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Jonathan Taylor Thomas: Totally Jtt!: An Unauthorized Biography
Published in Paperback by Simon Pulse (1996)
Authors: Michael-Anne Johns and Nancy Krulik
Amazon base price: $3.99
Used price: $1.20
Collectible price: $24.00
Average review score:

I loved the entire book!
I am a total JTT fan, and when I read this book, it really informed me evern more! I loved how it was so complete with stats, quotes, color pics, and everything from a-z! I couldn't put it down until I was done

An excellent in-depth biography!
Congratulations to Michael-Anne Johns! He has written a fantastic fun and fact-filled book on the life of Jonathan Taylor Thomas on and off-screen. Unlike some biographies, Johns uses more words than pictures, so you learn a lot more about what they're like, rather than what they look like. He has done a lot of research and included a nice review at the back of Thomas's favorites and quick facts. Every Jonathan Taylor Thomas lover should read this great book. Hopefully Johns will come up with a new JTT book to talk about Wild America and his new roles. Congrats again Johns

Totally JTT is the best book i have ever read
this book includes gobs of intresting information that can catch any readers attention even if you hate jtt it has articles on other stars such as tim allen and pitricha richerdson

The Adams-Jefferson Letters: The Complete Correspondence Between Thomas Jefferson and Abigail and John Adams
Published in Hardcover by Univ of North Carolina Pr (1988)
Authors: Lester J. Cappon and John Adams
Amazon base price: $59.95
Used price: $79.00
Average review score:

A Service To Researchers
I wish this book had been put together a long time ago. It's a very useful service to researchers. When doing research for my own book "Mr Jefferson's Academy, The Real Story Behind West Point" (now, "West Point"), I went through the books available on John Adams/Thomas Jefferson, but found I had to resort to the original documents. It took a massive amount of time. That's one of the reasons my book took several years to complete. This book could have saved a lot of time, and can do the same for any reader or researcher. It's not only comprehensive, but also, well written. If you're interested in an in-depth read on Thomas Jefferson, I recommend this book. (To get a closely packed distillation of Thomas Jefferson, my own book has a biographical chapter that has been distilled from what could easily have been hundreds of pages of opinion, interpretation, and speculation to 40 pages of facts. The rest of the book is gleaned from what he, himself, read!)

Great Research Tool
I agree with the reviewer who wrote the book about West Point who said this book is a service to researchers. Why it's a magnificent research tool. I'm using it copiously at this time for a scholarly work I'm on sabbatical to work on.

Two of Americas greatest minds in their own words
What a joy it is to read the correspondence between two of America's greatest founding fathers. Through this collection of letters we begin to get into the minds of men who created and shaped this nation. We read of their dreams, expectations and fears for this new nation as well as typical correspondence between friends. That is when they were talking to each other. When the two men weren't, Abigail continued to write Jefferson to try and heal the breach. My favorite letter is from John Adams to Jefferson to tell him to stop writing his wife. This is a book for anyone who loves the human side of history and enjoys getting to know the real people behind the legends. I first read it in college, and then spent ten years trying to find it again. Now that I have, it will never leave my bookshelf.

Global Manifest Destiny: Growing Your Business in a Borderless Economy
Published in Hardcover by Dearborn Trade Publishing (15 October, 2001)
Authors: John A. Caslione and Andrew R. Thomas
Amazon base price: $27.00
Used price: $17.85
Buy one from zShops for: $18.71
Average review score:

Great resource
An excellent book for companies that are contemplating expansion into global markets as well as for those already doing business globally. The book helps ensure that all elements impacting how a company does business in markets worldwide are considered and addressed as plans for conducting business globally are developed and implemented.
Global Manifest Destiny is a great resource for building a successful gloabl presence.

A great guide for the international business person!
As President of the International Division for H20 Plus, Inc., I have had the opportunity to thoroughly read John Caslione's book. I found the book to be extraordinarily practical and easy to read in all respects. It was very informative with useful information, in particular, relating to various sources of information, including websites that can be used as references for particular research. For anyone involved in international business, I highly recommend this book. Since I have read 'Global Manifest Destiny', I have gone back on several occasions to make reference to certain sections in it that are particularly relevant to our international business operations.

Global Manifest Destiny
What set this book apart for me was that it is written at a fast pace...quite unlike most business books I read. That means I picked it up one afternoon and read it cover to cover like a gripping novel. Usually, I dip in and out of business books or just read certain chapters. 'Global Manifest Destiny' is full of business-relevant facts, which in part support the main proposition that there is an inevitable coming together of the economies of the world - but which also stand alone as interesting and important statistics.

