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The Molecular Theory of Gases and Liquids
Published in Hardcover by John Wiley & Sons (1964)
Authors: Joseph O. Hirschfelder, Charles F. Curtiss, and R. Byron Bird
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A classic!
This classic book on the physical chemistry of gases and liquids is showing its 36+ year age, but it is still the book for an all-encompasing survey of the theory of fluids. ...

Hardcore description of how and why molecules move and react

An ideal reference for those intimate with the field of reacting and non-reacting "fluids". This is not a text-book for those faint-of-heart when it comes to mathematics and "techno-babble", but rather a comprehensive treatment of physical properties and interactions that govern gaseous and liquid phase molecules.

"Molecular Theory of Gases and Liquids" is unique in its cross-disciplinary approach to each aspect of molecular phenomena. Chemists, Physicists, and Engineers alike will find its content, the corresponding discussions, and at least one of the various approaches to the derivation of each concept invaluable.

Most disciplines have a text that is casually refered to as its "bible". As a physical chemist studying the interactions of high- temperature reacting fluid flows, (a glorified way of saying combustion), I heartily recommend "Molecular Theory of Gases and Liquids" to that status.

Origins of the American Party System
Published in Paperback by Harpercollins College Div (1984)
Author: Joseph Charles
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A Most Incredible Book!
I first read Professor Charles' book as a college student in the early 1970's. It is one of the few books I have kept; and I re-read it every several years. The book is very short, but contains extremely well documented information on the birth of America's multi-party system. Unlike the general belief today, the U.S. was to have a "no party" system of government. Indeed, while Madison was goading Jefferson into forming a party to oppose the Washington/Hamilton policies, Washington was preaching that a multi-party system would mean the death of the new American government. This is a fantastic book! And, unlike most academic texts, it is actually more like a long essay that is fun to read. Read it - you will enjoy it!

A Masterpiece!
I first read Charles' book in the early 1970's while a college student. I thought it a masterpiece then and still think so today. (I re-read the book about every two years or so.) In this brief book - really a long essay - Charles outlines how American politics evolved from a one-party (or no-party) system into a multi-party system, the result of policy conflicts among Hamilton, Washington, Madison and Jefferson. When the different factions began to organize, George Washington was aghast. The thought of opposing political parties was abhorrent to him - yet he allowed Hamilton to push through programs that virtually guaranteed the split. Charles details the various policies and their outcomes in a simple, straight-forward manner. His citations and footnotes are fantastic. Once you finish reading this book, you will laugh anytime some American politician spouts rhetoric about the sanctity of America's two-party system. In fact, it was something very few wanted and only reluctantly formed. An absolutely great book!

Playing God: Seven Fateful Moments When Great Men Met to Change the World (Unabridged)
Published in Audio Download by ()
Amazon base price: $11.16
List price: $32.95 (that's 66% off!)
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Will change your mind about disliking history
Mr. Mee is a fantastic writer. As another reviewer remarked, Mr. Mee definitely brings history to life. The meetings described in this book make for great, enticing reading material for junior high school on up.

Great book
Mr. Mee is an excellent writer and truely brings history to life. I recommend this book to anybody that wants more than "light reading", has an interest in human-kind and is not a real history buff.

Tribute to a champion : a fight for life
Published in Unknown Binding by Iapetus Press ()
Author: Joseph J. Portera
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Brotherhood and a battle with cancer.
I found this book accidentally, after my own battle with cancer and could identify with everything in the book. Dr. Portera makes the medical aspect of cancer understandable to the layperson, and Charlie speaks for cancer patients as to the emotions one experiences when fighting the disease. I read the book in one sitting and would recommend it to anyone who knows a person with cancer or a family going through this ordeal. It also gives good advice on navigating the treatment choices and options.

A Story of Two Brothers and Their Journey Through Cancer
I found this book accidentally, after going through my own trial with cancer and its treatment. I read it in one sitting, and could identify with so much. It is a touching story of brotherhood, and an informative account of navigating the journey of cancer from diagnosis to choosing treatment and living through the treatment. Dr. Portera's medical knowledge makes leukemia understandable to the lay person. Charlie's personal diary is an honest account of how it feels during treatment. I would recommend this book to anyone who knows a cancer patient or a family with a cancer patient.

Concerto Conversations (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures, 1997-98)
Published in Hardcover by Harvard Univ Pr (1999)
Author: Joseph Kerman
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The conversation continues
This is an exceptional book. Kerman mixes just the right amount of scholarship and anecdote to satisfy a reader who prefers either approach. His metaphor of concerto as part of an ongoing musical conversation, not just between orchestra and solo instrument but also from composer to composer and epoch to epoch, lets the reader become part of a tradition known almost exclusively to composers of concerti. By the end of this book, one has certainly cultivated something important with regards to music appreciation of concerti, be they nudge or virtuoso. I even found myself "rooting" for this musical form in the end, hoping that composers today keep the conversation alive--and before this book, I was indifferent to the whole tradition.

