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Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women & Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood
Published in Paperback by New Society Pub (1997)
Authors: Linda Wolf, Wolf Linda, Linda Wolf, and Wind K. Hughes
Amazon base price: $13.97
List price: $19.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $1.24
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I cannot begin to express my fondness for this book. It is truely excellent. I was given the book for my 16th birthday. It has opened my eyes to what I really am and has taught me to love myself for who I am. The Daughter/Sisters project, the inspiration begin the book, is an excellent program. Infact, the author of the book lives in my home town. I was able to meet her, and since knowing her, I have become best friends with her daughter, one of the young women to tell her story in the book. It is a pleasure to know the minds behind such a wonderful book. I highly recommend it for those of you in search of you identity.

incredibly heart felt, unbelievably brave
"Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun" is the most enlightening book I have ever read into the hearts and souls of young girls and young women. It confirms every fear and every joy I ever had as a young girl. I only wish this book and the Focus Group inwhich it was born from were around when I was growing up. Even today--in my 30's--it spoke to me and made me feel I can make a difference in the upbringing of my young niece. I highly reccommend this book to everyone who ever wanted to make a difference in the lives of young women--and, also,young men.

Awesome perspective on the lives of females...
This book is a great representation of the problems and triumphs of females. I can't say that I identified with all the stories but I found them to be a learning experience. The authors of this book and many of the girls who told their stories are neighbors of mine, and it was a little strange to read about people I know like that. But over all it was excellent!

In the Mouth of the Wolf
Published in Paperback by Jewish Publication Society (1983)
Author: Rose Zar
Amazon base price: $9.95
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One of the best books I've ever read
This book was wonderful. My...sister brought it home for a book report. I was astonished that I finished it in under three hours. I couldn't put it down. I will also admit I cried in joy at the ending. As much as I appreciate the hardships and grief associated with the Holocaust, I liked hearing about someone who made it and found an amazing and courageous happiness even within her plight.

Fascinating and incredibly intriguing
This book really caught the attention of my heart and soul to the very bottom. I don't think I could have pssoibly put it down, the book really talked to me and I could feel everything that Ms. Rose Zar went through, each tingling feeling. She wrote this book so entirely incredible with each word filterig through your very mind. I cannot tell you enough how much this book has meant to me. I cried, I laughed, and thought hardly in every well-written chapter. Every human being on this earth, should have the pleasure of reading this book!

The story of an Indiana teacher's haunting Shoah childhood
The genocide of six million Jewish citizens from various European countries is an incomprehensible number and the collaboration or passivity of a majority of their neighbors and community leaders, who aided in their murder and other crimes against humanity, is a history too monstrous to imagine then or now. However the witness of survivors like Rose Zar and the testaments left behind like those of Anne Frank and others makes it clear to the rest of us, what really did happen and for us, to be constantly on call, so to speak, to respond to brutality, because the unthinkable is possible.

Rose Zar's autobiography came to me soon after its original publication in 1983, and by the way of one of her former religious school students from Sinai Temple in South Bend, Indiana, who was a roommate of mine at the time in the American Southwest. I had heard of Rose prior to the arrival of this important book because of the fond vignettes shared by my roommate and of his circle of childhood friends who had grown up together in South Bend and who all had been her students. They were a small group of American born children and like most Jewish kids from Indiana; they had all gone away to college and with their diplomas had wandered across the state line to more cosmopolitian places. Of that small group one is a famous Beverly Hills jeweler, whose important gems adorn our favorite stars on Oscar night. My roommate was absorbed in his medical residency, when "In the Mouth of the Wolf" arrived from Indiana, and so I read the biography and each evening gave my friend a debriefing of the chapters read thereto by his former teacher.

Having known Holocaust survivors most of my life, or since I was able to acknowledge their history, I hadn't been able to comprehend their horrors. Rose made that horror palatable when portraying the night she hid in the bushes while a search patrol probed the foliage. Recalling childhood games of hide-and-seek and the heart pounding sensation when about to be discovered hinted at the horror of Rose's ordeal when her mission to remain hidden wasn't a game, but meant her survival. There were many poignant illustrations that made this tome a landmark in my personal library's shoah collection. This is a biography that I had shared with my late maternal Grandmother's retirement neighbors in Sun City, Arizona, both concentration camp survivors, who I had known all my life, but whose individual biographies including the horrors they each had suffered, I shall never know. Having read Mrs. Zar's telling story, and hearing their praises of her eloquence and motion picture recommendations, I bravely asked when they might write their own stories. Perhaps their answer was all I needed to know. They hadn't fared, as luckily as had Rose, who had indeed remained hidden in the mouth of the wolf. Israel, who had lost a young son and a previous wife, answered my query: "You have to believe what you write, and I still can not believe what happened!"

