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Open Our Eyes: Poetic Meditations, Inspirations and Affirmations For People of Color
Published in Paperback by Nu-B Du-B Expressions (1999)
Authors: Nanci Clayton Thomas, Richard Johnson, and Oscar Thomas
Amazon base price: $10.00
Average review score:

Nothing But The Truth
I bought this book from the author at Kroger grocery store in Atlanta. I followed this sister to her car. After asking if she was available, she said yes, for booksignings and poetry readings. She handed me a book, asked if I would buy one, smiled and said she wasn't available. I couldn't resist, eventhough I didn't believe her GI man was waiting for her in Dunwoody. I'm an Alpha man, so the Egyptians on the cover caught my eye. I bought it and couldn't put it down. This book, like the author, is beautiful, real, raw and funny! You will love it. Although I didn't get a phone number, I got a really great book.(SMILE) To that brother in Miami/Dunwoody whoever, wherever you are, you are lucky. No disrespect, Don't slip, cause somebody will grip. Seriously, the book is nothing but the truth. The words and art send a strong message.

Strong Poetry From A Strong Sister
I met Nanci at a book signing. Let me say I was taken by her stunning beauty, inside and out. She was so open about her life and the experiences that motivated certain poems. She laughed and entertained us. I enjoyed every minute of it. We need to support good, black poetry and keep it alive. Look out world, because Nanci is going to BLOW UP!

I loved this book.
Open Our Eyes offers an unapologetic look at life through the eyes of the African American people. The best word that I can think of to describe the book is Raw.

Clinical Neurology Casebook
Published in Paperback by Butterworth-Heinemann Medical (2003)
Authors: Thomas M. Walshe and Richard Schwartz
Amazon base price: $49.95
Average review score:

I was preparing for my Board exams and was looking for a simple and easy to understand book in Neurology. During my search I came acroos this book by Dr. Walshe. Dr. Walshe was my mentor while in training. He was an excellent teacher. I got this book and find it very informative and simple and easy. I thought I was good in anatomy allthough brain anatomy was allways my weakness. This book made my anatomy strong, as well as provided me with step by step approch towards clinical diagnoses, differential diagnoses, management and treatment of simple cases like headache, pain and difficult cases like stroke. I congratulate Dr. Walshe in writing this book and sharing his knowledge. This book reflect the knowledgedge, the intellenge, the expierence and the intellectual style of Dr. Walshe. I cannot wait to quench my thirst of knowledge for another book by Dr. Walshe. I Love thiS book, Perveen.

" SUPERB"..from yourskitty
The book is very informative and challenging. It gives you step by step clinical practice guidelines on simple neurological cases as PAIN, differiante it from CHEST difficult cases like STROKE, management, differential diagnosis and treatment in a very concise manner. This reflect the author intelligence and intellectual approach to difficult cases which make this book " SUPERB" " I LOVE IT".

The book is very teaches you step by step to approach a patient from sinple neurological issus like evaluation of pain..differentiate it from ACUTE CHEST PAIN verses neurological comlicated neurological issues like STROKE..differential diagnoses..its management and treatment.
This book reflect the knowledge and intellectual style of the author. Thanks for sharing your clinical expierence educating those in NEED. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

The Essiac Report: Canada's Remarkable Unknown Cancer Remedy
Published in Paperback by Alternative Treatment Information (1994)
Author: Richard Thomas
Amazon base price: $29.95
Average review score:

It Works!
After being diagnosed with non-Hodgkins in 1998, my husband was told there was very little hope of his cancer going into remission let alone a cure. After six months the lumps came back after the 1st round, then another 6 months of the strongest he could get. A co-worker loaned him this book--he has been drinking the tea now and has had no lumps return, blood tests and xrays reveal nothing returning-- it is worth a shot!

everyone should read this book,
this is a great book, i could not put it down.if you or someone you know is having medical problems, this book will reveal to you an alternative for modern medicine. you have nothing to lose and maybe everthing to gain by trying this herabl tea. my dad (age 74 ) and father in law (age 75) are both drinking this tea for prostate cancer and heart problems, both were amazed at the immediate difference in how they felt, both have more energy and feel 100 % better while drinking this tea. this tea will clean the toxins from your body and as my father in law says, you will feel 20 years younger. if you love someone who is in bad health, buy it for them. it is not just for cancer, but has been proven to help many ailments. darlene bishop, po box 35, henry , tn 38231

everyone should read this book...
my brother in law got malignant melanoma and after several surgerys and chemo treatments it kept coming back,so the Dr stopped all treatment and we went home with very little hope then i was shown the Essiac Report,when i started reading it i could not put it down and somehow i knew it was our answer so he started on the herbal tea right away and i am happy to say he has been free from any malignant melanomas for 4 years now and i am very thankfull for the was a sign from God for us and i highly encourage anyone to read it, you will not be sorry...

