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Mao (Profiles in Power Series)
Published in Paperback by Longman (25 September, 2000)
Author: Shaun G. Breslin
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List price: $13.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $4.98
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I think this book was written for me!
I love this book! It's about time someone really noticed the magic of vanilla, the #1 flavor of a truly adventurous personality. Make Mine Vanilla is packed with many excellent recipes for my favorite indulgences. Chocolate lovers, bah humbug to your bitter beans!

Historical Analysis: Contemporary Approaches to Clio's Craft
Published in Hardcover by Krieger Publishing Company (1985)
Author: Richard E. Beringer
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Used price: $5.00
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martha from west virginia
If you are looking for a reference book on quotes from past leaders or if you just need inspiration from these leaders, this is the book for you. My husband is in the military and he uses examples from this book frequently, along with a lesson in history that corresponds and I also have given a copy of this book to my father-in-law. He is a civil war buff and he loved my husband's book. I highly recommend this book to historians, students and people who are just interested in the civil war and the heroes of the south.

Robert E Lee: Young Confederate
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (1999)
Authors: Helen Albee Monsell, James Arthur, and Gray Morrow
Amazon base price: $10.16
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Robert E Lee
Knute Rocken Young Athelete by Guernsey Van Riper an excellent book for kids eleven to fifteen years of age. I would recommend
this book to boys more then girls because of the fact the main charter is a
young man and in the most parts of the book is about Knute as an
athlete. In this book, Knute the main charter, does many breath taking
things. Guernsey Van Riper Jr. gets the reader caught on his hook to
read this book. The events make them want to fall out of their chair.
Knute has a sister Anne who takes him out to the berry patch to gather
berries. On their way back from the berry patch Knute decides that he
wants to go swimming so Anne gives in and joins Knute. Suddenly . I
will leave you hanging. Try to get your hands on this book before it is
gone, Also try to get your hands on some of the other books that Guernsey
Van Riper Jr. has written.

Robert E. Lee
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (2001)
Author: Patricia Grabowski
Amazon base price: $17.25
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A nice introduction to the life of General Robert E. Lee
Robert E. Lee is still considered one of the greatest military leaders in American history, which is rather ironic since he achieved his successes on battlefields against Federal troops. In this juvenile biography, Patricia A. Grabowski explains how this fine young man became a gentleman soldier, appointed to West Point by President Andrew Jackson. She does a nice job of setting up Lee's difficult decision to resign from the Army when his state of Virginia seceded from the Union and showing how Lee came to be put in the position of leading the armies of the Confederacy. The attempts to explain the strategic and tactical brilliance of Lee, as well as his fatal error at Gettysburg, are less successful, but Grabowski does make an effort. However, what we have here is definitely a solid introductory biography for young readers interested in Lee and the Civil War.

This book is illustrated mostly with historical paintings (many of which you will see in other volumes in the Famous Figures of the Civil War Era series), as well as some contemporary photographs of a few Lee related sites. Sidebars provided some additional details on Lee's life and the events covered. As always, the fact that these books insist on calling their subjects by their first name continues to nag at me. Marse Robert I could accept, but calling Lee "Robert" the entire book just sounds strange. Sorry.

Robert E. Lee (First Book)
Published in School & Library Binding by Franklin Watts, Incorporated (1993)
Author: Marian G. Cannon
Amazon base price: $22.00
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A solid little biography of General Robert E. Lee
This juvenile biography of Robert E. Lee focuses on the man as one of the most distinguished and respected generals in U.S. history. The fact that this military service was done in service to the Confederate States of America, and therefore in support of the institution of slavery, is ultimately explained by the words beneath Lee's statue in the Hall of Fame in the United States Congress: "Duty then is the sublimest word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less."

Marian G. Cannon begins this study with Lee's decision to refuse President Lincoln's offer to take command of the Federal armies at the start of the Civil War because of Lee's loyalty to his native Virginia. This speaks to one of the hardest issues for young students to understand: the idea of putting your state above your country. Consequently, the book begins with Lee being born as a Southerner the goes on to cover his marriage, early military career during the Mexican War, and then his leadership of the Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War.

This is a solid biography of Lee, that covers all of the basics in a fairly objective manner. The book is illustrated with historical photographs and paintings of the life and times of Robert E. Lee. Younger students assigned to do a research project on Lee will find this a good place to start. Other First Books on the Civil War look at Ulysses S. Grant, the Battle of Gettysburg, and the battle of the ironclads.

Robert E. Lee Soldier of the South
Published in Library Binding by Putnam Pub Group Library (1900)
Author: J. Rikhoff
Amazon base price: $4.49
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Collectible price: $13.76
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Great Book
As far as children's books were concerned, this was my favorite. I am 33 years old now, but first read this book when I was 7. By the time I had left the elementary school (from which library I obtained the work) at age 8, I had read it at least 7 times (no kidding, I knew much of it by heart). Although today I have chosen engineering as my profession, that early exposure has led to an intense lifetime interest in history. I am indebted to the author, and it's a shame that I can't tell that person how much their work impacted me 25 or 26 years ago, and still does today. recently found me an out of print copy of this book. Fortunately, now I'll have the opportunity to share it with others in the future.

Robert E. Lee: A Portrait
Published in Hardcover by Homestead Pub (1996)
Author: Margaret Sanborn
Amazon base price: $19.57
List price: $27.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $15.00
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THE Biography of a great man
This has got to be the authoritative biography on Robert E. Lee. Ms. Sanborn shows all sides of Lee: the husband, father, soldier, friend, and loyal Virginia resident.
Including primary sources ad nauseam, this book gives you all the silver and none of the dross.
If any person dismisses Lee as a traitor (which I heard a man say) they show their ignorance of a noble life. They should also read this book.
Also, the author does not hesitate to state the shortcomings of Lee (although there weren't many).

Roughdrafts: The Process of Writing
Published in Paperback by Houghton Mifflin College (1986)
Authors: Alice Heim Calderonello and Bruce Lee Edwards
Amazon base price: $28.36
Used price: $4.95
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Best General Introduction to Writing Ever
This is absolutely the best general introduction to writing I have ever read.

Safe House: The Compelling Memoirs of the Only CIA Spy to Seek Asylum in Russia (An Enigma Book)
Published in Hardcover by Acacia Press, Inc. (1995)
Author: Edward Lee Howard
Amazon base price: $23.95
Used price: $12.63
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Safe House: The Compelling Memoirs of the Only CIA Spy...
Great story written by Howard himself.

Snake Camp
Published in Library Binding by Turtleback Books Distributed by Demco Media (2000)
Authors: George Edward Stanley and Jared D. Lee
Amazon base price: $10.44
Used price: $9.70
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Funny, Clever Book!
Our son has always been afraid of snakes - until he read SNAKE CAMP. Now, while he's not exactly a snake charmer yet, he is interested in overcoming his fear of snakes. This is a funny, very clever book that also has a very important message.

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