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Jews in American Politics
Published in Hardcover by Rowman & Littlefield (2001)
Authors: Louis Sandy Maisel, Ira N. Forman, Donald Altschiller, Charles Walker Bassett, and Joseph I. Lieberman
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Used price: $12.74
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Full of interesting information
No one interested in American politics could fail to find this an interesting and informative volume. The essays are perceptive, tho some are repetitous. The listing of all the Jewish Senators, Representatives, Federal judges, and governors is valuable. I found it amazing that apparently there was no Jew appointed a Federal judge till Wilson appointed Brandeis to the Supreme Court in 1916 and then there was no Jew appointed to the Federal judiciary till Hoover appointed Cardozo to the Supreme Court in 1931, and not till FDR was any Jew appointed a lesser Federal judge! An excellent reference book.

very valuable reference tool
The editors are to be commended for creating a useful reference work that will be used for years by students of US politics. Their study begins with 14 thematic chapters that explore such topics as the presence of Jews in the three branches of the federal government, the role of Jewish political party leaders, the historical voting patterns of Jews, the political role of Jewish women, and Jewish contributions to foreign policy. This section is followed by a ten-page list of sources for additional reading in each of the thematic subject areas. Other sections, just as important, provide biographical profiles of about 400 Jewish participants in American politics, past and present, and rosters of Jews who have served in the cabinet, in Congress, and in the federal court system, and as ambassadors, governors, or mayors of major cities. This section also includes a chart of concentration of Jewish population in selected major US cities from 1800 until 2000. This book will be a welcome addition to reference desks and general collections in libraries across the country. All levels.

valuable reference
This book does something extraordinary. It presents a vast array of information while at the same time including a number general essays on Jews in American politics. No person seriously interested in ethnic politics and Jews particularly should be without this book.Clearly edited and turned by the press. There is no political slant--all positions represented.

The Legends of the Jews: From Joseph to the Exodus
Published in Paperback by Johns Hopkins Univ Pr (1998)
Authors: Louis Ginzberg and Henrietta Szold
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Used price: $6.95
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Why I love the Old law
For anyone out there interested about Ester and her role (Explained in greater detail) should get this book.

Good for theology study
I would suggest this series to anybody interested in theology, hands down.

For any student of theology, this is a fascinating collection. Contains references to Lilith (Adam's first wife) and a plethora of angel names - over 200. I highly recommend this exceptional collection for all readers.

Strange Empire: A Narrative of the Northwest (Borealis Books)
Published in Paperback by Minnesota Historical Society (1994)
Authors: Joseph Kinsey Howard and Nicholas Vrooman
Amazon base price: $24.95
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A well researched history of my ancestry.
First I would like to thank Amazon for making this fine book so easy to obtain. There are countless thousands of descendants of these, strong, courageous people that now live throughout the world. my son among them, being on a temporary assigment in Turkey. Many thousands more know little of the history of our people. This book should have a particular appeal to these folk. Perhaps by the reading of Mr. Howards book some will be induced to further study and research. It is a benifit to all that seek the true history of our country. These folk were a monolithic type, what happened to one could be an indicator of what happened to the society in the whole. My families have ties to several of those mentioned in this book. As an example, my grandfather was the first cousin to the wife of Louis Riel. My great grandmother was the god child of, Marie Anne Gaboury, the first white woman in the northwest. My fathers mother was baptized by, Father Lestanc. These people are mentioned in this well written book. Thank you, Melvin Beaudry Lynnwood, Washington.

Forgotten Hero
The amazing story of the Metis people whose French ancestors first colonized and controlled most of North America. Louis Riel should have been a National Hero for all Canadians since without him most of the land west of Ontario would have fallen in US hands.

This book is riveting and should be required reading for history majors.

