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The Encyclopedia of Ancient Civilizations
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (1999)
Author: Arthur Cotterell
Amazon base price: $31.90
Average review score:

Another excellent reference from Penguin
I have yet to be disappointed by a historical reference book from Penguin, this one is no exception. Ancient history is a subject that often requires the use of many books in concert, but the Penguin Encyclopedia provides an amazing breadth of consolidated, concise information.
I don't know what I would do without mine!

Great wide-scope book for the beggining of world history.
Excellent book covering all major ancient civilizations. Covers the social, political,economical and technological aspects of theses civilizations with greta richness and simplicity. Very unbiased account. Excellent for the person who wants to have a good introduction to ancient history.

Extraordinary Cases of Sherlock Holmes
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (1995)
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Amazon base price: $12.70
Used price: $12.65
Buy one from zShops for: $9.56
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This book was great!! It had eight different cases, and all were great. My favorites were The Adventure of the Speckled Band, Silver Blaze, and the Adventure of the Six Napoleans. If you enjoy classics, mysteries, or anything related to o.k. creepy stories, I suggest you read this book.

A Superlative collection
This is a must book for every new Sherlock Holmes reader. For anyone out there who has not read any of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, this book introduces the reader to some of the best Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Silver Blaze, The adventure of the Speckled Band, The adventure of the dancing men, The adventure of the Blue Carbuncle are a few of the Holmes mysteries presented in this book. Each of the mysteries presented in this book expose different facets of Holmes and he is in his elements in each of them. That the book is in large print is icing on the cake.

Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Published in Paperback by Pendulum Pr (1974)
Authors: Arthur Conan, Sir Doyle and Ken Platt
Amazon base price: $2.95
Used price: $5.00
Collectible price: $6.35
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Was I ever surprised!
When my son and husband chose The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes for our monthly book discussion, I was certain I'd be bored senseless but figured it was only fair that they choose some of the titles, too. Far from bored, however, I actually loved the droll accounts of Sherlock's sleuthing talents. In fact, as I read, I could "hear" a radio broadcast of the stories in my head. As it turns out, recordings of the mysteries are available, as are films of the adventures. It will be interesting to see how these compare to the version in my head.

If you are sharing these stories with young readers, you may want to read the first story aloud. This proved helpful to my son, who initially had a little trouble "getting into" the rhythm of the narrative. After "The Solitary Cyclist," however, he was happily on his own. He is now tackling a two-volume collection of Doyle's mysteries.

Doyle at his best
This book is great. Although there are two other books like this one, I prefer this one the best. My favorite mystery in it is "The Red Headed League." An honorable mention is "The Engineer's Thumb." You won't regret buying this book, so... go ahead!

How to Study: Suggestions for High-School and College Students
Published in Hardcover by University of Chicago Press (1993)
Authors: Arthur W. Kornhauser and Diane M. Enerson
Amazon base price: $22.00
Average review score:

Solid Book
This book gives solid and concrete advice on
how to be a good student. I recommend this book
and one more book: SURVEY OF 300 A+ STUDENTS.
You'll stay at the top of your classes with these two books.

A concise guide to the basics
When the time comes, I'll probably send my daughter off to college with Strunk and White's Elements of Style and this book. Although How to Study lacks the style and wit of the Elements of Style, it shares its brevity and concentration on the fundamentals of its topic.

The book is a revised version of an old study guide available to freshmen at the School of Business in the University of Chicago, and it covers an enormous amount of ground in its 55 pages. As advertised, the advice is gimmick free, stressing the need for the student's motivation, which should come from some larger goal for the student's life.

Despite its common sense approach, How to Study offers nuggets of solid information and tips in each chapter, such as writing down distractions before studying to free them from your mind, the proper uses of memorization, and test-taking strategies.

There are no miracles in this book, only basic information on how to go about studying, getting the most out of reading material, listening to a lecture, studying for an exam, and a constant insistence on active learning, all presented in a brief, no-nonsense manner. There are few books that offer this much good information for this price.

My Young Years
Published in Hardcover by Random House (1973)
Author: Arthur Rubinstein
Amazon base price: $15.00
Used price: $0.09
Collectible price: $0.99
Average review score:

Although I sometimes wonder how much of the book is fiction, I think the book is an incredible blend of Rubenstein's personal life with his public career. I literally could not put the book down. The book allowed me to put a personal life with the public figure and recordings that I have of him.