I have promised myself to re-read this book in one month's time just to make doubly sure I retain the key learning. This is essential in my role for JTI. Mine is a global role for a global player. This book helps.

Global Tyranny...Step by Step: The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order
Published in Paperback by American Opinion Books (01 November, 1992)
Authors: William F. Jasper, John F. McManus, and Thomas G. Gow
Amazon base price: $12.95
Used price: $6.35
Collectible price: $12.99
Average review score:

Should be mandatory reading for all Americans
This book will surprise you with its revelations, such as - what do the current and all previous UN Secretary-Generals have in common? All are/were socialists or Marxists (without exception). Here's the straight scoop folks: the UN Charter and the US Constitution are incompatible with each other. Something is going to give. The main difference, as the book points out, is the source of 'rights'. Our Constitution recognizes and protects 'God given' rights. With the UN, rights are not absolute, and subject to any number of provisos. Get this book, read it (it's not too long), and encourage your friends/family to read it too. We needed to get out of the UN 'yesterday'.

After reading this book, I have become encouraged to reach out and educate people of the dangers of the United Nations. Please do likewise!

I was sick for one week after reading this enlightening book
People in USA and Europe must read this book and start a people movement to stop the madness. Luckily Norway is still out of the European Union, against the "Quisling" ,former Norwegian prime minister: Gro Harlem Brundtland. She is now head of the UN WHO ! Watch out all free and healthy people of the world!

God's Anointing Has Set Me Free (First Edition)
Published in Hardcover by Set Me Free Production (02 March, 2000)
Authors: Dorothy Love'll and John Micheal Thomas
Amazon base price: $22.95
Used price: $197.62
Average review score:

From Someone Who Truly Needs to Be Set Free; A Must Read!
I recently had the opportunity to hear this young, Christian poet read from her book, "God's Anointing Has Set Me Free." I knew then that this book was a must purchase and a must read. After reading this book and the way that it edifies the power of the Most High God, I have been thirsting for the power of the Holy Spirit,which I abandoned in my youth. Ms. Love'll has captured the essence of God's ability to heal the broken-hearted and mend the wounded spirits of his people. She reminded me that God was not the one who walked away, I was. John 1:1 says "that in the beginning was the word." Well, Ms. Love'll has found an experiential means of making his "word" applicable to most and relevant to all. She is a gifted writer who has truly been blessed with God's Anointing. I look forward to reading future works of this truly gifted poet. I thank God for placing this book in my path. I recently contacted the author to get permission to use one of her poems,'It's Not How You Look, It's How You FEEEEEL on the Inside,' in a motivational speech to 500 young people from across the State of Ohio. The poem was widely quoted all week by dozens of young people who said it taught them that no matter how they looked, they had now knew that they had worth and a purpose. Thank you Ms. Love'll.

This is a blessing!
I have read the book, God's Anointing Has Set Me Free, and it is an inspiration to anyone who gets a hold it. God has blessed the author with a pure talent of writing poetry. It is sure to touch all who need touched and there is a special poem for everyone. This is a Godsend to those in need of uplifting. Read it and be blessed.

It is Truly a blessing!
I had the chance to read this powerful book and my heart is filled with peace as I read through the pages of God's Anointing Has Set Me Free. I hope this book is distributed world wide, because every one can benefit from the powerful words within the book. I never though that one book could be filled with love, life, encouragement and inspiration like this book is. I love to read and I love reading this book over and over. I couldn't put it the the first time that I got my copy from one of the author's book signings. And now a month later I am reading it all over again. That's how the book has impacted my life, because I can go back again and again and read the powerful poetry and stories. I have been truly blessed by the poetry and words from this uplifting book! I had the chance to meet the author and I must say in my eyes this is a best selling book! Get a copy if you can, and find yourself inspired by the word of God's Anointing Has Set Me Free! It is truly a blessing! For a first time writer, this is a work well done! Amen!

