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The Heart of Anger
Published in Paperback by Calvary Pr (January, 1998)
Authors: Lou Priolo, John Mac Arthur, Jay E. Adams, and Louis Paul Priolo
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Excellent choice
This is an exceptional book. Biblical, practical, lots of examples and useful tools. This book is excellent, not only for raising children who have anger problems, but great for raising any child.

Advice I could really follow
The subtitle says "Practical" and the advice really is! Not pie-in-the sky psychobabble, but direct, concrete, specific steps toward figuring out what lies behind the anger and knowing how to address it. I especially appreciate how the book doesn't waste time trying to place blame or point fingers. It just helps the parent get to work addressing the attitudes and behaviors that need correction.

Get This Book!
I have three little boys and I was concerned about some of their behaviors. Fighting, yelling, getting really mad at each other. This book answered so many questions for me it was great. He backs up everything he says with Bible verse and there are examples to help also. A lot of books hint at what could be the root of the problem but this guy lays it out in a way that is easy to understand and I have seen great improvement in my boys just in the first few days. It isn't just a book for children it is for anyone that needs to deal with an anger problem. I have felt a lot better after reading it. It heled me to see what actions I was taking that were upsetting the kids and giving them a bad example. It isn't a book that makes you feel you are a bad person. It just points out things that everybody does to some degree and just taking time to notice which things apply to you is a great help. I think everybody should get at least two of this book because it is the kind of book you want to give to a friend. If everybody read this book the world would be a better place to live in.

The Legends of the Jews: From Joshua to Esther
Published in Paperback by Johns Hopkins Univ Pr (May, 1998)
Authors: Louis Ginzberg, Henrietaa Szold, and Paul Radin
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Why I love the Old law
For anyone out there interested about Ester and her role (Explained in greater detail) should get this book.

Good for theology study
I would suggest this series to anybody interested in theology, hands down.

For any student of theology, this is a fascinating collection. Contains references to Lilith (Adam's first wife) and a plethora of angel names - over 200. I highly recommend this exceptional collection for all readers.

Breaking the Antibiotic Habit: A Parent's Guide to Coughs, Colds, Ear Infections, and Sore Throats
Published in Paperback by John Wiley & Sons (11 March, 1999)
Authors: Paul A. Offit, Bonnie Fass-Offit, and Louis M. Bell
Amazon base price: $10.36
List price: $12.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $7.49
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A Must Read for Every New Parent!
Being a new parent, I was worried when my 9 month old had a high fever and a cough that lasted more than a day. The doctor told me to keep my child comfortable and monitor his symptoms. If he did not improve in a few days, I was to call back. I felt helpless. I had collected numerous books about babies and what to expect the first year: but none of these books had the information I wanted to know such as how do I comfort a coughing baby at night. Breaking the Antibiotic Habit is wonderful. I read it from cover to cover the day it arrived. Now I am more confident that I can take care of my child when he is sick. I know what to watch for and can communicate better with my child's pediatrician.

Great Book!
I just happened to glimpse this book at my local library and checked it out. What an informational storehouse! I am the parent of two small children, who just recently have been coming down with coughs, colds, ear infections. Nowhere in any of my "pediatrition handbooks" did I get such an in depth understanding of common childhood problems and how and when antibiotics can help and when they can't. I wish I read this book last winter when I needed the information. I am buying this book and highly reccomend it to all parents. Read it cover to cover!

A must read for parents interested in using less antibiotics
I am a pediatrician and am extremely concerned about antibiotic overusage. This book will help all parents understand the risks and benefits of antibiotic use and give them a greater understanding of when antibiotics should be prescribed for their children. Learn that it is alright to tell your doctor that you'd rather not use medications if they are not absolutely necessary. This book is well written, easy to understand, and a must read for parents. Makes a great gift as well for a new parent! I recommend it highly.

