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Cyberpunk: The Roleplaying Game of the Dark Future
Published in Paperback by R Talsorian Games (1990)
Authors: Michael Pondsmith, John Smith, Colin Fisk, and Derek Quintanar
Amazon base price: $22.00
Used price: $7.59
Collectible price: $5.00
Average review score:

This game R-O-C-K-S
This is one of my all time favorites!! I got into the gaming craze at an early age and quickly tired of singing burds and happy elves. This game takes a long hard look at where were headed as a society and allows you the player to take part. It has one of the more versitile character creation systems and is not hard to follow the logical progression to modify equipment! Oh, and not to forget it supports two of my favorite philosophies: 1)Knowledge is power! 2)Attitude is everything! So don't lose any cool points chumbada, buy the book!

Cyber Punk- a clasic, and still great
I was stationed in Vilseck Germany with the 2nd of the 63rd Armor when I friend told me about Cyber Punk. It was almost a year before we found someone with the books, and immediatly set up a game. It was a game that I have never forgoten. It sits in my mind like the begining of Secret of Mana, forever a defining factor in my oppinions.

This game does tend to drag with its role to hit/role to dodge rules, but it is more believable then any other game I have seen or played. The setting for Cyber Punk is OURT world, with OUR history. It is science fiction. We can look at our own lives, make few changes to the timeline, and see that it IS possible. In reality, these things would never happen, but in the game, it is easier for us to adapt to this new world because it is so close to our own. Realy, what has changed? The world has met a sort of anarchy, like in Mad Max. The government is now run by Corporations. Bionics are common enough that you see people with mettle limbs on a regular basis. This world is more real then any other I have seen, and this makes more believable. Since it is more believable it becomes easier to enter your charactor and enjoy the game.

If I had to rate all the games I have played, I would put this on tope, even with its long combat and ineffectiveness with machine guns.

Best, best, best roleplaying game ever
I am 22 year old girl from northern Europe. I have played many games. I am GM of cyberpunk and i have found it's game system exciting, flexible and open. Cyberpunk it's self is facinated me many years. In early days in my life i read only science fiction books. I definetly want courage girls play roleplays, their insight is so different than mans.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas: Totally Jtt!: An Unauthorized Biography
Published in Paperback by Simon Pulse (1996)
Authors: Michael-Anne Johns and Nancy Krulik
Amazon base price: $3.99
Used price: $1.20
Collectible price: $24.00
Average review score:

I loved the entire book!
I am a total JTT fan, and when I read this book, it really informed me evern more! I loved how it was so complete with stats, quotes, color pics, and everything from a-z! I couldn't put it down until I was done

An excellent in-depth biography!
Congratulations to Michael-Anne Johns! He has written a fantastic fun and fact-filled book on the life of Jonathan Taylor Thomas on and off-screen. Unlike some biographies, Johns uses more words than pictures, so you learn a lot more about what they're like, rather than what they look like. He has done a lot of research and included a nice review at the back of Thomas's favorites and quick facts. Every Jonathan Taylor Thomas lover should read this great book. Hopefully Johns will come up with a new JTT book to talk about Wild America and his new roles. Congrats again Johns

Totally JTT is the best book i have ever read
this book includes gobs of intresting information that can catch any readers attention even if you hate jtt it has articles on other stars such as tim allen and pitricha richerdson

Zac Attack!: Hanson's Little Brother
Published in Paperback by Scholastic (1998)
Authors: Tracey West and Michael-Ann Johns
Amazon base price: $3.99
Used price: $0.01
Collectible price: $1.45
Buy one from zShops for: $1.44
Average review score:

This book will satisfy your Zac Fact Needs!!
Well, all I have to say to fellow Hanson fans is; if you haven't read this better go out and buy it as soon as you can (if your local bookstore hasn't run out of copies yet!!) It has great behind-the scenes photos, cool tid-bit facts, and anything you wanna know about Hanson's drummer boy!!! (Beware of a little false info here and there)

Caution: Dangerously Cool!
Hey there Hanson fanz! This book rocked! I'm surprised that the author didn't even interview Zac herself! I love the pix and the quiz in it to see if you're the type for Zac. Very well written! There may be a tinie tiny bit of false info, but still cool!

As Zac once Said: "'Peace, Love, Happiness, and Bullet-Proof Marshmellows!!"

Hey there Hanson fans! This book is totally awesome! I love the pix in it! The info is also a little bit different too! There are 16, yes 16 pix inside!!!! Is that cool or what? This author is AWESOME for a unautherized writer!


