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The Daily Walk Bible/ Kivar
Published in Paperback by Tyndale House Pub (1900)
Authors: Bruce Wilkinson, Peter M. Wallace, John Hoover, Walk Thru the Bible (Educational Ministry), and Tyndale House Publishers
Amazon base price: $19.99
Used price: $9.72
Average review score:

Wonderful, easy-to-understand translation of the Bible
I purchased this particular bible based upon "Power for Living"'s praise for the New Living Translation, and the other reviewer who said I'd be glad I bought it in less than a month. They're both right. I'm sorry to say I had never sat down and read the Bible at any great length until now (at age 51). Now I've read most of the New Testament, and plan to finish the whole Book within a year. The "Daily Walk" introductions for the various pieces are very informative and well done. I think anyone who gets this version will be well-pleased.

Great way to the read the bible in a year
A friend recommended this Bible to me. I usually use a NIV Bible and wasn't sure about this translation, but it is wonderful. It is not like the Living Bible where everything is written in more modern terms. It is similar to the NIV only easier to understand.

The Bible is divided so that you read six days and have the seventh day to reflect and/or catch up. Each day's reading begins with a devotion, a synopsis of the reading, things to think about concerning the reading, and suggestions as to how to apply the lessons learned to your everyday life. It is not simply a devotional. It is the complete Bible with thought provoking commentary and simple explanations that anyone can understand. I highly recommend it to anyone...even those who do not desire to read the Bible in a year. It is a great Bible for everyday study and use at church.

Excellent Spiritual Habit Builder
This is my 4th year in going thru this Bible. It has been an excellent tool in helping me be consistent in my quiet times.
The notes (Overview, Your Daily Walk, Insights) are wonderful, filled with lots of great illustrations and insights into the Scriptures.
As a Pastor for 25 years it has been a refreshing well of living water. I've personally purchased and have given away over 40 copies to those I've counseled and discipled. I want everyone in our church to start reading it! You can start any time/date!

The Pilgrims Progress in Modern English
Published in Hardcover by Zondervan (1981)
Authors: Jean Watson, John Bunyan, and Peter Wane
Amazon base price: $8.95
Used price: $5.00
Collectible price: $12.66
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Having recently come across severe personal problems at home and at work, I looked high and low for something that might ease my burden somewhat, not really knowing what though. So I prayed a bit asking for something to help me through, and seemingly on impulse I stopped at the local ... and picked this book up. I began reading it immediately, and wasn't able to put it down until it was finished, myself nearly in tears.

The book reads so fluidly that it simply astounds me. The imagery and story of Christian's journey to the Celestial City was breathtaking. But what really nailed me was how unbelievably close to my life Christian's journey follows. I was staggered as I read along, thinking every other page, "I've been there!", or when he meets certain characters like Money-Love and Worldly-Wise saying, "I work with him", or "That's my friend from Chicago!".

I cannot comprehend how Bunyan managed to do this feat, or maybe it's just all of our lives mirror Christian's own as he journeys to God's city. This book helped me in such ways that I can't begin to list them all, it simply pointed me in the right direction, while at the same time letting me see I had the tools and the faith to deal with it from the very beginning. So now as I escape from Castle-Doubt and the Giant Despair, thanks God for giving me that Key of Promise. It's working out wonderfully!

Pilgrim's Progress in a Reader-Friendly Format
I have not only recently read, but also studied, Part I of L. Edward Hazelbaker's unabridged revision of John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Last summer I taught Pilgrim's Progress in my elementary Sunday School class and I wish I would have known of this book then. I have also done a college level research paper on Pilgrim's Progress. Not only does Hazelbaker make Pilgrim's Progress reader-friendly, he includes Bunyan's annotations in the text, as well as many annotations of his own. The annotations help the reader to experience more than a pilgrimage with Christian to Celestial City, but an in-depth Bible study as well. Other features the book includes are a brief description of Bunyan's life, a comparison outline of events in Parts I and II, and an index.

