historical understanding fun. I never tired of Mr. Carroll's vivid and unique storytelling. A must for anyone who is usually bored with history and for the historically-inclined.

A feast on Texana little known stories in delicious bites!
As a Texana historian I scour book shelves to find the "New Book" with stories of Real people. This author has indeed done his research with a zesty writing style that will leave you waiting for the next story. This is a "Must read" if you like the West.

Life Is A Circus
Published in Hardcover by Xlibris Corporation (2000)
Author: Shirley Carroll O'Connor
Amazon base price: $30.99
Average review score:

Great Memories
"Life is a Circus" was one of the most refreshing true stories that I have ever read! It took me back in time to my first visit to the circus and years later when I took my children to the BIG TOP! I can hardly wait to take my grandchildren.

Who ever wrote the inside cover of this delightful book was 100% right in stating, "When you turn the last page of "Life is a Circus", you will feel as if you have laughed and shared memories with a "new best friend" My only complaint was I read the book in an evening and wanted to read more!

The 'Feel Good' book everyone should have.
Shirley O'Connor's first book,"Life is a Circus" is undeniably a three-ring circus of her charmingly warm and humorous experiences with the "Greatest show on Earth". Most of us only dream of running away to join the circus,Ms. O'Connor had the circus practically run away to join her! She shares with us her amusing trials and insights in living side by side with the circus community: the clowns,the side show artists,the aerialists and trapeze performers and,with myriad laughter,the animals. Ms. O'Connor's delightfully true story of herself as a young bride sharing her honeymoon with a leopard nervously roaming the back seat of the bride and groom's jalopy will leave you wondering what other outragous adventures lie ahead for these newlyweds;she doesn't let us down! With her circus experiences Ms. O'Connor gained some of the valuable lessons that brought her to a future as a pioneer in a then untried field of women in commercial public relations. One has to marvel at the approaches she must have used during that neoteric time. Every enjoyable page of "Life is a circus" is filled with a delicious freshness of 'feel good' experiences that will leave you wishing that you,too could run away with the circus,no matter what age you may be. So grab a bag of peanuts and snag a front row seat in your own private Big Top with Shirley O'Connor's "Life is a circus".

Great Book!
I really enjoyed "Life is a Circus" by Shirley Carroll O'Connor. It is a warm humorous love story and a first hand insight into what it was like being part of circus life in a bygone era. Shirley writes about of being a newly wed on a Circus train, learning the ropes and class system of Circus life, living on the road and about the friends the bride made among the performers and side show acts. What better training for a woman who later became one of Hollywood's top Press Agents than sharing your life (and car) with wild and dangerous animals. O'Connor's perspectives and insights into the Circus culture can be appreciated by circus fans or anyone who likes a good autobiographical story. Her idea of a bad day was when she (literally) lost a heard of elephants in downtown Hollywood. I found myself smiling and laughing my way through this book. Buy, borrow, or check this book out of the library, it is a great read.

A Manual of Writer's Tricks
Published in Paperback by Marlowe & Company (29 September, 2000)
Authors: David L. Carroll and Sheree Bykofsky
Amazon base price: $10.36
List price: $12.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $4.00
Buy one from zShops for: $5.03
Average review score:

The Illuminated Simplicity of Useful Principle
I have just finished reading, for the first time, one of the best books on writing craft I have read to date: "A Manual of Writer's Tricks" by David L. Carroll. I was already recommending it to others when I had not read more than ten pages. This is the craft of writing reduced to the simplicity of useful principle. Those principles are accompanied by sufficient relevant analysis and precision example to illuminate those very same principles; and thus they are useful "tricks" indeed. The author has rendered a great service to the craft and writers. I highly recommend this book.

A great deal of value and insight
In A Manual Of Writer's Tricks: Essential Advice For Fiction And Nonfiction Writers, David Carroll (Emmy Award- winning television writer and author of twenty-five books, including How To Prepare Your Manuscript For A Publisher) successfully collaborates with Sheree Bykofsky (literary agent and co-executive editor of the New York Public Library Desk Reference) to provide essential tips, tricks and techniques for aspiring fiction and nonfiction writers seeking to save time, improve their style, and avoid common pitfalls associated with the act of writing. This compendium of stratagems and literary shortcuts offer invaluable advice for writing with expression, improving structure, correcting and rewriting with greater efficiency, developing "writer's logic", avoiding the hazards of burnout or boredom, dealing with a lack of motivation or writer's block, and reworking scholarly prose for greater clarity and reader engagement. A Manual Of Writer's Tricks is a "must read" for novice authors just starting out, and has a great deal of value and insight for even the more experienced and seasoned writer.

If you write, here's an inexpensive secret weapon
This one's for everyone - fiction and non-fiction. You pick up this slim paperback, rifle the pages and bang! A Manual of Writer's Tricks gives you ammunition to instantly liven your writing. My copy is well-highlighted. The foreword is written by literary agent Sheree Bykofsky who once sent me a delightful rejection letter. Some examples (I just gave you one - irony); Show don't tell - instead of "the ship was heavily weighted," say "Excess cargo made her tilt slightly to port." Use words that evoke images - instead of "my back is sore all over," say "I ache along every nerve ending and vertebra of my spine." You get the picture, now go get the book.

