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The Burning Time
Published in Hardcover by Delacorte Press (1994)
Author: Carol Matas
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A Very Good Story For Teenagers And Up...
A touching, sad, suspenseful and truth-filled story of a teenager named Rose, and her mother who helps to heal people. And an angry group of people against them. And a terrible, powerfull man who comes to their town.
This is story involves risk, love, betrayal, you name it... This book has it all. I highly reccomend it.
However, only for teenagers and very mature children. It is based on the horrid witch hunts and does include some disturbing things.
If you have a chance to read it, do! I could hardly put it down. The suspence will catch you and hold you. A great tale.
It also brings truth to what really happened in the witch hunts so long ago... A must-read.

Horrifying, eye opening account of the witch hunts
Carol Matas, best known for the "Of Two Minds" novels and her various Holocaust fictions, has created a shocking novella about two women who find themselves trapped in a witch hunt in Renaissance France.

Suzanne Rives, a beautiful and fiercely independent widow and skilled midwife, refuses advances from two men to live with her daughter, the main character Rose. People have already been suspicious of her herbal treatments, but when a witch hunter spreads terror in the town comes, Suzanne's fate is sealed.

However, Rose still has some allies: Sylvie, a plucky castle maid whose motives are revealed later, and Raymond, a young man. Suzanne is subjected to horrifying torture by the cruel witch hunters and fanatics.

The violence is bloody and shocking, but never goes over the top. This book is well written, taut and poignant, about a mother-daughter relationship that must overcome the cruelties of the day.

Great boooooook! It was so sad! It made me cry! WHA WHA !

The Anatomy of Glory: Napoleon and His Guard: A Study in Leadership
Published in Hardcover by Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal (1997)
Authors: Henry Lachouque, Anne S. K. Brown, and John R. Elting
Amazon base price: $48.97
List price: $69.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $20.00
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a work of unquestionable quality
The glory of the Imperial Guard resounds above all others in the annals of war. Created, built and nurtured as a bodyguard for Napoleon, it grew from a brigade of fewer than two thousand men into a virtual army, and became 'a human fortress which no one but [Napoleon] could dominate and no enemy could penetrate'. And, on such battlefields as Austerlitz, Jena, Friedland, Wagram and Waterloo, it won the laurels of undying fame. Written by France's foremost historian of the Napoleonic Wars, Commandant Henry Lachouque, and translated and adapted by Anne S. K. Brown, this sumptuous work is enhanced by over 180 illustrations, including 86 plates in full colour. This new printing from the second, revised edition of Lachouque's masterwork will be especially welcomed by students of Napoleonic history. The plates alone are uniquely valuable as a source of uniform colours and style, and the text provides the definitive history of an elite body of men. With its vivid narrative and lavish illustrations, The Anatomy of Glory can lay justifiable claim to be one of the most magnificent books on military history ever published. The critical acclaim that greeted it upon its first publication provides ample testimony to its reputation. The Anatomy of Glory is both informative and entertaining: a work of unquestionable quality - termed a masterpiece by Elting - and a monumental contribution to Napoleonic literature.

Napoleon and His Guard the Mother of All References
I concur with the supportive opinions expressed here that this book, The Anatomy of Glory by Commandant LaChouque, et al, is the ultimate reference material for serious students of the History of the Imperial Guard.

I first came upon this wonderful book as a Senior at the University of Minnesota in 1984. My senior thesis was a study of Anglo-French Diplomacy during the Napoleonic period, and I find this book to be a wonderful source of information, not only information concerning the History of the Guard, but also more generalized history of the period itself.

This book, as stated, has a fabulous collection of artwork from the Anne Brown Collection at Brown U., and also does a wonderful job getting down to the nitty gritty concerning the Marshals, the Campaigns, the Politics of the Period, etc. Commandant LaChouque leaves no stone unturned in this hugely successful documentary on the Era.

The fact that this book centers the majority of its attention on Napoleon's Guard specifically is especially attractive to me since even now with the advent of the Internet it's still a bit of a tooth pull to get so complete an analysis of the history of one of the most courageous, loyal and dedicated organizations of professional soldiers the world has ever seen...La Garde Imperiale! These hardcore heroes richly deserve to be remembered, and this book does their memory ultimate honor.

The day I lost my original copy of this book was a sad one, and I'm very pleased I have now had, thanks to Amazon.Com, the opportunity to get a replacement. I most highly recommend this book for any gung-ho student of Napoleonic History...Vive L'Empereur!

