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The Defender's Study Bible: King James Version / Black Bonded Leather
Published in Hardcover by World Bible Pub Co (October, 1995)
Author: Henry Madison Morris
Amazon base price: $49.99
Used price: $27.00
Buy one from zShops for: $42.95
Average review score:

Easy to read, extensive notes
Bonus points for the larger type, easier to read than a lot of other bibles. Extensive notes that defend the accuracy and infallibilty of the Bible. A must have for anyone who is serious about studying the Authorized version of the Word of God.

The Best study Bible available
The Defenders Study Bible by Dr. Henry Morris is THE BEST Bible I have ever owned. I have been a Christian for most of my life and I own several different study Bibles but they all pale in comparison. Why? Because they compromise the word of God. In most of my other study Bibles, they make you doubt Gods word, especially in regarding the creation in Genesis by adding that the creation could have occurred over a longer period of time.

Dr. Morris verifies the six day creation with other bible verses. He doesn't rely on his beliefs, he relies on other scriptures for verification. The Lord would not need longer periods of time to create the world because he did it right the first time and does not need more time to let things "correct" themselves. He is a perfect God and he created a perfect world in six days. Why would God say six days when he meant something else? This is where faith plays a vital role in reading and interpreting the scriptures. You either believe God means exactly what he says or you don't. Satan compromised the word of God to Eve and look what happened. God means exactly what he says. Exactly.

Another plus is the scientific analysis of creation and the great flood. He describes using other scripture how the flood occured and the effects of the flood on the world scientifically. It really strengthens Gods word.

Having this Bible in the King James Version is comforting also because it is as close to the original Hebrew and Greek text as we can get. There is no interpretations. I compare verses from this Bible to my other Bibles and the changes are dramatic and sometimes entirely different. To me this can be dangerous.

In Job, some of my Bibles change the words Behemoth to Hippo or elephant and Leviathan to Alligator..... Now I have never seen a hippo or an elephant with a tail the size of a ceder tree, and I have never seen an alligator have smoke and fire come out of his mouth and nostrils.

I recommend this Bible and all of Dr. Morris' other books to all Christians, both new and old.

Unique, and one of a kind study tool
I have been using this Bible for 4 years for reference and study. Dr. Morris' notes have been a blessing through the years, especially the extensive notes in Genesis and the entire New Testament. This is the best specialty study Bible out there and I would recommend every Evangelical or Fundamentalist Christian who cares about the Bible, it's truths, and proofs for its truth add Dr. Morris'lifetime of passion for God and His Word to their study library.Plus it gets bonus points for only being available in the King James Bible. Dr. Morris is again consistent in his beliefs.

Experiencing God Day-By-Day (Large Print Edition)
Published in Hardcover by Walker & Co (15 June, 2000)
Authors: Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby
Amazon base price: $22.95
Used price: $7.12
Buy one from zShops for: $15.90
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A Daily Portion
We all need food for physical life and spiritual food for a vigorous spritual life. A daily portion of "Experencing God Day-By-Day" will help feed that soul-life as few devotional books can. The Blackaby father-and-son team know the scriptures well and give great insight and illumination of them to those who delve into this volume. The applications for life made on each page will compel you to ponder the truths from the Bible. I have been blessed in reading it, I pray you will be, too.

Experiencing God and HIs Word!
Truely God-inspired writings. The book begins each day with a quote from the Bible, explains the quote, then shows how each of us can apply this to our everyday lives. The practical material is most touching and insightful.

Highly Recommended
My church family read My Utmost for His Hightest corporately for 1999. I decided for 2000 to buy everyone another devotional that we could read corporately. I chose Experiencing God Day-by-Day. It was a major blessing. Personally and corporately we are experiencing God day-by-day. As I journal I write love letters to God. I feel I have drawn a little closer to God before I close that book. This devotional causes you to look within and come clean with God.

Holy Bible New American Standard: Red Letter Edition, Paragraphed
Published in Paperback by Holman Bible Pub (December, 1989)
Author: Henry T. Blackaby
Amazon base price: $10.99
Used price: $6.58
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The One I Bring to Church
This is a simple Bible. Because of this, I bring it to church. It lacks the study Bible attributes I enjoy in other editions, but, in church, I am not likely to spend the time required to utilize those features.

What I have it a sturdy paperback with a few footnotes to indicates translations variants, or to define an odd term or two. It is flexible, and can withstand (as mine has) being tossed into a briefcase or handbag without worry.

The margins are about the size of any novel, and so notes are difficult to write, but this its best use is as a second or third Bible, not for primary study. Its strength is its clean presentation and portability.

A basic, 62-page concordance is in the back, listing a few citations for key terms for easy lookup during Sunday school.