P.S. This book rocked!!!! It also had funny stories about Zac and his bros!

Walking With the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (2001)
Authors: John Lewis and Michael D'Orso
Amazon base price: $17.75
List price: $25.35 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $17.62
Collectible price: $15.88
Buy one from zShops for: $17.57
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A Captivating Accout by a National Hero and Leader
John Lewis tells the story of a time when America was at its crossroads. He was Destined to become a leader in the Civil Rights Movement from his humble beginings in Troy, Alabama. Congressman Lewis tells his story of 35 years standing steadfast with determination and never wavering efforts to bring about "The Beloved Family". "This book is a legacy to us all and should be required reading in all educational settings."

Extraordinary account of the Civil Rights Movement!
This work is a well written account of one of the most tumultous times America has seen this century. Its vivid descriptions of the many facets of the Civil Rights Movement take you through the mundane and the monumental, and make you feel as though you are there. Through the touching recollections of his family, and the friendships that he made during the Movement, this compelling book gives insight to what makes John Lewis one of America's living legends.

The story of a true American hero
John Lewis was seemingly everywhere during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's. From the Nashville Sit-Ins, to the Freedom Rides to the famous march from Selma and more. It is akin to someone having been at the Boston Tea Party, Lexington and Philadelphia on July 4, 1776. Not only was Lewis there but he was an active participant, one of the many brave souls who risked injury, even death to bring down segregation. Lewis knew all the key figures in the Movement, such as Dr. King, and was a leader himself. Today, of course, Lewis serves his country in the House of Representatives.
It's hard to go wrong with such a compelling story to tell and Lewis doesn't dissapoint. With the help of co-author Michael D'Orso, we learn not only of one person's participation in the Civil Rights' Movement, but gain insight into the Movement as a whole.
Lewis is vastly under appreciated by Americans today. Hopefully Waking With the Wind will help future generations appreciate John Lewis, an American hero.

Net Privacy: A Guide to Developing & Implementing an Ironclad Ebusiness Privacy Plan
Published in Digital by McGraw-Hill ()
Authors: Michael Erbschloe, Jason Thompson, and John R. Vacca
Amazon base price: $24.95
Average review score:

General Comments
This book has a lot of information about security in a world where lots of people and businesses are using the internet to conduct business. Internet is a far reaching medium with lots of security concerns on the information that is spread through this medium. The book brings to readers' attentions the regulations that have already been put in place throughout the world especially in the US and the EU where the use of internet and data security issues have reached considerable levels. Projections on the use of internet as given in the book for the coming years are quite alarming that proves the need for implementing procedures to ensure privacy of information on the internet. This book provides guidelines with respect to implementing a process to ensure privacy of information transmission and storage in the internet. It suggests that the use of technology is not the only solution to provide privacy on the internet. The book suggests a process with multiple stages. These include doing a lot of research, performing audits, develop policies and plans, and finally implementing the project. With widespread use of internet by businesses and individuals in areas of healthcare, banking and finance, this book is a must. I highly recommend this book to individuals who are concerned with privacy of their information on the internet and to businesses that are required to comply with rules and regulations mandated by governments on information security in the Net.

Net Privacy
Michael Erbschloe and John Vacca A Guide to Developing & Implementing an Ironclad ebusiness Privacy Plan McGraw-Hill 2001

This book is an essential reading for any company looking to ensure corporate privacy online. The authors, Erbschloe and Vacca, do an excellent job of providing a step-by-step guide to safeguarding customers' personal information and company secrets through the development of an enterprise privacy plan.

Erbschloe and Vacca, two of today's security thought leaders distinguish between privacy and security and the importance of understanding the differences at all levels of the organization.

Chapters two and three discuss privacy issues and sight specific cases that have occurred over the years. The chapters go on to point out how technology continues to change but the protection laws governing technology use are vague and difficult to interpret. The authors recommend seeking "on going legal counsel" for your business as the use of ebusiness continues to grow with an estimated 165 million users of the Internet in the U.S. in 2003.

Chapters 4 through 8 break down the steps necessary for developing and implementing enterprise privacy plan and incorporated these steps into four major phases.

Phase One:Organizing and research Phase Two:Conducting privacy -needs audit Phase Three:Developing polices and plans Phase Four:Implementing the plan

The authors do point out that the major challenge to any organization trying to implement an enterprise privacy plan is --working through the process of consensus building among departments and managers in the enterprise.

