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All Love : A Guidebook For Healing With Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki And SKHM
Published in Paperback by Celestial Wellspring Publications (01 November, 1999)
Authors: Diane Ruth Shewmaker and Patrick Scott Zeigler
Amazon base price: $18.95
Used price: $9.79
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Average review score:

Can't wait for the teacher's edition!
As a SSR Master Teacher, I've been using this manual for my own Sekhem/Seichim/Reiki practice. The atunements in the back of the book are especially powerful and filled with love. For anyone interested in energy work, I would consider this required reading. Even if you have never been exposed to Reiki before and are interested in learning more about it from one of the best teachers out there (she attuned the woman who attuned me), this is a great book for novices as well as seasoned professionals.

A Jewel
When I opened the book and began to read about Seicheim, an Energy System I have been looking for more information on, I was delighted with the material. I felt it was well written, straight forward and very helpful for practitioners and anyone who is interested in Seichiem. It was as if I were in a class with Diane. I feel that anyone who is interested in working with energy will find the book very helpful. I do not know Diane and I have never taken a class with her or Patrick Zigler, but I am looking forward to taking a class from her very soon. Enjoy, the book is a Jewel.

Jannette Hopkins Auckland, Seichim Master/Teacher
I loved Diane's book. Patrick recommended this book to me and I'm glad he did. Diane has put a lot of time, love and effort into producing this book. I have found it very informative, well written and displayed. Two of my pupils have already purchased this book after seeing my copy! Another great book Diane!

We Borrow the Earth : An Intimate Portrait of the Gypsy Shamanic Tradition and Culture
Published in Paperback by Thorsons Pub (01 September, 2000)
Authors: Patrick Lee and Patrick Jasper Lee
Amazon base price: $16.00
Used price: $25.00
Buy one from zShops for: $5.95
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We Borrow the Earth...A Rom Gypsy story
Jasper's intimate expose of family lifeand history of the mysterious Tacho Drom..the music to my ears andeyes. I truly was enchanted and couldfeel the people in their journey fromIndia and the thousands of miles andyears that led them to North Wales. For me this book was healing and beingwhat he calls the diddiker, one quarterGypsy, made sense. The courage it tookto go public, and make a book availablethat the Gypsies and Gaujo world canparticipate with the fairy tales of ourIndo-European a greatconnecting link in a pluralistic society, here racism is a political wayof creating hatred and fear. Jasperdeals kindly with all aspects of religion and spiritual practices of theindigenous tribal people. There areeleven million gypsies of the Rom whobelong to the Romany Union, worldwide.I wish they knew about this book.Suzette Lynn Price...aka Sophia Mubarak

Must-read for gypsy and shamanic interests
Fascinating, warts-and-all first-person account of Gypsy life and traditions. His experiences are rich and his meditation suggestions make the Otherworld far more accessible than most books related to "magickal" studies. In this respect, it's a breakthrough book for shamanic explorations. However, even if you're simply interested in the context of Gypsy life, this can be a tremendously insightful book.

Believe in the reality of your imagination!
The Romani drom (path) calls individuals to believe in themselves and their imaginations. Not a book of initiations or techniques or an anthropological report of a tribe's practices, "We Borrow the Earth" vividly depicts key concepts and experiences in the development of an indigenous Romani Chovihano (shaman) as well as many examples from his students' own journeys to self-discovery. Through a gradual, grounded, earth-based process students of this path face challenges with the aid of fairy tale characters and structures familiar from childhood. Sleeping Beauty, Jack, ogres, castles - the characters and places which populate these journeys resonate with the ancient blood memory of those with Indo-European roots. Through these journeys, exercising our wits and senses, the students can find within what was always there - the courage, honesty, trust, and confidence to deal with the problems and opportunities in their everyday lives. We can learn to believe in ourselves again, as we did when we were children. If you read this book and if your heart is open, I believe you will find a magic key, an ancient memory. And you will find yourself longing to return to your 'wild,' natural and joyous self.

Writing and publishing this book required courage, honesty, and trust in the guidance of his Ancestors for Jasper Lee faced opposition and obstacles to sharing the Romani inner world. Having found the book even more enriching on a second reading, I thank him for facing these obstacles and not allowing his culture to be lost.