Chapel Road
Published in Paperback by Hippocrene Books (May, 1989)
Author: Louis Paul Boon
Amazon base price: $3.95
Used price: $4.00
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Best book in Dutch literature!
Together with its successor, Zomer Te Ter-Muren (not translated!!), this is THE highlight of Dutch literature. Translators/ publishers where are you? It's time for a new print.

words are few
words are few, when it comes down to reviewing one of the masterpieces of 20th century writing. It is an absolute shame this book and its author is only known to specialists and freaks, even in the authors home-counrty belgium. read it and tell everyone you know how beautifull, tragic, inspiring, funny, confusing, touching and superb it is. and tell them how it changed your life. this is an absolute masterpiece, if kafka is a 20th century classic, or hemingway or joyce or who-ever, then louis-paul boon is too, no doubt whatsoever.

Chapel Road
A complex but very rewarding book. There are 3 story lines, all at different times in history, but all set in the same part of Flanders, in Belgium, and all portraying a similar image of injustice and despair. Although they may seem unrelated, the attentive reader will soon discover the links. It is one of the most important books of contemporary Dutch literature. However, readers who dislike modernist may want to stay clear of this one. Personally, I do not care much for modernist fiction, but for Louis Paul Boon I am willing to make a big exception, as this is an exceptionally warm and at times humerous book

How to Survive the IRS: My Battles Against Goliath
Published in Hardcover by Barricade Books (01 March, 2001)
Authors: Michael Louis Minns and Ron Paul
Amazon base price: $29.95
Used price: $14.95
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Mighty Minns/strikes again
This book should inflame every reader to demand congress to taken action and slay this beast. From the TERMINATOR of the HOBBLE IN BOSTON to the Lawlessness of the Courts in Buford & SON to the OKLAHOMA WITCH TRIAL ,Minns exsposes the underbelly of the beast.

Finally, a factual book about the dark side of the IRS
I am an economics professor at a university located in Washington State. I recently received a copy of Mr. Minn's book from a friend of mine at the Seattle Times. I think I have read every major book on the IRS, but Mr. Minn's book provides new facts and information. Minns not only dispells any doubts that taxpayers may have about the ruthless antics of the IRS, but he also provides valuable tips and information about tax code, tax shelters, offshore banking and important guidelines for staying out of harm's way with the IRS. I was extremely moved as he shared the blow-by-blow accounts of his IRS court cases, and was appauled by the devastating and unconscionable acts that some IRS agents employed in order to bring about charges of tax evasion. From one who has considered himself an expert on tax law and the IRS, my hat is off to this vallant crusader. I was highly enlightened and recommend this book to any taxpayer who wishes to avoid the attention of the IRS.

If you file a Tax Return, this book is a must read!!
Here I am in the beginning of what promises to be the busiest "tax season" ever, and into my office comes "How to Survive the IRS", a pulse quickening, rapid read of struggles with the formidable Internal Revenue Service by one of the great champions of the people. I couldn't put it down! Unlike other lawyers who surrender to the IRS' maze of bureaucracy and deceptions, Michael Minns goes in with the singular intent to fight and win for his clients who have been wronged. His insight and tenacity are unparalleled, his candor refreshing and his integrity embraced by those of us who strive daily to right the wrongs to our fellow citizens. I highly recommend this book to all of my clients and tell them to pass it on. His first book "The Underground Lawyer" was just a interesting and is a must read for everyone who needs a lawyer.

Teach Them Diligently: How to Use the Scriptures in Child Training
Published in Paperback by Timeless Texts (September, 2000)
Author: Louis Paul Priolo
Amazon base price: $9.60
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Used price: $8.57
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Biblically parenting finally explained!
This book answered so many questions for me. Having read "Shepherding a Child's Heart", I understood the concept of how to parent biblically by looking at heart issues instead of behavior and using scripture to do so, but I didn't know what scriptures to use or exactly how to implement this plan. "Teach Them Diligently" gives the detailed explanation, along with categorized scriptures of how to convict, rebuke, teach, and train your children with God's Word. A must-have for any parent who desires to bring up children to be spiritually equipped to handle life. It makes your life a whole lot easier. My 4 year-old son already has four such scriptures hidden in his heart only two weeks after my husband and I implemented these parenting principles. Thanks Lou!

