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The Real Life Adventures of Catherine "Cat" Calloway, The First
Published in Paperback by Kona Press (2003)
Author: David Essel
Amazon base price: $7.99
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Greatest Lesson
If you think about much of the pain from childhood came from our peers treating us with disregard or nastiness. This book teaches our children in a beautiful and fun way that we should accept everyone as they are, for their talents may one day change the world we live in... and that everyone's heart and soul matters. I will read this to my child over and over...she reads it over and over to herself!!!

Food for a child's soul
I ordered this book for my son's 9th birthday. The day it arrived we sat down and I read it to him. We both loved this story, which was a catalyst for a wonderful conversation between us about how he has been like "Cat Calloway" in his life, as well as thinking of ways that he could emulate this beautiful example of how to bring more beauty to this world. He has read it many times, on his own, in the past several weeks. When our family arrived for a visit this weekend he ran to get "Cat Calloway" and announced that he wanted to read them " the best story ever!" I think he was able to identify with "Cat" as well as with the other character in the book - they each represent different sides of himself. Bravo to david Essel for bringing this wonderful book to feed our children's souls!

Creating happiness by being kind.......
David Essel brings optimism to everything he does. His first book titled: Phoenix Soul is a wonderful book of poetry. In this book, he branches out into stories that will be read enthusiastically by 9-12 year olds or could even be read to younger children. The message of kindness is universal and this story bridges all cultures and ages.

This is a story about Catherine "Cat" Calloway, The First and how she sees the good in life and reaches out to others to make their world a more happy place. The story encourages the reader to look around and find someone who they can help. This story shows that everyone wins when we are all kind to one another.

Susie Campbell's illustrations make the story come alive. Cat's outgoing personality comes through in the drawings and Ling Ling Lu's loneliness is very apparent in some drawings. Cat befriends Ling Ling Lu and soon finds out she is a talented artist. What happens next makes Cat realize that when you make the right decision and befriend those who are lonely or don't have many friends, you get back more happiness than you could ever imagine.

I can't wait for the next book. This is "Book One" in "The Real Life Adventures" series and deals with the issue of "The New Kid in School." You will just love this story.

The Roman Empire and Its Germanic Peoples
Published in Hardcover by University of California Press (1998)
Authors: Herwig Wolfram and Thomas Dunlap
Amazon base price: $45.00
Used price: $10.00
Collectible price: $20.12
Buy one from zShops for: $72.39
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The Lady Is A Tramp? Don't let the title put you off, buy it
Famous 60's photographer (beau of Jean Shrimpton, Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Bailey) performs here an experiment that few are in a position to try and succeeds brilliantly. His current (and long term) wife, Catherine Bailey, was a sixties supermodel - before the term was invented - and is still a ravishing woman and she here reveals through her husband's eyes some aspects of being female. From stunning fashion shots, to shots with her children, to shots of her *having* children. This is a frank look at a beautiful woman and a touching tribute to someone who comes across as a fine partner and mother. Mystifyingly, the title implies to me something that I couldn't see in the book. No problem, just a puzzle. And you can ignore the text by Fay Weldon. Why did they put that in? I'm very lucky. I've got a copy signed by both Baileys. Christopher Stephens

I have not had the chance to explore the book itself, but I saw an excerpt in an issue of Penthouse Magizine. I have been unable to locate the book itself in stores. If you have any suggestions, let me know at

Caspar David Friedrich : des paysages les yeux fermés
Published in Unknown Binding by Gallimard ()
Author: Catherine Lépront
Amazon base price: $
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Werner Hofmann's new monograph on Caspar David Friedrich benefits from superb colour reproductions as well as Hofmann's own discursive brilliance.

Selections from Friedrich's letters are a neat fit, bowing to the idea that his transcendental painting ultimately eludes scholarly discourse.

This book lands with authority, passion, and a keen sense of the vistas of silence that Friedrich communicates to admirers everywhere.

A bargain. Snap it up if you come across it...

Chim: The Photographs of David Seymour
Published in Hardcover by Bulfinch Press (1900)
Authors: David Seymour, Inge Bondi, Catherine Chermayeff, Kathy McCarver Mnuchin, Nan Richardson, International Center of Photography, Cornell Capa, and Henri Cartier-Bresson
Amazon base price: $50.00
Used price: $13.50
Collectible price: $21.18
Buy one from zShops for: $22.00
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great book, great man
This book is a biographical gem. It reviews the life and photography of David Seymour in an understated style of writing which was the man himself; bald, spectacled, yet powerful in his humanity and in his skill at nurturing friendships with photography as a shared interest.He lived a romantic European life of high times and tragic personal losses including his own premature death in 1956.The photographs are brilliant. Foreground and background tell a story in many of the photos. It is not a book of nudes or still-lifes. It is more intimate than that.

Clinical Procedures for Ocular Examination
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange (1990)
Authors: Nancy B. Carlson, Daniel Kurtz, David A. Heath, and Catherine Hines
Amazon base price: $38.95
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A complete guide to all primary care procedures that one performs during routine exams. The text is clear and concise on each procedure and explains normal and abnormal findings. The appropriate method for recording is also detailed in this book. This is a must for any optometry student or ophthalmology resident.

The Paranormal Sourcebook: A Complete Guide to All Things Otherwordly
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books (1900)
Authors: Joe Meier, Charles E. Sellier, and Michael Artenstein
Amazon base price: $17.95
Used price: $0.57
Buy one from zShops for: $3.98
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Another winner from Wayne Greenhaw
Wayne Greenhaw is one of the great Southern writers. One might not think that a book of essays and stories set in Alabama and Mexico would have a strong sense of unity. Greenhaw, though, uses the settings to tell wonderful, mostly autobiographical tales that are as rich in detail as they are moving. There is a reason that Pat Conroy, Harper Lee, Winston Groom, and Fannie Flagg all rave about this book (their quotes adorn the back cover). If you love the strong, unique voice of the South, you will enjoy Greenhaw's wonderful book.