The Parables of Kryon
Published in Paperback by Hay House (2000)
Author: Lee Carroll
Amazon base price: $8.76
List price: $10.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $7.95
Buy one from zShops for: $7.66
Average review score:

A Beautiful Book
I was just amazed at what I was reading and couldn't put it down. And neither will I part with the book. I plan to read it again. Don't miss this one. A Must read.

Kryon is a loving entity currently on earth to help us move into the next phase of a new era. These parables are stories told by Kryon and translated by Lee Carroll to show how many persons are reacting to special circumstances as we move deeper into this century and begin to receive the new gifts of God. You will not find the negativity or cynicism of some channeled entities, and no hard lessons here. This is truly an inspired and inspiring book helping you discover how to come closer to the Great Reality, which seems to some to be a fairy tale like "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." I hope you have an opportunity to read and share this book with those you love.

I have re-told these parables countless times to friends, children, people in pain and so on. The spiritual & psychological insights are wonderful and important. The parables read quickly and the messages are very easily grasped. I would recommend it to anyone.

Partnering With God : Practical Information for the New Millennium (Kryon Book Six)
Published in Paperback by Kryon Writings (2001)
Authors: Lee Carroll and Kryon
Amazon base price: $11.20
List price: $14.00 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $6.35
Collectible price: $14.01
Buy one from zShops for: $9.50
Average review score:

Another excellent book from Kryon and Lee Carroll
This, the 6th Kryon book (fourth if you don't count the parables), shows us again how Kryon just continues to give us real, actual tools we can use to make our lives better. Continuing on with channels recorded during the past few years, Lee and Kryon give us step-by-step instructions on how to make sure we're in our sweet spots, accept our contracts, and deal with ourselves and others with love and compassion. If you've read the others, don't miss this one!

A message of unending love
I have read all of the Kryon works and am now reading book 7. Each book brings home a simple, unending message for EVERYONE- YOU ARE DEARLY LOVED! Within the words and the spirit that spills forth from the pages is the very essence of the message and hope that was brought to us 2,000 years ago by Jesus, the great master of love- to love one another. And as Kryon says of those who would condemn or disagree with any who are not in the following of their faith- love them just as dearly as you would your only child, for indeed, they are our family and deserve nothing less. We are partners with God co-creating a better world that will benefit all, even those who hate and condemn us. This is the message that Kryon has come to bring us. Is it a new message? No. It is the same message given to us over the eons in a new, more complete way, that we as humans of free-choice, can make that new descision that will bring this world another step closer to being what it truly was hoped to be- paradise on earth. And so it is.

P.S.- Get the Kryon "live channeling" tapes, they are very moving- each filled with understanding and love.

This book brings a crystal clear message touching me deeply: all drawbacks, problems, etc, are our own tests to stay in balance and peace. You're not judged if you don't make it, the tests are of your own making. The hidden connection to an 'enemy' is often one of love. Kryon calls these tests the contracts you arranged prior to beginning your life. The whole message is stated with much love and clarity. Reading this book helped me forgive in a strenous conflict, giving me more room. Something for which I'm very grateful. Kryon has been channelled three times before a section of the United Nations, these reports are interesting. I read a lot of channeled books, the Kryon work stands out. Defenitely recommendable!

Prayers and Heavenly Promises
Published in Paperback by Tan Books & Publishers, Inc. (1997)
Author: Joan Carroll Cruz
Amazon base price: $6.00
Used price: $4.17
Collectible price: $4.00
Buy one from zShops for: $4.12
Average review score:

Inspiring, informative book
This book explains different prayers and why we say them, such as Jesus appeared to St. Faustina and gave her certain promises attached to the Divine Mercy. But there are many more like this that are linked to specific apparitions to specific saints which is why I like it so much. It helps give purpose and meaning to the prayers we choose to say. And if there is any special intention you have, such as someone who recently died, there are special things in it for that. I used it in my class when I taught religion to help make spiritual life have more meaning to my class. Definitely a must-have!

Review from the Publisher
This best selling collection of prayers and devotions, some with wonderful promises from Our Lord and Blessed Mother attached to them was compiled from approved sources. Includes devotions to Our Lady, The Infant Jesus, Precious Blood, Holy Face, Sacred Heart, Divine Mercy, St. Michael and more. Shows that God is eager to grant us unique spiritual and temporal favors, graces and blessings if we will only pray! 26 illustrations. Prayerbook size. 123pp. PB. Imprimatur.

Over 200,000 sold!

This book is a wonderful overview of simple prayers
This little book is a wonderful resource for simple thoughts and actions given from the Lord and others in heaven to the saints which increases your connection with Christ and prayer life immensely. I've found this little and quick book incredibly helpful in my spiritual journey.

Reader's Digest Illustrated Guide to Gardening
Published in Hardcover by Readers Digest (1989)
Authors: Reader's Digest and Carroll C. Calkins
Amazon base price: $30.00
Used price: $0.95
Collectible price: $5.00
Buy one from zShops for: $6.10
Average review score:

The most complete and authorative book ever.
This book is, complete, easy to use, and extremely helpful. It is good for people who are beginning gardeners or as a reference to a master gardener. I hope that it comes back into print.

Excellent reference easy to read detailed information
I would like to know if the book has been revised and if so, the ISBN number available. I have been using this book for over 10 years and find it to be extremely resourceful. I would like to buy a similar book for a friend, but have not found any that compare to Reader's Digest Illustrated Guide to Gardening.

The Cat's miau of Gardening Books;Simple,brief yet thorough!
The summary says it all

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