A section called "Biblical Backgrounds" surveys in a few paragraphs the function and history of all 66 books. This brief introduction says who is believed to have written, for example, I and II Chronicles (Ezra) and how it relates to other books (Samuel and Kings). Short and sweet, the reader will be able to get a quick look in the middle of a sermon and track better the context of the references.

The words of Jesus are in red. Others might find this distracting, but when I am ooking something up, knowing Jesus said something, but unable to remember the verse number, this helps.

The paper is of a decent width without making this book 100 pounds. Set in a Times New Roman or similar typeface, at what appears to be a 10 pt font, I find it easily readable.

It is a paragraphed Bible, meaning that contiguous ideas are connected using paragraphs, much in the same way we do in modern English, complete with indentation. This makes the reading more natural.

There are a few short introductions explaining the principles of translation (how Hebrew tenses were considered, for example), and an "Explanation of General Format," which succinctly presents the ways the publishers of this version managed Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic translation difficulties and what modern punctuation was employed that was unknown during the time of the Bible's writing.

A note on the translation:
The New American Standard translation claims to "adhere as closely as possible to the original languages of the Holy Scriptures, and to make the translation in a fluent and readable style accordingly to current English usage." There are paraphrased editions, like the New International Version (NIV) or New Living Translation that are both more reader friendly. In buying any translation, I suggest looking over samples of each to see which best fits your purposes. Ask your pastor which your church uses if reading along during the service is your goal.

A good way to make comparisons is to read the first few chapters of John from several translations. The differences will be obvious.

I fully recommend "Holy Bible New American Standard: Red Letter Edition, Paragraphed."

Anthony Trendl

I have used and looked at many, many versions of the Bible, but this one is the only one I like anymore. First, this is the version that the scholars say is the most accurate (Greek and Hebrew experts and scholars). Second, I find it to be the most readable one there is. I don't like the updated version--just the New American Standard. This one keeps the flavor of the King James with out the unreadability and is accurate to boot. It's readable, understandable and beautiful all at the same time. I don't like the way that people can change the words and meaning in the Bible (including the people who wrote it all through history, even for the King James version). I feel much more comfortable using a version that scholars in the ancient languages have arrived at as the most accurate, since I am unable to make that determination. I can're recommend this version highly enough!...

Even my teen . . .
Even my 17 year old son likes this one. I have one for my own use and he picked it up and after reading for awhile said to me "If I had a bible like this one I'd even read it". So I'm here looking for a new one just like it.

Revelation (The Ironside Commentaries)
Published in Paperback by Loizeaux Brothers (January, 1997)
Authors: H. A. Lectures on the Book of Revelation Ironside and Henry A. Aronside
Amazon base price: $11.99
Used price: $25.00
Buy one from zShops for: $22.99
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Very interesting and well-written
I was looking for a book that might help me understand just what was going on in Revelation. I didn't expect too much when I pulled this dusty old book from the shelves in my church's library. I was wrong, though! This is an excellent interpretation, going into plenty of detail and always staying interesting. I have since then also read the first three books in the Left Behind series, and let me tell you, this book far outdistances them! Not to say that they aren't a good read, but I much prefer to read a nice, solid review with plenty of research to back it up (which Ironside's lectures on the Revelation certainly is!). My advice to you is to read this book if you really want to understand what's going on, and read something like the Left Behind books if you're more looking for entertainment with some truth mixed in as well.

Better than "Left Behind" Series
This book reveals all the symoblism of John's prophecy by going back through history and the rest of the Bible. I love his descriptions of the seven churches which Jesus wrote to. I knew the "Left Behind" series took everything too literal. This book will help better explain.

H.A. Ironside is one of the greatest christian writers
I also have read " Except ye Repent " by Ironside. He is easy to read and shows God's Word in it's true meaning.

The Experiencing God Study Bible/New King James Version
Published in Hardcover by Broadman & Holman Publishers (September, 1994)
Authors: Henry T. Blackaby, Claude V. King, and Broadman & Holman Publishers
Amazon base price: $59.99
Average review score:

Experiencing God Study Bible
This Bible is the best I have ever owned. There is a section called Prepare to Meet God at the beginning of most chapters, with ideas about things to look for while reading. There are thought-provoking questions with verse references at the end of the chapters. The biographical sketches are awesome. There are wide margins, with room to take notes. The New King James translation is extremely close to the intended meaning; when I look up a word in the original Greek or Hebrew, invariably it's the same word that is in this version, or a very close synonym. If you're only going to have one Bible, this is the one to get!

Excellent devotional study bible
This is likely one of the best study bibles out there for personal devotions and small study groups. Henry Blackaby and Claude King open up and make alive the Scriptures - where real application to everyday life can be understood and made by the bible student!

