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The Impending Crisis
Published in Paperback by Harpercollins College Div (1976)
Author: David Morris Potter
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Profound insights on "The Nature of Southern Separatism"
David Potter's work has been rightly called "magisterial" by some historians. He examines whether "Southern Nationialism" truly existed prior to 1860, and whether a mere impassioned defense of slavery was solely capable of inciting some Southerners to contemplate exercising a revolutionary right (or as Southern constitutionalists saw it, immediate secession). This chapter, coupled with his thorough understanding of the political dimension of Nativism, is sufficient alone to recommend this book. This book (20 years to complete) is the product of serious reflection on the part of the author. Professor Potter's work is a testament to his skills as a historian and writer.

A Classic for Students of the Civil War
For those who studied history in the 1960's. David Potter's IMPENDING CRISES brings back memories of a time when political history dominatd the study of America's past. For students who grew up in the age of new social history, Potter's work is a unique opportunity to broaden their perspective and experience the genre of another generation. A synthesis and a commentary, the book analyzes political developments in the United States From the outbreak of the Mexican War to the firing on Fort Sumter, a period that Potter sees as vital to an understanding of the causation of the American Civil War.

The cast of characters is composed of white males, be their politicians or the electorate. Female names are virtually absent from the index. Other than Dred Scott, the only other individual black person mentioned is Frederick Douglass, and it seems that Potter stretches his research to include Douglass as opposed to giving him agench. Potter's work, completed after his death by friend and associate, Don E. Fehrenbacher, is the story of the interaction of white men who made political and sometimes moral decisions and how those decisions influenced the American people.

One of the significant aspects of the book is how Potter weaves the interralated events into the pattern of socail turmoil that culminated in the Civil War, often attempting to put the reader intothe mental framework of 19th century America. Stressing slavery as the most significant contribution to the tensions leading to the war, Potter de-emphasizes the significance of Nat Turner's Rebellion and John Brown's Raid. However, he demonstrates their importanc when viewed in combination with other events and thier impact on contemporary thought. As Potter points out, "Historians customarily write about past events as if each one occurred in isolation, neatly encapsulated in a sealed container, or chapter." (P. 177) A work such as Potter's brings the student who has done indepth readings on events such as John Brown's Raid or Nat Turner's Rebellion into the reality of the larger spectrum of events.

In telling his story, Potter goes about his task ina meticulous manner, particularly when one considers the voluminous footnotes. In several instances he offers revisionist interpretations of certain characters. He shows John Brown's Raid as a futile act, a publicity stunt by contemporary standars. He attempts to rehabilitate the image of President James Buchanan, a man most historians have not held in high regard. He demonstrates the hypocrisy of many abolitionists and how Republicans maniputlated their platforms to win over Know Nothing and nativist voters. Lincoln is shown as the practical politician that he was. Piercing homes in the myths that have evolved during Lincoln's early career and campaign the presidency.

In offering his revisionists views however, I believe that Potter goes too far in his attempt to ggive a seemingly unbiased view of Justice Roger B. Taney. This is especially true when he states that "Taney's valuable contributions to American constitutional development remained unrecognized because of the Dred Scott decision." (P. 290) Granted Taney severed longer than any chief Justice other than John Marshall. In addition, he made favavorable contributions to America's economic development by reaching decisions that favored emerging industries. However, his opinions in Groves v. Slaughter (1844), Prigg v. Pennsylvania (1842) and Strader v. Graham (1850) were decidely proslavery, offering no protection to free blacks or the free states that opposed slavery.

Regarding the Dred Scott decision, Potter says "Probably no other major judicial decision in history affected the daily lives of so few people" (P. 290) While conceding in th next paragraph that the decision had indirect results, it is still difficult to understand Potter's view. Taney found that Blacks were not citizens and delineated bifurcated citizenship between federal and state government which would have significant ramifications in subsequent rulings of the court. For the first time, the Supreme Court found unconstitutional a major piece of fderal legislation. For the first time, every justice of the Supreme Court wrote an opinion on a case, a decision that takes up 248 pages of the Supreme Court Reports. Had it not been for the Civil War, the Dred Scott decision would have dictated federal policy on slavery in the territories until the nation was able to end slavery or amend the constitution and yet potter downplays its importance. The evidence is clearl that the adoption of the 14th Amendment was an attempt by Congress to overturn the Dred Scott decision, but yet Potter feels that it did not affect the daily lives of individuals.