Required Reading for Christian Parents
Priolo is AMAZING - he does what no other author I know has been able to do....Take the Bible and make it real in a way that transcends the bounds of its paper medium. I started by reading the Heart of Anger and then bought The Complete Husband (Both excellent books). Teaching them Diligently is THE how to guide for biblical parenting. It is cover to cover practical step by step advice on how to use scripture to raise your children the way God meant for them to be raised. The topical appendix in the back is simply priceless. This book has helped me with scripture memorization because it has encouraged and empowered me to access and apply scripture like never before. If you are a Christian Parent - or simply a parent who cares about raising children with character and integrity - your next click should be "add to cart"!!! ENJOY!

Practical and Biblical!
It has been the desire of my husband and I to raise our three children in a truly God-centered home. We knew that meant more than daily devotions and bedtime prayers, but were not sure how to incorporate the Bible into every day living. The principles in "Teach Them Diligently" changed our parenting and our own lives as well! God has clearly set forth in the Bible a process for change. We want our children to trust in Christ for their salvation and grow to be like Him. I found this book to be practical, logical, and most of all Biblical!

Contemporary Diesel Spotter's Guide: A Comprehensive Reference Manual to Locomotives Since 1972
Published in Paperback by Withers Pub (January, 2000)
Authors: Louis A. Marre and Paul K. Withers
Amazon base price: $24.95
Collectible price: $26.47
Average review score:

Simple, informative, and useful
Being a neophyte to the train world, I picked up this book to learn the different models of locomotives I would hear rumbling through my town.

Not only does the book teach you the tricks of the trade for recognizing different manufacturers and their models, it presents line drawings to highlight features.

A fine companion to the volume on the older Diesels. Lots of pictures, good information. Comprehensive and easy to read.

Film Fatales: Women in Espionage Films and Television, 1963-1973
Published in Hardcover by McFarland & Company (April, 2002)
Authors: Tom Lisanti, Louis Paul, Eileen Oneill, and Eileen O'Neill
Amazon base price: $36.50
Used price: $35.49
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Lisanti Does It Again!
The author's obvious love for his subject matter makes his newest work another delight for movie buffs! His coverage his thorough, his narrative amusing and oh, the wonderful photos! Whether it's Rebel Chick Nancy Sinatra, the [rear]-kicking Emma Peel in the form of Dame Diana Rigg, the staggering beauty of blonde Carol Lynley (betcha didn't even realize she WAS a spy chick!) or the camp factor of Agent 99, there is something in here for every fan! Plenty of "Where Are They Now?" information, too. SO much to have on your coffee table!

Must have book for spy film fans!
If you are a fan of spy movies - James Bond and all - then you need to get this book. It is full of exciting interviews and profiles of all the women in these films. It is a great read and a fun reference. It is also full of some great photos. I really enjoyed it.

Snowstorms Along the Northeastern Coast of the United States: 1955 To 1985 (Meteorological Monograph Series)
Published in Paperback by Amer Meteorological Society (May, 1990)
Authors: Paul J. Kocin and Louis W. Uccellini
Amazon base price: $40.00
Average review score:

A book recommended by 9 out of 10 Snowmen
OK, Paul Kocin, is not the smoothest on-air personality on the Weather Channel but the boy does know his snow, especially in the Northeastern USA. Great Book for all weather geeks!

The definative record
The best single volume account of major east coast snowstorms during this timeframe. Charts and maps are clear, readable, and the analysis is succinct. The cronicaling of the evolution of these storms provide insight into the fairly small window of set-ups for SECS and provides forecasting aid for future storms.