When using this bible, the student quickly understands and sees that God continues to talk to us today. The study tools incorporated into the tome are thought provoking and simple to apply. One of the best features is the "Prepare to Meet God" and the "Did You Notice?" segments sprinkled throughout the scriptural text. These tools help the student to understand that the spiritual life is real and doable. These segments combine doctrine, history, and application with ease and they spark the faith of those who read them.

As well, at the back of the book there is a 'God Focus' section that defines the Doctrines of the faith - giving a definition, 'contents and context,' 'experiencing God,' 'a Fresh Encounter, and scriptural references to the particular doctrine highlighted and discussed.

This particular study bible is a must-have for those who want to gain a deeper understanding, have a better hold on, and a fresh encounter with the Lord, in His love, grace, wisdom, et al.

The bonus of this particular version is the New King James Version text... all the poetics of the Old King James updated and far more readable. This one's a gem.

I highly recommend it to one an all.

An excellent study bible from teens to seniors.
This is an excellent study bible. It turned me to the word of god. Before I just read the bible, now I understand it.

For Thou Art With Me: The Healing Power of Psalms
Published in Hardcover by Rodale Press (August, 1900)
Authors: Samuel Chiel and Henry Dreher
Amazon base price: $21.95
Used price: $3.94
Average review score:

I will recommend this book widely
Very nicely done and useful for those in crisis. Perfectly combines the classic Psalms with modern research on mind-body medicine in a pastoral, readable volume.

Invaluable - have purchased 8 copies so far...
"For Thou Art With Me" appears to be a book about dealing with pain and suffering, but it is really a book about the human condition. In a series of poignant examples, the authors connect the experiences of hospital patients and their families with the ancient outlook of the writers of the Book of Psalms. The Psalmists' questions about the presence or absence of God in the human confrontation with suffering and evil are as relevant today as they were 2,500 years ago. These issues and the universalist message of the authors - that God is present and available - are very effectively laid out in this inspiring book.

While "For Thou Art With Me" is not specifically about Judaism, it communicates in a unique way the essence of Jewish theology. I have read many books on Judaism and this is by far the best in expressing, from a Jewish point of view, the ways of a loving, ever-present God. I would recommend it on that basis alone for all readers.

this book is wonderful!!
I loved this beautiful, healing book. It's has the perfect words and tone for people faced with grief, fear, illness, pain and suffering.

You know how you don't know what to say to people who are really suffering? How helpless you can feel? Well, I've just ordered 11 copies of this book, because that's how many people I know (this week) who could really use it.

I'm an old time fan of Henry Dreher, who's a wonderful and brilliant health writer and now I'm a new fan of Rabbi Chiel, who, I'm told is the absolute best as far as rabbi's go - a great orator and a kind and compassionate human being, all in one. Anyway, that much is obvious from these pages.

I'm very glad this book got written. It will help a lot of people who need to lean into their judeo-christian roots to get a divine assist.

The Matthew Henry Study Bible: King James Version
Published in Leather Bound by World Publishing (October, 1994)
Authors: A. Kenneth Abraham, Matthew Commentary on the Whole Bible Henry, and Kenneth Abraham
Amazon base price: $39.89
List price: $56.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $39.84
Buy one from zShops for: $39.70
Average review score:

A blast from the past
I have enjoyed this bible very much. highly recommend. it was written when religion acutally meant something and people cared and loved each other and worshipped Jesus Christ, not because they had to,but because they understood the gospel and the beauty of it.
Matthew has written superb commentar which is a joy to read
and really helps open the scriptures.

A Great Text and Commentary.
Matthew Henry's commentary brings to life the basic and not so basic truths found in this sacred book. He also offers introductions and themes for each book. Written in the poetry of the old English(KJV), the historical stories we have come to love come to life. This is a great text for the "baby" christain and the adult as well.

Most complete study Bible I have ever used
The Matthew Henry Study Bible is an excellent integration of the well-known and long-uitlized Matthew Henry Commentary of the Whole Bible. Every idea is explained so very well. I have used this Bible for personal Bible Study, for preparing sermons, and now that I am working with Yokefellows Prison Ministry, this Bible has been a great help in answering the many, thought-provoking questions the inmates ask. I have used several other study Bibles that I probably should not name here. But not one of them comes close to being as helpful and as comprehensive as the Matthew Henry Study Bible.

Boundaries with Kids
Published in Paperback by Zondervan (01 February, 2003)
Authors: Henry Cloud and John Townsend
Amazon base price: $69.99
List price: $99.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $69.94
Buy one from zShops for: $68.43
Average review score:

Boundaries With Kids
This book has helped my husband and I to not only be on the same page with our dicipline methods but also to really focus on how our 3 kids behaviors right now in the present will affect their future when they are on their own. It has helped us to set boundaries for them and is also teaching our kids to learn to set firm boundaries on their own with their lives. I had yet to find a book on raising children that is so clear and effective and really guides you through how to be an effective parent for the good of your kids future. I also highly recommend the book "Raising Great Kids" which is by the same authors.