However, the emphasis of the book is on the history of political events and not legal history. All in all every page of Potter's work is extremely worthwhile. The discussions of the development of both political parties is "worth the price of admission."

The Place to Start
David Potter's masterwork addresses all the sticky questions about America's descent into civil war. He navigates the thicket of personalities, historical forces, and contemporary events without trying to shoehorn them into a Grand Unifying Theory.

Why did compromise fail? What was the role of slavery? How did the South think it could get away with it? Potter addresses all these and more in intensive detail, written in a fascinating, engrossing style. Potter delivers a convincing and fair account of events that is bound to complicate the opinions of those who read it. Potter will undermine the complacency of the reader, regardless of which "side" of the debate he or she thinks she's on.

_The Impending Crisis_ is a masterpiece of the historian's art, and should be required reading in any college class that includes the Civl War in its curriculum.

Boyz II Men: Us II You
Published in Hardcover by HarperCollins (1995)
Authors: Michael McCary, Michael McClary, Shawn Stockman, Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris, David Cohen, and Nick Kelsh
Amazon base price: $40.00
Used price: $10.51
Collectible price: $10.59
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Great info on the Boyz
I had brought this book on my 16th birthday and it will be a present that I will always remember. I have been a Boyz II Men fan since Cooleyhigh and I can proudly say that they gave a lot to their fans by helping to make this book! Buy it!

This book gives you a taste of the lives of 4 great singers.
If you are a serious Boyz II Men fan, this is the book for you!!! This book offers their thoughts and their lives on and off stage. This book gives a clear picture of who these four fabulous people are!!!

This was a great information book full of beautiful pictures
I loved this book..I think any one who is a Boyz II Men fan should get and read this book...for one thing, it had great pictures and it also had great information...It's also a great book to have Boyz II Men sign especially because Robert (Mike's brother) is in it...I had Rob and Mike sign my book..their personal driver signed it too..but I think if you like Boyz II Men, you should definately look into getting this book because you will Apsolutely LOVE it..

The Roads That Brought Us Home
Published in Paperback by Mountain State Pr (06 June, 1998)
Authors: Roger Morris, David, Edward, and Roger Morris
Amazon base price: $14.95
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great book..
good sons who didnot forget their up bring. could read more...

Heart warming, entertaining and funny
After reading this book I felt proud to be the daughter of one of the authors(Ed Morris) He has always inspired me and directed me in the right way. As you can see in this book that he and my uncles had a hard life and intended to use his life and the situations that came about to nourish his family. The book was one book of many biographies that I have read that you actually felt like you had lived this life. I loved the book and would recommend it to anyone to read. Of course being modest due to the fact that my dad and my uncles wrote it. I am very proud to be a Morris.

"Roads" an enriching and entertaining journey
It was the first time I had ever been to the hollow in the narrow valley of Aaron's Fork, about 20 miles northeast of Charleston. It was way too cold for a Florida lad, accustomed to warm, sunny Februarys. The frost-painted grass under my feet made a loud crunching sound as we walked back to where the three room plank house and pole barn had sheltered the family. Everything seemed frozen in time, like a movie set from scenes shot before color graced the screens. As a guest of one of the Morris brothers, I felt like I had a front row seat in a replaying of the first part of that movie which ran some six decades ago. While "The Roads That brought Us home" is not a PBS documentary, it easily could be one in the making. Brothers Ed, David and Roger grew up among the poorest of the poor in rural West Virginia, yet each of them would climb well above the poverty line and rise to the top of their chosen professions. Their road began in Aaron's Fork with no well or even an outdoor toilet. Drinking water was provided by a spring that bubbled out of the ground and they "did their business" behind a large rock near a creek. It was years before they got a radio and in the early years received no newspapers or magazines to learn about the "outside" world. But one by one, they left Aaron's Fork and moved into mainstream America, their mixed personalities as mixed as the country growing up with them. Brother David made a career out of drinking from the government trough of Illinois, a quiet, devoted, likeable team player who worked for a time with a man who is probably most famous for being Monica Lewinsky's lover. Brother Roger is a marathon runner who has become an accomplished sophisticate, acting as Director of Public Affairs for DuPont Pharmaceuticals and a food critic (as well as a former wine columnist) for USA Today. Brother Ed became a college English teacher and long-time editor for Billboard magazine. He is probably one of the most honest observers of the follies of the human race, a truly funny vegetarian who attaches himself to common sense in its purest form. He hates everything from religion to sports, to dancing, to small talk, to pierced ears and tattoes. Far from being self-righteous, he is his own worst critic. A fourth brother, Darrell, who was the eldest, died before this book was written, but his life was clearly influenced by the others, as was their late mother, Mary Elizabeth, whose death in 1988 drew the three together again. In "The Roads That Brought Us Home" David, Roger and Ed speak to the reader as if he or she were the fourth person in the room, listening as the grown-up boys trade memories about their separate but overlapping lives. The book is their story, but it's also yours and mine.