Note that this book is aimed at serious weather followers and working mets and the focus is on how the storms formed and behaived. It is not a 'snow fan's' book of pictures and firsthand accounts of people experiencing the storms, nor is it a guidebook of how cities, DOT's, etc dealt with the storms.

Marie Antoinette: The Portrait of an Average Woman (Great Grove Lives)
Published in Paperback by Grove Press (August, 2002)
Authors: Stefan Zweig, Eden Paul, and Cedar Paul
Amazon base price: $11.90
List price: $17.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $5.50
Collectible price: $7.22
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Average review score:

The Wicked Austrian Queen
Portraying Marie Antoinette as an "average woman," as the title of Zweig's work provocatively suggests, is a debatable proposition. On the one hand, as Zweig shows throughout this study, Marie Antoinette was no prodigy: she was flawed, egotistic, intellectually limited and ... indiscreet. Her greatest passions were for clothes, vast flowery gardens, [fancy] jewelry and good looking Swedish men; she was a compulsive spendthrift; her political self-awareness was zero and her policy meddling was uniformly disastrous. Her indiscipline at court was flagrantly exploited by her political enemies - notably her jealous and ambitious brothers-in-law Louis and Charles (the later Bourbon Restoration kings) - who portrayed her as a modern day Jezebel. In all of these respects, her life was far from "average". But the "ordinariness" within, argues Zweig, left her ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of an extraordinary life.

Once the Revolution happens, however, Zweig's "averageness" argument makes a dog-leg turn. Under the extreme pressures of her imprisonment, her husband's guillotining, her separation from her beloved children and her state trial for treason, she rose above the "average," drawing on her Habsburg dignity and treating her Committee inquisitors with the contempt they deserved. In death, if not in life, she proved herself to be a true daughter of Maria Theresa. Even ordinary people can be martyrs, Zweig seems to be saying.

Zweig is a natural storyteller, and the fact that he, like Marie Antoinette, was Viennese gives him insights into her sensibilities and predilections. Another Viennese voice can be heard in this narrative: the psychological narrative owes much to Dr. Freud - particularly when we come to her early womanhood. Can it be, as Zweig dares to suggest, that Louis XVI's early impotence, and young Marie Antoinette's consequent frustration, fueled her shallow materialism? Was her scandalously profligate lifestyle an outlet for ... frustration? Did one man's "shortcomings" thus cause the revolution? And what of the bizarre Strasbourg ceremony whereby the newlywed Marie Antoinette was forced to [unclothe] at the frontier, lest the new Dauphine of France cross the border wearing foreign clothes? Surely an emotionally scarring experience? Her tale is a gift for the Freudian, and Zweig milks it for all it's worth.

The story of a Woman
Marie Antoinette... many things go through one's mind when thinking of that name. Many say she was cruel, pampered, and spoiled, and that she was the main couse of the French Revolution, yet, she was just a woman, a woman born a princess in the Austrian court, married to a French boy whom she had never met by the age of 15, crowned by 19, and beheaded by 35.

Life went by so fast by Marie Antoinette!!, and never gave her a chance to choose what she wanted out of it.

Stefan Zweig is a marvelous writer, and manages to gives us an intimate portrait of at times very hated, at others very loved and admired woman, an ordinary person who only wished for a normal life with her family, a little place of her own, where she didn't have to adjust and adapt to the many different rules impossed on her.

He describes the life of the French court as only he could, and you feel like you are part of the story, hearing about Versailles, Louvre, the revolution and the people involved, which makes this an excellent book to learn about history, about life in the French court, and about France's last great queen.

So, was she cruel, spoiled, and ignorant? read and decide for yourself....

An average woman in exceptional circumstances
Zweig's biography is so fascinating, I can't believe it's been allowed to go out of print. He does a remarkable job of delineating a light-headed, pleasureseeking woman who was thrust into circumstances she couldn't have anticipated or coped with. Marie Antoinette becomes a real woman, not a figurehead or a scapegoat. No one could ask for anything less.

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