The Sporting News Selects Stock Car Racing's 50 Greatest Drivers
Published in Hardcover by McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Distributed Products (13 December, 2001)
Authors: Staff at the Sporting News and Sporting News Publishing Company
Amazon base price: $20.97
List price: $29.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $25.99
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This book accompanies an IMAX film of the same name. Exquisite in-detail look at the Qin dynasty. Although one of the shortest dynasties, it was arguably the most important in Chinese history. Gorgeous photo dramatizations of true (and purported) events courtesy of the Xi'an film studio as well as many pictures of historical artifacts. It gives an introduction to Qin Shihuang, his army, his advisors, his laws, his public-works projects, palace intrigue and his legacy. The book outlines the exciting and dramatic detials of what it was like to live during the Warring States Period, the Qin and early Han dynasties. The authors have truly poured a lot of thought and care into writing it.

Symbols of Transformation (Collected Works of C.G. Jung Vol.5)
Published in Paperback by Princeton Univ Pr (01 January, 1977)
Authors: Carl Gustav Jung, Michael Fordham, and R. F. Hull
Amazon base price: $18.87
List price: $26.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $4.98
Collectible price: $8.42
Buy one from zShops for: $5.95
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A wonderful multi generational story
Gus gets to spend wonderful days with his beloved grandpa. A very sweet series about a boy and his grandpa, and the time they spend together. More kids should have this experience with their own grandparents, which seems to be missing in this day and age. The story illustrates what fun it is to spend special time with older relatives.

On Marriage and Family Life
Published in Paperback by St Vladimirs Seminary Pr (1997)
Authors: St. John Chrysostom, Catharine Roth, David Anderson, St John Chrysostom, and Catherine Roth
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $123.87
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Chrysostom doing what he does best
This book gets 4 stars only because I reserve 5 stars for something really extraordinary. Chrysostom is a top-shelf preacher, and even though I may not agree with all of his dogma, his gifts cannot be denied. Let it be said from the outset that any preacher can benefit from reading his work, if only stylistically. Chrysostom has a gift for making his point in a stunning yet simple fashion. He deftly slices through to the heart of issues and sets his arguments in "real world" terms.

These sermons have to deal with, as the title says, marriage and family life. A real knockout is Chrysostom's sermon on how to choose a wife. Although it is set in 4th-century proto-Byzantine culture, the basic principles still stand. If only more preachers would offer such frank counsel on this issue from the pulpit today....

This text is inexpensive, so I would recommend giving a copy to someone who is at the stage in life where they are forming their ideas of marital/romantic relationships. Chrysostom's voice provides a good -- and well-articulated -- counterpoint to the dreck that passes for relational counseling these days. If nothing else, this volume may make them think critically about the cultural assumptions of our modern society, so they do not merely get swept along in the current of trendy mores.

Wonderful advice!
This text is easy to read and understand, I recommend it to anyone, whether or not they are considering marriage. The book is most definitely appropriate for High School age and up. However, the lessons that are taught in "On Marriage and Family Life" should be taught to children from birth.

Should be manditory by law to read
I really mean what I said in the title, this should be manditory by law to read for anyone even considering marriage. If people seriously weighed Chrysostom's words on marriage, divorce would probably be cut by half.

St. John, as always, lays forth an eloquent (yet simple & easy to understand) convincing argument for his views on marriage. He doesn't advocate marrying for money or looks or social position (something I'm sure is way more common than most people would want to admit) he advocates marrying for virtue. St. John argues that virtuous and poor is a million times better than excess gaeity & wealth.

He lays out criteria for selecting a wife, as well as traits that husbands and wifes should display. Not only does he discuss the institution of marriage, but he also talks about wedding celebrations themselves. Other topics such as sex are discussed as well (he doesn't hold negative view of it.)

He greatly stresses EQUALITY OF RESPONSIBILITY of both partners to make a marriage work. Children are also discussed in great detail. St. John Chrysostom is not only a great writer, but a holy man whose words we should try to incorporate into our lifestyles.

Highly recommended book.

Seeing Through Places: Reflections on Geography and Identity
Published in Paperback by Touchstone Books (25 September, 2001)
Author: Mary Gordon
Amazon base price: $9.60
List price: $12.00 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $0.87
Collectible price: $4.00
Buy one from zShops for: $2.75
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she put the "awe" in "ev-awe-cative"
The first essay, "Grandmother's house", made me shut the book and just gaze for minutes at a time. In reading about her childhood, she forced me to revisit my own "places" before I could come back to hers. Rereading her prose is so pleasurable; it 's like glancing twice at an attractive stranger on a street. The first and last essays seemed the most personal, the best "placement" for them. Everyone should reflect upon her life's places after savoring this book.

A comfortable read that stirs memories
If you've ever longed to return to a place from your past, Mary Gordon gently explores why. With memories that are sometimes sad, she connects how place figures into who we love and how we make decisions later on in life. Her chapters are houses that serve as an eclectic garden tour, and which, in the end, make her whole. This is reason enough to read the book, but I love what she says place does for her as a writer. While on vacation last year, I sat in a carribean resort bar before it opened and began to write. The place was red-walled, with black and white accents, and no one would expect that suddenly, this place would be where the words I'd been struggling to put down poured out. And so, as I writer, I shared Gordon's thoughts about falling in love with a place that was not hers to own, but one she would remain connected to forever because it was a place "in which you have written happily and well."

Another home run for Mary Gordon
Seeing through places is enchanting. Full of the sharp insight and beautiful description I've come to expect from Mary Gordon. A pleasure to read.

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