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Lewis Carroll: Fragments of a Looking-Glass from Alice to Zeno
Published in Hardcover by Galley Press (1983)
Author: Jean Gattegno
Amazon base price: $5.98
Used price: $8.40
Collectible price: $8.47
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Amazingly detailed
This is a book worth special ordering... Jean Gattâegno does an stunning job at analizing the man we know as Lewis Carroll. Every detail- nothing left unsaid- great format with tons of references- and it comes with line drawings and pictures. This book is for Lewis Carroll fanatics or people just wanting to learn about our famous Charles Dodgen.

The Little Alice Editions: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking-Glass
Published in Hardcover by E P Dutton (1988)
Author: Lewis Carroll
Amazon base price: $12.95
Used price: $6.50
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Darling presentation
I don't see it listed here at the time of this review, so I'll list the details on this item since I own it. Complete and unagridged with all the original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel including 16 full-color plates. 2 small books about as big as my palm in a cardboard box / sleeve type case. Charming.

The Longman Anthology of British Literature, Volume 1B: The Early Modern Period (2nd Edition)
Published in Paperback by Longman (16 August, 2002)
Authors: David Damrosch, Clare Carroll, and Constance Jordan
Amazon base price: $36.00
Used price: $21.18
Buy one from zShops for: $24.99
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I continue to use and enjoy
...this is an excellent anthology, packed with both canonical authors and new, more marginal, figures. Printed on thin "bible paper" but with very little bleed-through, its wide range and beautiful color plates make it ideal for survey courses and, with a few supplements, for upper level courses.

Looking for Wes Carroll
Published in Paperback by Press-Tige Publishing Company Inc (2001)
Author: James Connell
Amazon base price: $11.99
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Never forget your past and always look ahead
The author of "Looking for Wes Carroll", Jim Connell lives in the same town as I do. A local bookstore held a book signing/discussion and as a voracious reader and a fledgling writer I felt I had to be there.
After only reading an article about the writer and the story, I decided to buy his book. My title up there is similar to what Jim wrote when he signed my book. The author himself seems very nice, down to earth, and a writer who just loves to write. I learned a lot sitting there listening to Jim talk about his experiences in his effort to have the book published.
I loved this book because it drew me in and I didn't want to put it down. I wanted to know the main character more and more, and I related to him so well. He overdoses on nostalgia, and he could have easily been a real person.
Another reason I liked this so much is all the references to Boston, and other Massachusetts pop culture references. It is nice to read about things that are so close to home for me. That is a rare thing.
"Looking for Wes Carroll" is an easy to read and follow novel about the very down to earth and likable Max Clark. Max lives in Quincy, Massachusetts. His best friend since the beginning of college, Peter Sullivan, has his own life falling down a sprial staircase, and Max, being the good buddy that he always was to all his college friends, tries to aid Peter back to health.
I don't want to say too much about what goes on. Max is a wonderfully written character that you will hate saying good bye to. I am glad I bought this so I can go back and visit.
This is a very well written story, sad at times,(I cried several times), and has it's happier moments as well. A lot like life itself, "Looking for Wes Carroll" is a novel about living, enjoying life, remembering our good times in life, road trips, and moving on and looking ahead to a bright future.
I highly recommend reading this, especially to readers from the same area as me.

Love Power (Silhouette Desire, No 876)
Published in Paperback by Harlequin (1994)
Author: Susan Carroll
Amazon base price: $2.99
Used price: $0.20
Collectible price: $2.12
Buy one from zShops for: $5.49
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A fun romp in 1990s America
After all of that British historical stuff, it's amazing how well Susan Carroll captures America of the 1990s. Her dialogue, locale, knowledge of the period, and characters are very convincing. You'd think she actually lived in Rock Island, Illinois.

Seriously, though, regardless that this reviewer has definite preference to historical romance, Carroll's work generally excels, and LOVE POWER lived up to expectations.

Him: a fantastic-looking, well-muscled babe, early 30s, who owns a local gym and loves Gilbert and Sullivan. Her: a 27-year-old professional woman who lives for her engineering career and lost track of all the finer things in life. Liana Malone goes to a company charity ball and wins a raffle where the grand prize is a month course with a personal trainer, Jake Powers. Liana initially wants to refuse the prize (she thought it would be a microwave oven), but after being caught in a snow storm with Jake, she feels she has no other choice but to go through with it when he subsequently "double-dog dares" her.

