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Bought, Not Sold: Single Agency, Buyers' Brokers, Flat Fees and the Consumer Revolution in Real Estate
Published in Paperback by CognaBooks (1998)
Authors: Ray Wilson and Thomas Early
Amazon base price: $14.95
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Self-Defense for Buyers & Sellers
This book is about the real world that they did not teach me or my classmates in law school! I have been in the business of real estate brokerage and buyer agency for close to a decade and I still found myself highlighting throughout the book.

Six years ago organized real estate was still in a struggle to preclude real estate brokers and agents from representing buyers. Today, every part-time, know-nothing with a license is a "buyers' agent." (The organized real estate industry is still fighting laws that force them to tell sellers and buyers who they represent!) What do you really know about agents, selling real estate, or buying real estate? What does "buyers' agent" really mean? What are the agents' and brokers' duties? What does "your" agent owe you? Why is a dual agency too often dual fraud?

If you are about to enter the real estate game, this book will tell you the rules. Every homebuyer and seller needs this book for his or her financial self-defense and for his or her peace of mind. Will it matter to you if "your" agent harms you from malice and greed or harms you from simple stupidly? Trust me, it is going to hurt either way. You can pay attorneys thousands of dollars after the problem or you can read this book and preclude the problems before they happen.

To buy or sell property, you NEED an Exclusive Buyers Agent
BOUGHT, NOT SOLD will help you recognize the consumer quality revolution in real estate -- it's all about customer awareness and empowerment. You now have resources at your disposal at an unprecedented level when you engage the services of an exclusive buyers' agent. Note: the term exclusive is most important.

As a buyer, your purchase prospects should be unlimited -- don't accept anything less. An exclusive buyers' agent will make available properties for sale by owner and even properties that may not be listed for sale. You didn't know that? Neither did we, but now we know that an agency's listings, or even those in the local Multiple Listing Service are not a complete presentation of what is really on the market!

For example, as a seller, you employ a real estate agent to help you sell your property; as the employer, you determine the level of service to be provided by your employee, as well as the fee you agree to pay for those services. Ray Wilson advises you on how to select a real estate agent to represent your interests -- and gives you information that empowers you as an employer, with practical advice on defining your service expectations. Insight into avoiding traps set up by the traditional commission set up in favor of listing agents is invaluable -- this is where you really can save by understanding details seldom revealed to sellers or buyers.

This book is highly recommended by the webmasters of -- Prudent Florida Home Buyers and Sellers, the realty web site for consumers.

Author is on target about who the agent really represents
Author describes the ultimate in real estate buying service. Hiring a real estate company to represent you the buyer instead of using an agent who drags you around to all of the "in house listings". The exclusive buyer agent works only for your best interest. You hire the agent to help you buy the best home, save money, and avoid surprises. Having bought three homes and using an Exclusive Buyer's Agent on our last home, I know from personal experience what a godsend this is. A true EBA tells the buyer everything. This is so popular now that almost all agents claim to be Buyer Agents, look for the company that does not represent sellers, hence "exclusive" buyer agents. All others try to get you to buy the in house listing and think you shouldn't mind their conflict of interest.

Vintage Views of Leelanau County
Published in Hardcover by Sleeping Bear Press (2002)
Authors: M. Christine Byron, Thomas R. Wilson, and George Weeks
Amazon base price: $28.00
List price: $40.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $27.93
Collectible price: $42.35
Buy one from zShops for: $27.95
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A must for Leelanau lovers and postcard collectors alike
This superb collection of views from Leelanau County is a delight for anyone who has spent summers in northern Michigan. It's rich with hundreds of beautifully reproduced real photo postcards, supplemented with maps, early tourist ads, and an informative text constructed from Byron's and Wilson's research and excerpts from travel literature.