Fire Within: St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and the Gospel-On Prayer
Published in Paperback by Ignatius Press (1990)
Author: Thomas Dubay
Amazon base price: $12.57
List price: $17.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $12.48
Buy one from zShops for: $11.69
Average review score:

A call to deep union with God in prayer.
I took over a year to go through this book: reading a few pages, then processing it for several days or weeks. Explaining mystical prayer is very difficult outside of trying to describe the experience, yet Fr. Dubay uses the writings of these saints beautifully for instruction and reflection. He spends considerable time refuting modern critics and cynics by demonstrating the Gospel calls all of us to deep union with God (according to God's choosing). He seems to write about this central theme endlessly; yet, without being verbose or tedious. My prayer life had become very dynamic over the year or so before I found this book. Reading it gave me some way of making sense of it all. I expect to reread it several more times throughout my life.

A life-changing book
This book is a must for anyone who desires a closer relationship with God. It is literally a life-changing book and shows how deep contemplative prayer is possible for anyone in any walk of life. It dispels many misconceptions and objections about contemplative prayer: that it is impractical, takes too much time, is esoteric or has nothing to do with everday life and relationships. The author, basing himself squarely on two great masters of prayer, St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, emphasizes that contemplative prayer is a gift of God; we cannot "earn" it or merit it in any way, though we have to make ourselves open to it by trying to live more and more according to Jesus' gospel. It does not depend on techniques (despite what many people think), but God will not give it unless we really want it. Contemplative prayer, a deep imersion in God, as Fr. Dubay so passionately puts it, is the "one thing" of the gospel, the "pearl of great price", yet God wants it for everyone. I don't come across many books that have changed my outlook on life, but this is one.

Radically changed my life!
This is a wonderful book for those interested in Christian mysticism and/or Carmelite spirituality. My faith in the Lord, understanding of the Gospel and of contemplative prayer has deepened as a result of reading about the lives and teachings of Saint Therese and Saint John of the Cross. This book served to inspire and motivate me to to relinquish everything that gets in the way of love of God, and to devote my entire life to this end.

Growing Your Business in Emerging Markets: Promise and Perils
Published in Hardcover by Quorum Books (30 August, 2000)
Authors: John A. Caslione and Andrew R. Thomas
Amazon base price: $69.95
Average review score:

Insight into Emerging Markets
The raw emotion and insight into emerging markets contained in this book clearly illustrates the importance and means of establishing long term global relationships, on an equal footing basis, combined with proven business tools for the development of long term profitable business within the world's emerging markets. An essential read for those serious in establishing long term profitable global business.

Doing business in emerging countries
It' s a very valuable work and push to think (or rethink)strategy and approach for doing business in emerging markets ; as the best travel guides , it treats the subject with insight and a lived knowledge: It is a very useful travel plan to develop business in emerging countries .

A must for anyone operating in emerging markets.
This book should be read by any executive planning to enter emerging markets, or by those already operating in them. It covers all aspects to a depth rarely found in business books. It is not just a superb read, it is also a guide and reference source full of "how to". We will use it in our organization as a "must" training material.

Don McNeill and His Breakfast Club
Published in Hardcover by Univ of Notre Dame Pr (2001)
Author: John Doolittle
Amazon base price: $22.95
Used price: $11.95
Buy one from zShops for: $10.95
Average review score:

A Man I've Wanted to Know More About
Although I am old enough to have been able to remember Don McNeill's Breakfast Club I have only heard of him, and wanted to learn more about this popular radio show. Author John Doolittle has done an excellent job in bringing out the personality of Don McNeill. Don was a devoted family man who, despite an extroverted personality when interviewing people, was more of an introvert away from the show. Don was devoted to the midwest and chose to keep his show in Chicago from various downtown locations. I would say the primary reason for the success of the show was his sincere interest in people in addition to his willingness to pay the price in preparation time. Those who filled in for him found out there is more involved than chatting with members of the studio audience. The silent prayer and the march around the breakfast table were interesting staples of this show that I wasn't aware of. Don McNeill was a sincere man both on the show and in his private life. The CD that came with the book I bought provides interesting snippets on some of his shows and was especially interesting to listen to after having read the book. Don McNeill was a giant of radio who had a lot to contribute to other people and did.

The history of a man and a program
The "Breakfast Club" was a morning radio program staple in hundreds of thousands of homes across America beginning in 1933 until its final broadcast in December of 1968. Don McNeill hosted this program which was completely unscripted and involved a lot of studio audience participation. Now John Doolittle has memorialized that unique and beloved radio show host and his program in Don McNeill And His Breakfast Club. Here is the history of a man and a program that developed an enormous and loyal listenership in an era when broadcast radio was the major daily mass media for information and culture in the country. Doolittle's informative, enthusiastically recommended history is enriched with the inclusion of an accompanying CD with sample clips from the show to give the reader an authentic flavor of what the program was like and why it became (and stayed) one of the most popular components of morning radio.