La Garde A Feu!
I first saw this book and read it in high school. Since then, it has been an indispensable part of my Napoleonic library. It is full of information unobtainable eslewhere in English. The superb illustrations, from the Anne S.K. Brown Collection at Brown University, greatly enhance the presentation, Mrs Brown also being the translator. The book traces the Guard from its inception during the Revolution, its emergence as the Guard of the Consuls, and into its final evolution in 1804 as the Imperial Guard. The personalities who populate it are a truly talented and colorful group, from Pere Roguet, to Napoleon himself. The book almost appears as a personal narrative of the author, Commandant Lachouque, and while he has been accused of being somewhat biased, his references used for the book itself are impeccable. That the book has already stood the test of time is a virtue in itself. The new Introduction to the latest edition is by Col John Elting the noted suthority on the Napoleonic period, and new information on the Guard was discovered by him for this introduction. It not only enhances the Guard's formidable combat reputation, but the book itself. This book is a must for every Napoleonic enthusiast.

Pariswalks (Henry Holt Walks Series)
Published in Paperback by Henry Holt (Paper) (2000)
Authors: Alison Landes and Sonia Landes
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $1.99
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Don't walk Paris without it!
This is a terrific "off the beaten path" type tour guide. These tours take you to areas that other tourists just pass through on their way to the Eifel Tower and Louvre. With this book you experience the real Paris, not the tourist's Paris.

At the beginning of each tour (allow one per day), find a bench in one of the many small parks and read the introduction to the tour. While you take in the sights, smells and sounds of the area, you'll learn a bit of history to set the stage for the tour. The walks are slow and intend for you to really look at your surroundings as you read about the history, architecture and people. I wish there were guides like this for every city!

A "Must Have"ÿ
I've taken this book to Paris three times. Our local library discarded the book and I was so upset. It's wonderful to use in Paris or to remember my trips. I was so excited to find in newly published. I have already got one, which I passed on to a friend going to Paris, now I'm ordering another.

Fabulous audiotape
The Pariswalks audiotape is an immensely entertaining and educational way to wander through Paris neighborhoods. You can, for a change, SEE what the guidebooks are talking about WITHOUT having your nose in the book the whole time. The narration is humorous as well as informative. Because this Pariswalks audiotape is so good,I have given theLondonwalks audiotape on faith for Christmas to someone about to head for London. I will never travel to Europe again without first checking to learn whether an audiotape is available for my destination city.

Memoirs: Fifty Years of Political Reflection
Published in Hardcover by Holmes & Meier Publishers, Inc. (1990)
Authors: Raymond Aron, George Holoch, and Henry A. Kissinger
Amazon base price: $49.95
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one of the least known great thinkers
Raymond Aron was unique among intellectuals: at once a journalist and scholar, he was a prolific writer on, and noted expert in, a huge aray of subjects from philosophy to military strategy to economics. As it turns out, his life was also fascinating: he was a classmate and best friends with Sartre before becoming his great adversary during the post war debates on Marxism, was in London for the French resistance during the war, and became a television personality late in life.

In French, Aron writes with a grace and clarity that are astonishing. Now I have finally read his memoires, one of the last things he wrote. When you compare any contemporary intellectual to him, they simply can't measure up.

Patient but not condescending, honest, and breath-taking
Simply put, Rayomd Aron's memoir is proufound and interesting. Those who want to affect society in terms of knowledge should read this book. Aron just before his death tells us what intellectual ethics is, how unconscious intellectuals can be far from mass, and why we need philosohpy to understand society. Through the entire of the book, there is a specter of Sartre who used to be Aron's "little comarade" but turned out to be his ideological enemy. In contrast to a Sartre's monstrous genius who declined a Nobel prize, Aron commits himself as a humble humanutarian. This book is a critical review of the French intellectual history.

a wonderful book
Raymond Aron is one of the most interesting intellectuals of this century. His writing is deeply appealing. He is not just telling the political history of the century he lived. The pages are like a wave that drifts from the right to the left inside the parties, from his childhood to poetry, passing through comunism, nazism, the wars, the fall of the ideologies, till reach the decade where the giant (USA) starts its fall - the seventies. He throws you into the political sense, into the racionality of the inteligentsias throughout Europe. It's not just about past, present and future. It's a different history. It's a guest for reason, it's a guest for the most challinging steps of man.