Haunting saga of a forgotten revolt by a dispossessed people
A century ago, North America almost had a fourth nation, Assiniboia. That would-be nation's leader, a poet, religious zealot and one-time schoolteacher named Louis Riel, once was considered a traitor ro Canada but now is being revered and "rehabilitated" as one of the founders of the Dominion of Canada. Riel was "drafted" as leader of the Metis, "mixed blood" children of the fur trade, when Canada was reneging on its promises to these people who carried on the cultures of both European and indigenous ancentry. (Today, Celtic and French folklorists visit Metis in Western Canada and Montana to record unblemished versions of tradition folk music long dead in their original mother countries.) Howard, a legend in Montana journalism and history himself, penned his masterpiece in "Strange Empire." He gets down to the basics of the struggle for Western North America and some of the more haunting passages deal with the pyschlogical effects of such white man's diseases as smallpox and alchohol and their role in subjugating the natives a century or so ago. Riel was hanged for his insurgence, but had he been more decisive in battle, the maps -- and language patterns -- of much of North America would be much different.

Visions of Wisdom
Published in Paperback by 1stBooks Library (2002)
Author: Louis Joseph Babbitt
Amazon base price: $12.50
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True picture of a Capeverdean Culture in US
Mr Babbitt captures the true spirit & soul of the American-Capeverdean community in the area of Cape Cod Mass.
His poetic verse creates "soudade" (Capeverdean for longing for) for a time of strong community ties. A must read in understanding the "Soul and Spirit" of the American-Capeverdean.

Get Deep Insight with this book
Various Poems that will say things and open your heart to truth. Titles such as What it Took to make this Crioulo- very moving
Whispers of the Past- It will tell you something.
Easy to follow and like his style in writing.

A Blessing to Each Other: Cardinal Joseph Bernardin and Jewish-Catholic Dialogue
Published in Paperback by Liturgy Training Publications (1996)
Authors: Joseph Louis Bernardin, Cardinal Bernardin, and Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
Amazon base price: $18.00
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Truly a Blessing Truly a Mitsvah
This is a wonderful starting point for serious prayer about
World Peace. Fr Hans Kung says, "there can never be peace until the three tributarys of monotheasim can join in prayer to the ONE Father. Cardinal Bernardin leads the way to understanding of that faithful fact. jmk

Catholic Common Ground Initiative: Foundational Documents
Published in Paperback by Crossroad/Herder & Herder (1997)
Authors: Joseph Louis Bernardin, Archbishop Oscar H. Lipscomb, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Philip J. Murnion, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, National Pastoral Life Center &U S & St, and Oscar H. Lipscomb
Amazon base price: $7.95
Used price: $3.92
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A Prophetic Voice For All Catholics
At a time when extremists of both the left and the right continue to polarize the Catholic Church in the USA for what, in many cases, are no more than their own self-serving ends, it is imperative that moderate and unity-minded Catholics take up the hard work outlined by the esteemed Cardinal Bernadin in bringing church-splitting extremists to the table of dialogue. As Paul wrote in his letters, "Is Christ divided? Can one say, am I of Apollos and another, I am of Paul?" Bernadin had the intelligence, foresight, and grace to see that the Common Ground Iniative would be a way for moderate peacemakers in the Church to bring our feuding brothers and sisters together in a calmer, more productive manner. His words still ring prophetic. Come, let us reason together, that we may all be one. At the very least, the Common Ground Initiative offers real hope and stability against the polarizing impulses of special-interest Catholics whose myopic North American/USA point-of-view fails to include the mission of the worldwide church. We owe it to Cardinal Bernadin and his legacy to equip ourselves for the work of healing and reconciliation in any way we can.

The Final Journey: Of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
Published in Hardcover by Loyola Pr (1997)
Author: John H. White
Amazon base price: $17.95
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The death of Cardinal Bernardin
This book is a wonderful glimpse at the final days of one of America's most prominent Catholic leaders. Cardinal Bernardin embraced his trials with grace and dignity, and thus set an example for all of us. For those who would like a glimpse at the death of this great Catholic leader, I really can't say enough good about this book.