Moving on to the rest of the book, the chapters deal with managing, protecting, and measuring the success of your enterprise privacy plan. Checklists throughout these chapters list key areas and specific tasks that should not be overlooked. Long-term management challenges fall into modifying and evolving the enterprise privacy plan as privacy laws and policies change and as information technology solutions evolve.

All told, I think the book provides a great set of clear guidelines for ensuring a successful privacy plan; it's implementation and monitoring. Get your privacy planning efforts moving ahead by following this step-by-step format.

Well Written Technical Reference
"Net Privacy" by Michael Erbschloe and John Vacca provides an excellent reference for understanding the privacy issues associated with Internet use. The book provides a comprehensive description on how sensitive corporate data is handled to in order protect consumer privacy and corporate liability. The book contains informative tips and techniques for securing privileged information from a business standpoint, and provides an understanding to the Internet user and e-business customer of the security precautions implemented today in the ever-changing e-business marketplace. The book goes on to provide a framework for the development and implementation of a corporate privacy plan. For an IT professional this process can be extremely useful in determining if you have each of the critical areas covered in order to protect corporate interests in an e-business environment. The book also provides great recommendations for corporate privacy protection in terms of mobile computing and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) environments.

The New Marine Aquarium: Step-By-Step Setup & Stocking Guide
Published in Paperback by Microcosm Limited (1999)
Authors: Michael S. Paletta, Edward Kadunc, Scott W. Michael, John Goodman, and Michael D. Paletta
Amazon base price: $13.97
List price: $19.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $13.00
Buy one from zShops for: $13.09
Average review score:

Outstanding book for the beginner marine fishkeeper
This is a well-done book providing plenty of information about marine aquarium setup and maintenance. My mother's a librarian so I've read several books on this subject all of which seemed too trivial and uninformative or written for the professional reef tank hobbyist but this book seemed like the perfect fit for me. The author takes the reader step-by-step through the process of identifying and purchasing the necessary equipment to seting up the tank and equipment to choosing and introducing fish to the tank and of course, maintaining the aquarium. The book is very informative and should bolster confidence in a beginner looking to setup a small to midsize tank. The author pariticularly covers filtration methodologies very well focusing primarily on the highly regarded "Berlin" method. A must have for beginners and intermediate fishkeepers looking to setup a marine tank. I would recommend a more detailed book for specifically covering choosing and caring for different types of marine fish, corals, invertebrates, etc., but this is otherwise a great book.

Excellent Book for the Beginner
If you are thinking about your first marine aquarium, this is a great book the start with. It was recommended by two stores I went to. It is easy reading with great diagrams and pictures. Everything from sizing to tank to suggestions of what fish and invertabrates to start with.

As with most of these books, it is not a substitute for your local expert. However, they even had advice on picking an expert that steered my away from the "big mall pet stores" to a smaller store where I found a truly knowlegable professional. I know my tank will be a success.

He beat me to it!
... covers just about everything imaginable, and does so in such a clear & concise way that there is little point in my trying to cover it again.
I am truly impressed. This so-called beginner's book scarcely rates that category; this is the very sort of information that beginners REALLY need but oh-so rarely ever get until it is too late. Moreover, it is presented in a form that beginners can understand and digest with ease. Truly a gem, and destined to be a classic.
The checklists, the explanations which make the complex simple, the techniques, the wonderful illustrations, the tips & tricks, the lists of common mistakes to avoid, ( and which species to avoid ) and the truly useful advice make this book very complete. It's 140+ pages are chocked full of good information without a lot of "fluff"; it's truly "all-meat, no filler!"
If I had to recommend just ONE book for the beginning marine hobbyist, I think that this would be the one. I even recommend it highly to intermediate hobbyists. While it doesn't cover every single aspect of the marine hobby, ( not that any one book, or even any given dozen ever books could ) it aptly covers the most important things, and most importantly, it covers them in a way which will make it the most useful to it's target audience...

Theophany : The Life and Death of a Girl Prophet
Published in Paperback by Erica House Book Publishers (1998)
Authors: Michael John Vines and Mike Vines
Amazon base price: $10.95
Used price: $5.75
Collectible price: $7.95
Average review score:

Amazingly sensitive and Emotional in it's simplicity!
From the first paragraph the reader is held tight to the words here, with feelings created by Michael Vines as he weaves the story of Sarah, Joshua and her life. We feel the purity of deep innocent love in a world of impure morals, and he shows us the depths of evil as forces turn against her because of her beliefs. Michael has created a work of great beauty, deep emotion, and thoroughly impacting on a readers' senses. I would gladly recommend this book to most knowing that it will live long in their hearts. This book while adult in it's maturity makes you feel uplifted, and redeemed in the belief in good vs. evil. I would keep it with me for the "dark" days in my life as I would need his message most at those times. This is a heart melter!