Legendary Whitetails: Stories and Photos of 40 of the Greatest Bucks of All Time
Published in Hardcover by Venture Press (1998)
Authors: Dick Idol, David Morris, and Larry Huffman
Amazon base price: $27.97
List price: $39.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $19.58
Collectible price: $29.00
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A Must for Whitetail Hunters
This book is great. The stories behind each magnificent animal makes you feel like you were there on the hunt. Very insightful info on the Big Bucks that have been made famous. I am looking forward to the second book Legendary Whitetails II. You won't be disappointed with this one. My hat is off to Dick Idol!!!

Legendary Whitetails
If you are a deer hunter-buy this book! The short stories about the 40 greatest deer of all time and photos of these beasts are enough to make the heart of the most seasoned deer hunter thump with buck fever. Since my purchase of this book, I have bought three others for my three lucky hunting buddies. What a book!

It can happen to anyone!
Reading this book was enlightening. I came away with the realization that what happened to these people can happen to anyone. Most of the people in the book were ordinary people that just went out hunting. Some were "trophy Hunters" but many were just subsistence meat hunters that were out looking for food to feed their families. Many of them would typically have been happier shooting a nice young fork horn or a doe.

Anyone that is a Whitetail deer hunter would enjoy this book thoroughly. I could not put it down once I started reading it. I can't wait for volume two.

Great Lodges of the National Parks: The Companion Book to the PBS Television Series
Published in Hardcover by W. W. West Inc (2002)
Authors: Christine Barnes, Fred Pfulghoft, and David Morris
Amazon base price: $24.50
List price: $35.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $23.11
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Glorious Photos, Wonderful Book
We purchased this book as a thank-you gift for friends, and we were *delighted* with the quality and beauty of it. Truly glorious photos, not a ton of information but enough, and makes a spectacular gift. Highly recommended.

Here's a way to see America
What a treat to find Great Lodges of the National Parks! Not only is the book full of lucious color photographs of the lodges (both inside and out and every season), but historic images and architectural drawings that make you really appreciate the simple fact that they were built in the first place. You also get the full history along with a sense of what the lodges are like today written in a very accessible style. I know people who are trying to go to all of the lodges in Christine Barnes' books. I plan on beginning this summer. (The book also includes Timberline Lodge in Mt. Hood National Forest outside of Portland.)

Beautiful book with spectacular pictures!
This is a gorgeous book.
It has 192 pages--loaded with lovely glossy pictures.
Not all of these lodges, however, are located in the national parks.Timberline Lodge is in a national forest and Oregon Caves Chateau is located at a national monument.
The pictures in this book are breathtaking. Historical pictures as well as present day pictures are located in the book.
This book is VERY similar to the Great Lodges of the West book (also by Christine Barnes). Some of the EXACT same pictures that are in the Great Lodges of the West book are in this book!
But this book adds more pictures.
This one has more pages (as compared to 136 pages) and this one has more pictures. Also covered in this one is Belton Chalet and Sperry & Granite Park Chalets (which the other book doesn't cover in full detail).

