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On the Technique of Acting
Published in Paperback by HarperCollins (paper) (1991)
Authors: Michael Chekhov and Mel Gordon
Amazon base price: $15.00
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The Imaginitive Realm
It would be interesting to read this book alongside Mamet's "True and False." Chekov's passion for creation and exploration through the imagination, set against Mamet's scorn of invention on the part of the actor. Mamet dismisses the idea that character exists and that an actor can "become" the character. Chekov meditated in order to try and commune with the spirit of the character.

Two very different approaches.

In spite of the practical application of Chekov's ideas, there is a childlike hunger here for the imaginitive and mysterious that I feel is critical for any artist. We can appreciate that Chekov defied Stanislavski in search of something of his own, and here is perhaps the most interesting point: Chekov's method was deeply personal. He created his own approaches, and took bold risks in doing so. I most enjoyed the descriptions that his book has of how Chekov would create his own characters.

That any artist could throw themselves into their work with such interest and abandon is thrilling.

Stresses the fantastic and imaginative!
Again my mantra about acting books remains . . .

Reading an acting book must be taken inside the context of personal experience of either production or an acting class.

I value Checkov for the simple reason that, although he often comes across as nebulous and abstract, he stresses the fantastic and imaginative elements of acting.

Escewing working from the emotional inside out Checkov, a veteran of the Moscow Art Theatre, stresses finding the character through imaginative excercises that first engage the external elements of the actor's instrument namely in the creation of fantasy atmospheres and communion with the audience.

Building upon Jung's theories of the Universal Archetype, I find Checkov's bit about the psychological gesture and "living statues" most helpful in teaching, acting and directing.

In a professional world where gut wrenching, self absorbed displays of therepy induced emotion passes for true acting, I find Checkov's teachings most helpful in inspiring the true reasons many find themselves drawn to the stage: the wonder and excitement of telling an imaginative story.

Parenting Your Parents: Support Strategies for Meeting the Challenge of Aging in the Family
Published in Paperback by Dundurn Press, Ltd. (01 May, 2002)
Authors: Michael Gordon and Bart J. Mindszenthy
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Very useful and realistic information!
Since my own parents have been experiencing a decline in their health during recent years, I have been looking for a valuable source of information on how to help them live life as best they can, and what coping skills I can use for my own life. This book proved extremely valuable in both these areas. I highly recommend it to anybody of the baby boomer generation, who may have aging parents. Even great for those whose parents are not yet showing declines in health... best be prepared! I refernce this book very often, still.

Dave's Comments
Similar to other baby boomers, my parents are starting to show signs of aging. Fortunately they are both in good health and my brother and I haven't had to deal with many situations that can result from aging parents. Many of my friends have had to deal with these issues and it has been very difficult for them.
Parenting your Parents is an excellent book for anyone that is dealing with aging parents or may have to in the future. It has many examples of typical situations and offers practical advice and support. There are also many lessons for people of all ages, for many of us will be facing the same issues as we age.
The most powerful part of the book is the last section when one of the authors discusses problems he is addressing with his parents. It is very emotional and is an excellent way to end an excellent book.

Power, Holiness, and Evangelism: Rediscovering God's Purity, Power, and Passion for the Lost
Published in Paperback by Destiny Image (1999)
Authors: Randy Clark, Steve Beard, Pablo Bottari, Harvey R., Jr. Brown, Michael L. Brown, Pablo Deiros, Gordon D. Fee, Chhris Heuertz, Scott McDermott, and Carlos Mraida
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Power/Holiness/Evangelism: Rediscovering God's Purity, Power
I purchased this book as a second thought, and found out I got more than I bargained for. The level of expertise and experience with God impressed me initially, but it was the depth of each topic presented by each of the authors that shocked me. When dealing with God and spiritual subjects in books, there are so many approaches, and many that are really weird, but in this book the contributing authors do much to show by scriptures and experience the reality of the need for the church to be seeking God's power, holiness, and evangelistic outreach to the human race. This is not a book of testimonies alone, but scriptures and the reality of the topics listed in the title. Another book that assisted me in certain sections of this book was I Give You Authority by Charles Kraft. Though much different in subject, it assisted me in understanding some things that are occurring in the South American churches. I highly recommend this book for one's bookself, not only for reading, but as a text book for what is happening in Christianity today.

Unity and Passion for God
The chapters are written by individuals from various backgrounds who are sensing the Holy Spirit drawing them into a closer relationship with God. This purity of heart has been documented in past and present revivals around the world.

Conservation Biology : Research Priorities for the Next Decade
Published in Hardcover by Island Press (1901)
Authors: Michael E. Soule and Gordon H. Orians
Amazon base price: $50.00
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terrestrial snails
family, group, taxon, terrestrial, slugs, ecology, starvation, conservation.

