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Brief Intervention for School Problems: Collaborating for Practical Solutions
Published in Hardcover by Guilford Press (07 February, 1997)
Authors: John Murphy and Barry Duncan
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Collectible price: $62.05
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Brief Intervention for School Problems: Collaborating for P
As a student looking to become a high school guidance counselor, I found this to be one of the best texts from both a practical and educational point of view.

It focuses on the real issue of counseling, how to meet the needs of the client. Each explanation is backed by popular theories, yet the focus remains solution based.

The key to the book is how to be a catalyst in change utilizing the client's perspective of the problem. The authors have done a wonderful job of explaining the school practitioner's role as a catalyst, or an instrument of change.

Too often, I believe counselors try to fit the client into a preconceived box of neurosis. In fact, this book counters that train of thought and shows the reader how to address the client's problem as a unique opportunity to enable the client to find his/her own solution.

I highly recommend this book to students, practicing counselors, parents and teachers.

Practical, clear and inspirational.
If you work with children and adolescents and also wish to apply solution-focused thinking to the school context you must read this book. Each page offers highly practical and clear to understand ideas. Incredibly, I would say that it appeals equally to the novice and experienced solution-focused worker. Excellent indeed. Furthermore, John Murphy's workshop presentation, based on the content of the book, is an unmissable experience, worth attending.

Free Radicals in Biology & Medicine
Published in Hardcover by Oxford University Press (July, 1991)
Authors: Barry Halliwell and John M. C. Gutteridge
Amazon base price: $39.95
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Notes from an Oxymoron
Excellent book that provides a thorough grounding to the field. Keep the updated editions coming every few years and it will continue to stay at the top.

An excellent book for scientists
Free radical biology has become a big research area. This text is definitely a helpful tool for students and professionals alike. Halliwell and Gutteridge are both the "authorities" in free radical research. The book contains the basic concepts of metabolism, metal interactions, free radical formation, and antioxidation. The book then relates these processes (that is, oxidative and nitorsative stresses) to pathological events using various disease paradigms. The text contains good illustrations. It is an excellent reference material for everyone who is entering the field of free radical biology and medicine.

Handbook of Cost Management 1996/With 1997 Update
Published in Hardcover by Warren Gorham & Lamont (October, 1995)
Authors: Barry J. Brinker, John G. Kammlade, Chuck Marx, Robert G. Eiler, and Lawrence S. Maisel
Amazon base price: $210.00
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See new book with updated material
As the original editor of this book, I am very gratified by the review already posted. I am writing now (February 2000) simply to differentiate this book from Guide to Cost Management, an all new, much less expensive, and--I believe--far better book published in January 2000. Handbook of Cost Management was originally published in the mid-1990s; since 1997 it has been edited by someone else. Although there have been many expensive loose-leaf updates to the original book, I believe that much of the book is still outdated. (The new book--Guide to Cost Management--is also listed on under my name; it was published in January 2000 by John Wiley & Sons with all new material.)

The best cost management book I've seen!
The most useful and comprehensive book I've found regarding cost management. Provides in-depth information on activity-based costing, abc software, investment justification, target costing, functional analysis, and performance measurement.

John Henry: The Legendary Folk Hero
Published in Paperback by Rabbit Ears (June, 1900)
Authors: Brad Kessler, Denzel Washington, and Barry Jackson
Amazon base price: $10.95
Used price: $19.99
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Reading with the King
That's Denzel Washington (not Eric Clapton) teaming his prodigious talents with those of blues legend B.B. King in this powerful retelling of the classic American legend. This is another treasure from Rabbit Ear productions: a beautifully illustrated book that can be read on its own, or with the included cassette. Go for the cassette first: You'll be treated to Denzel Washington's warm, rich, folksy, awe-struck, conversational narration.

"So y'all listen up, 'cause I'm gonna tell you the guaranteed, gold plated, ninety-nine-point-nice percent truth about John Henry."

Then, enjoy the inimitable riffs of B.B. King, as he and his guitar (presumably "Lucille") sing out with the pure, clear, authenticity of the blues: "My name is John Henry. I'm a born natural man. I was born one morning with a hammer in my hand . . . " This is collector material.

John Henry's triumph defends the dignity and perseverance of human labor against the encroaching machine. In its own small way, with a low-tech assist from the aural majesty of Washington and King, this volume preserves and extends the pleasures of the written page.

my child has listened to this tape for the last 90 days
John Henry is one of the best Rabbit Ears titles - which is saying a lot. BB King is wonderful; Denzel Washington is wonderful. I'm not writing this for me - but if my 8 year old goes to sleep to it every (I mean, make sure you rewind that tape) night, then it is a wonderful book

John Lennon in His Own Words
Published in Paperback by Music Sales Corp (December, 1995)
Authors: John Lennon, Barry Miles, and Pearce Marchbank
Amazon base price: $15.95
Used price: $3.99
Collectible price: $5.29
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Fascinating and pure Lennon.
This book can teach you a lot about John Lennon, from his childhood to his political views. Even if you don't like John Lennon as a person, you can't help but to be moved by his views. He was right in everything he said and is truly missed.

