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Lessons for the Professional Actor
Published in Paperback by Performing Arts Journal Pubns (1985)
Authors: Michael Chekhov, D. Deirdre Hurst, and Mel Gordon
Amazon base price: $14.95
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Not bad, but not the best
This book has a nice conversational feel to it (it's basically transcriptions of master classes Chekhov conducted with professional actors), but it is not quite as useful to practicing the elements of the technique as "To the Actor" or "On the Technique of Acting" - which makes sense as it was not written to be a textbook on the technique. It does give a nice alternative perspective to Michael Chekhov and his technique for those who have only read "To the Acto" or "On the Technique of Acting"

Comparative Legal Traditions: Text, Materials, and Cases on the Civil and Common Law Traditions, With Special Reference to French, German, English
Published in Hardcover by West Wadsworth (1994)
Authors: Mary Ann Glendon, Michael W. Gordon, and Christopher Osakwe
Amazon base price: $76.00
Used price: $35.00
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Very dry for the interest subject
The book was edited in 1994 and does not reflect the latest changes in the law, especially European one (including Eastern Europe). In addition it is very dry. The best part of the book is the history of law development and description of judicial system in France, Germany and England. But thats it! Only West European law is reviewed; nothing about Islamic law, law of African countries (I would like to have brief description at least); the description of Russian law is laughable,no insight.

Bottom line, if you have a choice DO NOT buy it or buy a used one...

Society and the Homosexual.
Published in Hardcover by Greenwood Publishing Group (1985)
Author: Gordon (pseud. of Michael George Schofie Westwood
Amazon base price: $59.50
Used price: $43.35
Collectible price: $43.75
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blatantly anti-gay material
Unenlightened drivel. An excellent example of the thinking and attitudes of anti-gay fundamentalists.

There's Hope for America's Youth
Published in Paperback by Granville Island/Peanut Butter Publishing (18 June, 2001)
Author: Paul Michael Gordon
Amazon base price: $15.00
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This book is disgusting. It is a prime example of the ease in which complete garbage is accepted and enjoyed by hordes of the faithless. Gordon wants to be accepted and listened to and taken seriously and he feels that the best way to do this is to first convince people that he is a hero by involving himself in typical and mundane activities that somehow have been recognized as extraordinary. The fact that a book of this title and this caliber was ever published, and that it was written by Paul Gordon, is a testament to a slow deterioration of thought slowy enveloping the many lazy, ignoramuses that need a teenage messiah to help them through their petty troubles. Thank you, Paul, for contributing to this deterioration and to the deterioration and eventual destruction of your mind and your body. I can only hope that someday you realize that you have failed to understand anything about yourself and you choose to ignore your worthless external pursuits of grandeur and importance. I doubt this will ever happen though. I have no faith in you whatsoever. There may be hope in america's youth, as you say, but there is certainly no hope in Paul Gordon.

Wittgenstein: Meaning and Mind (An Analytical Commentary on the Philosophical Investigations, Vol 3)
Published in Hardcover by Blackwell Publishers (1996)
Authors: Peter Michael Stephan Hacker and Gordon P. Baker
Amazon base price: $135.95
Used price: $90.00
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A work that will no doubt please the self-important...
... Wittgenstein intelligentsia. The author is so arrogant and pretentious that in one section he proposes to overthrow the empirical discipline of cognitive science by examining the English grammar of the word "mind". If the brain is truly not the organ of thinking, as you claim, Mr. Hacker; then I suppose it shall come as no insult to you that I believe *your* mental processes would suffer no loss even if said organ were removed from your skull. This book is trash and should not be read by anyone.

Addison Wesley Physical Science
Published in Hardcover by Addison-Wesley Pub Co (1988)
Authors: Gordon P. Johnson, Bonnie B. Barr, and Michael B. Leyden
Amazon base price: $62.92
Used price: $8.00
Average review score:
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The Encyclopedia of Health & Aging: The Complete Guide to Well-Being in Your Later Years
Published in Paperback by Key Porter Books (2001)
Authors: Evelyne Michaels and Michael Gordon
Amazon base price: $21.95
Used price: $12.30
Collectible price: $16.45
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Positioning Pensions for the Twenty-First Century
Published in Hardcover by University of Pennsylvania Press (1997)
Authors: Michael S. Gordon, Olivia S. Mitchell, and Marc M. Twinney
Amazon base price: $49.95
Used price: $30.95
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Traditional T'ai arts in Contemporary Perspective (Studies in Contemporary Thailand No. 7)
Published in Paperback by White Lotus Co., Ltd. (01 October, 1998)
Authors: Michael C. Howard, Alec Gordon, and Wattana Wattanapun
Amazon base price: $37.50
Used price: $87.85
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100 Cases for Students of Medicine: Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, and Gynaecology
Published in Paperback by Churchill Livingstone (1997)
Authors: Michael Gillmer, David Gordon, and Peter S. Sever
Amazon base price: $36.00
Used price: $17.50
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