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New Perspectives on Microsoft Access 2000 - Introductory
Published in Paperback by Course Technology (10 August, 1999)
Authors: Joseph J. Adamski, Kathy Finnegan, and Charles T. Hommel
Amazon base price: $37.95
Used price: $6.50
Buy one from zShops for: $9.00
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Become Access Office User Expert
This book has been approved by Microsoft in their Microsoft Office User Expert Exam as a prep book. The user downloads many sample Microsoft Databases from the web. Lexus automobile web site is used for extensive examples. The book is divided into 10 weeks or 10 chapters and has excellent illustrations and guidance.

One of the best Access books ever and I have a library of 50 of them. Covers Access new web features, data access pages. Also, a great explanation of databases and normalization of databases. Also includes a review of windows for beginners.

Beats Access 2000 Bible!

By the end of all the drills and exercises, your confidence is up and you are ready to take the Office Access User Expert.

Be Sure to buy the edition that says 'Expert' at the bottom.I believe this book also has Beginning and Intermediate editions. The 'Expert Edition' has > 650 pages. Joint authors are Adamski, Finnegan and Charles Hommel. Thompson Learning, Course Technology is publisher.

New Perspectives on Microsoft Access 97 -- Introductory
Published in Paperback by Course Technology (19 May, 1997)
Authors: Joseph J. Adamski, Charles T. Hommel, Roy Ageloff, and Chuck Hommel
Amazon base price: $34.95
Used price: $0.67
Buy one from zShops for: $7.97
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Excellent for the beginner in MS Applications
This publication provides an excellent overall scope of the many primary functions within the MS ACCESS 97 software. It makes an excellent choice for teachers and students alike, as well as the homebound student or officebound professional. :^)

Parallel of the Classical Orders of Architecture
Published in Hardcover by Acanthus Press (1998)
Authors: Johann Matthaus Von Neue Systematische Darstellung Der Archite Mauch, Charles Pierre Joseph Nouveau Parallele Des Ordres D'Archite Normand, Donald M. Rattner, and Charles Pierre Joseph Normand
Amazon base price: $50.00
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Excellent reference on the classical orders of architecture
This is the best reference on the Classical Orders of Architecture I have Seen. It has very good text in the first chapter explaining the orders and proportions, but what makes this book unique are the measured drawings of examples of each of the orders. Many variations and richly illistrated.

Radar Imaging
Published in Paperback by Bridgeway Press (11 November, 2000)
Author: Joseph Charles Toland
Amazon base price: $59.98
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Radar Imaging Review
Radar Imaging is a clear, crisp concise history of radar and its uses and applications. I found the book useful as a reference for a college research project and have recommended it to others as an excellent resource written free of technololgical jargon and clutter. A real gem.

United Mind Workers : Unions and Teaching in the Knowledge Society
Published in Hardcover by Jossey-Bass (1997)
Authors: Charles Taylor Kerchner, Julia E. Koppich, and Joseph G. Weeres
Amazon base price: $38.00
Used price: $22.50
Buy one from zShops for: $31.88
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An important and influential book. Highly recommended!
United Mind Workers is a very stimulating and important book. It is the first book to discuss how to organize teachers and their work differently, and the first book to capture the attention of both major American teachers unions. Already widely influential, it seems destined to play a major role in the current reform movement. I highly recommend it to all interested in the improvement of American education. -- William Boyd, Penn State University

A Sniper in the Tower: The Charles Whitman Murders
Published in Hardcover by University of North Texas Press (1997)
Author: Gary M. Lavergne
Amazon base price: $29.95
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"Lookout, someone is shooting from the Tower!"
This book takes you to the front line of the Tower and makes you duck for cover. With enough accuracy to shot you straight through chest with a high power semi automatic rifle, Gary Lavergne set the stage for the largest killing spree on American soil. His biographical account of Charles Whitman and his struggle with his father help the reader understand some of the torment that went through his life. Lavergne introduces you to all of Whitmans victims as they were your next door neighbors, and draws a picture so intense it makes you yell "Get out of the way, there's a sniper in the Tower!"