The Internet Searcher's Handbook: Locating Information, People & Software (Neal-Schuman Net-Guide Series.)
Published in Paperback by Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. (1996)
Authors: Peter Morville, Joseph Janes, and Louis B. Rosenfeld
Amazon base price: $45.00
Used price: $8.50
Buy one from zShops for: $8.70
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An excellent "how to" introduction to internet research.
The second edition of this important title on locating information, people and software on the net provides a host of tools for accessing and locating online communities, from building web tools for using the Internet for research to locating virtual libraries of information. An excellent handbook reflects the latest in Internet strategies.

The Journey to Peace: Reflections on Faith, Embracing Suffering, and Finding New Life
Published in Hardcover by Doubleday (20 February, 2001)
Authors: Joseph, Cardinal Bernardin, Alphonse, P., C.Pp.S. Spilly, and Jeremy Langford
Amazon base price: $12.57
List price: $17.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $2.74
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Terrific companion to 'The Gift of Peace'
Whatever your exposure to the late Cardinal, you must admire his example of the Christian life. In the Gift of Peace, he invited us to walk beside him during his final months. In this volume, Spilly & Langford have artfully woven together extended excerpts from his homilies while Archbishop of Chicago. The book is divided into chapters identified by the Stations of the Cross -- a device that both illuminates the Cardinal's own words, as well as the putting the Way of the Cross into a contemporary context, thus reminding us that the Cross itself is as real today as it was two thousand years ago.

If you loved Cardinal Bernadin as we in Chicago did, you will of course love this book. But even if this is your first encounter, you will come to know him like a dear friend -- and learn much from his humility, his prayerfulness, his humiliation and exoneration, and his very public suffering and passing.

The Gift of Peace: Personal Reflections
Published in Hardcover by Loyola Pr (1997)
Authors: Joseph Louis Bernardin, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, and Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
Amazon base price: $12.57
List price: $17.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $0.23
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Powerful Message - On forgivenss, giving , living and dying
Recently I lost my father to a 10 year bout with cancer. This book provided me with joy, tears and abudance within a month of my own fathers death. Cardinal Bernardin was a remarkable man who had the courage to face his accusers, his illness and ulitmately his death. He has reconfirmed that faith, hope, love, forgivenss and kindness is the very essentials of what life needs to be about. It is clear from the Cardinal as it was from my experience with my own father that even when you think you are at your darkest human hour you need to reach out and make a difference every single day until your final moment in this part of your journey here on earth.

This book is a must read for anyone who has doubted that there is peace in death. He reconfirms that the lessons most important in life are to continue to give of yourself every day despite the adversities you face. In his illness, through his false accusation and his wonderful rediscovery of a deeper faith in Christ it makes accepting God's plan for you important.

Anyone who has an ill parent or someone close to them should read this book it will give you a much clearer spiritual understanding of illness, death and living every moment under God's plan.

Bernardin's "Presence" remains with us!
A year ago, on November 14, 1996, our beloved Cardinal Bernardin died, as we the people of his flock, spent time in prayer and reflection over his years as our shepherd. It is amazing to realize how we were enveloped into his loving care, even as he lay dying. Some months later, his book, "The Gift of Peace: Personal Reflections" was published, as his gift to us. More than its worldwide sales, is its personal value to those who read it, perhaps once, maybe several times. How many people near death will ever have the energy to focus on the Lord's Presence, amidst physical pain? For Cardinal Bernardin, the pain he wrote about may have focused on physical and emotional difficulties that surfaced in the final three years of his life, but clearly, there are words in his book that can yet feed the flock, "how if we let Him, God can write straight with crooked lines," if only we let go of the control and allow HIM to direct our life's journey. This does not mean we should make no plans, but rather, set aside time daily to draw close to the Lord, and let go of the concerns that may grip us --- to make room for HIM in our lives. Is there room for HIM in the inn of our deepest selves? There is no other option. No matter what difficulties or hurts arise, we are all still family, always needing to work on healing; the other choice leaves us without family and friends. Cardinal Bernardin speaks of redemptive suffering -- the kind Jesus felt, the kind we may experience. The message clearly leads the reader to know that we, like Jesus, can move beyond the suffering, toward something better, allowing the Lord to work in our lives, bringing us into communion with Him and others who are feeling pain and suffering. In the midst of his pain, Bernardin's faith was strong, but he was preoccupied with the pain. His message is this: develop a strong prayer life in your best moments so you can be sustained in your weaker moments. Lean on family and friends, and church community, as they minister. As you read this book, you may feel the connection with Cardinal Bernardin because either you or a family member or friend is experiencing the pain and suffering of illness. Cardinal Bernardin's presence remains with us, in these words, "Pray while you're well, because if you wait until you're sick, you might not be able to do it."

