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Nelson Eddy: The Opera Years
Published in Paperback by Bell Harbour Press (26 November, 2001)
Author: Sharon Rich
Amazon base price: $59.90
Used price: $31.47
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Excellent book of early career of our Greatest Baritone!
For those who think, like I do, that Nelson Eddy was America's Greatest Baritone, this book is a must. You see how hard Nelson worked to get to the top of his profession, starting with his first professional performance. Sometimes he sang 2 or 3 times a week, and all the reviews and interviews are here. If he had a cold or was flirting onstage with his singing co-star, it's all here. I liked the reproductions from his scrapbooks with his personal comments. After reading the excerpts from Nelson's Chaliapin screenplay, I'm sorry he never had a chance to make that movie. The coverage of Jeanette MacDonald's opera career was equally thorough and interesting, since people tend to diss her (apparently unfairly)as an opera singer. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in either star or in the history of 20th Century American opera.

Numerical Linear Algebra for Applications in Statistics
Published in Hardcover by Springer Verlag (31 July, 1998)
Authors: James E. Gentle, J. Chambers, W. Eddy, W. Haerdle, S. Sheather, and L. Tierney
Amazon base price: $73.95
Used price: $58.00
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Excellent Textbook
This is an excellent textbook for an advanced undergraduate / introductory graduate level course on computational statistics. It is quite accessible to applied statisticians interested in numerical linear algebra, and would be appropriate for an applied statistics course.

Object-Oriented Modeling and Design: Solutions Manual
Published in Paperback by Prentice Hall (March, 1991)
Authors: James Rumbaugh, Michael Blaha, William Premerlani, Frederick Eddy, William Lorensen, and Stephen Blaha
Amazon base price: $33.80
Used price: $16.95
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This is a very useful book.
Though, this book is less known to the people, I found many useful hints from the high level thought to the low level careness.

The Other Side of the World: Essays and Stories on Mind and Nature
Published in Hardcover by William H Eddy (June, 2001)
Author: William H. Eddy
Amazon base price: $18.90
List price: $27.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $18.76
Collectible price: $21.18
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An enjoyable read that will make a thoughtful mind stronger
This book explores one of the greatest minds on human perception though pleasurable short stories.

The author, Bill Eddy, offers unique insight on how language and culture have shaped opinions of the natural environment. He demonstrates the need to change the inside - the way we think - before we can change the outside.

He does this by gracefully guiding the reader on how this is far more important than simply addressing familiar issues like water resources or soils types. And, as he demonstrates, this understanding affects absolutely everything.

The unique aspect is that he does this as a storyteller, not an activist with an agenda. He offers concepts to ponder from his worldwide experience of 40 years of cultural film making.

These short, philosophical essays read well together or independently. Many were created for five minute pieces on National Public Radio. The advantage I found of having the book, however, is re-reading certain sections expanded the meaning when applied to my own experience.

This is a great read for any thoughtful person, and a perfect gift or addition to a bedside table.

Prince Eddy and the homosexual underworld
Published in Unknown Binding by Barnes & Noble ()
Author: Theo Aronson
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $59.99
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Fascinating and sane treatment of a controversial subject
So much bunk has been written about Queen Victoria's grandson -- that he was Jack the Ripper or at the very least connected to the Ripper murders, etc. Here at last is a responsible, intelligently researched and extremely readable look at "Prince Eddy" and the real scandals that plagued his short life. Aronson does a wonderful job of depicting the homosexual underworld of Victorian Britain, bringing up some enlightening "home truths" for those who foolishly think that homosexuality is only an issue for our time. I would commend this book to those interested in gay history, in royal watching, and in the Jack the Ripper case as well -- it is informative and rewarding on all three topics.