This book also tries to uncover the mystery of who actually dealt the deathblow to Charles Whitman as well, was it Houston McCoy or Ramiro Martinez? It protrays the effects of having the media splash their lives as heroes all over the newspapers and shows just what type of man could be the Father of Charles Whitman.

If you like true crime and want the back story on this savage assault on the University of Texas, I highly recommend it as the words flow from Lavergne's narration and puts you in the spectators seat as he unfolds the shooting of forty-five and killing of fourteen----including his own wife and Mother.

A fascinating story
For 96 minutes in August 1966, Charles Whitman rained death on the University of Texas campus, shooting 45 people from the 28th-floor observation deck of its bell tower. The ex-Marine shot people more than 400 yards away and put two bullets through the fabric of an airplane flying overhead before two Austin police officers killed him. If this sounds like the makings of a great story, it is -- and Gary Lavergne is just the man to tell it. Lavergne's well-researched book delves into Whitman's past to reveal how he evolved into a person who could kill 16 people. The author then cranks the story-telling into high gear by delivering a blow-by-blow account of Whitman's reign of terror. Lavergne's words are accompanied by many interesting photos, including one taken of the tower as Austin residents fired back at Whitman 12 minutes before his death. I read this book in one sitting. My favorite part was the last chapter, which detailed Lavergne's interviews 30 years after the event with the two men who killed Whitman. The literary picture he paints of long, tall Texan Houston McCoy -- whose life since his heroic act has been anything but happy -- was really compelling.

A fascinating trip through a eerie vortex of carnage
I attended the University of Texas, and have been a resident of Austin since 1977; this crime has held a tight grip on my psyche for many years. (Currently, I live across the park from the site where Whitman and his wife lived before moving to their last home in south Austin, so Charles Whitman is never far from my thoughts.)

The story and the book that details the mayhem caused by Charles Whitman represent one of the top true crime episodes in the history of America.

This was one of America's first mass murder stories in the era dubbed "The Media Age." The carnal horrors of Vietnam presented on the six o'clock news by the broadcast media closely paralleled the impact felt by the horrified followers of the Tower killings.

Lavergne does a fine job of detailing the early life of Whitman and the events that led to his premeditated madness.

The Kennedy assassination, the Speck murders, and Whitman's killing spree woke and shocked America from its contented and homogenized post-Eisenhower dream. Innocence was truly lost in 1966 that day in Austin, Texas, under a scorching August sun.

I don't believe in the theory of "closure"; any event that must encompass the concept of closure will always be so painful that the person involved will never completely forget that tragic incident. For the people affected by the Whitman murders or any other earth-shattering event, closure is an inane concept.

New Perspectives on Microsoft Access 2000 - Comprehensive
Published in Paperback by Course Technology (12 October, 1999)
Authors: Joseph J. Adamski, Kathy Finnegan, Charles T. Hommel, and Kathleen E. Finnegan
Amazon base price: $51.95
Used price: $4.25
Buy one from zShops for: $34.00
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For Begginers only, basic skills
The book is meant to be used in a course, as you read along in the book it constantly references ideas gone over in past chapters. I do not recommend this book for anyone looking to learn Access on their own, moreover anyone who is looking for an advanced book on Access programming & Features.

Beyond Beginner
I bought this book for a college course to learn Access for work. I had tried to learn the program on my own only to find this book extremely helpful in understanding databases, queries, forms, and reports. I finished the book is about 2 weeks for a 4 month course! Do not buy this book if you want to learn customizing, macros, and VBA. This book is for beginners, but what I have found out (by ordering another book), is that the New Perspective series has to be the best there is at taking you step-by-step as to the process of creating within MS Office Programs. Buy reference books once you acquaint yourself with the programs. This book will take you to a beginner-intermediate status, and a reference book beyond that.

The tutorials, graphics, layout... simply awesome! Learn at your own pace with this book from the basics to advanced queries, switchboards, macros, and even a bit of VBA. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn Access 2000.