Dime Store Alchemy
Published in Hardcover by Ecco (1993)
Author: Charles Simic
Amazon base price: $19.95
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Reading Dime-Store Alchemy is a fine way to get to know Joseph Cornell's work (and of course Charles Simic's). Simic uses a writing style which pieces together different elements of Cornell's favorite authors and poets, beautifully reflecting the montage operation created by Cornell himself. As Simic ambiguously reveals aspects of Cornell's life in New York City, the reader finds him/herself on the same search for an understanding of beauty that the artist spent his entire life investigating. Don't miss it!

Generations: The Story of Albany
Published in Hardcover by Confederation College of Applied (1998)
Authors: Joseph Kitchens, Charles Stephen Gurr, Jennifer Hafer, Thronateeska Heritage Center, and Steven Gurr
Amazon base price: $28.00
Used price: $16.00
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Informative & entertaining-the many photos enhance the story
An engaging narrative of the founding and growth of this town-turned-city in southwest Georgia. The authors captured the flavor and spirit of the area, enhanced by the intriguing photographs. A coffee table book that's "good to the last drop". --Brenda--

Joseph De Maistre (Twayne's World Author Series)
Published in Hardcover by Irvington Pub (1976)
Author: Charles M. Lombard
Amazon base price: $17.95
Used price: $34.83
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Joseph de Maistre: Harbinger of Counter-revolution.
This biography of the French Counter-revolutionary thinker, Joseph de Maistre, provides an excellent introduction to the thought of this Catholic militant. Joseph de Maistre was an arch-reactionary opponent of the French revolution and proponent of a properly restored monarchy and Catholicism and a united Christianity under papal rule. The main bases for his thought lie in his Catholicism, his adherence to Tradition and the monarchy, his anti-Modernism and reaction to the ideals of the French revolution, and in the occultist illuminism of Saint-Martin and the Freemasonic tradition. In his "Considerations sur la France", de Maistre argues against the thought of the "philosophes" and eighteenth century Enlightenment thinkers and for a restored monarchy and Catholicism rooted in tradition. Contrary to the Revolutionary idealism, Maistre argues that man is imperfect and rooted in sin and thus a rational reconstruction of society is doomed to failure. In "Du Pape", de Maistre outlines his belief in papal authority and the supremacy of the Catholic Church. As a Catholic de Maistre believes the Pope to be infallible and in the necessity of his wielding power over earthly sovereigns. Both a Freemason and a Catholic, de Maistre argues for a Catholic subsumption of the Orthodox Churches, the Protestant Churches, and other schismatics and heretics under papal rule. This particular book brought much strong reaction because of the radical nature of its main argument. De Maistre's Catholicism is extreme in its opposition to both the Reformation and Modernity. De Maistre spent much of his time in Russia as an ambassador for Sardinia, and in the "Soirees de Saint-Petersbourg", he presents arguments about various aspects concerning the laws and the need for a return to tradition. De Maistre has unique thoughts about the origins of languages and the American Indians and other aboriginal peoples. Contrary to the popular Rousseauian "noble savage" ideal, de Maistre presents a much more realistic picture of the American Indian and the development of the world's religions from a primordial tradition and encounter with God. His other works include discussions of illuminism, theosophy (especially that of Saint-Martin, to whom he was a follower of), supernaturalism and occultism, and the nature of tradition and government. The author shows de Maistre to be a precursor to Romanticism in his aesthetic writings. Furthermore, the author examines de Maistre's influence on subsequent thinkers including Catholics such as Jacques Maritaine, and others such as Charles Maurras and Baudelaire. This book is an excellent biography of a reactionary opponent to the French Revolution and modernity, a Catholic Traditionalist, and a thinker who calls for a restoration of monarchism and privelege. In particular, this book focuses on the role of de Maistre in literature. While the thought of de Maistre would certainly not be considered popular today, his thought is a uniquely Catholic and traditional one which offers hope against the viscitudes of modernity.

A Legacy of Promises: For a Godly Man
Published in Hardcover by W Publishing Group (1999)
Authors: Max Lucado, Jack Hayford, Josh McDowell, Charles Swindoll, Tony Evans, Mav Lucado, Gary Smalley, Glenn Wagner, James Dobson, and Bill Bright
Amazon base price: $12.99
Used price: $2.85
Collectible price: $10.54
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A must for all godly men.
An inspirational book for men convenient for reflection and worship of our Father at home and travel.

My Thirty Years in Baseball
Published in Paperback by Univ of Nebraska Pr (1995)
Authors: John Joseph McGraw and Charles C. Alexander
Amazon base price: $12.95
Average review score:

The best baseball book I've ever read
This is simply a wonderful memoir by baseball's greatest manager. The converstational way he tells you his story, talks about strategy and compares the stars of his day is abosolutey charming.

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