Quilter's Block Bible
Published in Spiral-bound by Krause Publications (February, 2003)
Author: Celia Eddy
Amazon base price: $20.99
List price: $29.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $17.00
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Back to Tradition
Traditional blocks, some with a new slant and each one with a brief history of its origins. This book goes right from the basics - the quilt block in history, tools and equipment, working with colour and pattern, drafting blocks, through to where to go next for those who like to be really creative. All this and 100 blocks too, all in full colour. The handy size and spiral binding make it ideal to keep on your sewing table for constant reference. I only have one problem with this book- I think I'm going to turn into a blockaholic! This is one book I don't want to be without.

Reminiscences, Sermons and Correspondence: Proving Adherence to the Principle of Christian Science As Taught by Mary Baker Eddy
Published in Hardcover by Emma Publishing Society (December, 1989)
Author: Augusta E. Stetson
Amazon base price: $38.00
Used price: $2.20
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Reminiscences, Sermons, and Correspondence
Reminiscences, sermons, and correspondence (1884-1913) proving adherence to the Principle of Christian Science as taught by Mary Baker Eddy. This book is a record of the human footsteps which led Augusta Stetson from the letter to the spirit of absolute Christian Science. Under the tutelage of Mary Baker Eddy for twenty-five years, Mrs. Stetson sets forth in this volume her experiences in the teaching, preaching and demonstration of genuine Christian Science. Mrs. Stetson's books go forth on pinions of love to every sincere seeker of Truth. The instruction in her writings is not fragmentary, but complete. Black cloth; illustrations and portraits; over 1200 pages; reprint of the 1917 edition.

Slicing, Hooking, and Cooking: Over 300 Delicious Recipes for Golfing Gourmets Who Like Winning on and Off the Course
Published in Hardcover by Prima Publishing (March, 1987)
Author: Jackie Eddy
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $7.80
Collectible price: $8.42
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Every recipe I have tried is wonderful.Many have become family favorites.

South of Haunted Dreams: A Ride Through Slavery's Back Yard
Published in Paperback by Touchstone Books (August, 1994)
Author: Eddy L. Harris
Amazon base price: $11.00
Used price: $2.18
Collectible price: $5.25
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A black writer confronts the South and his demons
Eddy L. Harris is the best modern-day "travel" writer there is, bar none. He has gone down the Mississippi in a canoe, trekked across Africa and even written a book about his explorations, both internal and external, of today's Harlem. Harris is a writer who happens to be black. He doesn't want people to judge him because he's black any more than because he has a beard or is tall, but blackness is part of him, and as a writer he seems to feel an urge to connect with what it means to be black in America. In this poetic, fascinating account, Harris tours the Southern states of the U.S. with his own peronal twist - he rides a motorcycle. This way, as is not the case with a car trip, he can connect with the land and the people as he travels; he is closer to them. Of course, this means they have no choice but to see him, too. What Harris encounters and comes to find out on his trip is surprising, at times sad and at times wonderful. The writing is skillful in the extreme: although non-fiction, Harris manages to arrange his experiences and his ruminations about them in such a way as to form a novel-like construction, with buildup, climax and denouement. This memoir is emminently readable and ultimately revealing about race, the South and America. For anyone even remotely interested in those topics, this is without doubt a must read

Sweethearts: The Timeless Love Affair -- On-Screen and Off -- Between Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, Updated Edition
Published in Paperback by Bell Harbour Press (01 January, 2002)
Author: Sharon Rich
Amazon base price: $65.90
Used price: $34.62
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Review of the book Sweethearts
I read both the first edition and most recent edition of Sweethearts. The first time I read it I thought it was very interesting. The second time I read it I had my doubts although I thought parts of it had to be true. I then read the newest edition and must say I think perhaps at least 85-90% of the book must be true. Most other books go over board to disprove the affair, however, Sharon Rich does have a lot of documentation. One thing that surpised me was the first book had a lot of mistakes in the words and thought the second edition would have been proof read better but it also had many mistakes. Watching some of the movies with Jeanette and Nelson did show them at different emotional stages, as the book suggest, however seems to be a stretch at times to read the same emotions as Rich suggest. There certainly was someting between them that they didn't have with other co stars and the fact that they can not seem to be separated even in the publics eye after all these years. At anyrate I obviously did enjoy the book if I read it 3 times.

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