16 lodges are featured:
1) Old Faithful Inn (Yellowstone National Park- Wyoming)
2) The Ahwahnee (Yosemite National Park- California)
3) Paradise Inn (Mount Rainier National Park, Washington)
4) Timberline Lodge (Mount Hood National Forest- Oregon)
5) Oregon Caves Chateau (Oregon Caves National Monument-Oregon)
6) Crater Lake Lodge (Crater Lake National Park-Oregon)
7) El Tovar (Grand Canyon National Park- South Rim)
8) Zion Park Lodge (Zion National Park)
9) Bryce Canyon Lodge (Bryce Canyon National Park)
10) Grand Canyon Lodge (Grand Canyon National Park- North Rim)
11) Glacier Park Lodge (Glacier National Park- Montana)
12) Belton Chalet (Glacier National Park)
13) Lake McDonald Lodge (Glacier National Park)
14) Many Glacier Hotel (Glacier National Park)
15) Sperry & Granite Park Chalets (Glacier National Park)
16) Prince of Wales Hotel (Waterton Lakes National Park,
Alberta, Canada)

Also in the front and back is a map that shows where these lodges are located.In the back are Preservation Resources and Travelers' Resources (websites, reservation information, etc...)
Although I didn't know that this book would be so similar to the Great Lodges of the West book--(it's just a bigger version), I do not regret buying it. I have them both and the pictures are mesmerizing.

Great Lodges of the West
Published in Hardcover by W. W. West Inc (1997)
Authors: Christine Barnes, Fred Pflughoft, and David Morris
Amazon base price: $34.00
Used price: $27.31
Collectible price: $52.94
Buy one from zShops for: $99.99
Average review score:

Amazing Lodges ... amazing book
Wonderful content and photos ... I've lived and worked in Yellowstone for 20 years and had never seen the "once approved, never built" drawing of the Old Faithful Inn. have been to many of the "lodges" featured, and will use the book as inspiration to visit a few more! I've scooped up several for gift giving this holiday season.

The most appreciated book I have ever given
Give this one with a pair of airline tickets

Historians' Love "Great Lodges"
From Lee Whittlesey, Park HistorianYellowstone National Park, Wyoming: Old Faithful Inn is the first lodge featured in Great Lodges of the West. The Inn is as much a part of Yellowstone National Park as the geyser it is named after. The author covers its history and architecture and brings to life a much loved landmark.From Deirdre Shaw, CuratorGlacier National Park, Montana: Christine Barnes has pulled together some little known history about the historic lodges of Glacier National Park and the region, then spun a story history buffs and park visitors will truly enjoy. Historic photos from the park archives along with architectural drawings and color photography makes Great Lodges of the West both informative to read and beautiful to look at.From David Wark, Historic ArchitectCrater Lake Lodge rehabilitation project: Great Lodges of the West tells the important story of Oregon¹s Crater Lake Lodge. Christine Barnes informs the reader of a Lodge built on naive optimism, its deterioration, and the real threat of demolition. She then illustrates how the Lodge¹s rebirth is evidence of what citizens can accomplish when they value their architectural heritage

Blood money : the incredible true story of David Morris and the tragedy of Somalia
Published in Unknown Binding by Penguin ()
Author: Trisha Stratford
Amazon base price: $
Average review score:

Blood Money
A fantastic true story that has exposed the UN for there own incompetence and corruption. This is not a political book, but one of fact, and of sorrow. Once you pick this book up you will not want to put it down. The central character of the book is a real life entrupener David Morris and what an unbeleivable character he is, what he acheived in Somalia on just a few hundred thousnd dollars, put to shame the UN who spent over 1 billion dollars. This book should be a major motion picture, but I suspect the UN would never allow it to happen.

The U.N. follies
"Blood Money" is a tragic example of how, as the old saying goes, "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions." New Zealander David Morris went to Somalia with the idea of making some money as a contractor for the U.N. as the U.N. tried to save the country from starvation and anarchy. While the U.N. fed the people, Morris's company fed the U.N. As chronicled by fellow countryman and reporter Trisha Stratford, somewhere along the way Morris decided to do what he could to help the Somali people. For his trouble and due in part to U.N. bungling, he ended up dead. In the context of the greater disaster that was the U.N. mission to Somalia, Morris's death might seem only a small part. But the trouble he and his company had with the World body are lessons that need to be learned if the U.N. is ever going to be an effective force for international intervention. This book is an excellent journalistic account of bureaucratic failure.

