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Love Triangle: A Book of Poetry
Published in Paperback by Dorrance Publishing Co (27 December, 2000)
Author: Joseph Anthony Testa
Amazon base price: $8.00
Used price: $4.15
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The author's grate sensibility comes out through his words, describing feelings that we all have or had in the past, but we couldn never express them like this. Through his wards, the author creates a special bound with the reader, taking him into the writer's world, which is, hopefully, his own world. Enjoy reading this fantastic book

Do not pass this one up.
I must say this is one of the finist poetry and photography book that I have read. I can really relate to what the author was feeling each time I read a poem. The clear and understanding literature is very enjoyable to read. I find myself reading Love Triangle over and over again. Do not pass this one up.

Do not pass this up
The first time I read the back cover, I knew this book of poetry was going to be well written. I have enjoyed the poetry and photography. I can actually relate to the authors feelings and emotions on being in love. I still find myself picking up the book to read it again and again. You will like it and find yourself consumed with its literature.

Catfish Don't Jump, and Other Stories of the South
Published in Hardcover by Temco Publishing (1996)
Authors: Anthony G. Brewer and Joseph E. Doster
Amazon base price: $15.95
Collectible price: $31.76
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Makes you crave some collards and biscuits<BR>
This is must reading for all people raised in the south!!
It is also insightful for those of us that have moved south!
It is reflective and will draw you into retracing your childhood adventures.
Humor,excitement&mischief are sprinkled with moral truths to live by!
A must reading for all!
Get a feel for southern living as you have never known!!!

Ya'll buy this book now!! A must have for everyone.
Ya'll buy this book now!! Some of the best writing I've seen in a long while. This book has strong characters and settings so real I could picture them in my mind. The author is a superb storyteller, very reminiscent of Mark Twain. A thoroughly wonderful reading experience this book is a must have for everyone young or old

Very Funny and very southern!
This book is a jewel. The writing style is clearly fromsomeone who has really lived the Southern life. The messages in thebook are wholesome and do a great job of entertaining. After reading the book, I wanted to go back to my home state of Alabama and drink an RC Cola with my best friend. Good illustrations. I would recommend this book to kids from 6 to 106!

In a Nutshell
Published in Hardcover by Turtleback Books Distributed by Demco Media (1999)
Authors: Joseph Anthony and Cris Arbo
Amazon base price: $14.40
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A beautiful book!
This book discusses the life cycle of an oak tree in poetic prose and beautiful illustrations. The use of sunlight as the basis of growth and life is well-expressed.

a timeless treasure
A great way to introduce young children to this timeless storyand reacquaint us older ones. Cris Arbo's use of color andimagination is enchanting. By the way she draws the wonders of nature; she reminds us again of the nature of wonder...

A great nature book for kids!
Beautifully pictured through the art of Cris Arbo, Joseph Anthony's In A Nutshell explains to children ages 3 through 10 the great and universal questions of who we are, why we are here, where we come from, and where we go. Highly recommended.

Dandelion Seed
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (1999)
Authors: Cris Arbo and Joseph A. Anthony
Amazon base price: $16.10
Used price: $14.06
Buy one from zShops for: $13.09
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Not an eviction---you're just being re-planted.
My 2 year olds both walked away before the end. Maybe they knew I was thinking how helpful the story will be to start preparing them now for the inevitable difficult separation from the "growth stem". Just as I was celebrating the warm and original perspective of the book I almost gagged on the treacly rear flap author profile of wife's illustrations and husband's text. But I highly recommend it

Highly recommended!
This has been my son's favorite book for about 2 months now (he's almost 2). The illustrations are extremely realistic, showing in fantastic detail the journey of a little dandelion seed.....A truly magical book!

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine/1 Volume Edition/Full Edition Bk1&2
Published in Hardcover by McGraw Hill Text (1994)
Authors: Kurt J., M.D. Isselbacher, Joseph B., M.D. Martin, Anthony Fauci, and Eugene Braunwald
Amazon base price: $99.00
Used price: $17.00
Collectible price: $52.94
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We think we have found an error : To whom can we refer it to
In volume 2 page no. 1678 chapter 295 on Acute Viral Hepatitis, The figure 295-2 we think has an error. IgM anti HAV is described to increase first & IgG is to increase later. In diagram, both have been labeled IgG.

2400 pages of disease!
This is an excellent comprehensive medical text covering practically every aspect of Internal Medicine.
A must for the Primary Care Physician.
Personally, I would get the two volume set as the single thick back has a tendancy to break away from the binding.