The Rainbow Meditation
Published in Audio Cassette by Circle of Light Publishing (01 May, 1993)
Author: Michaiel Patrick Bovenes
Amazon base price: $10.98
Used price: $10.95
Average review score:

Love It!
I have several meditation/relaxation tapes and this is by far my favorite. I like it so much I got rid of some of my others! This tape is soothing, relaxing and wonderful. Michaiel's voice is deep and fabulous. Each time I listen to the tape, something new reaches me and I continue to learn and benefit from it, it's not just the same thing over and over.

Beautiful colors, tranquil sensations....
i absolutely adore this meditation tape.
Never does it grow old....

Stepping thru the colors of the rainbow is always an exciting and peaceful adventure into the vibrational realm of color...
After using it several times, you literally can start to feel the shift of colors as you step thru each band he is describing....

This particular tape i enjoy using at the end of the day after i have worked long hours....

His voice is soothing, the music is beautiful, and unfortunately i usually end up asleep before the end of the tape because it sweeps me away.........

A definatel must have for one's meditation tape library............

Beautiful, Peaceful, Tranquil........ A must have....
Words cannot describe how beautiful the wording and the music is brought forth in this meditation...... The narrarotor has such a calm and soothing voice. It really helps me to relax, and i am usually asleep before the recroding is over... The way he describes the colors and the attributes that go along with them is breath-taking...........

A Little book of Forgiveness
Published in Paperback by Fearless Books (20 March, 1999)
Author: D. Patrick Miller
Amazon base price: $12.00
Used price: $5.00
Buy one from zShops for: $6.79
Average review score:

Everyone has someone to forgive. Read this book!
I have the original edition published in 1994 and was checking Amazon to see if it was still [around]. Boy am I thrilled to see it has been updated ... As a alcohol and drug abuse counselor in the past and now an Expat coach and work/life balance coach...I find this is one of the books that I consistently refer my clients to read. Everyone I have shared it with has found healing, growth and positive insight.

The concepts are simple, direct, and understandable. It helps you see areas in yourself and others that you may not even have realized you were harboring resentments or needed to forgive.

Read it...but also grasp it...practice it your life and you will find more joy.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
We all need to forgive others for having hurt us, whether intentionally or unintentionally. But to do that we must also learn to forgive ourselves for the wrongs we have committed against God and our neighbor. Miller writes succinctly about the selfishness of not forgiving yourself and releasing yourself to do good in the world. It is arrogance to hold a grievance against yourself or others. Drawing from 'A Course in Miracles', Miller expands on the them that every thought is either a loving response or a cry for help. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone needs forgiveness. God gives us the gift of forgiveness and we should likewise extend this (seemingly undeserved) favor to everyone including our own selves. This is one of the books I give in my Christian counseling practice. I give it my highest recommendation. Everyone should read this 'little' book.

Also recommended: Choosing Happiness (Veronica Ray), The Road Less Traveled (M. Scott Peck), A Course in Miracles (anonymous), The Practical Guide to Real Christianity (S. Theriault)

This book offers both exposure to this concept and methods.
Forgiveness is a concept I never grasped. I always simply dismissed it as a religious process available to a particular denomination. I remained burdened due to this limited view. When I was given this book,THE LITTLE BOOK OF FORGIVENESS, many things happened. A clarity of thought came first, an acceptable course of action next, and release at last

Rapture or Renaissance - A View from the Sky
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Anonymous Publishing, Inc. (01 July, 1998)
Author: Thomas Patrick
Amazon base price: $12.00
List price: $15.00 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $0.79
Collectible price: $10.05
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Rapture or Renaissance Shakes the Universe
Mr. Patrick sets out to write a "new story for a new age" and accomplishes that and more. Mr. Patrick's work and his life sing out in strange voices never heard before. His mind focuses the light from a million stars and spills it in warm radiant rainbows on the page. The words and the book themselves are less important than what they represent: a wonderful fanciful impossible quixotic dream made real. Thomas Patrick is not a myth. He is a legend of the road, a true rambler, and what a long strange trip it's been!

