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Dave's Way: A New Approach to Old-Fashioned Success
Published in Paperback by Berkley Pub Group (1992)
Author: R. David Thomas
Amazon base price: $6.99
Used price: $1.20
Collectible price: $5.00
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Thanks, Dave
As the president of a business, I am always interested in autobigoraphies, or business advice from more experienced and successful leaders.

This book contains some of the best advice I have come across. It is very down to earth, has a simple style - but that's Dave's way! As straightforward as the writing, the homespun wisdom and advice is not trendy, it is the type that will hold true in 50 years or 50 years in the past. However, it is NOT common knowledge and I learned many valuable lessons.

Read it if you are a CEO or a kitchen manager in a fast food restaraunt - either way you will have more insight into life in general.

Dave Thomas, man? No, god!
Ross Diggity Dogge has problems. Dave, keep up the good work! Spicy Chicken forever! You can rest assured this book was high quality!


Daves Book
A very inspirational book with great information for those who want to succeed in the business world. Also for someone who is interested in reading about how Dave arrived at where he is today. People who have been adopted would also be inspired by his book. This is one of my favorite books on business success, Ive read it two times. One of my other favorites is Think And Grow Rich, which I have read at least two times.

Do Not Lose Heart
Published in Hardcover by Zondervan (01 April, 1998)
Authors: Dave Dravecky, Jan Dravecky, Steve Halliday, and Thomas Kinkade
Amazon base price: $17.99
Used price: $1.01
Buy one from zShops for: $4.94
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Amazing! What a blessing!
This book will be one of your best friends while going through cancer or any other terrible illness. What incredible insight and encouragement this book has brought to me as I face my husbands terminal illness. A most appropriate gift for anyone facing like trials.

"True" to it's name: Encouragement and Comfort
My husband was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. A special friend passed this book along to us, as we face this battle. It is truly a book of encouragement, comfort and insight. Co-written with his wife, Dan Dravecky utilizes scripture to give new insight to life and expound on the promises of Christ. A book you will turn back to over and over again. A special gift for someone you know is facing a difficult time in their life related to illness. A gift.

The Racing Bike Book
Published in Paperback by Haynes Publishing (1997)
Authors: Steve Thomas, Ben Searle, and Dave Smith
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $4.25
Collectible price: $19.99
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The Racing Bike Book
Great pictures. Great section on equiptment. Too many books are lacking in the equipment sections for fear of obsolescence, not this one! This is a great overview for road racing enthusiasts.

Most useful
This book is superb. I couldn`t corner properly until I read the section on cornering, now I can power through at a higher speed than some of my team mates. The training section is particularly useful. Throughout this book makes its points with excellent colour photographs.

Spiritually Moving: A Collection of American Folk Art Sculpture
Published in Hardcover by Harry N Abrams (1998)
Authors: Thomas H. Geismar, Harvey Kahn, Ralph Sessions, Dave Hoffman, and Tom Geismar
Amazon base price: $125.00
Used price: $70.52
Collectible price: $39.69
Buy one from zShops for: $32.98
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This exciting book is aptly named!
As a collector of American Folk Art I always wondered what guided my purchases. Only now do I understand, through the collector's and the author's eyes, that I too have focused on the Spiritually Moving. Anyone who would like to view one of the finest private collections would appreciate adding this table top book to his/ her library.

Spritually Moving, a Collection of American Folk Sculpture, produced by Harvey Kahn and Tom Geismar accomplishes in one book what decades of collecting often never achieves. To blur the line between American Folk Art, Contemporary and Fine Art is the ultimate lesson.

Dave Says...Well Done!: The Common Guy's Guide to Everyday Success
Published in Hardcover by Zondervan (1994)
Authors: Dave Thomas, Ron Beyma, David Thomas, and Ronald Beyma
Amazon base price: $18.99
Used price: $0.45
Collectible price: $3.16
Buy one from zShops for: $1.80
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I'm in the Book
I am pictured in this book as a adoptions child. My name is Crystal Hart. My mom is Mattie and sylvester Hart. We met Dave a few years back at Wendy's in Orlando Florida. I would like a copy of the book so I can show my kids one day.

Franchising For Dummies®
Published in Paperback by For Dummies (2000)
Authors: Michael Seid and Dave Thomas
Amazon base price: $13.99
List price: $19.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $13.79
Buy one from zShops for: $13.21
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Thorough Overview of Franchising, Good and Bad
A thorough overview of the process of evaluating, buying, running, and selling a franchise. Definitely read through this book (even if only in parts) before you start to invest yourself (time and money) into a franchise. It is a frank, and straightforward book about a complicated subject.

Some clues from the book:

1) As a franchisee, you buy "the right to use the franchisor's expertise, brand name, experience, methods, and support." (pg. 14).

2) Although you get a proven system, the business is yours.
It is work and it is not for everyone. Successful franchisees must be very good operators who stick to the rules.

3) Franchisors vary. Since you will be paying a royalty going forward, make sure you do the research and know what you are getting for your money. A contract can be a life preserver and a trap.

4) The evaluation, preparation, funding, and negotiation for the franchise is paramount. This book gives detailed lists, and questions to ask before you sign on that contract.