Spiritual Adventure
Super book! Theophany is an emotional and spiritual adventure. After reading a few pages, I loved Sarah and Josh. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. I couldn't stop reading, except to try to recover my emotions. The story is going along beautifully, and then Mr. Vines sends a jolt to your heart. He does this several times. The humor and evil he adds to the story complete the adventure. Sarah and Joshua will be with me forever. I'm reading it a second time, and finding even more in it. I'd recommend it to everyone. I am anxiously awaiting the next book.

This one caught me off guard...
First, let me say that Theophany is not the type of book I would have thought I would find myself reading. My style is more action-based reading, and I prefer mystery novels over anything else. I actually saw Theophany on a bookshelf in the office of a friend who had read it, and I found myself quite intrigued. Reading Mr. Vines' bio on the back cover, I started reading the book, and couldn't put it down. Sarah quickly captures your heart, and you feel as if you are at her side as she embarks on her journey. The book blends humanity and spirituality with conflict and jubilance. Theophany helped me re-identify an inner faith that I thought was long gone. While it may be a fictional story, the effects in has the reader are very realistic. Sarah and Josh will stay with you for a while to come. Read this could be the sleeper of the year!

John Redman's Essentials of the Golf Swing
Published in Hardcover by E P Dutton (1993)
Authors: John Redman, Michael E. Thomason, and Paul Azinger
Amazon base price: $22.00
Used price: $6.00
Collectible price: $6.34
Buy one from zShops for: $5.00
Average review score:


The Lost Art of the Golf Swing
John Redman teaches the golf swing in its purest form. His method has been popularized by golf greats Bobby Jones, Percy Boomer and Tommy Armour. His swing is sometimes called the "older" or "drag back" method because it concentrates on the passive use of the hands and arms. According to Redman the power of the golf swing takes place with the lower body, mainly a natural single axis swing around the spine with all of the power being generated by a level hip and shoulder turn. (Remember Percy Boomer's famous axiom about "turning in a barrel?") In contradistinction to this method most modern tour players and teachers teach a two axis turn. This is often characterized by the Jimmy Ballard lateral move. Unfortunately, this is much harder to perfect and physically coordinate than Redmans method. Subsequently, according to Redman many amateurs come outside the line and "over the top." Slice... slice... slice! Redmans prize student is the famous golf pro and major tournament winner Paul Azinger. Many illustrations of Paul's swing are included in the book. If you are looking for an easier more relaxed way to create club head speed and a golf swing that you can use for a lifetime, then you should order this book before your next round.

Thank You John Redman
I happened to catch about 10 minutes of Mr. Redman on the Golf Channel. Every word he spoke rang true. After reading his book I rediscovered many of the swing feels I had accidentally discovered during my first three months playing but could never consistantly replicate. Three years and many lessons involving "modern" swing theory later, I have come home. This is the simplest and least physically demanding swing out there and Mr. Redman explains it in a way that any duffer can understand and quickly implement. I also appreciate the fact that he steered me towards Percy Boomer's book. The only drawback is that I can't find a golf pro locally who teaches this method. Right now I don't feel like I need a pro. This book is like having a teaching pro on my bookshelf. BUY THIS BOOK. It will take a few weeks to "unlearn" all the modern crap you've learned, but you'll end up with a more consistant, powerful, and easily repeatable swing. I'd give it six stars if they'd let me.

Writing With Hitchcock: The Collaboration of Alfred Hitchcock and John Michael Hayes
Published in Paperback by Faber & Faber (2001)
Author: Steven DeRosa
Amazon base price: $10.50
List price: $15.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $4.98
Collectible price: $15.00
Buy one from zShops for: $9.75
Average review score:

Fair balanced presentation of Hitchcock-Hayes collaboration
When the auteur myth took root it managed to both change the stature of directors and displace a lot of talented writers. While there's no doubt that Hitchcock is still a giant in cinema, many of the books written about him tend to focus only on Hitch's contribution. DeRosa's book provides fair balance and recognizes writer Joh Michael Hayes' contribution to a fruitful collaboration. The four pictures that Hayes worked on (Rear Window, The Trouble With Harry, To Catch A Thief and the remake of The Man Who Knew Too Much)are all among Hitch's best work as a director. This isn't to suggest that Hitch didn't contribute to story ideas; he would frequently sketch out a general plot but writers like Hayes (or Ernest Lehman to name another strong Hitch collaborator) would be left along to write the script once the basic plot was discussed.