Intriguing critique of America and what to be done to fix it
Mr. Patrick turns a critical eye toward the US while offering educated and insightful recommendations on how to keep us all safe from ourselves. Tackling issues of economics, religion and politics, he asks the question as to whether we can find a path lit with hope for our future. This no-holds-barred, straight shooting, fact-laden essay is presented with wit and insight resulting in a composition that is sure to raise the hackles of fundamentalists, conservatives, and isolationists alike. Thoroughly enjoyable and right on the money. READ THIS BOOK!!!

Nice job connecting the dots
I enjoyed this book and felt Patrick has a strong command of connectiviety. By this I mean building logical bridge between multiple thought disiplines which creates greater meaning than the individual componest by themselves.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
Published in Audio Cassette by Audio Literature (1998)
Authors: Sogyal, Lisa Brewer, Charles Tart, Michael Toms, Sogyal Rinpoche, Patrick D. Gaffney, and Andrew Harvey
Amazon base price: $19.57
List price: $27.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $19.95
Average review score:

A necessary read for seekers...
My bookshelves are filled with books on many topics, including death and dying and spirituality -- this book might be the only book I really need.

For years I have thought I must read the Tibetan Book of the Dead -- but whenever I tried, it was much too complicated for me to understand.

Sogyal Rinpoche has written this book so that it is easily understood by anyone, even us Westerners, without compromising any of the Buddhist teachings it offers.

In essence, we begin to die the moment we are born. We spend this life preparing to die well. Nothing is permanent, but we spend much of our lives filling our time with activities and pursuits that help us elude ourselves into thinking that what we see and touch is all that matters.

Sogyal Rinpoche says, "To follow the path of wisdom has never been more urgent or more difficult. Our society is dedicated almost entirely to the celebration of ego, with all its sad fantasies about success and power, and it celebrates those very forces of greed and ignorance that are destroying the planet. It has never been more difficult to hear the unflattering voice of the truth, and never more difficult, once having heard it, to follow it: because there is nothing in the world around us that supports our choice, and the entire society in which we live seems to negate every idea of sacredness or eternal meaning. So at the time of our most acute danger, when our very future is in doubt, we as human beings find ourselves at our most bewildered, and trapped in a nightmare of our own creation."

He writes about the importance of realizing the interconnectedness of all living beings (including nature), of meditation (and gives instructions and advice), of finding and being devoted to a good master (something very difficult for Westerners to accept -- he acknowledges that there are fraudulent ones about), of learning to live and learning to die, of letting go of egos and becoming egolessness. Throughout the book, he tells of female masters as well as males, something female readers may greatly appreciate.

Sogyal Rinpoche is from Tibet, and speaks of the cruelty of the Chinese to the Tibetan Buddhists (very similar to the persecution of the early christians, and later the Jews by the Nazis -- when will we ever learn, but then that's the point of this book!)

In the last section of the book, he speaks of "The Universal Process" which is about spirituality, living and dying of all humans, regardless of race, spiritual beliefs, gender or national origin. There are in the back two mantras with explanations and he shares photographs of his beloved masters. Throughout the book are inspiring poems from such poets as Rumi and St. Francis of Assisi, as well as Buddhists. In the very back he gives suggested readings, and offers phone numbers and addresses of Rigpa National Office, where those who are interested can find referrals to cources and study groups in the US, Canada and around the world.

This book is a very good place for the seeker to begin. For those curious about Buddhism, or seriously interested in becoming a Buddha or a Buddhist, or just looking for more thoughts and information on death and dying, this book is excellent, easy to understand, thought-provoking.

An eye-opener of a read
This book is like an armour for those like minded people that want a deeper understanding of life and the nature of mind. Sogyal Rinpoche takes lengths to explain in detailed chapters, the MEANING and PURPOSE of life, death and dying; how we can use our true nature of mind to overcome difficulties, and use compassion and meditation to become enlightened in this life. This is a serious book for those that want to follow the spiritual path, of believing and listening to the inner self and overcoming obstacles by healing one's self first. Sogyal Rinpoche has a lot of wisdom to teach and share through his words, and you will find that the end of the last page, you had everything to gain.