5) Top two reasons franchises fail: 1) not enough money going into the investment 2) absentee owners

6) Factors in assessing your location: population density, neighboring stores (cross promotion), anchor tenants, traffic patterns, speed of traffic, seasonal factors, day / night, competition, security, access to employees, size of property, zoning, landscaping, parking, landlord reputation, visibility, signs, environmental concerns, title, buy vs. lease, hidden costs.

7) Royalties vary according to franchisors. Wendy's is 4%

8) In the end, franchising is a relationship business with franchisor, customers, other franchisees, suppliers, attorneys, bankers, and family.

9) When selling the franchise to others, the franchisor often has the "right of first refusal" which means they can purchase it on the same terms and conditions as the offer you received from a prospective buyer. Check this clause prior to signing.

10) Use the International Franchise Association's webpage:

Fundamentals of Analog Circuits
Published in Hardcover by Prentice Hall (23 July, 1998)
Authors: Thomas L. Floyd, Dave Buchla, and David Buchla
Amazon base price: $110.00
Used price: $15.95
Buy one from zShops for: $16.85
Average review score:

Request for more info
Please describe more about the contents of this book. I need to know what is in it before purchasing it. I am a big fan of Floyd's books. By the way, please disregard this rating because I can't choose otherwise like not applicable. Thank you

The Insiders' Guide to Portland, OR--1st Edition
Published in Paperback by Insiders' Publishing Inc. (1999)
Authors: John Rumler, Dave Johnson, and Thomas McGarry
Amazon base price: $15.95
Used price: $2.24
Collectible price: $9.51
Buy one from zShops for: $5.35
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The best book on Portland!
Recently I relocated to the Portland area from California. I bought and received 4-5 different books on "About Portland" and this by far was the greatest help. This book helped me determine where I wanted to live, where I want to go on the weekend and where to eat. There is a ton of helpful information on where to go and what to do. It has become my bible for the area. If you are planning to move here or just visit- a great purchase.

0...Sept 2002- I still use this book monthly after a year and a half. Can't say enough good about it or how much it has helped me get to know where I live.

Published in Paperback by Dale Seymour Publications (1983)
Authors: Dave Hammond, Tom Lester, Joe Scales, David Hammond, and Thomas J. Lester
Amazon base price: $11.95
Used price: $6.88
Buy one from zShops for: $8.77
Average review score:

Excellent for classroom math teachers and bored students!
This book has been a God-send for those students who finish their work early and they say they have nothing to do. I keep a bulletin board up all the time and change out the puzzles weekly. Of course, plexers are right there in the middle of the "game" bulletin board!! This is a must buy.

Sctv: Behind the Scenes
Published in Paperback by DIANE Publishing Co (1996)
Author: Dave Thomas
Amazon base price: $18.00
Average review score:

A look way behind the scenes
SCTV is perhaps the best comedy television ever produced or written. If you are at all a fan of the show, you will love this book. Who can forget Johnny Larue, 5 Neat Guys, The Days of the Week, The Great White North, the Sammy Maudlin Show, Bobby and Skip Bittman, and the VJ (before there were VJ's) Gerry Todd. The satire is dead on. The show just nails TV; the horrible vision that was the variety hour shows of the 70's, the newsroom, the "sweeps week", and especially the commercials.

The book itself is a running commentary on the show, it's stars, the writers, and the various ways the show aired. The photos are perhaps the best feature (who can forget Carl's Cuts with the pig-men) or the fact that Rick Moranis does Woody Allen better than Woody. Dave and Rick really do Bob Hope and Woody Allen so well it is scary. The book runs in mostly chronological order, with input from the starts all along the way. However, some of the commentary is WAY behind the scenes, perhaps a bit too far back for the average fan.

Dave Thomas, the author, does an excellent job of capturing the egos, the infighting, and the creative styles of the shows writers and performers. People often forget just how much talent came out of this ensemble: John Candy, Martin Short, Eugene Levy, Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis, Catherine O'Hara; all have had major roles in TV and movie comedy since their stint on SCTV.

The best features of this book: The photos and the quizzes at the end of each chapter. The worst feature: too much information on the writers and producers behind the scenes and not enough info on what went in front of the cameras.

Overall, I recommend highly as a great look at the best comedy shows ever made.

Beauty book, eh?
This is like a sort of holy grail for SCTV fans. Tons of background information on how the cast(s) met and how they came together to create this unforgettable series. One of the things I liked about this book was how the writing process went for these people. It talks about how they got along with management and how passionate they were about getting their ideas on air. It also tells us what some of the highlights were for various cast members, but also some of the bad times. For instance, I didn't know how much tension there was among these people when Bob and Doug MacKenzie became stars. Even Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis were bothered by it, because they felt that those Great White North skits were not nearly the best things being produced on the show. It's also nice to see how things progressed over the years and how their outlooks on what they were producing changed. Just watch any first season episode and then one from a few years later and you will see what I mean. All in all, this is a very good read and is an ABSOLUTE MUST OWN for any fan of the show. You will definitely not be disappointed!

Funny Show, Funny Book
SCTV is one of the funniest shows of all time. The show was a sketch comedy show based around a fictional television station. Dave Thomas was one of the stars and writers on the show and most famously known as one half of the McKenzie Brothers which was created on the show. The book takes you from the early pre-TV days of the comedy troupe through to it's end. You get the insider's perspective from Mr. Thomas and it is a very intriguing read. The book is also chock full of great pictures. If you are a big fan of the show, this book is a must read.

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