The plotline sizzles with sexual tension from Liana and Jake's first meeting. As always, Carroll masters at putting her viewpoint characters in the hot seat and keeps the reader wondering what's going to happen next. The story progresses smoothly as one scene leads to the next without feeling contrived.

This 1994 novel has few supporting characters, who sometimes do little except clutter a story. Her male characters are just as well drawn as her female. Jake has his own insecurities. Perhaps one of their best exchanges comes early in the story when he's leaning over the exposed engine of his stalled van. When she asks what's wrong, she tells him that being a woman doesn't mean she knows nothing about cars. "Just because I'm a man you don't have to assume I do," Jake replies.

It's fun following Liana and Jake as they try to resist their mutual attraction. Most of the growth is in Liana, who learns what an empty existence her life has been. Jake overcomes some of his own shortcomings when he believes Liana really does love him.

This story is reminiscent of Carroll's earlier Regency romances in that it has a fun-spirited light touch. However, LOVE POWER does rate as the corniest title ever used for any of her novels.

Magnet Investing: Build a Portfolio and Pick Winning Stocks Using Your Home Computer
Published in Paperback by Next Decade Inc (1999)
Authors: Jordan L. Kimmel, T. Owen Carroll, and John Downes
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $6.70
Buy one from zShops for: $18.50
Average review score:

A "must" for every investor's library
Wow-this book really simplifies the stock selection process. I'm an experienced investor who has lost money in pure momentum stocks. I see this guy on CNBC and Bloomberg quite a bit and he seems to know his stuff. I agree with Standard & Poor's great endorsement "Magnet Investing provides an insightful look into the stock selection process. It will be a great boost to professional investors, as well as ones that only dabble in stocks." The first several chapters teach investors how to develop a disciplined approach to the market and then describes a new trademarked system that selects stocks based on a well defined set of criteria, combining value and momentum. If you have a PC, you can access this program through Telescan or set it up with another screening service. Then, with the click of your mouse, you can pick a pool of stocks that have the potential to be great performers. The system has averaged a 30% return per year over the past ten years. The trial CD from Telescan is an added bonus. I think the author's system is one of the best I've seen.

Managing Strategy Implementation
Published in Hardcover by Blackwell Publishers (2000)
Authors: Patrick Flood, Tony Dromgoole, Stephen J. Carroll, and Liam Gorman
Amazon base price: $76.95
Used price: $71.56
Average review score:

Excellent book about strategy
If you want to take Strategy Planning seriously, this is an usefull book. The theory of strategy is the 'easy part'; this book explains good practices of strategy.

The Map That Lies Between Us: New and Collected Poems, 1980-2000
Published in Hardcover by Black Belt Press (01 September, 2000)
Author: Anne Carroll George
Amazon base price: $15.95
Used price: $11.91
Buy one from zShops for: $11.86
Average review score:

Brilliant book of verse
Although classifed as a "southern" writer, the poetry of Anne Carroll George speaks to all of us, everywhere. Brilliant, emotional and at times humorous and heartbreaking, The Map That Lies Between Us has a special place in my heart, and on my bookshelf.

Material Culture of the Bible: An Introduction
Published in Paperback by Sheffield Academic Pr (2000)
Authors: Ferdinand E. Deist and Robert P. Carroll
Amazon base price: $37.95
Used price: $20.00
Average review score:

Cultural interpretation of ancient Hebrew narratives
Ferdinand Deist's The Material Culture Of The Bible offers a scholarly discussion and exploration of the theoretical and practical implications that language and literature have to offer a sound cultural anthropological perspective of ancient Israelite society. The reader is furnished with practical examples of cultural interpretation of ancient Hebrew narratives, as well as informative assessments of the impact "cultural relativity" and "inter-cultural communications" has upon biblical interpretation. The Material Culture Of The Bible is an academically sound, superbly presented, highly informative contribution to biblical and anthropological studies.

The Materialistic Wall
Published in Paperback by Trafford (2002)
Author: Bud Carroll
Amazon base price: $18.95
Buy one from zShops for: $18.95
Average review score:

A stunning Piece of Literary Work
When I finished reading this book, all I could say was WOW! what a stunning piece of literary work, not only for the 'sleepers and beginners' that it was written for, but for those of us who have been on the quest for years and years.

It shows a broad grasp of the true nature of physical existence, combined with the unseen spiritual realm. It is concise, brilliantly written, backed by scientific findings, with clear human logic and intelligence.

If this doesn't awaken the masses to delve into who and what they truly are, I can't imagine what will.

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