a lamp post on the road
This book should be read by or to everyone at some point in their lives. It not is not just for the buddhist. As His Holiness, the Dalia Lama explains, no matter what religion you practice the goal is the same: happiness. This book can be an inspiration at all times in life. Once you have read it through once, it is organized in such a way, so one can go back and read certain sections to help along the way. Sogyal Rinpoche captures the essence of his purpose of creating the book when he writes: "to learn how to die, is to learn how to live." That simple statement is a social commentary on the development of modern society and the direction it is heading in. The ageing and dying are quickly isolated and doctors are rarely educated in emotional or spiritual care. Sogyal Rinpoche's proposes a new attidute to those who are in a stage that we all will reach at some point. His beautiful writing style and comforting compassion radiates from the pages themselves. I do not associate myself with any one religion, but consider myself a wanderer following my own road in search for answers, for all those who feel the same, this book can illuminate some of the darkness that surrounds us all who have not yet awakened.

Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld
Published in Hardcover by Pine Winds Press (2003)
Author: Patrick Harpur
Amazon base price: $28.00
Used price: $27.65
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Average review score:

Encyclopedic, learned treatment of a strange subject
Harpur gives us a taxonomy of spirits - some will be recognizable to those familiar with this strange field, others might be new. For example, Harpur describes a series of strange,, phantom social workers who visited homes a few years ago in England. One thing about these social workers, and the men-in-black described by John Keel in The Mothman Prophecies, is how they seem to dress and act in ways that are exaggerated stereotypes. The female social workers with their hair in tight little buns, and the MIB's in their improbably starched white shirts. It is as if these characters were dressing for a part, and overdid it just a bit. The serious ghost hunters reference Harpur's book for its thoughtfulness, and often put it up there will Charles Fort and Jacques Valle in its impact. Recommended.......but destined to sit aside lesser works under the New Age banner at your local bookstore. That has always been the problem with this frustrating field - preaching to the chior.

A book of the Anima Mundi
This is a book of the Anima Mundi, the living soul of the world. It is this soul (like Jung's collective unconscience) that serves as a great reservoir of primordial images. Prior to the age of rigid religious dogma, and equally rigid scientific materialism, human beings naturally seemed to tap into this living soul that permeates and unites all. Indeed, people actively sought to tap into this "otherworld" to gain guidance and gifts for themselves and the community.
Now, even though modern man no longer believes in such things, this "otherworld" is as potent as it ever was. Perhaps it is more so, for if people ignore and repress this alternate reality, it seems to "break out" into the "real" world with even more insistence. Harpur speculates that such unexplained phenomena as fairies, UFO's, angels, Yetis, crop circles, lake monsters, etc., all represent such breakthroughs by the otherworld.
This is indeed an important and ground breaking book, not because it contains anything truly new, but because it reemphasises something quite old- perhaps older than the species itself, perhaps the fount from which we came....
Above all, just because modern men are through with the otherworld does not mean that It is through with us. Not at all.

Get it back in print!
One of the best books on anomalous events I have ever read. To often in reporting things such as bigfoot, UFOs, or the like, the event is merely ridiculed as a hoax or delusion or fit into an acceptable point of view, whether that viewpoint is scientific, theological or some form of common sense. Investigators of bigfoot usually try to explain it as some form of giant primate. In the Himalayas or the remote forests of the northwest that might be believable. But in Oklahoma? Ufologists usually try to stress how consistent the reports from around the world are, claiming that this shows that a single reality, a "real" reality, is behind them. They are anything but consistent. UFO encounters are weird. They don't fit a pattern, at least not that UFOs are extraterrestrial craft. Patrick Harpur does not "explain" these events, but he does shed a great deal of light on them. I highly recommend his book if you are lucky enough to get a hold of a copy.

Complete Story of the Course: The History, the People, and the Controversies Behind "A Course in Miracles"
Published in Paperback by Fearless Books (1997)
Author: D. Patrick Miller
Amazon base price: $12.76
List price: $15.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $5.50
Buy one from zShops for: $7.46
Average review score:

To an Outsider...
This book was extremely helpful in finding out exactly what the Course is all about.

When someone asked me last week what I thought of "A Course in Miracles", I realzied that although I had heard the name for years I knew *nothing* of what it was, where it came from, or what it taught.

