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Nba Power Conditioning
Published in Paperback by Human Kinetics Pub (1997)
Authors: National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association, Lenny Wilkens, National Basketball Association, Larry Wilkens, and William Foran
Amazon base price: $13.27
List price: $18.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $13.17
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Average review score:

I was the skinny white kid from maryland i wanted to be good but i
was a bum. So i bought this book. Before the 12 week program ihad a 10 inch vertical leap, iwas 5'2 and weighed 70 pounds after using the program i know way 97 pounds am 5'4 have a 28 inch vertical leap. ia m also a real dominant player on the court with my 8% body fat. i also worked on shooting during the program and went from barely being able to shoot form the free throw line to shooting threes whit an unblockable form. i recomend this book to anyone. All you need is a goo weight set or not it dosen't matter.

This one is good, really good!!!
Well, as a college basketball player, I can say this book is somethin' special. Every new bball player should read it, cause it will change your thinkin' about this game, well it changed for me. Stretching section is realy good, cause not many of the players or coaches attend their attention to stretching these days. Strenght training exercises are specialy designed for bball players, and you don't have to think anymore what to do in the gym, what to train in order to become better bball player, everythin' is in this book. Ok, one thing is clear for sure, if you wanna train and play pro, read this book!!!

Excellent Book
I'm a fan and a basketball player. This book have the key for the success in the court. This easy to read book and help players and coaches understand why certain things happen.

The Healing Power of Blake: A Distillation
Published in Paperback by Enhancement Books (25 December, 1998)
Author: John Diamond M.D.
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $7.99
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A new look at Blake
I have always loves Blake - in particular the facsimile editions with Blake's watercolor designs bordering the beautiful copper-plate text, but nowhere have I been struck by the power of his writing to the extent that I have by this volume. The layout that Dr. Diamond has chosen adds immeasurably to the force of Blake's words. The imagery in these passages leaps off the page, and the reader is given a compelling sense of the creative visions that must have inspired Blake to write.

A Wonderful Collection
This is a wonderful collection of Blake's later poems is specifically edited to enhance their therapeutic power and comprehensibility. This anthology, more than any other I have come across, helps to make these obscure works accessible; and the layout and punctuation has deepened my experience of them.

I keep it by my armchair...
I love this book. I keep it by my armchair and open it when there's a quiet moment. And when I do, the power of Blake comes to me and helps me throughout my day. Only Blake speaks with such passion and strength, and his poetry is presented here unadulterated by titles, footnotes or page the poetry in landscape format so that Blake's long lines need not be broken. Whatever your previous experience of poetry, this book will enhance your life in a way that only such a distillation of Blake could achieve

Partnering for Performance: Unleashing the Power of Finance in the 21St-Century Organization
Published in Hardcover by AMACOM (1900)
Authors: Martin G. Mand and William Whipple III
Amazon base price: $27.95
Used price: $2.30
Collectible price: $10.00
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Average review score:

Powerful Concept
Mand and Whipple do an excellent job describing how finance, business centers and top management can work together more effectively for optimum performance. The concept is powerful, and the examples from actual events are very stimulating. Best of all, they use a dialog method to make the message really come alive. "Listening" to the CEO and CFO discuss partnering makes the reader realize that the concept is not just another management theory, but can be readily applied to his or her situation as well.

Essential for Business
A very concise and well-written book which appeals to the financial executive and the MBA student. The CFO's role is clearly delineated with the support of actual cases and experiences as noted by the authors. I found this book to be interesting and a "quick-read" and was an excellent summation of the role of the CFO in the 21st corporations.

Clear and Concise
A very thorough and easy to read book. The experience of the authors is clearly evident. Highly recommend to anyone working in finance or corporations!