"Vintage Views" is a must for Leelanau County lovers and postcard collectors alike. You'll spend many enjoyable hours with this book, traveling from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Spectacular Journey
Everything about VINTAGE VIEWS OF LEELANAU COUNTY is a spectacular journey. Anyone with a nostalgic bone in their body must view this book? For me, it "conjured" up so many memories of vacations to resorts where being with family and enjoying the area was the "why" you were on the trip.

Absolutely Wonderful
This is an absolutely wonderful book about Leelanau County history, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and northern Michigan tourism of days gone by. It's a must have if you vacation up north and would make a very memorable gift for those who visit that area. I highly recommend it. I wish a book like this existed for the entire west side of Michigan.

Rewards That Drive High Performance: Success Stories from Leading Organizations
Published in Hardcover by AMACOM (01 April, 1999)
Author: Thomas B. Wilson
Amazon base price: $20.97
List price: $29.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $15.84
Buy one from zShops for: $19.00
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Packed with Knowledge!
Tom Wilson's premise: Employee incentives are just as important to corporations as they are to employees. Why? Because a company that aligns its own achievement with that of its employees is well on its way to success. Wilson uses a wide range of case studies to bolster his common- sense advice, including reminders that your employee rewards plan should be simple to understand, geared toward the kind of people you want to attract and should frequently vary. Even the most experienced manager can stand to learn a thing or two from Wilson's keen analysis of, Southwest Airlines, Saturn, and a host of other successful businesses. We from getAbstract think that you owe it to yourself - and to your employees - to read this well-crafted book.

10 Key Factors Make Reward Systems Successful.
"This book provides a series of stories that offer a window into today's organizations. While the focus is on the reward systems that these organizations devised and implemented, the true picture goes much deeper. Each story reflects an organization that was facing a need to change the way it coducted its business and developed a process to support and reinforce change. So, the reward systems are manifestations of a new set of values and practices within organizations...The case studies in this book were developed with representatives of these organizations. They are true, real-life descriptions of what goes on inside these companies...While this book can be read from front to back, it was not written to be read in a traditional manner. It may be useful to take a non-linear approach, jumping from one section to another...This book is not intended to represent the best practices of the best companies, although it often does. It is a book about reality. It may not include the design for the perfect reward system, but it should give you ideas and approaches that will change the way you think about, develop, and manage rewards (pp.1-7)."

In this context, Thomas B. Wilson focuses on:

* How does an organization such as instill or retain the entrepreneurial spirit that it had when it was small?

* how companies such as DuPont, Coca-Cola, and Cisco Systems seek to create a bridge between the requirements for success and each individual.

* how companies retain a customer focus so that people collaborate and strive to perform better.

* how companies such as DuPont, Cumming Engine, and K/P Corporation encouraged people to collaborate and provided a share of the benefit if improvements could be achieved.

* how companies retain their critical talents.

* how companies such as Allied Signal, and Harvard University Health Services have integrated a variety of quality management processes into their organizations.

* how companies have changed their reward systems to support new business strategies.

Finally, he writes that "to aid you in developing your own approach to change, I have summarized the 10 key factors that seem to most accurately determine what makes reward systems successful. While this list summarizes common characteristics, the true significance is in applying these principles to your own situation and to learn from the direct application of experience."

1. Reward systems play a crucial role in performance.

2. Measures give rewards relevance; rewards give measures meaning.

3. Alignment and consistency are essential.

4. How people are paid is often more important than how much they are paid.

5. Build programs with a vision, and then improve them over time.

6. The value of the reward should exceed the cost.

7. The program begins after the first payouts.

8. Translate measures into action.

9. Make rewards meaningful.

10. Take a strategic, systemic, and holistic approach.

Highly recommended.

Find out how America's leading orgs. reward their employees.
Tom Wilson's new book is even better than his last, which I found to be one of the best reward systems books written. Rewards that Drive High Performance is a rich and easy reading collection of case studies from some of the country's leading organizations, including, Starbucks, Genzyme and many others. It is a book that I, as a manager, found to be very practical -- a compensation "text" for line managers because it shows what works and why, not just theory.

