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The Air Combat Paintings of Robert Taylor
Published in Paperback by David & Charles (2002)
Authors: Robert Weston, Robert Taylor, and Johnnie Johnson
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A dazzling spectacle of an artbook
Robert Taylor: Air Combat Paintings Volume II is a dazzling spectacle of an artbook, filled with black-and-white as well as full color images of aerial combat paintings, especially those related to World War II air battles. An extensive, in-depth commentaries and history adds a special depth to the origin and moment captured in these heart-stopping works of art. Robert Taylor: Air Combat Paintings, Volume II is a recommended treasure trove of great air combat illustrations for aviation and military history buffs. Also highly recommended is the companion compilation, The Air Combat Paintings of Robert Taylor: Volume 1 (0715314300, £20.00).

Al corriente
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books (11 January, 1995)
Author: Robert J. Johnson
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Why I USE this book often!
As a teacher of Spanish I have found this book to be a great classroom resource especially to prepare my students for the real life situations in authentic settings. The phrases and expressions are culled from daily exchanges in the target language. It is the use of these expressionns that set my students apart.... they seem MORE fluent because they can use the language like a native speaker! 4th grade worksheets don't impress me much to respond to the other reviewer of this book. I teach communication... this book is an excellent classroom tool! ARRIBA!

All Around Town: The Photographs of Richard Samuel Roberts
Published in School & Library Binding by Henry Holt & Company (1998)
Authors: Dinah Johnson and Richard Samuel Roberts
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A photographic window into African-American history
"All Around Town: The Photographs of Richard Samuel Roberts" combines the subject matter of the title with an easy-to-read text by Dinah Johnson. An author's note at the end states that Roberts was a self-taught photographer who documented African-American life in Columbia, South Carolina, and other places in the 1920s and 1930s.

This book is full of wonderful images: a proud graduate in cap and gown, a baseball team, uniformed schoolgirls, a couple posing with a classic car, a man with a dog, a young soldier in uniform, and much more. There are some particularly nice pictures of children that should appeal to contemporary kids. Together these pictures offer a moving glimpse into the lives of African-Americans in Roberts' time. Roberts had a real gift for photography, and the format of this book makes that gift accessible to young readers. Highly recommended.

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Retreat With Honor
Published in Hardcover by Castle (1990)
Author: Robert Underwood Johnson
Amazon base price: $12.99
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Battles & Leaders of the Civil War: Retreat with Honor
Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Retreat with Honor edited by Robert Underwood Johnson and Clarence Clough Buel of the editorial staff of "The Century Magazine" is the fourth and concluding installment of a four volume series written about the Civil War. Being for the most part contributions by Union and Confederate officers, these are their eyewitness accounts of the battles planned and fought during the duraion of the war.

These accounts were part of series that was concieved in 1883 by the editors of the Century Company to give future readers an idea of what went on during this, one of the costliest wars, fought by Americans on their home soil. Accounts found in this volume take us to General Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House, but there are accounts of the battles leading upto this event that are important to the outcome and final resolution of this conflict. As this volume opens we find an account of the land and sea operations of the Battle of Charleston, South Carolina and Grant's Wilderness Campaign. Sherman's march through the South, starting in Atlanta, also included in this volume, we read about the final actions in Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Anyone wishing to know more about the Civil War... this is a must to own and read at your leisure. You will experience a rich satisfaction of accounts written by the people who fought these battles... battles that pitted brother against brother, North against the South, and ideals agaist ideals. A war that had to be fought to resolve issues that the Founding Fathers knew some day would have to come to pass if they could not settle them. A war for the very existence of the union, otherwise there would never be a United Staes as we know it today.

These are the accounts of men who bravely fought on both sides, giving their all, some the ultimate sacrifice, but settled nonetheless, to make this country what it is today. Excellent history for all to read, The Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Volume one, "The Opening Battles." Volume two: "The Struggle Intensifies." Volume three: "The Tide Shifts." Volume four: "Retreat with Honor." you will NOT be disappointed.

Black Families at the Crossroads : Challenges and Prospects
Published in Hardcover by Jossey-Bass (1993)
Authors: Robert Staples and Leanor Boulin Johnson
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The History of the Family
I had to read this book for my African American Experience Class, it was a throughly awesome revelation of the effects of slavery has had on Black people. Not to say the effects it takes on the many generations now and to come, if one is not aware of how to break the cycle.