Rubenstein has a very flowing, easy-to-read writing style and includes details that made me feel like I actually met him and the people he knew. Like all great autobiographies that I read, this one made me want to know what happened to some of the people he met.

I was **very** disappointed when I finished the book and yearned for more information about his life. It was only when I came across the title on that I found he wrote another autobiography. I can't wait to buy it.

I first read the book when I was in college in about 1974. I couldn't put the book down. At the time Rubenstein was the greatest in my mind. I later bought a copy of the book at a used book store in Sonoma Valley.

I can't believe I'm the FIRST to review this book!
Terrific -- and it sounds like it really was written by Arthur (Artur?) himself. It's almost diary-like in its detail, and everything is fascinating. We get a lot of juicy personal stuff, including love-life stuff and, on the other side of the coin, his young failed attempt at suicide. My own favorite part of the book is his very detailed reminiscence of the piano competition that he entered, and LOST; what's interesting is how this great, beloved, infinitely-accomplished pianist and man-of-the-world apparently never lost his hurt and bitterness over this stupid competition -- kind of like if Derek Jeter or Barry Bonds went on and on about the time they got shafted by an umpire in Little League. I don't mean this as a criticism of him; if anything, the opposite -- it's an example of how much he was just like the rest of us, which probably was a big part of why we loved him so much.

Eurhythmics for Young Children : Six Lessons for Winter
Published in Paperback by MusiKinesis (15 January, 2001)
Authors: Monica Dale and Arthur Ostrander
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $15.00
Buy one from zShops for: $17.90
Average review score:

Learning through music
If you are a music teacher who is having trouble engaging your students, I highly encourage you to use Monica Dale's latest volume, Eurhythmics for Young Children - Six Lessons for Winter.

Even if you have no background in Dalcroze, you will find this well organized, easy to use volume invaluable.

Dale organizes each chapter lesson plan as a foundation for all that follow. In addition, skills addressed are ones that complement classroom work (literacy, math skills ) making this and Dale previous volume (Six Lessons for Fall ) a integrated teaching experience.

The Geometry of Meaning
Published in Paperback by Anodos Foundation (1976)
Author: Arthur M. Young
Amazon base price: $15.95
Used price: $12.50
Buy one from zShops for: $15.86
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Striking and persuasive virtuosity of thought
Arthur M. Young invented and created the Bell helicopter, the bubble-topped device we know from MASH, and the first commercially licensed helicopter in the country (and I think the world.) The same pragmatism, insight, and stubbornness that enabled him to realize that creation gives him the brainpower and audacity to come up with a theory of meaning that derives, in a flat-footed way, from equations of high-school physics. It stretches your brain in a direction, and to an extent, that will surprise you. I first read this book in the late 70's, and while it has attracted some following, it remains largely undiscovered. I have reread it twice recently and I see more each time. The Reflexive Universe is the sequel, and it is equally wonderful. AMY's thinking can be sampled at

Handbook of Counseling Boys and Adolescent Males : A Practitioner's Guide
Published in Hardcover by Corwin Press (1999)
Authors: Arthur M. Horne and Mark S. Kiselica
Amazon base price: $109.00
Used price: $103.55
Collectible price: $103.55
Buy one from zShops for: $103.55
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Counseling Boys
This book is a must read for counselors and anyone who is raising boys. It should be on every parents' and counselors' shelves for many years to come.

HBJ Algebra 2 with Trigonometry Revised Edition
Published in Hardcover by Hbj School (01 January, 1987)
Author: Arthur F. Coxford
Amazon base price: $62.00
Used price: $18.75
Average review score:

An outstanding text
The greatest feature of this textbook is its clarity. Difficult concepts are explained easily and fully. Examples are used frequently to explain the concepts with a wealth of practice problems available. I highly recommend this book as a text in a mathmatics classroom and a resource for those needing to brush up on their previous math work.

King Arthur and His Knights
Published in Hardcover by Oxford Univ Pr Childrens Books (1987)
Authors: Anthony Mockler and Nick Harris
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $11.95
Collectible price: $15.99
Average review score:

Great book.
This book was great, although it didn't tell about the quest for the holy grail. The whole book is full of action.

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