Access to Bunyan's scripture references gives the serious reader the opportunity to better his or her understanding of Bunyan's work while Hazelbaker's references and annotations also compliment the text. Hazelbaker, for example, elaborates on the importance of the seal that a Shining One (an angel) places upon Christian's forehead and on the Document given to him. Hazelbaker also offers his audience a clear and detailed understanding of the "Family" that resides in the palace called Beautiful. The reader will appreciate Hazelbaker's explanation of Bunyan's reference to "the goods of Rome" at Vanity Fair and why it would have been significant to the first readers of The Pilgrim's Progress. Hazelbaker also takes the time to explain to the reader why he uses the word "coat" for "bosom." These are only a few of the many helpful annotations Hazelbaker includes in his work.

In studying Hazelbaker's translation I referred to an early edition of Bunyan's several times. Each time I found Hazelbaker's translation true to Bunyan. Hazelbaker has made special effort to maintain the characteristic qualities and message of Bunyan's original work. In the translation process, he manages to preserve Bunyan's work by keeping himself removed from the text. This is his duty and obligation as a translator. His translation is, in all honesty, unabridged and non-paraphrased.

Of the 215 pages I have studied to date, I have found only one minor word choice in Hazelbaker's translation that I wish he would not have made. He translates Bunyan's "cartloads" with "truckloads" in the Swamp of Despondence episode. Although, by definition, "truckloads" is acceptable, it too easily causes confusion for the modern reader who thinks of pickups and tractor-trailers when he reads "truckloads." This is certainly a minor concern, but I mention it in an effort to objective.

Hazelbaker has done an exceptional job of making Bunyan's beautiful classic more appealing to the modern audience. This unabridged version is suitable for readers from middle and upper elementary ages to adults. I am glad to see that Hazelbaker has taken the time and made the effort to offer his audience a version of Pilgrim's Progress that is not watered-down and compromised. It definitely deserves a place in any library.

Life change in Perspective....
I'm in the middle of reading this wonderful classic and am so excited about it that I am going to host a weekly Bible Study and use the book as a powerful study tool. The revised version edited by L. Edward Hazelbaker makes the translation as simple as reading a children's novel. At the end of each chapter there is a list of specific scriptures and notes for Biblical reference throughout the entire book which I found extremely helpful.

John Bunyon's insight on going through troubles and trials is inspiring. He points out that although we may think we are taking the "easy road" off the "Path of the Way" which is uphill, it ends up taking us to a dark, dreary, dangerous place instead. If we persevere with "Faith" and "Hopeful" up the hill, we will eventually reach the top of the mountain in our Christian Journey with God by our side. I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE not just people who call themselves Christians...For it is a book filled with powerful lessons all can learn from.

You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought
Published in Hardcover by Mary Book / Prelude Pr (1989)
Authors: Peter McWilliams and John-Roger
Amazon base price: $12.95
Used price: $2.20
Buy one from zShops for: $13.95
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I read this book at a time in my life when I was feeling very down. I was recovering from a couple of very trying life crises when I came upon this remarkable book. In its pages the origin of negative thinking is revealed along with its effects on our mind and body. As I turned the pages I found myself nodding in agreement as if the authors were revealing something inside of me that had always been there but up to that point had been inaccessible.

Negative thinking can be overt or quite subtle but either way it makes for a chronic, low-grade infection of the mind and soul. This book shows you the way out of the traps of resentment, jealousy, judgement, unhappiness, and despair. Far from being preachy, this book uses common sense along with a brilliant layout to help you to a better life. Whether you are sick in body or mind, you will find the tools in the pages of this book to build for yourself a whole new outlook on life.

P.S. If you can find the companion cassette-tape series read by David Warrilow (now out of print, unfortunately) get them! Warrilow's rich voice bring the pages to life in a wonderful way and you'll find yourself listening and reading or both over and over again!

