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My Only Love
Published in Paperback by Jove Pubns (April, 1993)
Author: Katherine Sutcliffe
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very romantic and sensual
Miles Kemball Warwick has always felt like an outsider. He's the illegitimate son of a wealthy and powerful earl. And even though he's been raised with the other two sons... he still feels like an outcast.

Olivia Devonshire has always been looked down upon by her father and sister. She's not beautiful like her sister nor does she attract men like her sister. The one thing Olivia has that makes her different is her brain. She handles her father's accounts and has increased their fortune. However, she can't shake her reputation with the small fortune. It has followed her back to England.

Miles Warwick thought he loved Emily Devonshire and when he receives a note from her some years later to visit, he hurries over. Instead of Emily, it's her father propositioning Miles to marry Olivia Devonshire. She's rich and if she marries Miles, it will keep the scandals surrounding her silent so Emily can marry happily.

Miles is broke and so the deal is made. He wants respect. He doesn't get if from Olivia though. She's smart and not willing to throw her fortune away. She keeps control of the money.

Over time, Olivia and Miles begin to learn the secrets and desires of each others' hearts. Both realize they have been living for the love of others and not learning to be strong themselves.

This book is really an emotional growth of the characters through their romance. The two of them learn to like themselves by drawing on the strength in one another. It's one of the best books I have read in the way of romance novels. It's very real and moving. I like the fact that Olivia is weak and strong like women today. And that Miles learns to love and just doesn't wake up one day doing it or saying it. It's very good and I can read it over and over again. The prequel is good too. Fire in the Heart is Damien's (Miles' half brother and the legitimate son) story and Miles redeems a lot of himself in that story too. It's very cool to read these in order because the transformation works even better and you can follow Miles' character changes less drastically.

If you can find it...Grab it!!!!
Like one of the previous reviewers said, this is one of my favorite books of all time. If you like strong characters and storylines built on something more substantial than misunderstandings, you'll love this book. I bought it when it first came out all those years ago, and the memory is still vivid. I never get tired of reading it.

Miles Kemball is Damien's (Fire in the Heart) illegitimate brother. He's in dire financial straits, a situation which could be alleviated if he agrees to marry Olivia. He's never met the woman, but he's heard of her. She is said to sport a tattoo and worse, to be promiscuous. When he finally does meet her, he realizes Olivia is plain, wears glasses, and has a smart mouth, to boot. But no one else will marry him since he's a ..., so he has no choice. Just what he always gets--the bottom of the barrel.

Miles Kemball is a reprobate. However, in order to give her child a father, or at least his own home, Olivia will marry Miles. She knows he's only agreeing to it because of her dowry, but she has her own ace up her sleeve--she will keep control of the money.

You know this isn't going to go over well with Alpha-Male Miles. And so begins the tug of war between these two titans, during which they must also deal with Olivia's relatives, a comically mismanaged household, a starving copper mining community ...and more than one reminder of Miles' past.

There is a depth to these two main characters that is a rare find. Unlike most romance novels, there is a definite logic to their actions and reactions. Although they are some of the strongest people I've ever read, as the book progresses their motivations and vulnerabilites are revealed, and it only makes you love them more. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get turned on, you'll wish you were there...Look for the short literary quote at the beginning of each chapter--it gives a hint of the developments to come.

One of the best Love Stories of all time!!
This was the third ks book that i've read, and i have to admit that it's one the best love stories ever. the hero miles somewhat stubborn in the beginning, but he is the eptimone of every woman's fantasy. He is strong, handsome, and honorable. The way he announces his love for Olivia was so incredible, it made me cry. i mean, who wouldn't want the man that they love shout to everyone, including this former love, that Olivia was the woman that he loved. and olivia, she is the perfect heroine. she strong, compassioinate and very loyal. imagine having to pretend that you hate the man you married when deep down inside, you really love him with all your heart. there two were soulmates from the beginning.

Renegade Love
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Jove Pubns (May, 2000)
Author: Katherine Sutcliffe
Amazon base price: $6.99
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I loved this book. I was hooked from the first page. Kid Davis can come around to my place and show me his pistol any day!!!! The man is sex on legs. But, all jokes aside, this really was a great book. Highly recommended and a definate keeper.

A keeper
Great book. It captured my interest right away and I ended up staying up all night to finish it (with 4 kids to wake me up in the morning). so you know it had to be great!! Funny and alluring.

A romance not to miss
On a wagon train from Louisiana to Texas, young and beautiful Rachel Gregory meets a stranger that will change her life forever. 'Kit' Davis is charged murder and is being brought to Texas for trial, not a suitable match for a highborn New Orleans lady.

Davis and Rachel are drawn to eachother, their attraction cannot be denied. Eventually Davis escapes, kidnapping Rachel and bringing her into his life of crime. But is he really who she believes him to be?