This is not only the story of a young European woman who survived the Holocaust, but that of a lady who became an educator in Indiana, and who has become a voice in the annuals of Hoosier Jewry and the 200 years of Jewish life that has existed in our state since the old Northwest period. She is one of many survivors, who found refuge in America and lives about the towns and cities of Indiana and across the land, but unlike some has a mission to teach and to tell of the genocide that befell the once thriving Jewries of Europe not so many years ago. A story that the too often isolationist heartland should know, and a tome that should be added to the 'Indiana Room' collections of all our state's community libraries. I donated a copy to my town's public collection as well as to my congregational library.

The Sword of the Sun (Joe Dever's Legends of Lone Wolf, No 4)
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Berkley Pub Group (1991)
Authors: Joe Dever, John Grant, and Brian Williams
Amazon base price: $3.95
Used price: $6.00
Collectible price: $9.00
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The WHOLE Series
Just for the record there are MORE than 12 books. Furthermore, yes, they are incredible. It's an ongoing adventure with a fantastic plot. I've used them to get my students into reading allowing them to DO something with their reading. But yes, there are more than 12, I DO in fact have them all and am NOT in fact interested in parting with them.

Great Series
The Lone Wolf series is a great series. I have all 12 books and am going through them all again. Get this book.

brillant book,period.
The book basically brings you right smack into the surreal world,whereby evil and good fight for control.I can say joe dever moves you with all the vivid memories of how lone wolf journeys through the land to arrive at durenor to get the sommerswerd.The book made me think about life in fact and could even control my feelings[angry,sad,etc.]with the vivid descriptions of the situations.UNFORTUNATELY the books are all out of print.I just wish joe dever would actually consider reprinting new issues,as i never had a chance to find out how lone wolf developed in the later issues.PLEASE DO REPUBLISH THE BOOKS.

War of the Wizards (The World of Lone Wolf, Book 4)
Published in Paperback by Berkley Pub Group (1987)
Authors: Ian Page, Joe Dever, and Paul Bonner
Amazon base price: $3.99
Used price: $1.99
Collectible price: $6.00
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Great Story and Great Game!
This game has an excellent RPG system and storyline.
I like the 'random # table' and 'combat results table' Dever uses in this book (and other RPG books of his). The book is just like a video game with all the options that you can do (Which makes those "Choose Your Own Adventure Books" I played as a kid a big joke) and many options in the battles (fight, cast a spell from your staff, flee, use item, etc.). The story is gets a little complex as your character uses his newfound powers of the moonstone to defeat an evil wizard in book 4.

the whole series is great! I wish there were as many sequels as in the original lone wolf series!

Incredible Adventure!!
Grey Star has his work cut out for him. As the finale of the series, Dever and Page really went the full nine yards to create a quest that is not only suspenseful, but challenging. I would have to say that my favorite moment is when you are being chased by a thousand ugly demons and your horse is put out of commission. You are left with two options: run 20 miles to safety, or die! There are new challenges around every corner. I wish that more of this series was written.

The Cauldron of Fear (Lone Wolf, No 9)
Published in Paperback by Berkley Pub Group (1988)
Authors: Joe Dever and Gary Chalk
Amazon base price: $4.50
Used price: $0.95
Collectible price: $3.50
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the whole series is great

The most exciting lone wolf story to date
Lone Wolf is betrayed by those he trusted and is thrown head first into a dark abyss that spans time and space. This book logs his journey back to the realm in which he came from. Along the journey he finds one of the covented moonstones, and battles fiends that have never walked the face of Mangnamund

the most thrilling and adventorous book I have ever read
If you like sourcery's and sword fights, this is the book for you. I started reading when I was seven, and I've been hooked ever since. This was the first book I read, and I still have it in pretty good condition.

The Cry of the Wolf
Published in Turtleback by Demco Media (1994)
Author: Melvin Burgess
Amazon base price: $11.05
Buy one from zShops for: $9.98
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Melvin Burgess's first novel,The Cry of the Wolf is without a doubt my most favorite book I have ever read! It is a compelling story about the greediness of a deranged man, also known as the hunter. But if I left you with that you would not have truely understood this novel. The Cry of the Wolf is also about the strugle that last wolf in England is put throught to survive. Even if you do not like wolfs this book is still one that should be on every young readers shelf. Although there is some vilonce and crude nature, so I reccomend that children should be ten at the youngest when they read this book. ...