Another gift to American History
The Don McNeill Breakfast Club was a comfort of home, a memory of cherished moments sitting by the radio with my family. When I heard that a book had been written about the program I had high expectations. I was more impressed than I could have imagined. Not only did I feel a stronger sense of who Don McNeill was, I also gained perspective on American History through radio, which was so perfectly encompassed in The Breakfast Club. For anyone who remembers the lazy mornings by the radio, or for anyone who is interested in American culture and history, this book is a must!

Reaping the Whirlwind: A Trent Tyson Historical Mystery
Published in Paperback by WinePress Publishing (2000)
Author: Rosey Dow
Amazon base price: $11.19
List price: $15.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $4.50
Buy one from zShops for: $4.49
Average review score:

An Easy Way
Rosey Dow adeptly wove truth and fiction together in this extemely interesting and informative novel, Reaping the Whirlwind. While the mystery keeps the reader engrossed in the plot, he is learning historical truth as well as seeing the tragic consequences of embracing the lie of evolution. I would probably not have chosen to read an account of the Scopes trial, although this would be an important thing to do. Rosey made it 'easy' for me to gather truth I needed to know while thoroughly enjoying a gripping plot I could not solve!

A Must Read for Mystery/History Buffs!
Rosey Dow has successfully blended historical fact with a mystery that reads like part of the Scopes trial in "Reaping the Whirlwind". The who-dunnit portion of Ms. Dow's latest effort is so well done, I defy anyone to guess the criminal's identity. Her accurate, painstaking research is clearly reflected in the clear and informative presentation of the Scopes "monkey" trial details. For entertainment, this is tops. For historical accuracy, it can't be bettered. I would recommend this for anyone who has an interest in mysteries or historical fiction. But be warned...don't start reading until you have time to won't want to put it down!

Not a history or mystery buff? Not a problem
This book is so well written, so riveting, and so historically significant, it is truly one of the rare books for all seasons and all literary tastes.

Rosey has managed to bury the villian and expose the facts about the Scopes Trial-of-the-century so masterfully that the reader will surely misjudge the outcome and gain an invaluable history lesson without even being aware this could be a textbook. In fact, were I an American history teacher, it would most certainly be on my list of required reading.

It really should be on yours.

Discourse on Method
Published in Paperback by Open Court Publishing Company (1983)
Authors: Rene Descartes, Thomas J. McCormack, and John Veitch
Amazon base price: $5.00
Used price: $5.50
Average review score:

Intense and intersting foundational work!
What if reality is an illusion? How can you know if *you* aren't part of that illusion? If the world is a construct whose sole purpose is to fool your senses, what kind of conclusions can you draw about the nature of reality? Can you prove you exist? Can you even trust your thoughts? These very large questions if not dismissed consist hyprebolic doubt (aka Cartesian Doubt).

By asking and analyzing these very big questions, Descartes proved that you exist, and while not trustworthy, the mere fact you _have_ thoughts, proves it (Cogito Ergo Sum). Unfortunately, due to the high level of rigor and extreme doubt, it has proven impossible to build upon that very sound foundation, and his arguments trying to take it further do not express nearly the same level of rigor, and pale to his powerful first conclusions.

With the style of analysis and fearlessly examining this, he created the basis and foundation for most modern philosophy, since many schools of thought is based upon getting off his rigorous and rather lonely dead end island of "Cartesian Doubt" with a non-rigorous assumption or supposition.

The book is a fast, and intense read, appearing to have been written over a few days. The reader is taken along for the ride and in my case, my mind was blown at the level of rigor. To me his argument leading to "Cogito Ergo Sum" is as close to a bulletproof, rigorous, perfect argument that you can experience. Its only weakness, though, if you stick to that level of rigor, you really cannot prove anything else besides your own existence!

Definitely worth the price of admission. Especially to non-philosophers like myself!

Dig in!

A fantastic stimulus for the mind
"A Discourse on Method: Meditations and Principles" is more than a book, it is a challenging and rewarding mental experience. It is a tough read but well worth it just to read "I think, therefore I am" in its proper context (the simple statement that Descartes considers his first principle of philosophy).