This is a really wonderful book
I have battled depression on and off for much of my life, and I have to say that this is the best self-help book I have ever read. It is absolutely wonderful. It makes you want to memorize every quote and every precious, uplifting word of wisdom. Some people might say that the things in this book are common sense, but if that's the case, when I look around I see that common sense isn't so common! This book really is a must have for anyone who wants to improve their disposition and feel better emotionally.

A good one
Like any other self help book this too was interesting and most helpful. Unlike other self help books at times this book is very funny too. Writers suggest to have healthy fears such as having sex with gorillas etc. and that all other different fears are not
more but just illusions.
The bottom line - if you strive for knowledge or if you have negative thoughts swimming safely in the ocean of your mind. Have this book, then read it, then apply things you've learned from it in daily life. RESULTS = almost PERFECT

Change One: The Breakthrough 12-Week Eating Plan: Lose Weight Simply, Safely & Forever
Published in Hardcover by Readers Digest (2003)
Authors: John Hastings, Peter Jaret, and Mindy Hermann
Amazon base price: $19.57
List price: $27.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $11.00
Buy one from zShops for: $16.00
Average review score:

Wow -- finally some advice that makes sense
This is a carefully thought-through way to change the way you relate to food. It's based on the simple idea that you're not going to change your habits overnight, so you're asked to make changes over the course of time. You lose weight by paying more attention to what you're eating, and not eating too much of it -- it's not a typical diet program.

Independent of the book, the program is also offered on the web at -- which may be a unique tie-in with a book of this kind. They're offering a free trial week there now.

Simple, Sensible and Sensational!
I bought ChangeOne by John Hastings almost a month ago and it has been a lifesaver! I poured through the book section looking for something that would help me to permanently take off the extra weight I have been carrying for years. Every book out there, had a gimmick. Protein diets, the Hawaii diet, Sugar Busters, Atkins, etc. I wanted to skip the diet and go straight to maintenance so that I could change my lifestyle to become healthier and thinner. ChangeOne contains the basic information that you need to learn about eating healthier, portion control and how to deal with eating out, family pressure and social gatherings. They have meal suggestions and calorie guidelines. Everything in this book makes sense. Eat healthy. Watch your portions. Exercise. The weight comes off slowly, but surely. I have lost almost 30 lbs in 13 weeks, which is not slow, but I went on the "Fast Track" by incorporating the entire program during the first week instead of one meal at a time. When you understand what size portions you should be eating and begin to follow that routine, you will feel satisfied after eating. I love the website that supports the book and I have had no problems accessing any part of the website. I have 20 more pounds to lose and I'm looking forward to losing it and maintening it with ChangeOne!

This Is All You Need
This book by John Hastings puts an important issue in it's proper context and provides thorough and complete steps to achieve one's goals. The focus is to go slow yet also be comprehensive. Our bad habits can't be shoved under the rug in a day. The initial enthusiasm for those partaking in other "new" programs and fads wanes if one denies themselves of this-and-that, and forces one to eat or drink that-and-this. How long does that usually last? You can answer that yourself. The purchase price of this book will help you if you're serious, and save you a lot more than videos, "new" workout equipment or everyday gimmicks we're bombarded with by the Diet Industry.

Focusing on sound, proven, and common-sense nutritional principles, Change One offers the healthiest and most wholistic guide to health AND weight loss that's been produced in some time. In contrast to those who advocate ramming fat and protein down our throats, not eating before noon, or spending money on the "Hollywood diet shake."

Under Change One, a person doesn't have to deny themselves everything of what they like, but moderation is important, like everything in life. One can eat out in restaurants at times and there are recommendations on ordering a variety of things so as not to sabotage your progress. There is also a self-assessment guide to give you a look into what your habits are. Hastings takes a not-at-all-boring-approach to caloric intake, portions, adjusting the kitchen to good eating, stress relief, and exercise, which are all components to healthy living. If being healthy and of optimal weight is important to a person they should take it seriously. Other programs sell quick-fixes, gimmicks, and defeatist magic tricks that only focus on one aspect of weight-loss and often times are detrimental to our health rather than helpful.