A Pastor's Journey
America was drawn to the story of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin when he publicly shared with the community of the Archdiocese of Chicago the news that his liver cancer was inoperable on August 30, 1996. The Cardinal wrote The Gift of Peace to share his thoughts on the last three years of his life. His writing reflects the principal role of a Roman Catholic bishop - - the teaching office, to nourish within the community the principles of faith illustrated by the realities that present themselves in the course of everyday life.

Like most Americans outside of Chicago, I first learned about the Cardinal in the news coverage that accompanied his last year on the front pages of the newspapers. He wanted to walk with the community as he confronted his death. Sharing with the community both the pain of his illness and the discoveries of the intellect that bridged for him, first acceptance of his terminal illness, and then the process of personal reconciliation of his life journey.

There are so many books upon the shelves of on the topic of Death and Dying. None of them adequate to the task of being "how to's", but offering reasonable guidance for that most personal of tasks, confronting personal death and death in the family. Yet, I keep coming back to The Gift of Peace. Perhaps, because of the Cardinal's one-to-one conversation by which he engages the reader.

For those of us that can prepare for death, a struggle may develop as we form a personal inner conversation to embrace with grace and maturity and purpose our changed fortune. The Cardinal models in the journey of his illness the direction our own path may take.

Upon hearing the first fateful news of his illness, the Cardinal experienced a feeling of helplessness. The same helplessness I nervously experienced when the heart specialist began taking my history. The Cardinal acknowledged then, as I did also, the state of great anxiety as patients wait to hear from doctors what their fate will be. "God was teaching me yet again just how little control we really have and how important it is to trust in him."

The Cardinal describes how terrible illness changes lives - - not only the life of the person carrying it, but also the lives of friends and family members who love and care for that person. We follow in the book's narrative the Cardinal's trajectory along illness as described by Therese A. Rando: keeping alive, understanding and acknowledging the illness, experiencing the pain, framing realistic expectations and completing unfinished business.

And in the midst of the Cardinal's struggle, he continued his own ministry to others with cancer. "Somehow when you make eye contact," he says, "when you convince people that you really care - - that at that particular moment they are the only ones that count - - then you establish a new relationship." It is all about entering into an intimacy with those we minister to, however brief, forever permanent.

Jesus learned this lesson from the Canaanite woman to whom he first avoided, saying he was sent to minister only to the house of Israel." She continued to confront him, to engage him. She established a relationship that from that moment forward propelling Jesus' ministry beyond Israel to embrace all the nations. For ministry, the Cardinal concludes, is about imparting a sense that "somehow you truly care and have somehow mediated the love, mercy and compassion of the Lord."

Ministry to the dying is all about strengthening the relationship between each person and God. I understand that each of our ministerial encounters is unique. Our need for healing is no different in dying than in living - - however the more apparent and actively sought out for. I strive to go to the bedside with practical skills fashioned around a dynamic toolbox of appropriate pastoral applications.

A dynamic shaped by what the Cardinal would call prayer and prayer's search for peace. Peace that accompanies recognition, acceptance, reconciliation. And as a pastor, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin offers us a simple prayer that we may find the gift of peace. It is in the journey toward death's great mystery that we call out to the Lord for peace. The peace that finds voice in prayer. Prayer that nourishes. Prayer that heals. Prayer that reconciles. Prayer that brings us to salvation.

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