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The Bad Times of Irma Baumlein
Published in Paperback by Aladdin Library (1991)
Authors: Carol Ryrie Brink, Trina Schart Hyman, and Carolyn Ryrie Bribk
Amazon base price: $3.95
Used price: $3.49
Collectible price: $7.00
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A lie snowballs into trouble for Irma!
THE BAD TIMES OF IRMA BAUMLEIN is a great little novel about one young girl's sometimes hilarious struggle to fit in and find friendship. Quiet and bookish, Irma has a hard time making friends in the small town where she and her father have moved so he can manage great uncle's department store. Irma feels stifled in the huge, gloomy mansion where they live with a bevy of canterkerous elderly aunts and uncles, but worst of all, Irma feels her artist mother, who stayed behind in the city to finish a commissioned project, may never come back and if she does, she will have had a face lift! So when a friendly classmate chats her up on the walk home from school, Irma has to say SOMETHING, and that something is a lie that leads to a series of misadventures for our longsuffering, sometimes befuddled heroine.

Irma's fears and worries ring true, and she is a likeable character. As Irma struggles to protect her lie, the deception grows, and Brink reveals the repercussions Irma's actions have on other people, not to mention the outlandish lengths Irma goes to to make others believe her story. It does end happily, however, and Irma learns some important truths about friendship and honesty. THE BAD TIMES OF IRMA BAUMLEIN is the original title: IRMA'S BIG LIE was a new title given to the novel when it was published through Scholastic Books as a paperback

Irma's Big Lie
I've been trying to find this book for my niece for over a year!
I read this when I was in 5th grade and loved it! Very humorous story of misfit girl who tells a lie about owning the biggest doll in the world! When her classmates demand to see the doll, Irma finds herself with quite a dilemma. I believe it was originally entitled Irma's Big Lie, so I'm glad I was able to find it! Highly recommended for young girls 8 - 10.

A great book illustrating the importance of honesty.
This is the story of a lonely little girl who longs to fit in after moving to a new town. She tells a lie to impress a new friend, and the lie takes on a life of it's own. My daughter and I read this book together (she is only 6), and we both loved it. My little girl felt she could really relate to Irma, and the idea of "honesty" was really grasped. There is quite a bit of humor in this book, and I belive the reader can really identify with the protagonist. I read this book as a child, and enjoyed it just as much as an adult.

Bearskin (Books of Wonder)
Published in Library Binding by William Morrow & Co Library (1997)
Authors: Howard Pyle and Trina Schart Hyman
Amazon base price: $15.89
Used price: $10.64
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Not the story I was expecting, but good.
For any lovers of American folklore, this is not the story of the soldier who makes a deal with the devil. It is, however, a fun and enlightening story with the slightly didactic approach of earlier "fairy tale" authors.

The main selling point is Hyman's vibrant illustrations. An experienced artist whose original forte was portaiture, Hyman makes every character in the storybook a real person, not an idealized view. Moreover, the cast is multi-racial. Overall, a great story book for kids or adults looing for somethign a little different.

This book is about a boy who gets betrayed by his father.The father place the baby in a basket and tossed it on the river .The basket gets picked up by a she-bear and adopted the little baby.When the baby was full grown he became the strongest man in town.

My favorite character in this book is the she-bear, because
she is caring and also helpful. I like this book because it reminds me of my life when I was a baby. My mom took care of me just like the she-bear taking care of the little boy.

decent story; good pictures
this is a decent retelling of howard pyle's story. the story is standard stuff and the pictures may not be her best work, but any trina schart hyman fan would like to add this book to their collection.

King Stork
Published in School & Library Binding by Little Brown & Co (Juv Trd) (1973)
Authors: Howard Pyle and Trina Schart Hyman
Amazon base price: $8.95
Used price: $8.45
Collectible price: $8.00
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NOT for Children
Yes, this is a very good tale, written in a wry and captivating manner and most of the illustrations are lovely. HOWEVER, I bought this at my daughter's request for a "beautifully illustrated fairytale" for her 9th birthday. Thank goodness I decided to give it a look before I gave it to her. The evil princess displays the decapitated heads of her suitors outside her bedroom window, ravens pluck out the eyes and dine on decayed flesh. The witch's table is carved with a couple engaged in sexual intercourse and the princess is fond of wearing completely see-through gowns. I don't think these are things most parents want their children contemplating in a bed-time story.

As a child, I LOVED this book
In regards to this book not being for children, I found this book in my school's library as an eight or nine year old. The story, but especially the illustrations, caught my imagination. Each illustration is a work of art with amazing details that you can get lost in. This book inspired my own sensabilities as an artist, and for years I wanted nothing else than to be as great an illustrator as Trina Schart Hyman.