The Six Sigma Way: How Ge, Motorola, and Other Top Companies Are Honing Their Performance
Published in Audio Cassette by McGraw Hill/Tdm Audio (2003)
Authors: Peter S. Pande and John Lescault
Amazon base price: $16.80
List price: $24.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $16.68
Buy one from zShops for: $16.10
Average review score:

This is it: T-H-E Six Sigma Book...
If you're looking for the definative guide to Six Sigma, you've just found it. From fundamentals to advanced program management, its all here. I first read Pande and Holpp's little 87-page book "What is Six Sigma." The impressive guide convinced me that I needed to pick up a copy of their "The Six Sigma Way." I'm really glad that I did. As a management consultant, I can say without reservation that the ideas expressed in this book are applicable to almost every manager -- regardless of whether or not they are currently involved in a formal Six Sigma program. In addition to enhancing quality, the Six Sigma framework is very useful in identifying and removing irrelevant processes from your product or service operations. Saving your Company both time and money... and freeing up your employees for more value-added work. In addition, I would also recommend Hammer and Champy's "Reengineering the Corporation" and Ashkenas, Kerr, and Ulrich's "The GE Work-Out." Overall Grade: B+/A.

How to Achieve "Practically-Perfect Quality of Performance"
Over the years, I have worked with dozens of small-to-midsize companies, all of which were in dire need of improving one or more of the following: cost reduction, culture change, customer retention, cycle-time reduction, defect reduction, market-share growth, productivity improvement, and product-service development. You can thus understand why I was curious to know to what extent (if any) Six Sigma could be helpful to small-to-midsize companies.

By now we have become well aware of the success of Six Sigma initiatives at major international corporations such as ABB, Allied Signal/Honeywell, Black & Decker, Dow Chemical, Dupont, Federal Express, General Electric, Johnson and Johnson, Kodak, Motorola, SONY, and Toshiba. Once having read this book, I am convinced that -- with certain modifications -- Six Sigma could perhaps be even more valuable to small-to-midsize companies which, obviously, have fewer resources. What exactly is Six Sigma? The authors provide this definition: "A comprehensive and flexible system for achieving, sustaining, and maximizing business success. Six Sigma is uniquely driven by close understanding of consumer needs, disciplined use of facts, data, and statistical analysis, and diligent attention to managing, improving, and reinventing business processes."

The authors identify what they call "hidden truths" about Six Sigma:

1. You can apply Six Sigma to many different business activities and challenges -- from strategic planning to operations to customer service -- and maximize the impact of your efforts.

2. The benefits of Six Sigma will be accessible whether you lead an entire organization or a department. Moreover, you'll be able to scale your efforts, from tackling specific problems to renewing the entire business.

3. You'll be prepared to achieve breakthroughs in these untapped gold mines of opportunity -- and to broaden Six Sigma beyond the realm of the engineering community.

4. You'll gain insights into how to strike the balance between push and pull -- accommodating people and demanding performance. That balance is where real sustained improvement is found. On either side -- being "too nice" or forcing people beyond their understanding and readiness -- lie merely short-term goals or no results at all.

5. The good news is, Six Sigma is a lot more fun than root canal. Seriously, the significant financial gains from Six Sigma may be exceeded in value by the intangible benefits. In fact, the changes in attitude and enthusiasm that come from improved processes and better-informed people are often easier to observe, and more emotionally rewarding than dollar savings.

The authors organize their material as follows: Part One: An Executive Summary of Six Sigma; Part Two: Gearing Up and Adapting Six Sigma to Your Organization; Part Three: Implementing Six Sigma -- The Roadmap and Tools; and finally, The Appendices: Practical Support. According to Jack Welch, "The best Six Sigma projects begin not inside the business but outside it, focused on answering the question -- how can we make the customer more competitive? What is critical to the customer's success?...One thing we have discovered with certainty is that anything we do that makes the customer more successful inevitably results in a financial return for us."