Great Lodges of the Canadian Rockies
Published in Hardcover by Sasquatch Books (1999)
Authors: Christine Barnes, Fred Pfinghoft, David Morris, and Fred Pflughoft
Amazon base price: $24.50
List price: $35.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $16.69
Buy one from zShops for: $24.27
Average review score:

You'll head to Canada after reading this book
Anyone who loves spectacular mountain scenery and historic lodges should grab this book! Not only does the book contain the well-known spots (Banff Springs Hotel, Chateau Lake Louise and Jasper Park Lodge) but there's an entire section on lodges you can ONLY hike or ride horseback to. Barnes other books all feature American lodges, so this trip into the Canadian Rockies is a special visual treat full of history and plenty of sentiment. There are fold-out pages for real panoramic shots and a neat little guide in the back.

Great Coffee Table Book for Lodge Lovers
Great pictures, informative text, and a tempting vacation guide (the book comes with a pocket guide showing prices, phone numbers, directions, photography tips, and other information). Describes the architectural and cultural evolution of the greatest lodges in Canada - most are those lodges built by the railways or by early 20th century mountaineers. All your guests will pick it up.

Hunting Trophy Whitetails
Published in Hardcover by Safari Press (1997)
Authors: David Morris and Morris D.
Amazon base price: $29.95
Used price: $21.00
Collectible price: $21.18
Buy one from zShops for: $24.18
Average review score:

Hunting Trophy Whitetails
This a great book, for trophy hunters and novice alike. Full of useful information and strategy, the authors enthusiam comes right through the pages. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves hunting whitetails.

For the serious pursuer of trophy whitetails!
Comprehensive and well written. Covers the big picture. Has lots of detail on the tactics of hunting big bucks. Very informative on the behavior of these animals. This is an excellent single source for the subject. I learned a lot even though I've successfully hunted deer for over 25 years. Mr Morris is an effective spokesman on the issue of hunting and he should continue to attempt to enlighten the "undecided majority" between those for and against hunting. Could someone tell me how much of this book is covered in the " Advanced Strategies for Trophy Whitetails" by this author?

A Lifestyle of Worship: Making Your Life a Daily Offering
Published in Paperback by Regal Books (1999)
Author: David Morris
Amazon base price: $9.99
Used price: $6.50
Average review score:

Worship - an authors perspective from the other side
This book has been such a blessing - from a man who lived - and died - a lifestyle of worship.

David Morris was and is my best friend - I knew him personally and learned to love him and his example of Christ he lived every day. David overcame great adversity in his life (explained in the book), knew the depths of personal failure, yet through the grace of God came out on the other side with a powerful testimony - and more powerfully - a lifestyle which consistenly reflected the nature of Jesus - not only to me, but to all he ministered to.

David's life has powerfully - and in a lasting way has touch my life - even after his death - in a way which continues to amaze me.

This book captures the essence of what David walked out in a daily basis.

This book will help you pursue a deeper and more meaningful walk with God! I continue to miss him deeply and look forward to the day we will be reunited!

Worship is more than a Sunday morning event...
Let me start off by saying that this book is not an emotional spritzer - you know the kind - a book written to hype your emotions to a new level, only to drop you later when you realize JUST HOW HARD LIFE REALLY IS! Although Morris's personal story will move you, there is SO MUCH MORE to his book! It was not written to further your own personal guilt trip due to failures in private devotions and worship, but to break the viscious cycle and help each of us move into a new level of intimacy and relationship with our Heavenly Father! It's about time!

Beyond private worship - it's also about corporate worship and the many different forms that takes. He covers topics on prophetic dance, warfare praise and worship and a host of other contemporary worship concepts. Underneath all he writes, Morris lays a very solid biblical foundation for the concepts he presents. He is authoratitive and speaks out of his years of experience as a worship leader. This is a must read for church worship leaders and music directors.

This book has an edge to it - it's called the cutting edge...

Randy Gingrich

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