I really liked the way the cases were grouped, because it shows that reward systems need to be defined differently for different applications and company cultures. Best practices are useful to study, but Wilson's book goes beyond this to show how and why the best companies do what they do and align their reward systems with their business objectives.

It's refreshing to see a book from a leading consultant not geared to "provide just enough" to entice the reader to want to know more -- this book truly tells the whole story, and does it in a way that proves to be a compelling read.

Lawrence of Arabia
Published in Paperback by Sutton Publishing (01 February, 1999)
Authors: Jeremy Wilson and Harry Harmer
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $12.92
Collectible price: $22.35
Buy one from zShops for: $13.84
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Where's the hardcover version?
This 128 page paperback version may be a good read. I don't know, haven't read it. My copy is the 946 page hardcover edition. It is thorough, balanced and an excellent read. If you can find that version, get it!

The only Lawrence resource you'll ever need
Using extensive documentation, including documents unreleased by the British government when earlier, more speculative biographies were written, Jeremy Wilson produced a phenomenal work of great scope and power. The book may be too exhaustive for casual readers, who will find the reams of speculative nonsense written about Lawrence more to their liking. Wilson also carefully deconstructs many precious Lawrence myths: that Lawrence was homosexual, for instance, is unproven (there's no evidence that he was sexual at all); that he made up large portions of his adventures is also proven untrue -- though in his later writings he sometimes shaped a story to sound better and certainly he had to dance around descriptions of his intelligence work. But these are both side issues. Lawrence lived a life of tremendous accomplishment in the First World War, but in other fields, such as archaeology and literature. Wilson is fair, and corrects Lawrence's own accounts when necessary. This is not a work of hagiography. It is the most well-documented biography of Lawrence, and Wilson quotes primary documentation extensively -- perhaps too extensively. It's a must for the library of any Lawrence fan, and the only necessary secondary reference work for anyone who wants the truth about Lawrence. Those who require something more nonsensical and speculative in their diet may add Knights "Secret Lives of Lawrence of Arabia".

Jeremy Wilson's book on Lawrence of Arabia
I had previously read the Robert Graves book on Lawrence. This was far more superior. It was engrossing, detailed and made me want to know more about this incredible man. There didn't seem to be any bias for or against Lawrence by the author. It moved quickly. It's apparent that he did a very detailed job of researching Lawrence. I am know looking for other books that might uncover even more information. Enjoy!

The Biology of Belief: How Our Biology Biases Our Beliefs and Perceptions
Published in Paperback by Rosetta Press, Inc. (29 January, 2001)
Authors: Joseph Giovannoli, Dan A. Wilson, and Thomas Giovannoli
Amazon base price: $19.95
Average review score:

An enlightening view of myself.
There are very few books that can truly alter the way one views the world. The Biology of Belief is one of those very few. The author's comment, that the original motivation of the book was to see "why rational minds are capable of believing in myth" and "its capacity to alter our view of reality", took me on my own "journey". An understanding of the extent of brainwashing that exists in our culture was very enlightening. In fact, I can only describe my experience in the following manner: in borrowing the phase "I once was blind but now I see.." I think the book should be require reading at EVERY liberal arts university. The tough part would be supplying the professors to teach it!

Biology of Belief
Throughout this book, Mr. Giovannoli has tried to stay close to the science while giving the reader an intuitive understatnding, often through analogy and metaphor of how scientists and philosophers have reached the current perception of beliefs. Even though he avoids burdensome technical language and equations, because of the radically new concepts invloved, the reader may need to pause now and then, to mull over a section here or ponder an explanation there, in order to follow the progression of ideas fully.