If anything, it is even more important for small-to-midsize companies (than it is for the GEs of the world) to answer these two questions correctly and then track and compare their performance in terms of what their customers require. The well-publicized objective of Six Sigma is to achieve practically-perfect quality of performance (ie 3.4 defects for every million activities or "opportunities") and this is indeed an ambitious objective. Collins and Porras, authors of Built to Last, would probably view it as the biggest of Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs). In that book, they assert that the most successful and admired companies have the ability -- and willingness -- to simultaneously adopt two seemingly contrary objectives at the same time. Stability and renewal, Big Picture and minute detail, creativity and rational analysis -- these forces, working together,, make organizations great. This "we can do it all" approach they call the "Genius of the And."

Pande, Neuman, and Cavanagh suggest that all manner of specific benefits can result from following "the Six Sigma way." For example, Six Sigma generates sustained success, sets a performance goal for everyone, enhances value to customers, accelerates the rate of improvement, promotes learning and "cross-pollination", and executes strategic change. All organizations (regardless of their size or nature) need to avoid or escape what the authors refer to as the "Tyranny of Or." Here in a single volume is about all they need to seek "practically-perfect quality of performance." Whether or not they ultimately reach that destination, their journey en route is certain to achieve improvement which would otherwise not be possible.

Top notch overview of Six Sigma
I found the book to be clearly written and even fun in places. It provides a solid and practical overview of the principles of Six Sigma. It explains Six Sigma as a flexible system to help manage processes in companies. It addressed all the questions I had in trying to decide whether Six Sigma is appropriate for my company. It provides much practical and non-dogmatic advice about how to implement. I bought the book to prepare my self to fight against the six sigma way. After reading it, I am very enthusiatic and am planning to propose this approach for my company. I highly recommend the book for anyone needing an overview of the topic from a management perspective.

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
Published in Digital by Amazon Press ()
Authors: L. Frank Baum, Peter Glassman, and John R. Neill
Amazon base price: $2.99
Average review score:

This book is "Super, thanks for asking".
The book "Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ," is a great book,and should be recommended for anyone who likes to read. It starts out when Dorothy and Zeb are riding in a buggy, and then this huge earthquake comes, causing a big crack in the earth to form. they fall inside the earth, and end up landing in what we know as "munchkin City", but in the book it is called "The Glass City". They meet the munchkins, and then take off for the wizard. They get there, and then this sorcerer comes out, and starts talking them, as he turns into a funny looking thorny man. the wizard finds the sorcerer and cuts him in half. They take the cut in half sorcerer, and barry him in the vegetable garden. The prince of the vegetable kingdom, tells Dorothy to go and find him a princess. So she does. One night while the wizard and Dorothy are sleeping, they get a visit from the evil Mangaboos. They wernt goin to let them go, but then they did. They then went through a mountain, and came put on the other side, which was the Mangaboos's kingdom. While they were there, they ran into a man they called The Braided Man of Pyramid Mountain. The man then lead them to the Wooden gargoyles. They then made a great escape from them. After a few more stunts took place, all the old friends reunited. The wizard then did another trick, and then Zeb went back to the ranch, and after Dorothy gave them a kiss, and said goodbye, she was gone in a madder of seconds.

In this book the three main characters are, Dorothy, the wizard, adn Zeb. Dorothy was a little girl, who liked to take risk, and liked to have fun, but be careful about it at the same time. In this book, she was about eleven years old, she had blonde hair, and wore a shirt little white dress. instead of a dog, she onwned a cat named Eureka. The cat isn't mentioned very much, until the very end. Zeb is Dorothy's cousin, and he is pretty quite during the book. He is mentioned, and helps take care od buisness, and helps them get out of situations when they are in danger, or are trapped by somebody bad. In this book he is about thirteen, or so and does not talk very much. The wizard is very very talkitive. He likes to help people through times, and he likes to be in charge over everything. He knows alot about the land, and what is there, and what can happen. He is about in his fortys, but still is a great wizard, he helped out Dorothy from the funny looking thorney sorcerer by cutting him in half. In my opinion I think this book is really good, but can get a little confussing. So you have to pay atention to all of it, and read it when your not buissy, other wise it wont make any since.