Katherine Sutcliffe has written a wonderful love story with two unforgetable and unlikely characters. Highly recommended

Desire and Surrender
Published in Paperback by Avon (June, 1986)
Author: Katherine Sutcliffe
Amazon base price: $4.99
Used price: $1.25
Collectible price: $3.18
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Katherine Sutcliffe, to me, is one of those 5 star author's. I don't rate many books in the A-plus, excellent category. The "elite" have to have memorable characters in a unique setting that support a truly GREAT story. Also, lets not forget that the relationship between hero and heroine has to be so strong that it leaves you thinking about the book days or weeks after you have finished it. I love when I find a book like that (hope I don't sound like a complete loser!!). Desire and Surrender fits into this category.

When I first picked up the book, I wasn't sure the Texas fight for independence and The Alamo was going to thrill me. Boy, was I wrong!! It just goes to show that any created situation can be successful and enjoyed if it is compassionate, well written and compelling. Ms. Sutcliffe gives us unforgettable characters in a unique setting with a forward moving ,active plot. I just loved the heroine and hero- Angelique Duhon and Alejandro de Bastitas. As their realtionship progresses the author leaves few emotions untapped. In this historical tale we have great elements of love, honor, family secrets, betrayal, loyalty, patriotism and war. The war threatens not only the love between Angelique and Alejandro but tests the strength and foundation of the De Bastitas family- a family torn apart by love and loyalty. Add to the mix murder,family betrayal and abuse and you have a thouroughly captivating novel.

I believe this novel is one Of Katherine Sutcliffe's earlier works and certainly is one that launched her career. This is the fourth book of hers that I have read. ALL have been excellent,page turning , all- night reads that leave me sleep deprived the next day..... but still wanting more.

Thank you, once again, Ms. Sutcliffe...And, thank you Jove books for keeping this classic in print and available to all new readers as well as her faithful fans.

Very tragic...and romantic
This book was a great read. I love Katherine Sutcliffe and this is a great example of her talent. It's very sad and although you'll be ready to choke the characters into understanding, it is great.

couldn't put it down
I had never read a story that was so enchanting. I sat up all night reading the book. I couldn't but it down. If you haven't read it, it's a must must read.

Shadow Play
Published in Hardcover by Severn House Pub Ltd (March, 1992)
Author: Katherine Sutcliffe
Amazon base price: $22.00
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Worth finding
I have now read two of Katherine Sutcliffe's books, this one and "Notorious" and they are both way above average. "Shadow Play" is a breathtaking story of unrelenting passion and bravery. It's a page-turner and it stays with you long after you've finished it. Morgan Kane is a hero you won't forget. "Notorious" is also a cut above average. Ms Sutcliffe's writing, character development, dialogue and plots are really far. Can't wait to read another of her books.


A Heart Possessed
Published in Paperback by Topaz (June, 1996)
Author: Katherine Sutcliffe
Amazon base price: $5.50
Used price: $0.70
Collectible price: $1.75
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I read the entire book in one sitting!
I bought this book on a whim, being that I had never bought one of Ms. Sutcliffe's books before. I ended up reading the entire book (I stayed up until 5:30 AM on a work night!) I could not put this book down! It displayed all of my favorite attributes of historical romance, and the plot was amazing! I just wish Ariel would have been a little more sympathetic to Nicks condition. This book left me hanging on edge until the very last page! A must read!

Published in Paperback by Penguin USA (Paper) (October, 1998)
Authors: Katherine Sutcliffe, Maggie Shayne, Lindsay Longford, and Angie Ray
Amazon base price: $5.99
Used price: $2.50
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Love, Even After Death, Is Possible.
Four short stories of Super Natural Romances. First is a lady detective who accidentally invokes a protection spell and brings one of the King's Musketeers through time to help her. Second is a young widow who purchases a "fixer upper" home in Florida. The statue in the garden is more than it seems. Third is a Regency rake who is killed. The lady who inherites must solve the mystery surrounding his death, with the ghost's help. Forth is the curse of werewolves.

***Chilling stories of how love conquers all, even after death. Perfect for stormy nights. I enjoyed each story thoroughly.***

Tis the Season
Published in Paperback by Kensington Pub Corp (Mass Market) (December, 1997)
Authors: Kat Martin, Elaine Coffman, Katherine Sutcliffe, Lisa Jackson, and Zebra
Amazon base price: $6.99
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Collectible price: $2.00
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Nothing is merrier than a Holiday Romance...
4 Stories

*1. Christmas Angel by Kat Martin - Southern belle Angel Summers doesn't want to see one more damn Yankee, especially Josh Coltrane, the man she once loved. When he joined the Union Army, she vowed to hate him forever. Now he's back in Savannah for Christmas, for a miracle that could heal both their hearts...