The book is divided into three parts. In "A Discourse on Method," Descartes lays out his first principle of philosophy, and his plan for rejecting false assertions and deriving true principles. The "Meditations on the First Principle" is the wide ranging essay where "I think, therefore I am" is expanded to include all of its implications. These implications are wide ranging, from the existence of God, to the existence of our bodies, other physical objects, various scientific principles, and finally, whatever we are able to know as truth. Here is where the book poses its greatest challenge. At this point I was only reading 2-4 pages at a time. Then when I finished this part, I went back and reread a bulk of it to fully grasp the key points of the "Meditations." The third part, "The Principles of Philosophy," wouldn't have been so difficult if my brain hadn't been taxed as it was by the "Meditations." But the Principles are well organized and clearer, making the book more satisfying to read again.

Overall, this book is a treasure as an intense mental revelation. It brings together Descartes' best writing for the general reader, if the reader is up to the challenge.

Descartes: "What can be known?"
Can anything be known to be certain? This is a more difficult question than most people might recognize. Rene Descartes says yes and presents us with one of the most elegant thought experiments in the history of philosophy. We begin by calling into doubt all claims of "knowledge"; believing nothing that cannot be affirmed with absolute certainty:
Imagine now that an all-powerful, all-knowing being might exist external to that which we can experience with our senses, i.e., external to the material world (recall that we can neither know this nor know otherwise). Imagine further that this extra-material entity may be a devious trickster, messing with my mind, perhaps to amuse a twisted sense of humor. Because the possible trickster would exist external to the access of scientific scrutiny, I could, in my state of absolute skepticism, never know whether this sadistic consciousness is at work, not only in the material world, not only in my conscious perception of the material world, but in fact in the perceptions of all other conscious beings as well. Thus all scientific proofs might be mere illusion and there could be no means of determining this. In other words, if all material objects and all subjects of thought are inherently uncertain, and this is indeed a logical conclusion at this point in our consideration, what then could be known with certainty? Is then the only absolute certainty this universal and impenetrable uncertainty? Could it ever be truly known that anything exists apart from the possibility of the trickster? Only one thing: that [without regard to whether or not it is being deceived] the mind of the thinker must exist, for otherwise there is not even the illusion that our consideration is happening. Thus the only thing that I may know beyond any doubt is that my mind does exist. Cogito ergo sum, i.e., "I think, therefore I am." This singular certainty is not without further implications. For while we have established that consciousness (i.e., mind) is more certain to exist than is matter, we don't know why this should be true. Or do we? Descartes says that there is a reason we must reach this conclusion and presents his ontological argument for the existence of a perfect and beneficent Mind beyond material constraints and uncertainty (that mind being God).
Whether or not Descartes believed he had "proved" the existence of God is not a very interesting point (apparently he thought so). As Pascal pointed out, such proof -- or disproof -- is not possible within the inherent limits of human investigations (Pascal found nature and reason to powerfully infer God's existence in a probabilistic sense, while "scientific" proofs must be uncertain, uncertainty being the nature of corporeal existence). What Descartes did "prove" is that the idea of an extra-cosmic mind is a rational conclusion (and is rational to a greater extent than any phenomenological observation that we might assume to be "true"). Some claim to rebut Descartes' ontology citing his geometric analogy, which was based in the Cartesian paradigm of his day. This is no great difficulty however, another mathematical illustration might have been developed had Descartes knowledge of 21st century mathematics. In fact, Descartes asserts that his conclusion does not rest on his understanding of geometry (which was about to be overtaken by Newton's mathematics). He believes that he could provide "an infinity" of allegories to illustrate his ontology. Here we find an expression of how Descartes' struggle with vanity leads to some hasty proffers (finite beings cannot wholly examine an infinity, even if we accept the existence of such). Many other thinkers, who agreed with some of Descartes arguments, quickly took umbrage with his more disputable statements. Descartes then rebutted these rebuttals. In fact some of these arguments continue today. Such is Descartes' importance to [some say "modern"] philosophy.
There are still other interesting aspects to these essays: Descartes' method (which is sound), his interest in medicine, physiology, neurology, his anticipation and analysis of "artificial intelligence" (three centuries before science fiction writers 'invented' the idea). Also interesting is the author's plea to the public (the work is clearly addressed to a general readership and not to his nemesis, the Jesuits, as some reviewers mistakenly suggest). Noticeably struggling to maintain his humility, the brilliant Descartes asks to be left to his work in physics. Rather than taking precious time to explain and defend his theories, he wishes to be left alone to focus on his work, asking to be judged and explained by it after his death.

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