A Quixotic Return for Dorothy and the Wizard...
This is one of my favorite Oz books. We see Dorothy and the Wizard reunite, of course, but there are some interesting things going on. The Wizard has become a grand character; Baum has thrown his own nature into him and has made him real to us. The Wizard is now a resourceful, sometimes devious, sardonic, yet compassionate man. The story delves into the bizarre with the Glass City and its vegetable people (and their gruesome demise). The Gargoyles are quite disturbing in their emotionally hollow, wooden world. The Braided Man of Pyramid Mountain provides dry humor (here we see Baum's love of puns). Esentially this is one of the more original works of Baum, with quixotic new characters, and further development of those we already knew. I think perhaps Ozma comes into her own in this novel; she is what a queen should be, loyal to her subjects, but not above the law; she is regal, kind yet firm, passionate and loving. Baum has created a fearsome yet beautiful per! sonage in Ozma. This is a great read; I would suggest it to non-Ozophiles so that the MGM movie can be challenged, and the true Oz can be appreciated in its majesty of fantasy, humor, horror, and splendor.

Dorothy and the Wizard In Oz
NOTE: This is not the edition of the book I would have liked to review. I just didn't see it anywhere. This review is based on the Del Rey edition.

Dorothy and the Wizard In Oz is the 4th book in The Wizard of Oz series.

In this story, Dorothy and Zebediah (Zeb), her second cousin, fell into the middle of the earth though a crack. When they landed, they were in a city. The rest of the story is the trying to get out of the middle of the earth.

There is one really neat thing that happens in this book. As many of you remember, whether you read the book or saw the movie, the Wizard of Oz floated away in a hot-air balloon. Well, in this book, the Wizard lands in the city where Dorothy and Zeb are. He must have been floating for a really long time!

As I have for all of the books in this series, I suggest this book for those who like to read for fun and don't mind a little major fantasy. (Like when Dorothy and Zeb fall through the earthquake to the center of the earth, they could've never survived!)

Peter Pan
Published in Audio Cassette by Blackstone Audiobooks (1997)
Authors: James Matthew Barrie and John Chatty
Amazon base price: $32.95
Used price: $8.00
Average review score:

Review for Peter Pan
You will laugh, cry and be confused when you read this book. This book can teach you that what you think is good is not always good.

There is a boy named Peter Pan. He sprinkles fairy dust in Wendy and her two brothers. Then he shows them how to fly. He takes them to Neverland and shows them to the Lost Boys who live there. Wendy becomes their mother. She makes up rules, like any other mother would do. The boys have to follow these rules. Everything was fine until Captain Hook came with his crew to where the boys and Wendy were. While Wendy and the boys were at the lagoon, where they go every day after dinner, they see a girl named Tiger Lily, princess of her tribe. She was captured by Smee, one of Captain Hook's men. Then Peter saved her. A few days later Wendy and the boys were on their way to Wendy's house when they too were all captured by Captain Hook. Then Peter saves them. Then the lost boys, Wendy and her brothers go home. All except for Peter.

It is mostly about what the people in the book think is right with childhood. The kids in the book think that if you grow up it is bad, but in our case it is actually good.

Peter Pan is a violent book not really made for children under the age of 10 but people 10 and up can read it. It is violent because of the language that is spoken and the idea that killing could be fun. Also, the vocabulary is very difficult for children under 10 to understand. Even if you're older it is difficult to understand.

Overall, it is a good book but watch out for the violent ideas if you are reading it to little children.

A classic
This is an utterly charming work. It has been retold myriad times, but nobody else has done it as well as the original teller, J. M. Barrie.

It's difficult to know what to say about a book like this... everybody knows the story. But I guess that unless you've read this book (not just seen a movie or read a retelling), you don't really know the character Peter Pan, and without knowing the character, you don't really know the story. So read it.

