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Ancient Civilizations of Mexico and Central Mexico
Published in Paperback by Dover Pubns (1999)
Author: Herbert Joseph Spinden
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A reprint of an outdated book
This book was first published in 1928. Since that time our understanding of ancient Mesoamerica has changed dramatically. This is a verbatim reprint of the original book, with a new introduction that sets Spinden and the book into historical context. If one is interested in the development of ideas about Mesoamerica in the early 20th century, this is a useful book. If one wants to find out about those civilizations, however, this is NOT the book to read. Many of Spinden's ideas were proven wrong in the 1930s; by 2000, the number of errors in the book is enormous. There has been much fieldwork, decipherment, and other research on these cultures in recent decades. Look for one of the many recent books about the Aztecs, Mayas, and other Mesoamerican civilizations. Dover should continue reprinting codices (the Codex Borgia and Codex Nuttall are great reprints!), and stay away from outdated textbooks.

A fine survey of pre-Columbian life and culture.
Ancient Civilizations of Mexico and Central America is written by a curator expert on the topic and provides a concise, excellent history of the ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America. Any interested in early anthropology works will relish this fine survey of pre-Columbian life, essential to a beginning study of the region and its history.

Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake: Wisconsins Sunken Civilization
Published in Paperback by Galde Press, Inc. (1992)
Author: Frank Joseph
Amazon base price: $10.47
List price: $14.95 (that's 30% off!)
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A novel masquerading as an archaeological work
Joseph's book is interesting, but only as a piece of fantasy. His jumps in logic are enormous and difficult to believe as a serious work of science. Certainly, there are more intelligent and reasonable explanations for pyramids in Rock Lake, that could be answered by scientific investigation. Linking civilizations of the New World with the Canary Islands and Egypt are yet another attempt to trivialize the important and complex communities that have existed in North America for centuries. This book definately has entertainment value, but that is all it has to offer and should not be taken for more.

Inspires Curiosity in a City Ten Fathoms Deep
Ancient Civilizations are a mystery almost as deep as the mystery of what tomorrow will bring, and almost as deep as Rock Lake. In this narrative the Author takes you scuba diving in search of ruins in the heart of America. From pyramid builders to Ancient Mariners hoarding copper, this book answers many questions but leaves the reader dangling by the thin thread that ties us to an unknown past.

Sources of the Western Tradition: From Ancient Times to the Enlightenment
Published in Paperback by Houghton Mifflin College (1999)
Authors: Marvin Perry, Joseph R. Peden, and Theodore H. Von Laue
Amazon base price: $43.56
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Good Content but Wordy Explanations
I am a sophmore in high school, and we are currently using this book for our European Civilazation Class. The book itself is very informative, and it gives excellent insight to the world of Ancient Greece and Rome in particular, with analysis of philosiphers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. However, the way the book is written is difficult to follow, and it does not always lay things out in an easy-to-understand format. Nevertheless, a good textbook for High School and College Humanities classes.

Lasting Echoes: An Oral History of Native American People
Published in Hardcover by Harcourt (1997)
Authors: Joseph Bruchac and Paul Morin
Amazon base price: $16.00
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The cover gets your attention but the content does not.
Lasting Echos is a book of true stories with many facts. The way that the stories are formed is interesting but it drags on. If you are someone that is interested in Native culture this could be the book for you. The discription of what happen in different situations is well written. I think younger people might like it because they can create images of the stories. Teenagers probally would not relate to it and not keep their interest.

This book is informative and interesting.
Lasting Echoes is an very informative book which offers alot of quotes taken from the native americans on their feelings of the explorers that took over their land. It is a great book to let us know about the other side of history that many of us do not usually think about. This book made me better appreciate the people that owned this land before us.

Quail Plantations of South Georgia and North Florida
Published in Hardcover by University of Georgia Press (1991)
Authors: Joseph Kitchens and Hank Margeson
Amazon base price: $34.95
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a well photographed disappointment
this book will appeal to photographers but few others. it is mostly arty pictures of rivers, swamps, plantation workers and dogs. there are only a few pictures of the houses and very little insight into plantation life. there is virtually no text. this book seems to be a vanity publication for the photographer. i returned my copy in the next mail.

The beat of the drum and the whoop of the dance : a study of the life and work of Joseph Henry Sharp
Published in Unknown Binding by Fenn Pub. Co. ()
Author: Forrest Fenn
Amazon base price: $
Collectible price: $2242.50
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Kinship, Capitalism, Change: The Informal Economy of the Navajo, 1868-1995 (Native Americans, Interdisciplinary Perspectives)
Published in Hardcover by Garland Pub (1998)
Author: Michael Joseph Francisconi
Amazon base price: $90.00
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Long River
Published in Hardcover by Fulcrum Pub (1995)
Author: Joseph Bruchac
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $3.75
Collectible price: $13.72
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With Porter in North Missouri: A Chapter in the History of the War Between the States
Published in Hardcover by Pr of the Camp Pope Bookshop (1992)
Author: Joseph A. Mudd
Amazon base price: $35.00
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35 Years of NATO: A Transatlantic Symposium on the Changing Political, Economic and Military Setting
Published in Hardcover by Dodd Mead (1985)
Author: Joseph Godson
Amazon base price: $1.98
Used price: $5.95
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