Henry Miller: The Paris Years
Published in Hardcover by Arcade Publishing (1995)
Authors: Brassai and Timothy Bent
Amazon base price: $16.77
List price: $23.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $6.35
Collectible price: $9.32
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Getting to Know Henry
Although Miller's books are largely autobiographical, it is sometimes difficult to discern "Henry Miller" from "Henry Miller's world". In reading this book by Brassai, we learn some of the methods Miller used to construct his world-- thus providing a deeper understanding of the man. While this book is by no means exhaustive, it does provide a glimpse into the man. There are numerous descriptions of Henry Miller available, but to get an insider's view, it is essential to read this book written by a man who knew Miller as well as any person can know another.

Henry Miller as few knew him...
This book is a must-read for Henry Miller devotees who want to understand the genesis of this great writer. Written by his close friend Brassai a fascinating story is told about Miller's down and out days in Paris during the 1930's and how his vision of writing developed. It is replete with personal anecdotes about Miller's views of Paris, his hatred (ambivalent as it was) of his homeland and his relations with the women in his life. It more than anything shows Miller as the writer refusing to sell-out by having the essence of his writing edited away by the censorius literary status quo of his day.

Mont Saint Michel and Chartres
Published in Digital by Penguin ()
Authors: Henry Adams and Raymond Carney
Amazon base price: $14.95
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A disguised autobiography
A reading of Richard Brookhiser's recent (and highly recommended) *America's First Dynasty* sent me back to *Mont Saint Michel and Chartres*, a book I hadn't read in thirty years. I'm glad I returned to it, because a few years have, I trust, put me in a better position to appreciate what's going on in the book.

On one level, the most obvious one, Adam's book is a sometimes idiosyncratic history of Medieval art, literature, and religion that takes as its center of gravity the great Gothic cathedrals of the period--structures that Adams thinks sum up what the middle ages are all about. To read the book on this level alone is fine. It provides intriguing insights into, for example, courtly love and the cult of Mary.

But I now believe that, at a deeper level, the book is disguised autobiography on the one hand and a backhanded history of Adams's own time on the other. An at times overwhelming sense of nostalgia permeates the book. In reading Adams on the 11th century mystics, the debates of the schoolmen, the chansons of the troubadours, and the unified worldview of the middle ages, one can almost hear him sigh with longing to return to a world which, he thinks, was whole, unfractured, and pure--a world, as the medievals themselves would've said, which reflects "integritas." This reveals a great deal about the restless, unquiet nature of Henry Adams the man. But it also reveals the restless, unquiet nature of the modern era which spawned and molded him: the gilded age, the fast-paced first wave of capitalism, secularism, and consumerism, which has no center of gravity, no art, no tradition. And even though we claim to be living in a "postmodern" age, it seems to me that a great deal of the qualities Adams deplored in his own times are still with us and account for our own sense of homelessness.

*Mont Saint Michel and Chartres,* then, is more than a quaint turn-of-the-last-century history. Read correctly, it's also a mirror of our present discontent. Highly recommended.

A wonderful intro to Gothic cathedrals and the Middle Ages
Twenty years ago, I first read this book and was driven by Adams' compelling study of these two cathedrals to spend a decade studying Medieval and Renaissance literature. Adams at times finds his enthusiasm for his subjects embarrassing, but gives in to it nevertheless and writes a brilliant and joyous paean to these cathedrals and to the spirit that created them. Rereading this book now, twenty years later, I remember the thrill of reading it the first time, and it sparks my own enthusiasm all over again.

Monumental Accusations: The Monuments Aux Morts As Expressions of Popular Resentment (Francophone Cultures and Literatures, Vol 13)
Published in Hardcover by Peter Lang Publishing (1996)
Author: Marilene Patten Henry
Amazon base price: $58.95
Average review score:

This is a wonderful book that offers trenchant insight into the French experience during the Great War. I found this book profoundly moving at times and my understanding of what that war meant to the identity of France was greatly enriched. Well worth the price to the serious student of the era.

A Unique and Splendid Book
This beautifully done book presents a unique perspective of the war memorials that pervade France. The meaning of these monuments is often ignored or forgotten by the casual traveler, but anyone who reads this book will most certainly feel that they are seeing these reminders of sacrifice for the first time. With insight and distinctive understanding, Ms. Henry examines what these markers say to us today and in the process brings the past to life. Scholarly, moving, and superbly written, the reader will never look at a memorial to the fallen without consideration again. An important contribution to understanding the French experience of war and how that nation's past sacrifice is remembered and perceived by its people. Ernest Pessler, O.F.M.