By the way, if you enjoy this, you probably would also like "Sentimental Tommy" and its sequel "Tommy and Grizel", both by Barrie. There are differences (for one thing they're not fantasy), but there are also compelling similarities. Anybody who found Peter Pan a deep and slightly bittersweet book would be sure to enjoy them.


Become a child...again
When talking of literature, people tend to look solely at books they read today but forget what they used to read, namely the ones we read as children. It is a common misunderstanding that children's literature is to be read by children and children only, but when we come to think of it, which one of us are not children, at least in our hearts?

One of the best books any child, young or old, can read is Barrie's Peter Pan. Although written in the past century, it has something for any generation at any time. Its humorous views at the world from a child's mind left me rolling over the floor, laughing; the exciting storyline kept me busy with reading until the end; and the serious undertone made me think of whether the world wouldn't be a better place if we realised that deep down, however deep, we are in fact all children. So if YOU are a child, which you most certainly are, get yourself a copy and enjoy your ongoing childhood.

Handbook of Dialysis
Published in Paperback by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers (15 December, 2000)
Authors: John T., MD Daugirdas, Peter G. Blake, and Todd S., MD Ing
Amazon base price: $49.95
Used price: $48.95
Buy one from zShops for: $44.91
Average review score:

Excellent, concise yet thorough
The book systematically describes the principles and mechanics of hemodialysis as well as peritoneal dialysis .Complications and common problems encountered in these patients are well described with ample references cited for each addressed problem.

I have no reservation to recommend this book
Like its highly successful predecessor, the Third Edition of Handbook of Dialysis effectively integrates all the essential and clinically relevant information in the dialysis therapy. It is written by the leaders in this field and the layout is in an easy-to-read format. It is easy to locate what you need, whether you are reading for first-time knowledge, for review, or for support during an emergency. I have no reservation to recommend this book for all readers who are interested in dialysis therapy.

Exemplary companion for the Nephrology Resident/Fellow
It is a very valuable pocket companion for the Nephrology Resident/Fellow in training. It clearly and concisely explains the basic principles of Dialysis and it is a must-own book for everybody in training. It is also an exemplary, quick reference guide for all practicing nephrologists, dialysis nurses, nephrology technicians, social workers and dieticians.

How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive 19 Ed: A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot
Published in Paperback by Avalon Travel Publishing (09 September, 2001)
Authors: John Muir, Peter Aschwanden, and Tosh Gregg
Amazon base price: $17.50
List price: $25.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $17.38
Buy one from zShops for: $16.37
Average review score:

Good, but not the only book you need!
Anyone who sets out to buy an old Volkswagen will hear this book mentioned again and again, usually with great reverence and a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. Well folks, it is simply not all that. Don't get me wrong -- I'm happy I bought this book, and I refer to it often -- but like other reviewers here have pointed out, it's awfully overrated within VW circles. The instructions are biased towards pre-68 cars and often gloss over details; it's very hard to track down specific solutions when all you know are the symptoms; and the diagrams, though extremely well-drawn, aren't always as effective as real photographs of the car and its parts. When I'm trying to learn how to repair something on my Beetle, I read this book first to get a friendly introduction to the work involved... but the other manuals are the ones I actually take outside to the car.

So if you've just bought a "new" Beetle or Bus that needs a lot of repair, buy this book -- but get the Bentley shop manual for your model and year at the same time as you will need to refer to it a lot. I recommend the Haynes manuals, too; they give the same procedures but in a highly effective "steps + pictures" format.

The best VW Book ever.
I have owned 5 VW's in my life time and wouldn't be with out this book. I have overhauled several bug engines and a bus engines following this book with great success. I have had everything from a '63 bus to a '75 bus with a few bugs in between (a friend and I even put together a 2 cylinder bug engine) with each vehicle I would purchase a copy of " How to Keep your VW Alive" and when I sold the Vehicle I would offer the book to the new owner. I have given copies of the book to friends with VWs and a copy to my son when he bought a '74 bug several years ago. In the summer 1973 my sister, her child of 5, and husband left the USA for a tour of Europe by VW bus. I gave them a copy of Muirs book and it helped keep them "Keep on Trucking" on thier merry way.