* 2.Under the Mistletoe by Elaine Coffman - When widow Holly Noel Winter, along with a nanny, housekeeper, six little girls and one baby boy, moves next door to resident scrooge Dr Stan Levine, it's time for a war between the sexes. Unless Christmas brings peace on earth and a time for even a grouch to fall in love...

* 3. Home for Christmas by Katherine Sutcliffe - Virginia "Gigi" Valemer is in a bah humbug period: it's Christmas, she's broke, and a stanger on a motorcycle spooked her horse so badly she was nearly thrown. Then the motorcyclist turns out to be a man with secrets, including the one that can make this holiday the best one of Gigi's life...

* 4. A Baby For Christmas by Lisa Jackson - Lonely Annie McFarlane is having a blue holiday...until a baby in a basket is left on her doorstep. When a handsome man appears to claims the child, Annie faces losing the most precious gift she's ever been given...or getting another Christmas surprise.

from the back cover of the book.

Published in Mass Market Paperback by Jove Pubns (November, 1999)
Author: Katherine Sutcliffe
Amazon base price: $6.99
Used price: $0.25
Collectible price: $1.95
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Average review score:

One of my favorites
Whitehorse is the hot and steamy story about childhood lovers who were torn apart by family. They meet again as adults and though the road to reconcilliation is not easy, they are now old enough to know that love is worth all the pain.

Bold, tension filled, and passionate.
Leah Star (Foster) D.V.M., after graduating from college, going through a divorce and giving birth to a handicap child has moved back home. When she comes home life is different. Now she is the one trying to get by and living in an older home. And the young Native American she once professed to love and her father professed to hate now owns her fathers horse ranch, is living in her home and sleeping in her parents' former bed.

Johnny Whitehorse is a successful actor and model, as well as the owner of Whitehorse Farm, but his success seems to be bittersweet because those who meant the most to him are not there to share it. Johnny files a lawsuit and is representing thousands of Native Americans who feel their money is being mismanaged by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and if that isn't enough some of the shading dealings lead right back to Leah's father, Senator Foster.

Before the dust settles on this one, someone will be dead, some won't know whom to trust, and others will see the truth for what it is. The ending is very satisfying.

Nice Book
Ms. Sutcliffe makes the transition from gifted historical author to magnificent contemporary author very easily if WHITEHORSE is a preview of what's in store for her legion of fans. This one has her unique signature of a strong, emotional, and passionate tale with a heavy dose of tantalizing suspense and compelling characterization that draws the readers in and holds us enthralled till the very last page is turned. ----------

Published in Mass Market Paperback by Jove Pubns (31 October, 2000)
Author: Katherine Sutcliffe
Amazon base price: $7.50
Used price: $0.48
Collectible price: $3.69
Buy one from zShops for: $1.95
Average review score:

Notorious--Different and Enjoyable
This was my first book by Katherine Sutcliffe and it certainly won't be the last. Notorious is an enjoyable read with some interesting twists and a trip to a different locale--colonial India.

So often in books set in the 1800's India is discussed, but rarely are we shown even a glimpse of Britain's occupation of this distant land. Sutcliffe shows us in great detail the perils of British Colonization.

The hero , Lord Justin Batson, is a wonderful troubled alpha male, in the best sense of the term. He is a leader, trusted by his men and extremely good at his job as Cobra agent--until love comes into his life. Destiny is a strong woman, who is more then a match for Justin. I saw this as a Beauty and the Beast story and that particular scenario is a favorite of mine.

This was a fun, fast read and I am hoping that Sutcliffe will give us Justin's brother Trevor's story in the future.

Excellent book!
I've just finished reading Ms. Sutcliffe's Notorious. It's been a long time since I was so completely entranced by a story. Jason and Destiny's love is a tangible thing, I found myself laughing, crying, gasping at the surprising plot twists. The incredibly descriptive scenery is the perfect background for the extraordinary love and passion these two share. England, South Africa, India. Ms. Sutcliffe's incredible talent transports you to these places in spell binding detail. Her use of secondary characters enlivens the story. I loved being on an emotional rollercoaster with Destiny and Jason. My husband is even reading the book, and enjoying it immensely. Congratulations, Katherine!