DeRosa knows his stuff and his research is exhaustive. I would have to liked to have seen more storyboard to script comparisons and comments from other writers and directors but that probably would have changed the scope of the book (and the focus). Without tarnishing Hitch's reputation, Writing With Hitchcock makes a strong case for the importance of Hayes contribution to Hitch's film.

After they had a falling out Hitch would frequently dismiss Hayes contributions to his films in print( such as in Truffaut's interview with Hitchcock. Hitch was generally pretty good about recognizing the importance of his collaborators)

Luckily that bitterness can't color the fine work of these well matched collaborators. This book along (with the inteviews Hayes granted for the DVD editions of their four films) finally puts it all into perspective. It also allows one to celebrate the great art and entertainment of Hitch and Hayes.

Chalk one up for the writers!
At last someone has challenged the myth that Hitchcock did everything himself. Not so. He had some very skilled writers whose talents helped make his films so memorable. One of those writers - perhaps the most important - was John Michael Hayes, whose screenplays for Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, Trouble with Harry and the remake of The Man Who Knew Too Much, had a tremendous impact on Hitchcock's films of the fifties, and on the way we view Hitchcock today.

In "Writing With Hitchcock", Steven DeRosa gives Hayes his long overdue credit. Hayes' contributions to each of the films are described in detail, as are the steps taken by the censors to reign things in - to protect audiences from the idea that Cary Grant and Grace Kelly would have premarital relations, or that Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day's boy was kidnapped, are just a couple of examples! Each film is gone over in detail from the writing phase to release, and the reader is given a chance to see the relationship between the writer and director blossom, and then die.

There are lots of anecdotes and a summarizing of both Hitchcock and Hayes' careers after they parted which is very illuminating, especially the potential sequel to Rear Window that Hayes worked on that would have been far more interesting than the Chris Reeve tv version. The final chapter is an analysis of each of the screenplays, and this was especially interesting to me as an aspiring screenwriter. Well worth the price of admission! I only wish it was in hardcover.

This book is really amazing. I thought that this was a very detailed book about John Michael Hayes and his rise to being a screenwriter, and how he came to work with Alfred Hitchcock. There are some great photos included that I've NEVER seen anywhere else before from Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, and more. I must say this is the best book that I've read about Hitchcock (and especially the best when it comes to talking about Rear Window). Whether you read this book for educational purposes or just pure enjoyment, you will be glad that you got it. I really recommend this to anyone that may wonder how a movie really comes the REAL men do it!

Brand New : How Entrepreneurs Earned Consumers' Trust from Wedgwood to Dell
Published in Hardcover by Harvard Business School Press (2001)
Author: Nancy F. Koehn
Amazon base price: $27.97
List price: $39.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $13.90
Buy one from zShops for: $24.61
Average review score:

Entrepreneurs Build Brands on Shoestrings in Changing Times!
I found this book hard to grade, but easy to read. Stories are the best way for people to learn, and this book has six interesting ones (about Josiah Wedgwood, H.J. Heinz, Marshall Field, Estee Lauder, Howard Schultz, and Michael Dell) describing entrepreneurs pulling themselves up by their bootstraps to create major brands. As a book of engaging business stories, this is a five star book. In terms of the insight you will get from these stories compared to the potential insight you should get, this is a three-star book. I compromised the two to come up with my grading.

If you want to learn about today's brand-building challenges, other books handle that subject much better. If you want to learn about how the Wedgwood, H.J. Heinz, Marshall Field, Estee Lauder, Starbucks, and Dell businesses got started, this is your book. The material is handled much like historical fiction (except the facts are meticulously gathered and documented), and you will find the going easy and pleasant.

If you like Horatio Alger stories, you will find those here as well. I suspect that exhausted entrepreneurs on long plane trips where their computer batteries have run out will find this book helpful in recharging their personal batteries. As Winston Churchill once said, "Never give up." That's the key lesson here. Through trial and error, these entrepreneurs kept trying until they found formulas that worked.

The choice of examples is a little flawed. Five are consumer branding examples and only one is a business example (Dell). Of the consumer branding examples, you will find that most are about selling to the higher income people. That gets a little repetitive.

