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Maintenance Man: It's Midnight, Do You Know Where Your Woman Is
Published in Hardcover by Legacy Publishing (1999)
Author: Michael Baisden
Amazon base price: $22.95
Collectible price: $45.00
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How the pros think
This book not only has great tricks, but killer routines, with all the details. Most magic books have sketchy instructions with lots of bugs and mistakes, but Diamond Jim is a detail-oriented author, and I appreciate that. There is a difference, of course, between great tricks and killer tricks, and this book is a serial killer. I still have several of the tricks contained herein on my to-learn list.

pure magic
Diamond Jim's book is an incredible book for all magicians. Whether you're just starting out or have been doing it for years, this book gives insight and, step by step, teaches you what you need to know to master the magic. It's a must read!

A book for everyone!!
This is truly the book for all magicians of any caliber. I have personally read and performed every trick in this book. Diamond Jim has tweeked every description so that it is written for beginners and not belittling to professionals. I would most definately recommend this to every magician to add to their catalogues.

From Bondage To Liberty, Dance, Children, Dance
Published in Hardcover by Morningstar Press (01 February, 2000)
Authors: Jim Rayburn and Jim Rayburn III
Amazon base price: $17.95
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All things are possible, only believe.
Jim Rayburn III has captured the spirit of a great movement that has made the world a better place to live. Jim Rayburn, the author's father and founder of Young Life lived a life committed to sharing God's love with young people. This is an important book for anyone who wishes to know the inside story of a person dedicated to serving God. It is a life high "highs" and low "lows". It is a life of pain, tragedy, disappointment, felt betrayal and a life of joy, faith, love, compassion and humor. It is a life of prayer and close commumion with the Almighty. Jim III has openly shared the inside struggles of his family as well as the inside struggles of the organization of Young Life. This book will be an encouragement to any unafraid to confront a great truth, that great accomplishments can be experienced in the middle of great pain.

From Bondage to Liberty, Dance, Children, Dance
This book was one of the more "impacting" pieces of literature I have picked up in a long time. It's the inspirational story of a man's desire for rich intimacy with God, and his burning love affair with The Savior. Throughout the story, miracles unfold one by one before the readers eyes. This book played a significant role in my desire to join the Young Life staff four years ago in Littleton, Colorado. I have been inspired by Jim's love for kids as I continue to invest my life in those at Columbine High School. As I reflect on this story, it makes me regretful-that I have only one life to give for Christ.

Kevin Parker Young Life Area Director South Jefferson County, CO

A Primary Source Insight to Young Life and Jim Rayburn
If the mission of Young Life played a role in your life at any level; whether as a "club kid", camper, committee member, staff, or volunteer, then Bondage to Liberty, Dance Children Dance is essential reading for you. To understand the mission, you must understand the man God chose to initiate it, Jim Rayburn Jr. His son, Jim Rayburn III, provides the means to understand that man in this book. Primary source materials including personal journals, "club talks", and first-hand observations shed light on Jim's character and internal thought processes, personal relationships, incredible prayer life, and personal spiritual highs and lows. Photographs and expanded captions add much to the painting of Jim's portrait. More than a simple biography, Bondage to Liberty honestly examines the lives of Jim and Maxine Rayburn, their human struggles, frailties, shortcomings, and the miraculous work accomplished through them. In the process, it opens a window into Jim's relationship to his Heavenly Father and his God-sized vision for reaching teens with the message of the Christian faith in terms they could relate to. More than just documenting a work with youth, Bondage to Liberty reveals the varied spectrum of Young Life's history from its conceptual beginnings in the rural Southwest, to the anointed growth and impact during its early decades, through its tumultuous social and corporate growing pains, and on to its current condition today. In the context of the story of this man and his work, we are reminded that making an impact with teenagers, or anyone in this world, has more to do with love than it does logistics, requires availability more that it does capability, and demands faith rather than fancy formulas. Just as with the mission it documents, Jesus Christ and knowing real life in Him isn't just one thing Bondage to Liberty is about, its all Bondage to Liberty is about.

Phonemic Awareness in Young Children: A Classroom Curriculum
Published in Spiral-bound by Paul H Brookes Pub Co (1997)
Authors: Marilyn Jager Adams, Barbara R., Ph.D. Foorman, Ingvar, Ph.D. Lundberg, Terri, Ed.D. Beeler, Terri Beeler, and Ingvar Lundberg
Amazon base price: $25.95
Used price: $10.58
Collectible price: $7.93
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Reenactor reveals behind the scenes action
Bill Markley sheds light on many behind the scenes action that takes place in the filming of a major movie. His highly descriptive account of his days as a reenactor makes one feel as if one were actually on set. He also explains some of the tricks that were used to film the scenes, making them look highly authentic. The author tells of the boredom from long hours on the set and what cast and crew do to entertain themselves while waiting for their call. There are fantastic sketches by another reenactor, Jim Hatzell, which illustrate the book. The sketches were also done while on set.
Markley shares what it was like to meet and work with a famous actor, something most everyone dreams of but never gets the opportunity. The odds of a "Dakota" boy being cast in a Hollywood epic were one in a million, so dream your dream with "Dakota Epic!"

Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, always fascinating
Enhanced with black and white illustrations by Jim Hatzell, Dakota Epic: Experiences Of A Reenactor During The Filming Of Dances With Wolves is Bill Markley's fascinating, first-hand, personal account of what went on behind the scenes of the award-winning 1990 movie Dances With Wolves. This is the revealing viewpoint of a hard-working extra who kept a journal during the filming of what was to become an acclaimed and successful major Hollywood movie. Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, always fascinating, Dakota Epic is a superb, up-close scrutiny of the trials, tribulations, and successes of a great move and highly recommended reading for film buffs, aspiring actors, and anyone who sat in a darkened theatre and got completely caught up in the Kevin Costner's award-winning epic film.

Dances With Wolves: The Illustrated Story of the Epic Film
Published in Paperback by Newmarket Press (1990)
Authors: Kevin Costner, Michael Blake, Jim Wilson, and Ben Glass
Amazon base price: $16.95
Used price: $0.49
Collectible price: $5.29
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About the movie!
If you liked the movie then this book is a must! Not only was Kevin Costner make one of the best films in history but he followed it up with this great book! My daughter picked this one up for me at a library sale. I didn't even know it existed to be honest or I would have purchased it myself. The book is a bit tattered so I checked out the local bookstore and although they didn't have it on the shelf, it can be ordered. If you liked the movie then consider this book for your collection. I fully recommend this great work of art by Mister Costner and friend.

If you hunger for more this book will satisfy
I wonder if Kevin Costner even realizes the artistic and historic contribution he has made with this film. As an artist I found this book to satisfy my graphic appetite and as a romantic I have, once again, been allowed to travel back in time. Mr. Costner has shown us his artistic brilliance in so many ways and I thank him for his efforts. Enjoy the book; it is a treasure.

Nutcracker Noel
Published in Library Binding by HarperCollins Children's Books (1900)
Authors: Kate McMullan and Jim McMullan
Amazon base price: $14.89
Used price: $31.33
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Beautiful imagery and real life scenario
Noel is performing in a ballet - as a tree. Envious of the child who is cast as a doll, she tries to weasel in as one, until she
talks to her ballet mistress. The wise and wisecracking mistress tells her to become a tree - to be happy as she is. Noel is transformed from an unhappy child to one who fulfills her dream of being a ballerina in a beautiful scene. A wonderful book full of imagery and real-life emotions of a child. Not necessarily a Christmas book!

There's a message here for all of us.
My children and I just love this book. The children enjoy it because the story is compelling, the characters are interesting and the illustrations are evocative (although they would probably use different words). I enjoy it because the message is insightful and important for all of us: "If you lean fully into your life, no matter how ordinary it seems at any given moment, you'll find extraordinary beauty."

And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson.
Published in Paperback by Dramatist's Play Service (1986)
Authors: Jim, Jr. Leonard and Jim Leonard Jr.
Amazon base price: $5.95
Used price: $15.00
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The Gothic Cathedral is comprehesive AND readable!
How I ended up being the first to review this book is beyond me. I would've guessed that many a learned architectural scholar would've long since sung the praises of this wonderful book. I, however, am just a layman with a lifelong passion for Gothic cathedral architecture, which started in the Washington National Cathedral and became educated, at least partiallly, in this book.

I consider Wilson's "The Gothic Cathedral", a 'must own' for anyone who has ever felt a yearning to know more about the soaring arches, brilliant glasswork, and impossibly high, vaulted ceilings of these magnificent medieval structures. This book, details the development of this unique form of architectural artistry; beginning with it's modest antecedents in Romanesque architecture and the groin-vaulted churches of Normandy and England and continuing through even the most elaborate and extravagant versions of late-Gothic throughout Europe. Mr. Wilson moves the reader, comfortably and comprehensibly through the chronological development of Gothic architecture, while neatly detailing the differences in coincidental development in several diverse geographic regions. Even I, with no formal architectural education, can now explain most of the finer points of Norman Romanesque, French High Gothic, and the Rayonnant styles of architecture, as well as explaining the odd metamorphisis of the English Decorated style into the very uniquely English, Perpendicular style.

The text is brilliantly cross-referenced with the illustrations, diagrams and photographs, which are both descriptive and beautiful, despite being all black and white. Finally, the glossary, index, and bibliography are complete and very helpful. If you think you MIGHT like this book... you will. Buy it.

Published in Paperback by Skoob Books Pub Ltd (1993)
Author: Vee Van Dam
Amazon base price: $11.95
Used price: $7.03
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This was wonderful!
My kids and I really like the GreatHall Productions audiotapes. Jim Weiss is a great narrator. The sound effects and pacing really bring the stories together.

The Creation of Jazz: Music, Race, and Culture in Urban America (Music in American Life)
Published in Paperback by Univ of Illinois Pr (Pro Ref) (1994)
Authors: Burton W. Peretti and Burton W. Peritti
Amazon base price: $17.95
Used price: $3.00
Average review score:
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Dances With Wolves: The Illustrated Screenplay and Story Behind the Film
Published in Paperback by Newmarket Press (1991)
Authors: Kevin Costner, Michael Blake, and Jim Wilson
Amazon base price: $4.95
Used price: $3.98
Buy one from zShops for: $25.53
Average review score:
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Kids Dance: The Students of Ballet Tech
Published in Hardcover by Dutton Books (1999)
Authors: Jim Varriale and Eliot Feld
Amazon base price: $11.19
List price: $15.99 (that's 30% off!)
Average review score:
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