WoW! This has been one of my favorite books since I got it a few years ago. I've read it at least 10 times and lent it to most of my friends. It's billed as a children's book, but it's fairly violent, sometimes chillingly so. I would wait to give it to kids until they're 12 or so. Evil is personified as the Hunter, who is never given a name, only his Occupation to identify him. Grey Cub, on the other hand, is a wolf who seems at times almost human. Between the Hunter and his prey stands Ben Tilley, who loves the wolves, and doesn't realize that he's opening the door to their extinction when he tells a stranger that they exist.........

The Cry of the Wolf is my all time favourite book, I loved it! I thought it was really awesome, and have read it at least eight times! I totally recommend it, especially if you like wolves! It's really sad in some parts, but I think the ending was good. :)

Grey Star the Wizard (The World of Lone Wolf Book 1)
Published in Paperback by Berkley Pub Group (1988)
Authors: Ian Page and Joe Dever
Amazon base price: $4.50
Used price: $0.69
Collectible price: $3.50
Buy one from zShops for: $8.50
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Shianti Magic
The "World of Lone Wolf" series was, without doubt, the most enjoyable role-playing gamebook series I ever played.

The combat/survival system is similar to that employed by the Lone Wolf series, but with the added concept of "willpower" points, (which represent, essentially, Grey Star's magic resources). The player selects five of seven magical powers to use before starting the adventure.

The series is lavishly illustrated by Paul Bonner's artwork, and each volume contains a colour map of South Magnamund.

I was quite young when I played these adventures, and I would wait breathlessly and impatiently for each new volume to come out. The world which Ian Page and Joe Dever create is romantic and captivating. All the magic creatures in the story are unique to the world of Magnamund - no elves or dragons - which adds the special feeling of the books.

Grey Star always has companions in his adventures - giants, theives, ape-men (sorry, Kundi), but the most notable is the wytch girl, Tanith, who continues throughout the whole series.

Great intro of a four book seies
If you want to get this book (which is a good idea if you like fantasy), be sure to get the other 3 books! Very adventurous and fun.

A great introduction to the four-book series!
A wonderfully new exotic atmosphere greets the reader in the 1st book of the Grey Star series.

Set in the world of Southern Magnamund, a world away from the adventures of the hero Lone Wolf, whose series has won numerous awards and encompasses three mini-series as well as off-shoots, Grey Star the Wizard begins with Grey Star sailing from the Isle of Lorn, where his mentors, the Shianti wizards, have self-exiled themselves. Many years ago the Shianti created a magical artefact called the Moonstone, but this relic disrupted the balance of the world of Magnamund, and the Shianti were forced to seal it into a Trianon in the plane of Daziarn as well as remain forever on the Isle of Lorn.

Some time later, a great wizard called Shasarak rose to power. Aided by the Shadakine, great warriors from the Sadai Desert, Shasarak brutally destroyed all major nations of Southern Magnamund, creating a vast empire. The Shianti watched with fear as Shasarak grew in power, and someday the fates have promised that the evil tyrant will cross the Sea of Dreams to the Isle of Lorn and fight with the Shianti for total domination once and for all...

Aided by seven sisters, the Shadakine Wytches, who possess mastery of animal language, evil magic, and the Kazim Stones, magical hearts of creatures of stone, Shasarak also mastered vast legions of daemons and spirits, and has ruthlessly persecuted the pilgrims of the Shianti and other religions. Once, long ago, Shasarak had control of a wondrous but terrible artefact called the Sunstone, a gem that had the power of the sun, but its abuse led to the destruction of an entire civilization...with power like that the Wytch-King has all of the human nations in his iron grip.

The Shianti, unable to help, prayed for assistance. And on the stormy night when Shasarak was crowned King of the Shadakine Empire, a ship ran aground. Nobody remained alive, save a small child, which the Shianti named Grey Star, for the streak of grey in the child's hair. The Shianti cannot help mankind, but Grey Star, being human, can..

Road to Avalon
Published in Hardcover by Bt Bound (1999)
Author: Joan Wolf
Amazon base price: $11.70
Average review score:

I was blown away
I just happened to glance at this book at a used book store and it looked as if it could be pretty good. I love the Arthurian legend and read anything I can about it. Not since Mists of Avalon have I been so blown away by an Arthurian novel. Joan Wolf takes the traditional story and changes it ever so slightly here and there to make this almost all-too-familiar story fresh and new. I developed a new feeling for this tragic story that has become so familiar to me. It's been a while since a book has left me feeling so completely drained of emotion afterwards. I thank the gods that I was at home when I finished it and not at work or on the bus. I broke down in almost gut-wrenching sobs. I didn't realize this book was out of print until I came to write this review. I'm extremely happy that I found it and hope many other people have the same fortune I did. Mists of Avalon will remain my favorite, but this one is a very close second.

