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Riches and Honor
Published in Paperback by Bantam Books (1986)
Author: Tom Hyman
Amazon base price: $4.50
Average review score:

One of the five top books I've read in 30 years
A German SS camp guard assumes the identity of a Jewish prisoner & becomes an American Millionaire, only to lose all, including his sons trying to keep his secret. Gripping surpense to the VERY LAST PAGE!! Travel with them to Russia, Vietmam & South aMerica.

Rickover and the Nuclear Navy: The Discipline of Technology
Published in Hardcover by United States Naval Inst. (1990)
Author: Francis Duncan
Amazon base price: $32.95
Average review score:

A view into the founding of Nuclear Safety Culture
I have recently been doing some research on ethnographics, trying to better understand how the operating culture of nuclear power plants evolved. I was directed toward biographies of Admiral H.G. Rickover, and I found Duncan's work to be one of the most enjoyable readings on Rickover. Duncan gives an inside view to the Admiral and the history that led to the success of the Nuclear Navy through a historical account. The author's relationship with the Admiral, which was probably closer than many other biographers, shows Rickover a hard-driven centrist leader who stressed technical competence and sought excellence and integrity, as well as a respect and dedication for the high-risk technology. My only criticism would be that other biographies of Rickover dealve more into the Admiral's idiosincracies and somewhat odd expectations -- traits that leave the reader wondering if Rickover was crazy or a genius. I look forward to reading Duncan's new book "Rickover: A Struggle for Excellence" when it is released November 2001.

The Rickover Effect: How One Man Made a Difference
Published in Hardcover by United States Naval Inst. (1992)
Authors: Theodore Rockwell and James D. Watkins
Amazon base price: $32.95
Average review score:

Great View of this Special Man
This is an excellent insider account of Rickover's efforts and
accomplishments. Dr. Rockwell really makes the history come alive.

Published in Library Binding by HarperCollins Children's Books (1989)
Amazon base price: $
Average review score:

Inside few of Trina
I have always enjoyed Trina's work and selected her for an author study for a class. This book gives the reader a inside few of Trina's life and interests and how she got started. Her life story seems almost fairy tale like- it remindes me of the stories she so often illustrates.

South Star
Published in Hardcover by Encore Editions (1977)
Authors: Betsy Gould Hearne and Trina Schart Hyman
Amazon base price: $1.98
Average review score:

Lovely fantasy tale about independence and courage
I first read this book at the age of 10, and I am now 26 years old and it is just as thrilling, frightening and satisfying as it was then. It follows a young giant girl from the mountains on an adventure across the plains below. She is forced from her home by the "Screamers" and must flee in order to survive. It's simply written but engaging. I would recommend it for anyone who loves a strong fantasy story.

Staging Strikes: Workers' Theatre and the American Labor Movement (Critical Perspectives on the Past)
Published in Hardcover by Temple Univ Press (1997)
Author: Colette A. Hyman
Amazon base price: $41.50
Average review score:

A Rare Treat: Great Analysis, Smooth Prose
Colette Hyman's analysis of the topic is insightful and engaging. Her book is tremendouly informative and insightful. What makes her book stand out among the greatest books on the Depression era, however, is the skill with which she presents her argument. Her writing ability is unparalled. She could make any topic seem like the most interesting revelation. I read this book in one sitting, and I don't even care for the subject matter. I was just doing research.

Stanton, the Life and Times of Lincoln's Secretary of War.
Published in Hardcover by Greenwood Publishing Group (14 October, 1980)
Authors: Edwin McMasters Stanton, Benjamin Platt Thomas, and Harold Melvin Hyman
Amazon base price: $89.50
Average review score:

The authoritative biography
First of all, this book is NOT by Edwin M. Stanton, who died in 1869. The authors are Benjamin P. Thomas, the distinguished historian who was also the author of Abraham Lincoln: A Biography, which I read with great appreciation on 22 Jan 1993 and which was published in 1952 and which is generally considered the best one-volume biography of Lincoln at least until David Donald's superlative biography of Lincoln (read by me Feb 4, 1996) came along in 1995 and Harold M. Hyman, the co-author of Equal Justice Under Law: Constitutional Development 1835-1875 (read by me with much approval on 10 July 1982). I found Stanton a good book, tho some of the parts, where the Civil War and the problems with finding a general are reviewed, did not happen to excite me. But there can be little doubt that Stanton did yeoman service during the War and that he played a big role in the North's successful effort. The dramatic events during the dispute between Andrew Johnson and the Radical Republicans in 1866-1868 are detailed well in this book, though very laudatory to Stanton. While I agree with much of the viewpoint of the Radical Republicans I have never felt that the impeachment effort should have succeeded, and I thought the biography of Andrew Johnson by Hans L. Trefousse (which I greatly enjoyed when I read it 31 July 1999)reinforced that feeling for me--and Trefousse is certainly no apologist for the forces against the Radical Republicans. In fact, the course Stanton pursued during the impeachment fight, when he refused to obey the orders of the president of the United States, his commander-in-chief, grate on one accustomed to the current view of presidential power. The book is well-footnoted, with the footnotes where they belong (at the bottom of each page, so one can see whether they need to be read or whether they are merely source notes), but there is, sadly, no bibliography. But as far as I know this is the best biography of Stanton, a man of great interest to any student of the 1860s.

Streams of Civilization: Earliest Times to the Discovery
Published in Hardcover by Answers & Genesis (1992)
Author: Al Hyman
Amazon base price: $18.95
Average review score:

An excellent tool for the Christian Homeschool!
We have used this history text with three students, for four years. The text is comprehensive and suitable for use over a two year period with many suggested projects and activities. In addition, it is a hardcover text at an extremely reasonable price. We especially appreciate the coverage of civilizations on all continents. It gives a much more balanced look at history and helps students gain an insightful appreciation of many cultures, not just the usual emphasis on Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Euro-american. Woven throughout is the application of biblical principles and notation of historically fulfilled biblical prophecy. I wish this text had been available when I was in junior or senior high school!

Theory of Approximation
Published in Paperback by Dover Pubns (1993)
Authors: A. F. Timan, Charles J. Hyman, and N.I. Achieser
Amazon base price: $10.47
List price: $14.95 (that's 30% off!)
Average review score:

an encyclopedia of results in approximation theory
This should be on the reading list of every graduate student in control or signal processing. This book is an encyclopedia of results in approximation theory including Chebyshev approximation, harmonic analysis, and extremal properties of integral transcendental functions. The exposition is terse in some places and the proofs are sometimes sketchy, but the examples are really great. The focus on the ideas is excellent.

The Three-Star Recipes of Alain Senderens
Published in Paperback by William Morrow & Company (1986)
Authors: Alain Senderens, Eventhia Senderens, and Philip Hyman
Amazon base price: $3.98
Average review score:

A must for serious nouvelle home chefs
Senderens, owner/chef of world class Lucas Carton, has adapted recipes for the American home chef. Absolutely a must if you demand the best. Recipes are clear, workable and well worth the effort. Our top 3 all time favorite duck recipes come from Senderens. He mixes new ideas with classic cuisine in a way that heightens your taste experiences and makes you crave for more.

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