Mr. Miller's book did a good job of explaining what the Course is, and the gist of it's message. In the course of this, he convinced me that Helen Schuckman had a genuine spiritual experience -- something I was prepared to doubt, before.

I am not a "seeker" -- I have an active & fulfilling spiritual life, that does not include the Course. And I have neither the time nor desire to read The Course as a primary text, simply to learn *about* it.

Because of this, I found Mr. Miller's book invaluable.

Well researched and beautifully written
With this book Mr. Miller has done something for which Course students will be thankful for generations to come, detailed the unusual and complicated history of "A Course In Miracles." He has also interviewed and profiled the key players in Course commentary: Kenneth Wapnick PhD and Gloria Wapnick (founders of "Foundation for A Course In Miracles"), Marianne Williamson (author of "A Return to Love"), Gerald Jampolsky (author of "Love is Letting Go of Fear"), members and former members of Endeavor Academy are interviewed, and Tara Singh (author of "How to Learn From A Course In Miracles") is mentioned. Though not interviewed, the two Course co-scribes, Helen Schucman and William Thetford, are profiled as well (with a picture of them, the only picture in the book, included).

The Course is not easy to classify. It has Christian themes and terminology, but it's not Christianity. It has the compassion of Buddhism, but it's not Buddhist. It has Hindu-like non-duality, but is not Hindu. It has the Freudian analysis of the ego, yet it's not pure psychoanalysis. It was "channeled," but it's not Edgar Cayce. It is currently embraced mostly by those within the "New Age," but it contains no rituals or crystal gazing, no mention of UFOs or planetary alignment, no aura work, no meditations, no chants, no laying-on-of-hands, no directions for group work, no lessons on the development of psychic powers, and none of the "positive thinking" and prosperity consciousness that is the hallmark of most New Age paths. In fact, since the Course's aim is removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, Kenneth Wapnick has commented that the Course could even be termed "negativism" because it encourages its readers to look at, and not deny, the mess they have made of their own lives and minds. What category, then, does the Course fit into? None. It will have to define its own genre. This will be a long time coming; but by writing this book, D. Patrick Miller has aided in creating the category the Course must define for itself.

A fascinating thing about D. Patrick Miller is that while he is a student of the Course, he admits that there are aspects of the Course that he is not completely comfortable with - the Christian language of the Course being one, the exclusive use of male terms to refer to the Divine being another. Mr. Miller has even stated that the Course, and its origin, sometimes just seems "too strange" for him to believe. This frankness adds a dimension of honesty that any reader would appreciate. Mr. Miller is a beautiful writer, and this book not only details the interesting history of the Course and how it was scribed, it also gives a brief introduction to Course theory and metaphysics and how it compares to other religions. One of my favorite sections of this book is the "personal stories" section where "students" (to be a student of the Course simply means you read the three books [recently published as a three-in-one volume]) relate how they found the Course, how it has effected their lives, and how much of the Course theory they accept or reject (some students accept the Course theory completely, some accept only aspects of it, some mix the Course with other spiritual teachings).

As is my usual custom with books that touch me, I wrote to the author to thank him for his work. Mr. Miller kindly replied to my letter and even aided further in my understanding of Course theory. I am very thankful for the aid he gave me, and I am thankful that he wrote this book. I continue to reference "The Complete Story of the Course" from time to time and I am always amazed to find interesting passages that I seemed to have missed before. I always recommend this book to people interested in the Course, either as potential students or people simply curious about the phenomenon.

An Excellent Helper For All ACIM Students
My personal word of thanks for D. Patrick Miller's excellent work on the story of the Course. I first read it about three years ago and as a result I have been able to make contact with many Course students and organizations around the world. It also assisted me in dealing with my personal fears of criticism of the Course by allowing me to examine them head on. Mr. Miller is a very professional writer who has done a great job of stepping past his personal thoughts and sharing the thoughts of many (something that not all journalists are known for). I firmly recommend this book to all students of the Course as not only an excellent way to find out about various Course organizations but also as an excellent history book of the Course itself.