If you want your children to succeed in life, read this.
This book has been an answer to my prayers. If you want to be a good parent and do what's best for your children, you need to learn how. Boundaries with Kids teaches you how and ties the how to biblical scripture. Most parents want to do things for their kids in hopes that they will like them. That doesn't equate to buying lots of things or giving in to their every desire. Raising children is not a congeniality contest, it is an awesome responsibility. If you truly care for your children and want to do what's best for them you need to raise them to become independent. To teach them moral values and the difference between right and wrong. If your struggling with raising your child but want to do what's best for him or her. Get started by buying this book, its a winner.

Excellent, if not earth-shattering, information
Having read the Boundaries book, I was excited to read this book directed at parents. I was not disappointed. With the same common-sense approach that I found in the original, the authors give encouragement and direction for floundering parents. Since I was already aware of the principles of the book, the greatest benefit to me was the encouragement - the affirmation that my focus and energy were well aimed. I would highly recommend this book to any parent who is not certain that he or she IS the parent - the leader - in his or her home...or any parent who has become confused in light of well-intentioned, but not accurate or Biblical, pop-psychology that encourages a hands-off approach to parenting. This book reminds us that we ALL appreciate boundaries - and children might appreciate them even more than adults do.

Greatest Thing in the World
Published in Paperback by Fleming H Revell Co (June, 1981)
Author: Henry Drummond
Amazon base price: $3.99
Used price: $0.89
Collectible price: $3.00
Buy one from zShops for: $2.57
Average review score:

Timeless practical advice for here and now
By the time I had read this book, I'd already read countless books and essays on religion and truth and love. This book offered me something extra - and opened my eyes to a wonderful new truth - mainly this - that love is enough.

Never having been trained in the social graces, I always felt like a bit of a clutz in social settings such as dinner parties and even simple get-togethers.

Drummond makes the point that if you have love - if you can feel and express love - you have it all. So instead of focusing on which fork to use for the shrimp and salad, I started focusing on how much God loved me and everyone around me.

And that little simple truth enabled me to feel more at ease in every circumstance and in every situation.

Drummond's book is about grace, love, truth, Universal spiritual laws - it's got it all. From little things (like social graces) to big things (like loving our fellow man - irrespective of his lot in life) this book will change your life.

This should be required reading for everyone.

Eye opening
I have always been told that faith is the greatest thing a Christian can have. I have read 1 Corinthians 13 many times before, put I just thought of it as poetic. I never realized it tells us plainly LOVE is greater than faith and hope. Without love our faith and our hope is worthless junk. This book is an easy read, and short, but full of insight and intelligence. It gives the reader a new perspective on the greatest thing a Christian can have; LOVE

The greatest of these....
I read this book at least once a year to keep me focused on what's important in my life. Love is the greatest, most important force in our universe. This book explains the essense of love and provides profound insights on it purpose and how we may employ it in our daily lives. Read it, learn it, and do it. Your life will be fulfilled!

Matthew Henry's Commentary
Published in Hardcover by Zondervan (01 February, 1999)
Authors: Matthew Henry, Leslie F. Chruch, F. R. Hist, and Leslie F. Church
Amazon base price: $20.99
List price: $29.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $5.99
Collectible price: $16.94
Buy one from zShops for: $13.86
Average review score:

Condensed version of Matthew Henry's commentary
This book has been condensed to fit six volumes into one handy book. The book is still pretty thick but surprisingly light for its size. Sometimes, when Matthew Henry expresses the same thought in two or more different ways, Mr. Church cuts down to a single sentence. However he has preserved the meaning, but does not necessarily expand on the thought. He also omits references to other Bible verses that might bear on a particular commentary to save space. Since the complete volumes are not as portable, or not as readable [the unabridged one volume version], this volume is a good compromise. It is like having a pastor handy to answer questions about Bible verses, in one lightweight volume. Note that the two column format is more readable, than the 3 column format of the unabridged one volume version, although the font is still pretty small.

A Necessary Read For Anyone Interested In The Bible
The information is solid and enlightening as a whole. There are some questionable interpretations, but very informative where the Pentateuch is concerned.

The best, most informative Bible commentary in my library
Matthew Henry has a remarkable ability in presenting a balanced, intelligent account of biblical stories. I wouldn't be without his insights to help me gain a better understanding. This is a great gift for earnest Sunday School students and active students of the Bible.

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