Hair Heroes
Published in Paperback by Bb Press (01 December, 2002)
Author: Michael Gordon
Amazon base price: $50.00
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The craft of hairdressing lives on
The Buddhist monks create art in sand, the hairdressers is in the hair. It is a fleeting art whose impression is only as good as the hair sustains the cut. Our heroes are usually unmentioned but for the small acknowledgement in the corner of a photograph. Michael Gordon has brought our heroes, our mentors, our master craftsmen and women to life. We can see through his vision the masters before us and it gives us glimpse of the true genius of doing hair. We are lucky that someone has taken seriously our craft and provides us with the history of those before us. Read, learn and be inspired to do something with your hair.

Jumpin' Johnny Get Back to Work: A Child's Guide to Adhd-Hyperactivity
Published in Paperback by Gsi Pubns (1993)
Author: Michael Gordon
Amazon base price: $45.00
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Jumpin' Johnny Get Back to Work
Dr. Michael Gordon has indeed captured the heartfelt pain, hopes and challenges of an ADHD child and his family. The simple suggestions in the video are not only invaluable for immediate family action, but also give teachers ideas on working with these creative ADHD children. A must for ALL to see. I've introduced this book/video to hundreds of parents and teachers.

Leaving Home: What You Gotta Do, When You Gotta Do It, and How Much It's All Gonna Cost You
Published in Paperback by The M.J. Earth Corporation (01 October, 2000)
Authors: Annie Broussard, Michael J. Kananack, and Jennifer Gordon
Amazon base price: $7.99
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Every aspect of independent living is surveyed
Written specifically for young men and women venturing out into the world from the secure routines of home or college, Leaving Home clearly lays out what to expect, what to do, and how much life in the real world is going to cost you. Every aspect of independent living is surveyed including such issues as signing a lease, utility deposits, renter's insurance; registering a car at a new location, the driver's licence; budgeting; and more. Very highly recommended, a careful reading of Leaving Home will inevitable save on time, money and stress, as well as avoiding being blind-sided by the normal -- but as yet unexperienced -- demands of life on your own.

Lincoln on God and Country
Published in Hardcover by White Mane Publishing Co. (2000)
Authors: Gordon Leidner and Michael Burlingame
Amazon base price: $19.95
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Words for the ages
We live in troubled times. The presidential candidate of one political p[arty is ridiculed for stating that Jesus is his favorite philosopher, and the vice-presidential candidate of the other political party is castigated for speaking about religion. What has happened to the moral tone of this country, which was founded by God-fearing men? Have we completely abandoned the idea that there is a Being who guides and guards us in all that we do? Abraham Lincoln, arguably our greatest president, believed that there was Someone watching over us at all times. He also believed vehemently that our governmental system was important, and that its structure was the best that could have been devised for the country. His words are eloquent, and call to us across the gap of 150 years. Reading this work, it is easy to restore some confidence in our governmental system, even though now it is being sorely tested by the eletoral events in Florida. This work could not have come along at a better time in our history, and it is well worth reading.

Meeting the Add Challenge: A Practical Guide for Teachers
Published in Paperback by Research Press (1994)
Authors: Steven B. Gordon and Michael J. Asher
Amazon base price: $17.95
Used price: $7.95
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Right on target... Not just for teachers
I originally purchased this book because my child is a patient of Dr. Gordon's. I not only bought the book (and the worksheet book not shown here) for myself, but I quickly purchased a set for my child's school and my sister as well.

The information and approach are straight forward, easy to understand and most of all, easy to implement. They don't just give you a way to "solve a problem", they teach you the core theories, which then enable the family and school to customize their approach.
I have purchased many "ADD" books, and this one far surpasses in quality and presentation. The second runner up (and has more worksheet templates inside) is "Add/Adhd Behavior-Change Resource Kit : Ready-To-Use Strategies & Activities for Helping Children With Attention Deficit Disorder".

If you purchase this book, I STRONGLY recommend that you also purchase the accompanying workbook, The AD/HD forms book: Identification, measurement, and intervention. [Contains 30 forms and checklists for children and adolescents with ADD/ADHD] ...

Traveling in Notions : The Stories of Gordon Penn : Poems (James Dickey Contemporary Poetry Series)
Published in Paperback by University of South Carolina Press (1996)
Author: Michael J. Rosen
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $6.00
Collectible price: $10.00
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a fine collection
I recently came across this book and was thrilled at what I read. Rosen is a wonderful storyteller, his poems are spun seamlessly. Although his use of language is fairly conventional, it is full of surprises. I highly recommend this to any poetry reader who is looking for a book that will reinvigorate your belief in the power of common speech.

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