Despite an acceptable "Western" perspective, "The Biology of Belief" does more than just augment the fragments of understanding we have about our belief system..It arranges biological and historical benchmarks into a sometimes thrilling intellectual jaunt that belies Mr. Giovannoli's belief that the whole is much greater than the sum of it's parts. A common evolutionary thread pierces the book and illustrates our dependence on our reptilian ancestors brain functions, and ties it to the world's current dealings with zealots and fundalmentalism. A quantum leap, presented with conviction and compassion.

Never in my years of associated reading, have I been so anxious to read a book for the third time.

Gentry's Rio Mayo Plants: The Tropical Deciduous Forest & Environs of Northwest Mexico (Southwest Center Series)
Published in Hardcover by University of Arizona Press (1998)
Authors: Paul S. Martin, David Yetman, Mark Fishbein, Phil Jenkins, Thomas R. Van Devender, Rebecca K. Wilson, and Howard Scott Rio Mayo Plants Gentry
Amazon base price: $80.00
Average review score:

Hidden treasure
I was given the opportunity to catalog Dr. Gentry's herbarium collection at the Desert Botanical Garden in 1987-88. I haven't seen the new edition mentioned here, but read the original work at the time I was cataloging his herbarium specimens. Through it, I was able to share his experience as an explorer in the spirit of John Wesley Powell, someone who knew that the American southwest is best delineated by watersheds, not along false lat/long lines. I met Dr. Gentry a couple of times, and remember the occasions well. Last time I saw him, when I was cataloging his collection, I overheard a conversation between him and a consultant for the Fort McDowell Indian Community. The consultant was asking about desert-adapted crop plants. Dr. Gentry went into great detail describing many desert plants suited to agriculture - tepary beans, jojoba, Lippia (Mexican oregano), agave, chiltepines, gum arabic, etc. I learned a lot just by eavesdropping. The consultant listened, but did not hear the words. He recommended that the Fort McDowell people plant cotton. Not because it was best suited to desert agriculture - far from that. They planted cotton because it needs vast quantities of water. They did not want the best desert-adapted crops. What they wanted, instead, was the best crop for wasting water, so that they could establish valid rights to the water. Worse, I watched them clear off vast acreages of mesquite forests to make room for the water-wasting cotton crop. The Hopi call this koyaanisqatsi. This book should help folks in southwestern north America realize that we have a bounteous resource, if we can only learn to use it.

Excellent reference book
Located in a transition zone between the Sonoran Desert and the tropics,this region is well known for its biodiversity, thanks to a 1942 study by botanist Howard Scott Gentry. Revision of his classic work began before his death in 1993. For researchers, this is a must-read book. It provides a clear overview of botanical studies of the Rio Mayo, a contemporary view of the vegatation, excerpts from the original text and an annotated list of plants.

Growing Herbs from Seed, Cutting & Root: An Adventure in Small Miracles
Published in Paperback by Interweave Press (2000)
Authors: Thomas Debaggio and Jim Wilson
Amazon base price: $11.87
List price: $16.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $11.82
Buy one from zShops for: $11.11
Average review score:

Great book!
This book was so helpful to me as I was starting my first herb garden from seed. The authors talked in a way that was easy to understand, and guide you through the whole process of starting herbs from seed.

Another a top-notch reference
Another a top-notch reference from Thomas DeBaggio for herb- gardening enthusiasts. This offers detailed information and instructions for those who want to learn how to grow their own herb plants from seeds, cuttings or division. He covers a variety of herbs, from basic kitchen staples to more exotic types. Along with his book on basil, "Growing Herbs ... An Adventure in Small Miracles" has a choice spot on my bookshelf.