Notorious is a FABULOUS book!
In 1857, during the time of India's first uprising against the British government, Destiny Fontaine, a recent young widow whose loveless first marriage had never been consummated, meets Jason Batson in a secluded glade near her home in England. Unaware that Jason is a mercenary, hired by the British government to determine whether her father, along with Nana Sahib, is heading up India's rebellion, Destiny falls in love with him. This brief affair results in her pregnancy, which is not discovered until after Jason has spirited her aboard his ship, staffed with cutthroats and hired assassins and headed, in a deadly race against time, for India. Jason and the British government hope she will lead him to her father. Notorious is a stunning and accurate re-creation of a dark time in history, brilliantly interwoven with a passionate and dangerous love affair between two headstrong people who come from two different worlds. Ms Sutcliffe has blended the tapestry of these two worlds so well that you can taste the pungent spices in the marketplace, and your nose burns from the odor of smoke and the bloody carnage of war. You'll find yourself breathless over Destiny and Jason's turbulent love affair, and rapidly turning pages to see whether these two people and their unborn child can survive the danger constantly surrounding and bombarding them. This is by far the best historical romance I've ever read. Ms Sutcliffe has really outdone herself with this masterpiece novel; I can't recommend it highly enough. If I had to use a scale of one to ten, Notorious would have to be at least a twenty. No, make that a fifty.

Darkling I Listen
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Jove Pubns (29 August, 2001)
Author: Katherine Sutcliffe
Amazon base price: $6.99
Used price: $0.25
Collectible price: $2.50
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Darkling I Listen
There I was taking a chance NEVER thinking for a minute that I would find anything remotely enjoyable about this book. I saw the name Katherine Sutcliffe and I thought to myself "What is she doing writing a suspense book?" I waited two days to read it (I am kicking myself for that now). I read the first page and I was hooked.
Brandon had all the complexities of Nicholas Sabre Esquire (if you are a true fan you know who that is!) but he had more edge to him. I kept thinking why is he so angry and hurt and when I found out I cried oh how I cried.Alyson was wonderful, a heroine with just the right amount of spunk. The town of Ticky Creek would make you want to move there.
This book is beautiful! I cannot say that I have read a better book this year and I have read a lot of books! This book is amazing. The characters are well developed with foibles and all the redeeming qaulities that make us human. They come to life in "Darkling" as Katherine weaves a tale of both love and terror. I highly recomend this book to anyone who loves to read and especially to KS fans.
I can go on and on but I won't. I am usually a sceptic when it comes to authors moving outside of their genres but I have learned my lesson and what better way of learning it than with this book.
Do something really good for yourself and buy this book!

An edgy contempory suspense I won't soon forget!
I've read several of this author's historical romances and have come to expect a great story rich in characters and details, and I sure wasn't disappointed this time. If anything, Darkling I Listen is my favorite Katherine Sutcliffe book. Not only was I kept guessing 'til the end, this is a gripping, sexy suspense populated by incredibly different, well-rounded characters throughout. I really cared and feared for the good guys, abhored the bad guys, and was swept into a Texas setting that left me feeling like I knew the place. The lead characters Brandon and Alyson are wonderful! The potential spontaneous combustion every time they were within 10 feet of each other kept me on the edge of my seat. Thank you, Katherine Sutcliffe! Hope more of the same is on its way!

Ultimate Bay Boy and Strong Heroine to Save Him!
This is the first book I have ever read where the heroine was the one who saves the hero. It was awesome! I loved it! Talk about 'bad boy'!!! This was the ULTIMATE in bad boys. No weak female lead here with the desire to 'turn him around' for her benefit. The heroine, Alyson James, is all woman, but very real and simply wants to help the hero, Brandon Carlyle, from his demons that plague him. Lots of heated scenes here and the suspense is real and will make your heart beat a little faster. This would be excellent in the theatre!

~Hollywood bad boy, Brandon Carlyle, is being stalked and harassed by some woman calling herself "Anticipating' for the past 5 years. Up until now he has ignored her and tried to live his life. The only problem though is he has spent the last 3 years in prison for manslaughter. His acting career on the rocks, he goes home to Ticky Creek, Texas for a break and a much needed rest when the stalker Anticipating has found him again and this time wants him dead!

A beautiful stranger, Alyson James is going to get the story of her life, the only problem is the hollywood 'hellion' doesn't want anyone around while he spends endless hours hanging around his uncles and aunts farm. Aly knows a lot about him, since she was the very reporter who opened the story of his alcoholism so many years ago, but he doesn't know she was the one who practically ruined his life and career with that story. Now she intends to somewhat, make 'ammends' with an autobiography with his own words, but she soon learns, a menacing stalker is after him and now her as she gets too close. Secrets abound in the small town and the swamps hold many more dark secrets Aly must solve before its too late. Anticipating is here...she is waiting...Aly can't seem to stop falling in love with the man who's heart and soul is deeper than an ocean and filled with sorrow. She must save him from himself and a woman calling herself Anticipating...

Unbelieveable! Worthy of 10 stars! The suspense is creepy and Ms. Sutcliffe really takes us on a rollarcoaster ride of emotions and secrets. I would love to see this on the big screen, it would be a hit! (and man oh man is Brandon sexy...whew...)

Tracy Talley~@

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