Depending on your child, this book could be an inspiration. Too bad it is so difficult to find these days.

The combination of Pyle's amusing prose and Hyman's lovely artwork makes this rags-to-riches tale a joy to read. Warning: It is definitely not politically correct; feminists will probably by totally appalled.

Borland C++5 for Dummies (For Dummies)
Published in Paperback by Hungry Minds, Inc (26 June, 1996)
Authors: Michael Hyman and Bob Arson
Amazon base price: $29.99
Used price: $14.99
Average review score:

Good introduction to general C++ programming
The book begins with hints for installation, and a quick tour of the basic features of the Borland C++ IDE. Following this are sections on C++ and object oriented programming that include example programs. This provides a good introduction for beginners to C++. However, very little attention is given to OWL and windows programming. To learn windows programming with Borland C++, you should get a different book.

Excellent book for beginers with Borland C++ 5.0
Althought the book doesn't go into great detail, it does allow one to get his or her feet wet. If you nothing about programming and have Borland C++ 5.0 (as i did) buy this book, it will defniatly get you STARTED in the right direction. It is only a begining book though!

Handbook of Psychiatric Drug Therapy
Published in Paperback by Little Brown and Company (1986)
Authors: Steven E. Hyman and George W. Arana
Amazon base price: $19.50
Used price: $4.00
Average review score:

Great but dated. . . .
This is an excellent book, but the information is about 3-4 years old (Probably 4-5 years if you consider the time to publishing)! That is pretty dated information for this field, especially with the MANY newer agents. Make a new edition guys!

Handbook of Psychiatric Drug Therapy by George W. Arana, et
Excellent choice! If you buy this item you will acquire the basics of psychopharmacology psychiatry students need. I am a second year postgraduate student and found it very helpful, concise and updated. It presents the major indications, therapeutic uses, side effects, and mechanisms of action for every drug. The tables give you an easy way to compare each medication caracteristics and the book offers the facts that will help us choose the best drug that fits our patients needs. Its format let us carry it with us everywhere so we can take a quick look and review the information anytime we need it. I highly recommend it!

Will You Sign Here, John Hancock
Published in Paperback by Scott Foresman (Pearson K-12) (1989)
Authors: Jean Fritz and Trina Schart Hyman
Amazon base price: $7.95
Used price: $2.06
Collectible price: $2.50
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A Fun Book to Stimulate Interest in History
This is a fun book that should help your youngster develop an interest in American History. It is easy to read an has great illustratiions. You will not be disappointed with this purchase. Look for others by the same author.

It is a good biography of his life.
It is a good biography of his life. It shows good times and bad times and what happened when and little odds and ends that happened in his life. It has good stuff in it.

Architecture, from Prehistory to Postmodernity
Published in Hardcover by Prentice Hall College Div (2002)
Authors: Marvin Trachtenberg and Isabelle Hyman
Amazon base price: $84.00
Used price: $50.00
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Architecture: From Prehistory to Postmodernity (2nd Edition)
An update of an acclaimed survey of world architecture that is a much better read than its drab illustrations, dull layout and paucity of plans would suggest. Indeed, itÕs as hard to put down as it is to heft. The close analyses of Philip JohnsonÕs AT&T tower in New York and Norman FosterÕs HKSB tower in Hong Kong are brilliant, and the authors have the audacity to suggest that the high tech look of the one is as dishonest as the faux antique masonry of the other. This is an example of how the authors illuminate architectural history with concrete examples rather than windy generalizations. (Michael Webb is the book reviewer for LA Architect magazine.)

Best of Gaston Lenotre's Desserts: Glorious Desserts of France's Finest Pastry Maker
Published in Paperback by Barrons Educational Series (1983)
Authors: Gaston Lenotre, Philip Hyman, and Mary Hyman
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $21.00
Average review score:

Track this book down if you love baking!
Gaston Lenotre has compiled a mouth-watering book of French pastries that an intermediate or ambitious beginning cook should have no trouble using. The color photographs are gorgeous, although dated in appearance, and the recipes are well-written and easy to follow.

The book is laid out as though assuming the reader has no knowledge of pastry baking. The book begins with a compilation of terms and techniques, and procedes to a section of "basic" recipes such as Chantilly Cream, Butter Cream, Dessert Syrup, and Almond Paste. And then the fun begins: brioche, croissants, and pithiviers, working up to Mirabelle Plum Tart, Chocolate-Vanilla Charlotte, soufflees, and Autumn Meringue Cake. The cool-down phase is candy: truffles, chocolate thistles, and carmelized hazelnuts. The Strawberry Cake, deceptively simple in name, is outstanding with its genoise base, buttercream and fresh berry filling, and marzipan top. The Upside Down Orange Cake and the chocolate mousse filled and pleated chocolate ribbon topped Autumn Meringue Cake are also show stoppers. For each recipe, Lenotre supplies preparation time (valid only if you are already familiar with the techniques), baking time, and cookware/utensil needs.