Power of the Spirit
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Christian Literature Crusade (1988)
Authors: William Law and Dave Hunt
Amazon base price: $5.99
Used price: $3.50
Collectible price: $8.00
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A Serious Call to Living the Spirit-Empowered Life
This book is a modernized, edited version of Law's work entitled "An Humble, Earnest, and Affectionate Address to the Clergy," published in 1761. In the introduction, Dave Hunt notes that Dr. Andrew Murray brought it back into print in 1896 under the present title (The Power of the Spirit) because he didn't "know where to find anywhere else the same clear and powerful statement of the truth which the Church needs at the present day." Murray also said: "I have tried to read or consult every book I knew of that treats of the work of the Holy Spirit, and nowhere have I met with anything that brings the truth of our dependence upon the continual leading of the Spirit, and the assurance that that leading can be enjoyed without interruption, so home to the heart as the teaching of the present volume." This is quite a statement! Nonetheless, Hunt does note that, like Murray, he doesn't agree with all of Law's teachings (considering his entire writings) although he and Murray do believe that the message of this book on the Holy Spirit is soundly based upon Scripture. William Law was a Protestant mystic who delved into many of the classics of Christian mysticism and eventually developed a particular interest in the Protestant mystic Jacob Boehme and later became known as one of his most prominent disciples. Law is best known for his classic "A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life" which was treasured by such notables as John Wesley, George Whitefield, Samuel Johnson, and later, C. S. Lewis. An unedited version of this classic, along with his work "The Spirit of Love", is available in the Paulist Press series entitled "The Classics of Western Spirituality." Dave Hunt notes that although his edited version of Law's "Address to the Clergy" was taken primarily from Murray's edition, he has drawn upon several of Law's other books, including the afore mentioned classic. Since I own the complete works of William Law, I had the privilege of comparing Hunt's version to the original. There are definitely some notable changes and editing although I think it is safe to say that the heart of Law's book is certainly present in this edited, modern version which certainly is easier to read.

Law's emphasis is on the dynamic power of the Spirit in contrast to the stagnant, intellectualism that he found prevalent in his day (and which is, in certain circles, prominent today). It is not enough to be doctrinally correct, to have skill in Greek and Hebrew, to belong to this or that denomination. One must have a living relationship with God through His Spirit which defines what it means to have everlasting life. This life is not defined by a past experience, but a present and ongoing personal walk with God which produces fruits of righteousness. There is no place for Self in this spiritual walk, this divine-human relationship, which is defined as a submissive obedience to the Spirit's guidance. The contrast between Self and the Spirit, the natural and the supernatural, is prominent in this book. I must also add that Law's immersion in the Christian classics, including those penned by so-called mystics, is notable as well. Take this from one who has read many of them. Although I too don't agree with everything that Law wrote, I certainly enjoyed reading this work both in the original and in this easy-to-read and edited format. Highly recommended!

A Brilliant Book
This is one of those rarest of books. For those with understanding the words leap from the page into your mind and become fire.

If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, He is none of His
Without a doubt one of the best written works on the Holy Spirit. William Law was a man who had a profound influence in the Lives of the men of the 1700 Revival (John Westley, Charles Westley and George Whitfield.) If you want to know why, read this book, "touch and see" for yourself what it means to be led by the Spirit of God and find out what it realy means to be Born from above and experience what William and others called the "new birth."

A School of Our Own : Parents, Power, and Community at the East Harlem Block Schools (Teaching for Social Justice, 7)
Published in Paperback by Teachers College Pr (2001)
Authors: Tom Roderick and William Ayers
Amazon base price: $21.95
Used price: $14.95
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Average review score:

An Adventure in Community and Education
This gracefully written book tells an adventure story. It's set in the late 60s and early 70s, the time of the Great Society when hopes were high for breaking down barriers of Class and Race. It's full of unforgettable characters : Parents who live in East Harlem, near the market under the train tracks, and teachers and other people who come from outside the community and soon are engaged in learning how to work within it. Very relevant to the present day challenges of teaching and parenting.

Engaging and Inspiring
With the start of the school year approaching, there is no better time to learn from the men and women whose struggles are documented in this wonderfully written book. The account of their journey to create better schools and better futures for the children in their community is both engaging and inspiring.

A timely reminder that change is possible!
This is an exceptional book. I'm not an educator and found it spell binding. What I found most extraordinary was that, against so many odds, there were so many successes and that the school continues. The efforts of the families and teachers is humbling. One of the outstanding aspects of the book is the description of the way in which issues of class were confronted and dealt with. This seems to be an issue over which many well-intentioned efforts to change "the system" stumble. This account offers valuable insight as to how such challenges must be met. This book is of great value to anyone concerned with social change. It's also well written, which is a treat.

Passport to Power
Published in Paperback by William Thourlby (1992)
Author: William Thourlby
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $8.47
Collectible price: $19.06
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Average review score:

A nice primer for etiquette school
This is a good book even though I gave it 4 stars. It has some VERY interesting author stories and the tips are very well to listen to if you didn't grow up in a private school. They will help you to advance in life.