The Pen & Ink Book: Materials and Techniques for Today's Artist
Published in Hardcover by Watson-Guptill Pubns (1992)
Author: Joseph Anthony Smith
Amazon base price: $32.50
Used price: $5.46
Collectible price: $12.71
Buy one from zShops for: $9.99
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Good for int/adv, great materials explination, inpirational
The is a wonderful book for intermediate to advanced pen and ink artists looking for a thorough explanation of materials and a great discussion of the methodology of creating fantastic pen and ink artwork. It is packed with a wide variety of examples that are sure to inspire you.

The book starts out with a large (almost 50 pages) and excellent overview of materials and tools. I love it that the author takes the time to discuss numerous brands of pens, inks and papers instead of just generalizing them.

The following section focuses on ink drawing techniques. There is a good discussion of gray tones, parallel lines, value changes, hatching, cross-hatching and patterns. Then there are a few demonstrations of brush techniques such as laying a wash and using white on toned paper. Mixed media demos mixing wax crayons and acrylic with ink are also here as well as scratchboard and practice exercises.

The basic elements of drawing follow, including things like texture, shape, volume, color, rhythm and scale. Next, drawing strategies are covered. There are no projects or any step-by-step techniques per se. Rather, the author shows you examples of his artwork with advice on his approach, concepts and techniques. I recommend this book for those with some pen & ink drawing experience seeking ideas, tips and inspiration. There is a good list of suppliers in the back.

Smith's surreal images and mastery of a variety of styles make this a book to enjoy for the artwork it contains as well as the instruction it provides.

pen and ink for the elite
Most art technique books are either entirely for the sunday painter or they are so elitist, you need to be a phd to understand them. This book works on different levels so everyone can enjoy it. The sections cover materials and drawing techniques. My one qualm is some rather lame examples of art. A little too conzervative for my tastes. This is ART, not woolworths!

The Man Who Made Wall Street: Anthony J. Drexel and the Rise of Modern Finance
Published in Hardcover by University of Pennsylvania Press (2001)
Author: Dan Rottenberg
Amazon base price: $20.97
List price: $29.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $10.89
Collectible price: $19.06
Buy one from zShops for: $19.83
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Finally, Some Added Insight On Anthony Drexel
"The Man Who Made Wall Street" is exceptionally written. Not an esoteric financial biography, yet deep enough for an intellectual discussion. Within the folds of 200 pages, you get a sense of the real person behind the financial machine. It is a brilliant biographical account of the leading figure in the financial world of the nineteenth century. There are many things you can take from this book. For me, it revealed that even 'starving' artists can find creative ways to make it and that there is often more to the person who chooses to remain behind the scenes.

a good read
As a great-great-great grandson of A.J. Drexel, it was a pleasure to read this book and to learn about my famous ancestors. It is crazy to think that many of his progeny have a difficult time balancing their checkbooks today. Before this book, my knowlege of the Drexels had been limited to family lore.

The Man Who Made Wall Street
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dan Rottenberg's informative book The Man Who Made Wall Street. The book contains all there is to know about the wise and amazingly successful nineteenth century financier Anthony Drexel and the profound role he played as a mentor to the young J. Pierpont Morgan. I especially enjoyed reading about financial systems and processes in nineteenth century America that author Rottenberg describes so well in his new book.

The Carrot and the Mule
Published in Paperback by PublishAmerica, Inc. (26 August, 2002)
Author: Joseph Anthony Foti
Amazon base price: $17.95
Used price: $15.95
Buy one from zShops for: $16.78
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How would you do, if you were him?
This well told story of a man's struggle to overcome his dark past, and persevere through great personal loss is something we can all identify with. It is a fast paced, enjoyable read, and recommended to all. Inspirational, to say the least.

A Must Read!
This author has a style that takes a reader to the sharp edges of realism. Crisp, clear emotions and descriptions put you right in the scene - whether you want to be there or not! There's a depth to this story that shouts the consequences of morality and choice.

A Thought Provoking Book
This author has written a fast-paced novel that is at the same time thought provoking. As the reader turns the pages he accompanies Roger, the author's protagonist, on a journey, which is not dissimilar to the ones all us are on. Roger struggles to overcome a childhood of poverty and gain those things that will make his life happy and fulfilling - and he achieves them, only to have them taken from him. They are like carrots being dangled in front of him only to be snatched away. His struggle on his yacht is reminiscent of the dark night of the soul. The good news is he "conquers his demons" and gains maturity and peace through the process. This is a book that will stay with you long after you've finished the last page.