The explanation of the examples is also incomplete. Considering that this is a business book, there is relatively little financial information other than annual sales and occasional asset turnover ratios. Qualitative example are helpful, but they are more helpful with more pinning down. For example, when you see the profit margins that Wedgwood had, that explains a lot about why the company could afford such lavish promotions. Without similar information on Heinz, you wonder why he was so successful in making sales but went bankrupt. Presumably, he had low margins.

The photographs and maps in the book are a plus, and I enjoyed them very much. The book was printed on such high quality paper (similar to that used for diplomas) that the images are on the same paper as the text. This permits the book to have many more illustrations than similar-sized business books.

The point about earning trust in the book is easily explained. At the time when these entrepreneurs were getting started, their largest competitors usually provided poor quality products, sometimes had inappropriate brand images, often failed to offer decent guarantees, and typically acted in self-serving ways. Earning trust isn't too hard if others are scoundrels or incompetent. Above all, these entrepreneurs stood for decent human values, and got that point across in one-to-one situations. I'm not sure that point comes out clearly enough, even though it is certainly present in each example.

Those who think the Internet age is unique will find the comparisons to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in England and the transportation improvements in the United States to be valuable contrasts. But each age brings its unique changes. Entrepreneurs should seek to grasp those changes, but also see what others have missed. I think that the Starbucks concept could have been successfully innovated in the late 1950s. It's just that no one did it then.

After you finish enjoying these stories, I suggest that you think about the values that your organization stands for. Are those values presented and delivered in ways that make your organization more trustworthy than any other? How else do you have to be superior in order to establish a burnished brand image?

Be serious about giving people the best you can possibly provide!

"Brand New"-- A fresh look at branding and entrepreneurship!
Brand New is a brilliantly written book about entrepreneurs, brands, consumers, business history, and socioeconomic change. The book explores these subjects through the examples of six entrepreneurs-Josiah Wedgwood, H. J. Heinz, Marshall Field, Estée Lauder, Howard Schultz of Starbucks, and Michael Dell-and the brands and companies they created during times of economic and social change: Wedgwood during the Industrial Revolution, Heinz and Field during the Transportation and Communication Revolution of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and Lauder, Schultz, and Dell in our time.

Koehn is a perceptive historian and biographer as well as an astute analyst of brand creation, entrepreneurship, and organization-building. She explains how the entrepreneurs in her book were able to understand the economic and social change of their times and anticipate and respond to demand-side shifts. This understanding, she argues convincingly, enabled these entrepreneurs to bring to market products that consumers needed and wanted and to create meaningful, lasting connections with consumers through their brands. Koehn also focuses on the importance of these entrepreneurs as organization builders who understood that their success depended on developing organizational capabilities that supported their products and brands. Her book is very well-researched throughout, and uses primary archival documents extensively in the historical chapters on Josiah Wedgwood, H. J. Heinz, and Marshall Field. Koehn also brings her entrepreneurs and the stories of how each built his or her company and brand to life with her talent as a biographer and historian.

The book's emphasis on drawing lessons from both past and present offers many valuable insights for those interested in coming to a better understanding of brand creation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial management, and organization-building. Koehn's emphasis on the demand side of the economy and on entrepreneurs and companies making connections with consumers through the brand distinguishes her book as an important work of business scholarship on brands and entrepreneurship. A lively, interesting, and engaging read, Brand New is also valuable reading for anyone interested in business, economic, or social history or biography of business leaders. I highly recommend it!

Earning Consumer's Trust
This highly readable business book profiles six successful entrepreneurs from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. Each profile (Josiah Wedgwood, Henry Heinz, Marshall Field, Estee Lauder, Howard Schultz, and Michael Dell) details the milieu of the era and offers insight into the environmental business factors that each of these business builders faced.

It is this holistic approach to the subject of each profile that makes the stories so compelling. Using her command of history, Ms. Koehn outlines the period view of each of the products (pickles to perfume) and vividly draws the reader into the strategy of each of these entrepreneurs' approach to the market and building their brand. It is the power of these stories that gives the brand message such import. All of these people had a great number of competitors in their market niche but their focussed approach to the brand associated with their goods or services is what set them apart.

Ms. Koehn uses some excellent demographic and financial information (indexed to today's dollars) that provide the backdrop for the scale of the success each of these entrepreneurs' achieved. This provides just enough quantitative information to provide texture without clouding the real story in statistics.

As an executive in the software business today, I found a great deal of comfort in the fact that the challenges I face in today's competitive marketplace are not new. In fact, with great courage and resolve, they have been solved again and again in differing but similar ways over centuries.

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