Buy this book! A must for the mechanically declined
This book is near the top of my all-time best books list. My brother gave me a copy of this book when my first Beetle engine threw a rod. It enabled me (a 17-year-old overhaul virgin) to completely overhaul the engine by myself. 17 years later, it's very dog-eared, but has helped me through several overhauls, and has given me the confidence to tackle a Bug restoration. If you can only afford one VW book, this is it. Doesn't cover body work much, but the mechanical system description and illustrations will appeal to anyone funky enough to own an air-cooled VW. I'm pleased to see that it is still in print. John Muir is gone now, but he lives large in my estimation!

Deep Politics And The Death of JFK
Published in Hardcover by University of California Press (1993)
Author: Peter Dale Scott
Amazon base price: $45.00
Used price: $16.25
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Deep investigation.
Peter Dale Scott poses essential questions and his investigations lead to very disturbing answers.

He uses the JFK assassination as a paradigm for the revelation and understanding of the real powers in the US.
With parallels to 3 other political scandals (MacCarthyism, Watergate, Contragate) he shows that there are deep continuities in the US political system. He arrives at the most alarming conclusion that the US power system is intrinsically vicious, violent and murderous and that conspiracies form an essential part of it.
He shows convincingly that the real powers in the US lay in a symbiosis of public government, organized crime and private wealth.
Most diabolic are the FBI (lead by the insidious Edgar J. Hoover) and the CIA, which are both responsible for the ruthless destruction of opponents and dissidents without legal or moral restraint.
This book gives an appalling picture of the Agency, fighting for the justification of its existence and its resources by prolonging the Cold War. It infiltrated the media in order to preach its Gospel. It used organized crime and drug traffickers as means for its ends.
Very revealing also is the fact that 20 percent of the shares of General Dynamics were in the hands of the mob.

His final analysis is devastating: 'how far our office-holders, including our Presidents, have been reduced to the status of clients, dispensable when the more enduring patronage is withdrawn?' and 'To what extent has our visible political establishment become one regulated by forces operating outside the constitutional process?'
After reading this book, I confess that posing these questions is answering them.

A provocative, dark and disturbing book.
A must read.

Deep Politics And The Death of JFK
Scott's account explores the reasons behind John Kennedy's murder, which he regards as a highly complex crime. He explains it in terms of "deep politics," or an "intelligence, mob, corporate gray alliance." This was an odd coalition of big-city political bosses, Mafia, CIA, FBI, anti-Castro Cubans, and generals eager to escalate the Vietnam War, working to eliminate a president perceived as threatening the status quo. Scott begins by examining JFK's decision to withdraw 1,000 American advisors from South Vietnam and continues with a discussion of Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald's alleged mob and government connections. On the issue of Vietnam withdrawal, Scott borrows heavily from John Newman, who alleges that Kennedy planned to withdraw from Southeast Asia. Scott repeats this claim, ignoring the consensus view that this merely was a rotation, not a withdrawal of troops. Scott's assertion of Ruby and Oswald's connections is based simply on circumstantial evidence. He accuses no one, but seemingly implicates everyone. Despite this flaw, Scott's work is a stimulating piece that does not rehash the mechanics of the assassination but examines the political roots of a political crime. All levels.

Doesn't get any better.
In a country such as ours, anyone attempting to voice an opinion that falls outside the mainstream is ridiculed and margainalized until no one takes them seriously. Not so with Professor Scott. Incredibly well researched and documented, he makes a strong case for who actually runs this country, and why.

It is books like this that show you why your vote is meaningless, protest is generally futile, and how the US can skip around the world, bringing down governments (and at home) and no one says boo. Frightening book, and required reading for anyone interested in the death of JFK, a landmark event.

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