Just what the title says "in his own words"
I read this book "In His Own Words" last summer and I really enjoyed it. I keep it on the nightstand by my bed and look at every now and again. The book isn't one he wrote but a complilation of things he's said and his opinions. The book is funny in some places and well...not funny in others. I recomend this book for anyone who likes John Lennon, or wants to learn a bit about him.

Aggression Replacement Training: A Comprehensive Intervention for Aggressive Youth
Published in Paperback by Research Press (August, 1998)
Authors: Arnold P. Goldstein, Arnold P., Dr. Goldsteein, Barry Glick, and John C. Gibbs
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $16.50
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A handbook for Teen Agression for anyone!
I picked up this book expecting it to be somewhat dry and dull. I was wrong. As the parent of a child with violent tendencies, I found things to help me. As a Social Work student planning on specializing in kids like mine, I found it a book I'll be glad to have for a long time. I have reccommended it to teachers and administrators, counsellors and other professionals as well. I'm seriously considering taking some more classes in education so that I could learn how to do this in school programs. I'm currently searching to find more information on this program and possibly attend their training.

This book is a keeper :)

Bacon's Eye: Works on Paper Attributed to Francis Bacon from the Barry Joule Archive
Published in Paperback by 21 Pub (15 August, 2001)
Authors: Georgia Mazower, Mark Sladen, and John Hoole
Amazon base price: $17.50
List price: $25.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $15.95
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Bacon's Eye-the closest focal point through his instincts
This soft cover book is the best collection to date of Bacon's instinct's on photo's as "a record" for motion and emotion, which led, as far as I am concerned, to his "violent colours and form's" that produce an "incredible, emotional charge which is "an impressive sort of violence".People often speak of Bacon's work's as violent, but Bacon said himself that he never saw any violence(in terms of a negative, painful meaning) in his work's.Bacon did see a violent execution in Picasso's work's through colour and form.
Bacon did state his work's were positively charged with incredible emotion's through his colours and forms which might be veiwed as violent ,but in the positive.I also feel, as Bacon did, that word's diminish an artist's work's, so that is why I am qouting him so often from the book "Francis Bacon In conversation with Michel Archimbaud".Bacon's Eye is full of photo's, some of his early unseen work's, and his use of colour and form after veiwing the photo's in the book.There is also an interview with Barry Joule, a close friend of Bacon, at the end of the book.
Bacon gave Joule a thousand never seen work's on paper before his death.This book has only some of them, and I would love to see the remainder if ever published some day, but you will get a much indepth look at Bacon's work from the one's supplied.This book is not to be passed by if you want something rare and intimate of the artist.If you were to compare this book to the one other book featuring Bacon's drawing's, which name I can not recall right now, Bacon's Eye is ten times better.It also has different textured paper for the plates and the interview section.

Cocaine: Effects on the Developing Brain (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences)
Published in Paperback by New York Academy of Sciences (June, 1998)
Authors: John A. Harvey and Barry E. Kosofsky
Amazon base price: $140.00
Used price: $30.00
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An amazing expose on brain-damaged children
The aspects that were enlightening have been presented to us through the combined efforts of researchers who truly reflected on the best interests of humanity. These dedicated individuals recognized the properties of the brain that are so negatively affected by the ravages of cocaine, in addition to displaying their sincerity in enabling the American populace to recognize the truth as it pertains to the devastation on the unborn, following them into their early years and, finally, the horrendous outcome as it displays learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, anger and aggression issues. This book is a must for those who are attempting to solve a mystery concerning the deficits that are growing clearer regarding our youth, and what we may be looking forward to pertaining to the future of America. I highly recommend this book as, while it is an expose (and exceedingly well written) on the negative effects on the brain of the developing fetus, it is a composite of well-documented research efforts by scientists who clearly recognize a need toward deeper evaluative efforts concerning the issue of brain damage. This information doesn't conflict at all with research in other areas of psychological knowledge-gathering exposes.

Dave Barry's Worst Songs and Other Hits: Dave Barry
Published in Audio Cassette by New Millennium Audio (April, 2002)
Authors: Dave Barry, Arte Johnson, and John Ritter
Amazon base price: $18.00
Used price: $14.88
Buy one from zShops for: $11.69
Average review score:

Fun listening to cope with traffic on the Northway...
If you are a Dave Barry fan, you'll enjoy this compilation of tales.... The piece about Elvis fans and the saga of the Tupperware Song are the best! John Ritter is an excellent choice to read / "sing" the tales (very expressive storyteller and great "singer" for this type of musical content). Thanks for making the commute more tolerable!

Detective Fiction: The Collector's Guide
Published in Hardcover by Scolar Pr (September, 1994)
Authors: John Cooper and Barry A. Pike
Amazon base price: $79.95
Used price: $24.89
Collectible price: $26.47
Average review score:

An excellent guide for collectors of first edition mysteries
This book is an excellent guide for those who want a complete listing of known published works by most detective fiction writers. Each authors section discusses when the books were printed and textually describes many of the dust jackets. There is also a section in colour showing many of the rare dust jackets as well as the covers of rare books usually found without dust jackets. I have found this book to be a frequently used resource. In addition, many book sellers now cite this as "Cooper and Pike" in their listings to confirm first edition points.

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