Riveting, surprising, romantic and exciting...
A highly interesting and surprising reimagining of the Arthurian legend, almost the exact opposite of Marion Zimmer Bradley's "The Mists of Avalon." In this version, there is no magic, and many of the characters are related to each other in unexpected ways (for example, Merlin is Igraine's father, while Morgan is Igraine's younger sister, instead of daughter. As a result, Morgan is Arthur's aunt, rather than half-sister.) The main focus here is on Morgan and Arthur's love for each other, which greatly alters the famous love triangle with Arthur, Gwenhyfar and Bedwyr (Lancelot.) Also, Mordred is no longer the evil usurper who plots to overthrow Arthur; here he is a basically goodhearted boy who lacks his father's kingly ambition and skills, and who is easily manipulated by his cruel brother Agravaine, with tragic consequences.

As a result of all this, "The Road to Avalon" always took me by surprise because so many aspects of the legend that I took for granted had been altered. I found it to be a refreshing and moving version, especially the love story between Morgan and Arthur, which is every bit as heartbreaking as the traditional Arthur-Gwenhyfar one is. While "The Mists of Avalon" remains the ultimate Arthurian novel for me, this one is not far behind it. As Publisher's Weekly says, "Joan Wolf is a master storyteller...portraying characters with crisp and memorable originality...capturing--and enriching--the tragic sweep of romance and idealism inherent in the Arthurian Tale." Read it

The Road to Avalon
I have been reading Arthurian books for years, and when i found this book "years ago" i loved it above all others. Today, i finished it for the 3rd time, and after reading it i feel as close to the charaters as if i was there in real life. all i need to do is think about the last line in the book and i cry. Thank you Joan for making this wonderful book come to life in all the glory and pain of the dark ages. and for all those out there who fell in love with Arthur and Morgan, remember to smell the Lavander.......

Kavik the Wolf Dog
Published in Hardcover by Dutton Books (1997)
Authors: Walt Morey and Peter Parnall
Amazon base price: $15.99
Used price: $2.53
Collectible price: $4.49
Average review score:

A great book for people of all ages
Kavik the Wolf-dog was the first book about wolf-dogs I have ever read. Because of this book, it inspired me to respect and raise my own wolf-dogs and wolves to teach people how noble these animals are. I was in second grade when I read it.Now I'm almost thirty and this book stills vividly sticks in my mind. This is a classic novel.

A book you have to read!
I read Kavik The Wolf Dog and loved every bit of it. I like how it told a story about a dog trying to find his way home, and the challenges that he had to overcome to get back to the place is loves. I think that this is a book that lots of people would love to read. If you like adventure, this is the book for you!

Howlin' Good Book!!!
I loved this book! It may be dull at first, but soon you'll be hooked. I liked it so much, I didn't want it to end.

Kavik is a wolf dog who is a champion sled dog who belongs to Charlie One-Eye. He gets sold, but the plane flying him to his new "owner" Mr. Hunter it crashes, and Kavik is left to die. His only hope is a boy named Andy Evans who is out hunting. He is shocked when he finds Kavik, and wonders if he should take his gun and put him out of misery. But Kavik's golden eyes say "I'm not ready to die." Andy takes him home, and after a while, with the help of a nearby doctor, Kavik heals, But his courage is damaged from the crash. His owner returns to take him. Kavik is miserable in the puny dog run Mr. Hunter looked him in, and hates Mr. Hunter as well. One day when Mr. hunter is showing off Kavik, he runs away, on his quest to get home to Andy. Kavik gets a ride back up north on a boat with an elderly couple. He runs away from them, and meets a young female wolf and falls in love. Like in the real world, Kavik must fight another wolf for her, and he gets his courage back. But a hunter kills her, and Kavik continues to travel until he finally makes it home to Andy, and Andy gets to keep him. It is a wonderful book that has everything. Love, compassion, loyalty, adventure, action, and all that other stuff. You gotta read it!

The Last Wolf of Ireland
Published in Hardcover by Clarion Books (1990)
Author: Elona Malterre
Amazon base price: $10.50
List price: $15.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $4.95
Collectible price: $12.71
Buy one from zShops for: $5.49
Average review score:

This is a lovely book.
The best stories are the ones that not only make you feel things you may not want to, but those that make you think after reading them. I not only bawled for days on end after reading this, but I also thought about it a lot.

Every time I read it I receive something new out of it- another sign of a great story. While it is somewhat of an indie classic, you should definately seek it out and read it!

Breat book
The wolf had some good moments and some sad moments. This book is a tear bringer.



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