Approaches to Teaching Atwood's the Handmaid's Tale and Other Works (Approaches to Teaching World Literature, No 56)
Published in Paperback by Modern Language Association of America (1996)
Authors: Sharon R. Wilson, Thomas B. Friedman, and Shannon Hengen
Amazon base price: $12.60
List price: $18.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $12.50
Buy one from zShops for: $12.51
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Reality: Offred fights and survies
This book deals with many things such as humanity and class but the main thing it deals with is the struuggle for women and how they gain and lose power by their sexuality. Offred has power over the Commander and his wife because she is fertile but her fate lies in their hands so they also have power over her. I really enjoyed this book it was mind boogleing to think that these situations can and do occur in society

Carved Paper: The Art of the Japanese Stencil
Published in Hardcover by Weatherhill (2000)
Authors: Susanna Campbell Kuo, Richard C. Wilson, Thomas S. Michie, and Richard L. Wilson
Amazon base price: $42.00
List price: $60.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $40.58
Average review score:

An excellent guide to world of dying kimono
If you are interested in the general process of dying kimono, and wondered how they produced the beautiful designs this book is for you. Stencils were created to lay down repetitive designs on long strips of fabric. This book traces how this craft became an art form on its own. Gorgeous reproductions complete the understanding of how this tool became as collectible and worthy of study similar to wood block prints. An end chapter expands on how this product of the textile process affected Americans personally and artistically. A must have for any textile fan!

Murder for Christmas
Published in Hardcover by Mysterious Press (1987)
Authors: Thomas Godfrey and Gahan Wilson
Amazon base price: $35.00
Used price: $5.50
Buy one from zShops for: $7.95
Average review score:

Excellent Locked-Room Mystery for the Holidays
What better way to spice up your holidays than with a little murder in the family?! Christie gives us her version of Scrooge in crusty ole curmudgeon Simeon Lee who has amassed a fortune in the diamond mines of South Africa. As Christmas approaches, he invites all his family, many of them long-estranged, to spend the holidays at his palatial estate Gorston Hall. Christie proceeds to do what she does best---she gathers a group of diverse characters related by blood or marriage, reveals their worst traits, and allows one person to be murdered while pointing the finger at each of the survivors. Simeon Lee has concocted a sadistic game to play on his family. The game begins when he allows his family to hear him give instructions to his lawyer to change his will. The game continues when he gives each of them a thorough dressing down for their weaknesses, stupidity, and greed. The game reaches a climax in Simeon's study where one person is found with a slashed throat.

"Murder for Christmas" was also published as "A Holiday for Murder" and "Hercule Poirot's Christmas." It is notable not only as an excellent example of the locked-room mystery, but also as the most bloody of the Christie mysteries. Noted for her cozy murders via poisoned chocolates and a foreign substance in the afternoon tea, in this one Christie gives us all the blood and gore she is capable of. Her brother-in-law had requested that she come up with a "good violent murder with lots of blood" and this is her answer to him hoping it will satsify his lust. Though not anywhere close to today's violence on tv, this is the bloodiest of the genteel novels Dame Agatha wrote.

Unfortunately for the clever murderer, Hercule Poirot happens to be spending Christmas with the Chief Constable of the county and is therefore conveniently on hand to assist in sifting through the many red herrings and false identities that make this novel complex and exciting.

If you're yearning for a good old-fashioned English country-house Christmas with lots of interesting characters on hand, you'll find this one most satisfying.

Murder for Christmas
The family has gathered home for Christmas. Even the prodigal son and a long lost granddaughter have come home for the holidays. The ailing patriarch of the family is murdered in a locked room with no mode of escape for the murderer. Poirot solves the murder with his usual flair. Interesting group of characters. It's a very good mystery that will keep you guessing.

Christie at her best
I can't believe this book is out of print! It's definitely one of the best mysteries Christie ever wrote. A feuding family gathers for a reunion during the Christmas holidays, summoned by their obnoxious old father, and when Dad turns up dead as the proverbial doornail, it has to be a family member that committed the crime. Well, it was a family member, all right... I'm not giving away the surprise, but suffice to say you can't always trust your nearest relations, and sometimes you don't even know who they are. Christie was a national treasure and this book is one of the prime jewels in the treasure chest. Somebody please reissue this book and fast. There's a whole generation out there waiting to discover a gem.

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