May I also mention that I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Miller at the "ACIM Into The New Millennium" conference in San Francisco this past February and I have to say that he is a very approachable, caring, down to earth, humorous man. I fully appreciated the time spent visiting with him personally and attending his workshop. I know that he has an ego just like the rest of us, however, he hides it very well:-).

The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials
Published in Paperback by Avon Books (Pap Trd) (1996)
Authors: Patrick Huyghe and Harry Trumbore
Amazon base price: $12.50
Used price: $2.50
Collectible price: $4.45
Buy one from zShops for: $3.85
Average review score:

Concise, fun, and informative
For readers intrigued by alleged UFO occupant encounters and close encounters of the third kind, Patrick Huyghe's "The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials" is a fascinating reference that reflects the same academic sensibility on display in "The Field Guide to UFOs." This book is a holistic (and unnerving) rogues' gallery of ETs, categorized according to characteristics and presented in informed, concise chapters. Harry Trumbore's exacting illustrations help bring Huyghe's text to life. "The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials" is as much fun as UFO books get.

Great pictures
I liked the pictures and how he grouped the aliens by type and put their distingusing characteristics their height and the story behind it. I wish there were more books like it. Also I'm not an idiot.

A fantastic book . "If you want to know who they are."
This is a great book. What I like about it was that It had a great guide of alien life forms,how they look and people claim they have encounterd. It is a great, fantastic guide!!!

The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor: Initiatic and Historical Documents of an Order of Practical Occultism
Published in Hardcover by Red Wheel/Weiser (1995)
Authors: Joscelyn Godwin, Christian Chanel, and John Patrick Deveney
Amazon base price: $25.00
Used price: $32.98
Buy one from zShops for: $24.99
Average review score:

Wonderful Book. Well-Researched and documented. Important.
This is a Wonderful Book, although it burst my Bubble a few years ago. I consider this book to be a *very* important addition to any Occultist or Esoteric Freemason's library.

In 1991, I joined "The Brotherhood of Light," based in CA, (currently going by the name of "The Church of Light") and I thought I had joined a prestigious Occult organization. Their history was documented back to T.H. Burgoyne and the organization was "reformed" by C.C. Zain (aka Elbert Benjamine), but prior to this time period, they claimed lineage from "The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor."

The BofL newsletters had pictures of Max Theon, etc., and the organization was supposedly founded upon "The Light of Egypt, Vol. I & II," by T.H. Burgoyne, after a period of time in-which they were supposedly named "The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor." However, "The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor: Initiatic and Historical Documents of an Order of Practical Occultism," by Joscelyn Godwin, et al, disputes the CofL/BofL connection to "The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light."
With all this Pedigree stuff, I thought I was a member of a Big Deal occult organization.... then, when the internet age hit, I was utterly baffled by the fact that NO ONE took the CofL/BofL seriously.....
....until, I read this book!
Basically, all the bizarre and nonsensical aspects of the organization I had Previously held afiliation with suddenly made-sense.
"The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor: ....," by Joscelyn Godwin, et al, really opened my eyes and saved me a lot of money.
Luckily, I had not sunk much money into the organization--a very small amount, in fact, due to scepticism on a local level.
I strongly recommend this book to Occult Practitioners and Esoteric Freemasons. Waite's "Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry" is also very enlightening in regards to these organizations and "T.H. Burgoyne" and "Max Theon."
Apparently, Mr. T.H. Burgoyne was quite a shyster !
This historical account of "The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor" really helped me out, prevented numerous headaches, and saved me a lot of money.
It seems that "T.H. Burgoyne's" motto of "Omnia Vincit Veritas" was rather self-defeating.

A delight!
This book really goes back to the beginnings of occultism. I would suggest reading
Paschal Beverly Randolph: A Nineteenth-Century Black American Spiritualist, Rosicrucian, and Sex Magician (Suny Series in Western Esoteric Traditions)
first, however; as you will get more out of it if you have a context to put it in.

The Most Complete Work on the HBL Ever!
The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor has become "en vogue" lately among certain circles of occultists and occult historians. This book, unlike others written by persons of questionable academic reputation, gives a complete and unbiased account of the HBL, its structure, system, and personalities.

Complete and concise, contains several useful documents including sources for high degree OTO materials, this book is a must-have in the library of any serious occultist.

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