Brazilian Cinema
Published in Paperback by Columbia University Press (15 April, 1995)
Authors: Randal Johnson and Robert Stam
Amazon base price: $27.00
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A Fine Study of Brazilian Cinema
Johnson and Stam have compiled what is perhaps the definitive commentary on Brazilian cinema, offering thorough explications of the most important films from several different periods and styles. The book also discusses in detail tropicalism, anthropophagy, and other background elements that are integral to achieve an understanding of Brazilian cinema. Though some of the concepts may seem daunting, they are explained clearly and in a historical context, making it an excellent reference for students (either of Brazil or film in general). While some of the same articles appear in Cinema Novo X 5, Brazilian Cinema covers a wider range of subjects. If you are interested in Brazilian films, it is a must-read.

The Breath of Parted Lips: Voices from the Robert Frost Place
Published in Paperback by CavanKerry Press (01 September, 2000)
Authors: Mark Cox, Donald Hall, Sharon Bryan, Robert Cording, John Engels, David Graham, Mark Halliday, Dennis Johnson, William Matthews, and Gary Miranda
Amazon base price: $28.00
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A remarkable anthology of twenty-four poets
The Franconia, New Hampshire, farm of the American poet Robert Frost was turned into a museum and center for poetry and the arts in 1976. From that time, "The Frost Place" has been annual event wherein an emerging poet has been invited to spend the summer living in the house where Frost once lived and wrote some of his greatest poetry. The Breath Of Parted Lips: Voices From The Robert Frost Place, Volume One is a remarkable anthology of twenty-four poets, each of whom won that honor of a summer's residency and document the success of the original concept as a means of generating outstanding poetry while nurturing the poet's muse in the rooms and views that were once the inspiration of the great Robert Frost. Poem At 40: Windwashed--as if standing next to the highway,/a truck long as the century sweeping by,/all things at last bent in the same direction./An opening, as if all/the clothes my ancestors ever wore/dry on lines in my body:/wind-whipped, parallel with the ground,/some sleeves sharing a single clothespin/so that they seem to clasp hands,/seem to hold on.//And now that I can see/up the old women's dresses,/there's nothing but a filtered light./And now that their men's smoky breath/has traversed the earth,/it has nothing to do with them./And now that awkward, fat tears of rain/slap the window screen,/now that I'm naked too,/cupping my genitals, tracing with a pencil/the blue vein between my collar bone and breast,/I'll go to sleep when I'm told.

Character Above All: Robert Dallek on Lyndon Johnson, Hendrik Hertzberg
Published in Audio Cassette by Simon & Schuster (Audio) (1996)
Authors: Robert Dallek, Hendrik Hertzberg, and Robert Anton Wilson
Amazon base price: $16.00
Used price: $7.95
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Johnson and Carter
This product features two audio tapes. One each on Johnson and Carter. Robert Dallek and Hendrik Hertzberg are the speakers. Their speeches from 1995 show great knowledge and insight into their respective Presidents.

Hendrik Hertzberg was a speech writer for President Carter during his last two years in office. Hertzberg is a good speaker and often used humor to describe Carter and his administration. Hendrik describes Carter well. He portrays him as a loner and someone opposed to pomp and glitter. He also stated that Carter was no idealogue. Rather he handled issues one by one as they arose. And he spread himself too thin. Hendrik descibes some of the major events of the Carter Administration. The Panama Canal Treaty, the Israeli/Egyptian peace talks and the failed Iranian hostage rescue mission. Hertzberg portrays Carter as a courageous moral leader. But he also shows that Carter was not a great political leader.

Robert Dallek is a successful author and he shows here that he is also a good speaker. Dallek studied Lyndon Johnson thoroughly and clearly understood him. He states accurately that Lyndon Johnson was a complex man with a seemingly contradictory personality. Dallek quotes several stories about Johnson to show his sense of humor and his temperament.

Dallek provides data about Johnson's popularity over the years. As President, his approval ratings were good. As an ex President he's less popular. Dallek gives three reasons why he thinks LBJ's popularity has fallen. His assessment is probably correct.

Dallek then proceeds to rate Johnson as a President. He gives LBJ high marks in the realms of vision, pragmatism and consensus building on domestic issues. And he states that Johnson was very successful in passing his bills through Congress. Dallek provides a whole list of good bills which Johnson pushed through. In summary, Robert Dallek's assessment of Lyndon Johnson and his Presidency is very accurate and well informed.

Cheiro Returns (From Heaven to Earth)
Published in Paperback by Ariel Press (1979)
Authors: Robert R. Leichtman, D. Kendrick Johnson, and Carl Japikse
Amazon base price: $3.50
Used price: $3.50
Collectible price: $4.24
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Each 7th hour one becomes lucky
This was a 2 volume set, green binding. Showing your most fortunate times on any given day.

Beyond Appearance: A New Look at Adolescent Girls
Published in Hardcover by American Psychological Association (APA) (1999)
Authors: Norine G. Johnson, Michael C. Roberts, and Judith P. Worell
Amazon base price: $39.95
Used price: $23.50
Collectible price: $26.47
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