The biggest drawback to this cookbook is the constant referral to basic recipes, demanding frequent page flipping as you prepare a pastry. For example, the Strawberry Cake requires one recipe of buttercream filling, one recipe of dessert syrup, one recipe of genoise, one recipe of almond paste in addition to the more specific needs. Of course, the advantage of such shortened ingredient lists is the mistaken belief that the preparation might be simpler than it is.

For anyone interested in the art of pastry making, this is a wonderful book.

Coping With Cutbacks: The Nonprofit Guide to Success When Times Are Tight
Published in Paperback by Amherst H. Wilder Foundation (1997)
Authors: Emil Angelica and Vincent L. Hyman
Amazon base price: $20.00
Used price: $15.95
Buy one from zShops for: $19.75
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Coping With Cutbacks: The Nonprofit Guide to Success
This book was published several years ago, when shifts in funding began to indicate a new perspective was needed as nonprofits faced funding cutbacks. The authors note that they originally thought these cutbacks would be similar to those experienced in the 1980's, but quickly realized that changes in the 1990's were due to devolution - the delegation of power from the federal government to state, county, and local governments. They perceived this to be a fundamental shift in how Americans want to solve long-standing social problems. Thus, the book became a new way for nonprofits to think about solutions to these changes and new ways to meet mission goals.

The book is divided into chapters that address the steps in identifying current situations, models for alternative approaches to the challenges identified, and strategies for change and growth. Comprehensive worksheets are provided to assist in working through the steps each nonprofit will need to address if they are to survive. The results of their survey of nonprofits are presented in detail, showing the differences and similarities in thought processes throughout the nonprofit community. It is a very practical and easy to follow system for identifying the issues and challenges your nonprofit faces and steps in planning for a positive and proactive future.

The authors found that when they queried nonprofits, very few considered such options as modifying their mission, collaboration or advocacy. Most focused on cutbacks in staff or programs, or identifying new ways of raising money. While not eliminating these strategies, the book focuses on thinking outside the box - moving beyond basic cuts and fund raising. They believed that these typical responses simply won't work - and explain why. They focus on two broad categories of response they feel nonprofits overlook, Structural Strategies and Engagement Strategies. A large section of the book explains these concepts and outlines ways to achieve a more positive future, for your nonprofit and your community. Information is presented on dealing with engaging your community by identifying arenas of influence and using this information in strategic planning; generating alternative strategies; selecting strategies appropriate in your environment and implementation through collaborative efforts. For those wanting to focus on more traditional approaches, there is a section that details how to identify when to make cuts and effective methods for making efficient cuts.

Emil Angelica came to Orlando in May 2002 to discuss the book and new strategies he has developed since publication. It was very interesting and informative to have the opportunity to reread the book and then listen to his updated concepts. Attending the lecture was an opportunity to have words turned into an animated, personal presentation. Mr. Angelica is a fun, fascinating and organized speaker. His manner compels you to take notes, so as not to miss a single concept. The amount of information offered was almost too much to absorb, but so fascinating you couldn't disengage. Exhausted but exhilarated, was the reaction when he was finished.

Mr. Angelica presented much of the material contained in the book, using a fresh, new approach. He stressed thinking outside the box and involving your entire community. Many of his definitions are new and unexpected ways of approaching old issues. A large amount of the second part of the lecture was focused on the details of identifying, forming and working with collaboratives. Actually, the section on collaboration seemed too detailed and over stressed, more information on the topic than many of the attendees wanted.

I had read the book when it first came out, at that time it was a lot to absorb. Rereading now made so much more sense, hindsight is a great learning tool! The exciting element was having the author present his concepts and beliefs in an energetic, refreshing way, reinforcing the philosophy and adding his dynamic personality to the mix. Thanks, Emil!

Craftsmanship and Character: A History of the Vinson & Elkins Law Firm of Houston, 1917-1997 (Studies in the Legal History of the South)
Published in Hardcover by University of Georgia Press (1998)
Author: Harold Melvin Hyman
Amazon base price: $60.00
Used price: $15.00
Collectible price: $31.76
Buy one from zShops for: $29.99
Average review score:

Great overview!
I read this book before my interview with Vinson & Elkins, and I found it rather helpful. In fact, several partners mentioned in the book are still working at V&E.

The author gives a detailed overview of V&E's firms, especially focusing in on law in the Lone Star State. After reading it, you gain a better perspective of Texas law firms, as well as the atmosphere at V&E. A well-written book!

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