High Crimes
Published in Audio CD by Brilliance Audio (2002)
Authors: Joseph Finder, J. Charles, and Kim King
Amazon base price: $10.49
List price: $14.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $8.50
Buy one from zShops for: $10.00
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Power Couple powered up
Things are perfect in Claire Chapman's world, so you know an enormous fly is about to land in the ointment of her life: her perfect husband Tom is arrested for a 13 year-old massacre of 87 civilians in Latin America - a crime he says he didn't commit. It's a real comedown after a magazine has asked Claire and her husband to feature in their article on Power Couples. Good thing she's a hotshot lawyer and teaches at Harvard Law School. Despite her talents, Claire has her work cut out: Tom was in the military when he was supposed to have killed the innocents, and in civilian life, as in war, the military don't take prisoners. Despite a few flaws this is an excellent legal thriller. Claire is a bit too perfect to be believable (although she can't cook) - and one wonders how Tom kept his former life and identity secret from his wife of three years, as well as the rest of the world. Nevertheless, the courtroom exchanges, the web of deceit spun by Government agencies and a stand-out, unexpected ending make this a dark and exciting read.

A very, very scary book

My practically perfect spouse brought this book home from the library. I settled in to read a few pages before bed.

That was four hours and 300+ pages ago. I finished it in one sitting and was riveted from start to finish.

Yes, there are some obvious errors....Claire and her team should have believed Embry and looked for another source of their leak....and, why was there no formal investigation of the sabatoge on Claire's car....and, why didn't someone follow up on those early morning phone calls?

Even with those glitches, I found this book to be one of the most interesting, complex and suspense-filled stories to come down the pike in a while. I'm a long-time suspense/thriller/mystery reader -- I remember when Ludlum was GOOD, so I was delighted to find a new voice in my favorite genre.

Keep it up, Mr. Finder!

Nearly impossible to put down!!
High Crimes was almost impossible to put down. Thankfully I read this book over the Thanksgiving holiday, when some serious time could be allocated to relaxing and reading. High Crimes is a fast-paced, enjoyable read from the very beginning. There is action, excitement, intrigue, and frequent plot twists. In the story itself, law professor Claire Chapman comes to defend her husband, Tom Chapman, against charges that he committed a military atrocity under a different identity while serving in the US Army. Although some of the action is predictable, confusion, uncertainty, and surprise is the general rule, thus driving the reader to want to read "just one more chapter." I strongly recommend High Crimes. It should prove to be an entertaining read. The only downside is that it will be over all to quickly.

Eye of Evil (St. Martin's True Crime Library)
Published in Paperback by St Martins Mass Market Paper (1993)
Authors: Joseph Harrington and Robert Burger
Amazon base price: $4.99
Used price: $2.00
Collectible price: $6.35
Average review score:

Good quick informative read but could have been much more
Good, engrossing read on the events surrounding the capture of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, and the discovery of the house of horrors of the Wilseyville Ranch. The book is well laid out and easy to follow and for that I give it high marks. However, I found it lacking in any true background information on Lake and Ng. There's no insight as to who they were, just what they did. Part of the reason I read such novels as this is to find out what happened to shape people into the beasts they become. There was none of that here. Also, the character of Tomasina Boyd Clancy, the reporter and the only fictional character in the book, just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it was because I knew she didn't exist, and knowing that the authors discription of her being a knock out red head, and the unusual name made it all so obvious. She completely unnecessary and her thoughts during the hearings at the end just got in the way of the otherwise riviting speech of the lawyers. Finally, I was somewhat surprised in the Author's Note at the end the calls for the retirement of the Death Penalty not because it was inhumane, but because the fight to avoid it by the accused usually ends up in a long and costly trial. While the points certainly have their validity, reading them at the end of such a tale is almost unbelieveable. I had to reread the last paragraph several times to make sure I had read what I had read. And for those final points I had to mark down this book.

My sympathies go out to Mr. Bond and his family. I hope they can rest a little easier knowing that Ng has finally gone to trial.

My sister was Sheryl Okoro, one of the uncharged decedents
Just as David Bond explained, I was also very surprised on the amount of information the authors had since even family members were "left in the dark". We found out that in 1995 the State of California had 95% identified the remains of my sister Sheryl Lynn Okoro but did not receive that news or her remains until after the trial started in November of 1999. And only then did we find out from a reporter who had been sitting in on the trial! She was finally brought home and laid to rest in December 1999, 14 years after her death. The book answered alot of the questions our family had and it shed some light on the monsters who took the lives of our loved ones. Once I started reading I could not put it down. Very engrossing. My heart extends to all families who have yet to endure our nightmare.