Schmoozing for Mature Adults
Thourlby delivers a masterful exposition of what can be called the Truth of Human Relationships, whereas other authors may treat the subject simply as schmoozing. What sets Thourlby apart is that his context is respect for the self and respect for others and that a Higher Power has placed you together for a reason. Studying and executing on his program for social success is then simply an acknowledgement of reality. Whereas the prose meanders at times, this book's message is of imperative importance...a must-read.

Passport to Power
We have received Passport To Power -- Thank you. We have many self-improvement books in our collection and it is among the best, including those of Dale Carnegie, which we have a particularly high regard for. In fact, Passport to Power appears to us in many ways to be a contemporary and more comprehensive development of Dale Carnegie's approach to life.

Radio Free Dixie: Robert F. Williams & the Roots of Black Power
Published in Hardcover by Univ of North Carolina Pr (1999)
Author: Timothy B. Tyson
Amazon base price: $22.75
List price: $32.50 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $22.59
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Average review score:

Essential Reading
I think it was November 1997 that I drove to Detroit for a tribute to Robert F. William. When I arrived I learned that he had succumbed to cancer two weeks earlier. Although I had spoken to Williams briefly by telephone on a few occasions, I never had the opportunity to meet him personally, a fact that I deeply regret. I did meet his wife, Mabel, and found her to be the other half of Williams' heroic story. It was at the tribute, however, that Tyson announced that his biography of Williams would soon be completed and published. Although the biography was not published for another year or two, it was well worth the wait. Tyson is to be commended for a job well done in recognizing another face of the civil rights struggle that, although well known among AfroAmericans, never has received the publicity that the nonviolent movement did, and in recognizing Williams' significant contributions to the right of AfroAmericans to defend themselves against armed, violent racists, not all of whom wore sheets. This is a book that anyone interested in America's history, especially in what I consider its hidden or secret history that has only lately begun to be revealed, must have in their library.

My only criticism of the book is that Tyson did not offer more information about the details of Williams' sojourn in China and the agreement that ultimately allowed his return to the United States with his wife and children and free of the persecution of the FBI and local and state authorities. I'm sure that is a story by itself that is waiting to be told.

Read this book and William Ivy Hair's "Carnival of Fury: Robert Charles And The New Orleans Race Riot of 1900" available from the University of Louisiana Press. Get a new take on American history.

One of Many Obscure Stories
Excellent book! An important reminder of the fact that the history books left out a lot of important events and people. I had the privelege of once meeting a lady who knew Robert Williams as a child in Monroe NC and I was greatly inspired by this.

I hope this book encourages those who read it to seek out older peple who remember the Civil Rights movement so that they can learn more about what the history books "forgot" to mention.

Required reading in modern American history
Tyson's book focuses a long-overdue spotlight on the career of Robert F. Williams, an overlooked civil rights pioneer who indelibly stamped and shaped the movement during the '50s, '60s and beyond, but who has received precious little exposure, discussion or credit from the mainstream media. "Radio Free Dixie" goes a long way to setting the record straight.

The compelling thesis of "Radio Free Dixie" is that the civil rights struggle in the South featured a strong element of armed resistance against the forces of intimidation, led by the Klan, but legitimized by the legal structure of the southern states. Williams, from an early age, rejected the pacifist ideas and practices of Martin Luther King, arguing that blacks would never win their rights, much less any measure of respect until they were willing to demonstrate a willingness to defend themselves with arms. While most of the press and his supposed allies (King included) attempted to portray him as a violent revolutionary bent on overthrowing the government, Tyson convincingly shows that Williams was in fact a true believer in the U.S. constitution and that he never advocated initiating violence. Nor did his aggressive stance come from nowhere. Tyson shows that Williams' own family had a long history of determined and nonpacifist resistance, as did many other black families throughout the South.

This is also a stirring story of one community's fight against racism. The white community of Williams' Monroe, N.C. did everything it could to stop his efforts to integrate the town, but despite this, Williams built an extraordinary local chapter of the NAACP that relentlessly exposed the injustices daily heaped on blacks, even when the NAACP itself was refusing to recognize the activities of the chapter.

Tyson's book deserves accolades for exposing another layer of the complex history of the civil rights movement. The book is well-written and researched and full of genuine, yet balanced respect for its subject. A must-read for students of the civil rights movement and those searching for a real profile in courage.