Harrison's Platinum Edition
Published in Hardcover by McGraw-Hill Professional (02 June, 1999)
Authors: Tinsley Randolph Harrison, Eugene Braunwald, Kurt J. Isselbacher, Jean D. Wilson, Joseph B. Martin, Dennis L. Kasper, Stephen L. Hauser, Dan L. Longo, Anthony S. Fauci, and Eugene Braunwald MD
Amazon base price: $149.00
Used price: $59.94
Buy one from zShops for: $69.95
Average review score:

This is the Bible
Now the theory is behind you and you are into Physical exams and History taking and diagnostics. This book is a must for you. In 397 Chapters it tells you about almost all human illnesses. Each chapter starts with theory (physiology), History taking, continues with Diagnosis and Treatment, it even tell you how to approach the patient what to look and what to disregard. Almost 2600 pages, takes two to carry, requires own stand in your home like Webster's dictionary but have more information compared to other 2600 page books due to fine print and unfortunately very minimal pictures or diagrams. You might want to get complete with pocket book edition for handiness when you need it. This book will not help in your diagnosis but when you think you had diagnosed than you can refer to this to see to confirm or rethink.

who needs a review?
This is Harrison's textbook of medicine, known , read and loved the world over. Who really needs an introduction to this Medical Bible?

Harrison's is probably the best medical reference for medical professionals there is. As expected, the 14th edition of this authoritative reference lives up to its name. This book is not meant to be used as a textbook by medical students (or anyone for that matter). For those looking for a textbook, I suggest "Cecil's textbook of medicine", which does a beautiful job in that area. However, when you need to know the last say on any topic in Internal Medicine, your best bet remains Harrison's.

Hi, I am a student of Medical Science. And I need to know when the latest edition of Harrison's Principal of Internal Medicine will issued. Please let me inform to my mail address Thank you

Standing in the Sun: A Life of J.M.W. Turner
Published in Hardcover by HarperCollins (1998)
Author: Anthony Bailey
Amazon base price: $12.99
List price: $35.00 (that's 63% off!)
Used price: $7.95
Collectible price: $17.59
Buy one from zShops for: $10.98
Average review score:

Fine Portrait of a Great Landscape Painter
Avid readers of biographies often note that great men and women in their fields exhibit striking contradictions in their personalities. Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851), England's greatest landscape painter, is no exception and those contradictions are highlighted in Anthony Bailey's excellent 1997 biography. Notoriously tight-fisted in his dealings in the art world, Turner was equally capable of striking magnanimity towards his few friends. Jealously protective of his paintings, he left dozens of his masterpieces rotting in his gallery at the time of his death, virtually uncared for. Indifferent towards his two, illegitimate daughters, Turner was reported to have burst into tears at the death of a patron. All these characteristics are illuminated in Bailey's fine study. Organized on thematic, rather than on strictly chronological lines, Bailey's portrait emphasizes the man instead of his work, although Turner's major works are not neglected. Like all good biographers, Bailey is also careful to describe his subject in the context of his times, a tumultuous period in western European history. At bottom, though, Turner was a man devoted to his craft and his political awareness appears rarely to have extended beyond the infighting and maneuvering accompanying his long membership in the Royal Academy. There are many specialist studies of Turner's work, but this may be the best portrait yet of Turner. Still, Bailey has not fully penetrated the sources of Turner's unique vision, (perhaps an impossible task),a vision that baffled many contemporaries and placed Turner "out of his time" in much the same way that Blake appears of a different time, out of synch with the poets of his age. This biography is highly recommended to anyone having more than a passing interest in art or art history.

If you enjoy reading about eccentrics...
This very well written biography works well on two levels - a portrait of Turner the man, an endearing eccentric, and Turner, the painter, an artist who painted in both an extremely academic style and a visionary and expressive one. Anthony Bailey artfully weaves in and out of the contradictions in Turner's work and his character. Highly recommended.

Brilliant account of one of England's best painters
Anthony Bailey provides the modern reader with a most readable and interesting account of the painter, Turner, and his life. Mr. Bailey, captures the essence of Turner's character and brilliance as a landscape painter. He leads the reader down a path of vivid description and imagery that encourages and entices one to go on and read more. Turner was a creator of illusion and mystique in paintings. He captured the mood and climate of his country in the mist, storms, clouds, sunsets, and sunrises created with his brush. I had the opportunity to buy Standing in the Sun recently in England, and I found it to be an excellent tribute to a fine English painter by a truly gifted English writer, Anthony Bailey.

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