Accurate and chilling
The jury just found Ng guilty on 11 counts of murder and are now hearing evidence for the penalty phase -- death or life without parole -- this is in response to prior reviewer's request for more current info. I prepared transcripts for the court reporter during four years Ng was in Calaveras County, and it is chilling to read the case in this format -- adds the drama that is not always evident from a transcript. Publisher needs to reprint, especially since it is back as front-page news and the saga of the appeals is about to start.

By His Own Hand upon Papyrus: A New Look at the Joseph Smith Papyri
Published in Paperback by Institute For Religious Research (1992)
Author: Charles M. Larson
Amazon base price: $11.95
Used price: $10.59
Average review score:

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
While there are numerous bits and pieces that don't quite add up in Mormonism, the Book of Abraham is where Joseph Smith gets scaught red handed in his fabrications. Unlike the Book of Mormon, where the Angel Moroni spirited away the Golden Plates once Smith had finished his "translation", here is the documented proof that Smith was no "prophet, seer and revelator."

Larson does an excellent job of tracing the controversy from the time that Smith first acquires the papyri through the first French translation by Champollion's students until the amazing discovery of the papyri in the late 1960s. His evangelical Christian agenda is apparent, but doesn't get in the way of his research until the last two chapters, when he presents his own religion as an alternative for disenchanted Mormons. Other than that, this is an excellent work.

This is a must read for any Mormon or anyone curious about Mormonism. I have a hard time seeing how anyone could believe in Smith's tales after reading this damning book.

It's good!
I really liked this book. It explains the history of the Book of Abraham, and how it came about, within the context of LDS church history. There are beautiful pictures of the papyrus (this is the original document Joseph Smith used to translate and write the Book of Abraham) and many useful captions for explaining what the figures and characters mean. Larson has done a really great job as far as explaining what the original papyrus really says and how LDS members have avoided confronting it.

This book will be of interest to anyone studying Mormonism, Mormon history, doctrine, or if they are looking at the role that Egyptian culture has played in American history. It is very honest, accurate, and for the most part is well-written.

The reason I gave it four stars is because of those two darn chapters in the back. He basically says, (in so many words) "Now that you've been exposed to the errors in Mormonism, become a Christian!" Which may or may not be a bad idea, but the problem is that hardly anyone who reads this is going to agree with him, based purely on these few chapters. The falseness (or truth!) of Mormonism doesn't affect the truth (or falseness!) in mainstream Christianity, and I wish Larson had realized this. Instead, it may give Mormons a psychological reason to make ad hominem attacks on the writer and thus ignore the good, logical arguments he made. And that's a shame, because Larson's conclusion on the Book of Abraham is right.

But I still think it's a good book and I recommend it. It's easy to read and very clear, and this makes up for the shortcomings.

A fraud caught red-handed
This is an extraordinary little book which makes for excellent reading (leaving aside the absurd final chapter tacked on by the zealously pro-Christian publisher, against the author's will!)

The story it tells is very simple. Joseph Smith, after completing the Book of Mormon, came across some genuine Egyptian papyruses (papyrii), which he then translated (ho ho) into English as "The Book of Abraham." He told everyone it was easy because it was written in the same "reformed Egyptian" as the gold leaves of the Book of Mormon.

However, the gold leaves vanished, but these Egyptian documents did not (although the Mormons thought they had vanished, for some fifty years). No, the original documents showed up again, and by that time the world had an extensive knowledge of Egyptian and LOTS of people could read them.

Well, they are the Egyptian Book of the Dead and related funerary documents. They date from around 50 BC. They obviously don't say a single thing about Abraham or ANYTHING in the Bible. Smith's "translation" is exposed as a complete piece of idiocy, matching perfectly his hilarious "notes on Egyptian grammar." (Joseph Smith knew nothing at all about Egyptian.)

And this is one of the few cases where a "great religious leader" has been openly exposed, before the entire world, as a liar and a fraud. Of course, suspicions already were running that way, when we examined the Mormon theories about the Native Americans being the descendants of the Jews...

Highly recommended!

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