Tested Faith: The Power of Mind over Cancer
Published in Hardcover by Robert D. Reed Publishers (2001)
Author: Yvonne L. Williams
Amazon base price: $12.57
List price: $17.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $8.69
Collectible price: $17.95
Buy one from zShops for: $11.55
Average review score:

REVIEWER: Anthony Brumble, from Arima /TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, 05Sep01.
"This book amply defines and elucidates the author's epic struggles, challenges, and renewed faith in God, family, and friends as she relentlessly fought and won the battle over cancer. As a milestone or masterpiece of faith, this book has enough to contribute to the life and understanding of lovers of drama, good literature, culture, human psychology, medical science, and sheer spirituality. The claims, assertions, and facts presented by the author have opened a door for medical research into the link between psychological and emotional forces and their relationship to the possible causes and cures as they relate to the spectrum of cancer.
Whether or not you are afflicted with cancer, you need to read this book. I am reasonably convinced that you will be surprisingly rewarded."

Dealing with stressful behaviors that contribute to cancer
Tested Faith: The Power Of Mind Over Cancer is the personal story of Yvonne Williams and her psychological and physical struggles with, and eventual victory over, three primary cancers. Yvonne shares with the reader her candid, inspiring story of self-treatment for these life threatening illnesses. Very highly recommended, life-enhancing, health recovering, emotionally inspiring reading for anyone suffering from any kind of serious illness, Tested Faith specifically addresses dealing with stressful behaviors that contribute to cancer and the tools for making effective lifestyle changes.

Yes - Lovingly Powerful!
Yvonne's powerful faith is seen on each and every page as she walks along discussing her fears and determining how her faith can help her fight this disease.

She writes of her joys and love for herself and all those around her and other steps to bring her to a successful outcome.

A delightful person in trouble and how she handled each step with reinforced faith to overcome each and every obstacle. Very uplifting - read for yourself.

The Pursuit of Power: Technology, Armed Force and Society Since A.D. 1000
Published in Paperback by University of Chicago Press (1984)
Author: William H. McNeill
Amazon base price: $16.00
Used price: $6.00
Average review score:

Difficult but enlightening
A quick warning to anyone who takes up the chore of reading this book. It is quite difficult to get through without serious reflection and time. It is definitely an enlightening book on the course of the world (not just military history) and the last chapter is truly one for discussion.

A series of wars punctuated by brief periods of peace
McNeill shows how military conflict and the advances in technology have stimulated mankind to better itself within the flux of a constantly changing balance of power. "Of War and Men" by Robt O'Connell also addresses this time honored conflict with a focus on culture, weapons technology and warfare.

A good read and an important book for those interested in a longer look at history and how we got here.

This is a "must read" for all interested in military history
Mr. McNeill has put together a comprehensive analysis of the development of military power over the past thousand years, and it just happens to also be tremendously fun to read.

Sacred Language: The Nature of Supernatural Discourse in Lakota (Civilization of the American Indian Series, Vol 179)
Published in Paperback by Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Txt) (1992)
Author: William K. Powers
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $9.35
Average review score:

Sacred Language The Nature of Discourse in Lakota
As a student of Natural Spirituality I had acquired many books on Native Traditions which were lost (stolen) to me. This text was the first on my list to be replaced. Powers, himself calls his work a beginers lexicon of the Lakota language which makes it worthy in itself. His work extends beyond that with excellent insight into the song (music) which is a vital ingredient to the sacred traditions of the Lakota. He has an academic's passion for varification with other sourses which will provide a viable list of sources for future studies for those who appitite is only wetted with this volume. He is more of an academic than student,so be aware that it isn't light reading nor is it a 'how to guide to indian religion'. It is a well documented guide to basic belief system of the Lakota through his comprehension. While not complete, he has a sound basic understanding of 'the Sacred' to share with his readers

review of sacred language by wm powers
I found this book to be excellent. It was informing and inspiring. It provided a lot of clarity about past experiences of participation in American Indian ceremony. I was especially amazed at the information about chanting, rattles, and drums. Although less interested in the subject, I was impressed by the clarity of differientiating between shaman and priest. Much of the information is very useful, in practical application for anyone who even marginally participates in the American Indian spiritual path. I am deeply grateful for this book.

A scholarly discourse on Lakota Sacred Language.
This is not for someone just trying to get a grasp of the general ideas of Lakota spirituality. This is a very detailed scholarly work about Lakota language as is it used by spiritual leaders and the meanings implied. If you are looking for something spiritual or emotional this probably isn't it, if you're looking for something more cerebral and you are a serious student of the Lakota then this is a must read.

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