The Oxford Companion to African American Literature
Published in Hardcover by Oxford University Press (1997)
Authors: William L. Andrews, Frances Smith Foster, Trudier Harris, and Henry Louis, Jr. Gates
Amazon base price: $65.00
Used price: $5.50
Collectible price: $21.18
Buy one from zShops for: $13.99
Average review score:

Everything that you wanted to know or needed to know about African American Literature is contained in this eight hundred page volume. This comprehensive volume covers the historical and cultural contexts of African American literature that has been too long neglected.

Oxford's Companion encompasses the traditional genres of poetry, fiction and drama but goes beyond them. It gives the same analysis to special genres such as Slave Narratives, Oratory, Folk Literature, etc. that you don't normally find in reference works of this kind. These special features and others give this book a unique spot in reference works of literature.

From the moment I got this volume in my hands, I couldn't put it down. Its numerous essays, brief biographies and analysis of the various hues of African American Literature was overwhelming and enjoyable. A referance guide such as this should be in every home. It is user friendly, informative and entertaining. Most of all it will give you a deeper appreciation of the vast types of African American literature produced throughout the years.

An English Graduate Student in Nashville
I purchased this anthology to assist me in my African-American literature class. This book has given me great insight about the literature of African-Americans. Not only does it give great details about the many authors, but it also explains the nature of their many works. I strongly recommend this book to anyone taking an African-American literature course - regardless of the time period.

Unknown South of France: A History Buff's Guide
Published in Paperback by Harvard Common Pr (1991)
Authors: Henry Reuss and Margaret Reuss
Amazon base price: $12.95
Collectible price: $13.22
Buy one from zShops for: $39.95
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Best historical book on Southern France on the market.
Having read all the Peter Mayle books,I was looking for something different regarding the South of France.This gem,written by a well travelled former Member of Congress and his wife,more than met my hopes.I would no more consider another visit to Southern France without this very readable reference for my evening reading than I would think of going down a river in a canoe without a paddle.The book is an absolute delight.

Used it in South of France and loved it
I took this with me to Gascogne and Langedoc and even the French Guide loved it. It gives the historical background of the areas and minimum of stuff like where to stay or eat (which is unnecessary when you're with a group). Even used it when on my own in Carcassone and Toulouse. Bonus: printed on lightweight paper. Why do so many guidebooks weigh a ton?

The Essential Earthman
Published in Paperback by Mariner Books (1999)
Authors: Henry Mitchell and Frances Tenebaum
Amazon base price: $14.00
Used price: $4.99
Buy one from zShops for: $5.00
Average review score:

Worth a second try
I bought this book a few years ago based on the reviews. When I got it I tore into it and was sorely disappointed. That's the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars.

Why even 4 stars you ask? Well, about a month ago, for whatever reason, I picked it up again and now I LOVE IT!

Henry Mitchell is dry - like the soil under an oak. But he's terribly warm and fuzzy once you get to know him. I write a newsletter for my local garden club and have found quote after quote that I want to use for future issues. They're not la-dee-dah quotes that speak vaguely about the lovely joys of gardening. BLAH! Rather, they're jewels that point fingers at snobby gardeners and kill-joys who scold children for picking crocuses.

This is not a "pretty picture" book. It's sort of a how-to in an essay form. But more than that, it's great writing by a wonderful author on a topic I am crazy for.

Read and read again
The two books I have read cover to cover as gardening advice and as literature are this book and Christopher Lloyd's Adventurous Gardener. I have shelves of gardening and horticultural books.
It gives you more each time you read it.

please reprint this book!
I first read Henry Mitchell in the Washington Post when my husband was receiving cancer treatment at NIH in 1982, and when I realized that his columns were collected in The Essential Earthman I immediately bought a copy. I have subsequently owned (and loaned out and thus lost) two or three more copies. As each planting season arrives I remember how much I've missed reading Henry's wisdom, and I berate myself for having loaned out (and lost) those books. So for the sake of upcoming generations of gardeners (and the old hands among us), would someone please reprint this valuable book? It's a book to read in the depth of winter and the heat of summer, in a spacious country garden or a tiny city yard, for beginning gardeners and old timers with permanently-stained hands. There never has been anyone quite like Henry Mitchell on gardening, or on life, for that matter. Grouchy, opinionated, funny, informative, brutally honest--his words will never go out of style.

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