The Locket
Published in Audio Cassette by Simon & Schuster Audio (1998)
Authors: Richard Paul Evans and Richard Thomas
Amazon base price: $16.00
Used price: $1.99
Buy one from zShops for: $5.34
Average review score:

Generations apart -- but each learns from the other.
How refreshing to read a book that has an inspirational message plus contains no graphic sex or vulgar language, yet at the same time, a believable story that is not contrived...a rarity these days!! I enjoyed the thought-provoking excerpts from Esther's diary at the beginning of each chaper...a clever touch by Evans. The flow is good and his descriptions of the characters and scenes "breathe" with reality. A few times, however, he overdoes the character descriptions with strings of trite adjectives. This is a poignant, touching tale that has a little bit of everything (except sex) and will appeal to males as well as females. I found it difficult to put down once I got into the story. Keep up the quality writing, Richard Paul Evans!

A Wonderful Story!
This is the only book I've read by this writer, but I will definitely read more of his books. It is a very well written and beautiful story. I couldn't stop reading it once I started. It is also a very quick read because of the brief chapters and the way that it is organized. Although it was a quick book to read and a fairly simple story, I still felt I had been challenged in thought by the time I finished the book. I also had a good cry in the end. Can't wait to pick up another of his books.

The Locket won't let you down
Since I have read his other books: The Christmas Box, The Timepiece, The Letter, and The Carousel, I knew what to expect from Richard Paul Evans. He is a truly remarkable mastermind and The Locket won't let you down. It is such a wonderful story filled with romanticism and immense substance. His primary characters are spontaneous and so distinct, it's fun to read how they correspond. You feel remorseful at one moment, then condemn them the next. The theme of this book is allegiance, passion, and sympathy that touches your sensitivity and consciousness to the median. In conclusion, I just have to say that I think this is the type of book that readers can devour as well as learn from. I'm looking forward to next book by Richard Paul Evans.

Stedman's Medical Dictionary
Published in Hardcover by Williams & Wilkins (1990)
Authors: Richard H. Williams and Thomas Lathrop Stedman
Amazon base price: $38.95
Used price: $11.95
Buy one from zShops for: $17.00
Average review score:

Some of the definitions are difficult to understand.
Stedmans is recognized as a leading dictionary in the medical community. Stedmans is great for looking up definitions for terms you don't know. However, some of the definitions are as confusing as the original terms for a non-medical person (attorney).

The only medical dictionary you will ever need.
Having just started my medical studies I was looking for a complete dictionary to meet my demand for a comprehensive and "easy-to-use" book to guide my among the vast and sometimes difficult medical language. I found quickly that Stedman's had everything i could ever ask for in a medical dictionary. It's up to date in current research and also has many entries for termonology of old. The book is very comprehensive and detailed and even surpassed my dictionary of organic chemistry when I studied the subject.

What I especially apriciate with this book is it's pedagogical illustrations and a passage with "building-blocks of the medical language" wich has been a great help for me in understanding and memorizing medical terms.

During my studies I have compared my dictionary with many other medical dictonaries and have found that Stedman's remains my first choise by far!

What else can you ask? (Some veterinary terms, perhaps?)
I teach Parasitology and I have found that my students learn the terms more easily if they know what they mean. So I needed a medical dictionary to help me with the etimology. Being a sort of a bibliophile, I had older editions of the 2 major medical dictionaries in the English language: the Dorland's and the Stedman's. I checked the old texts thoroughly and read carefully the descriptions of the new ones. I can't remember why I chose the Stedman's but I do remember that it was a very tight decision. So I have had the Stedman's for a few weeks and I can't think of anything else that I may need in a dictionary: it has excellent typography, clear definitions, beautiful color text and illustrations, comprehensive etimology (the Greek roots are NOT written in Greek, which is a blessing for me). I might only wish the inclusion of some specific veterinary terms (which are also missing in the competition) and sturdier covers (the corners of the hardback edition covers arrived bent; it was a 5,000 miles trip though)

Published in Audio Cassette by Dove Books Audio (1995)
Authors: Erich Segal and Richard Thomas
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $1.75
Collectible price: $3.69
Buy one from zShops for: $10.00
Average review score:

First, the characters are great. Their descriptions are very thorough. You can almost see them, as if they really are true persons. Second, the plot of the story is very well-defined. Third, the flow of the story is well-timed.

Review of Erich Segal's "Prizes"
Prizes is an truly terriffic book. It has a plot similar to that of a daytime soap opera, however, it is much more sophisticated and realistic. Although very exciting with many interesting twists and turns, the book displays a strong theme of man's selfish nature, and causes one to take a serious look at the ethics of the world today. The themes of great human achievment and perseverence are also prominent. I enjoyed "Prizes" thouroughly, and I strongly recommend it for readers seeking a well developed, entertaining story.

One of Erich Segal's best!
This is the second book I've read from Erich Segal, the first being "The Class", and all I can say is that its a very, very enjoyable book to read. I can't put it down. After this, I'm looking forward to buying his other books as well. Good work, Mr. Segal.

Serenity New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs
Published in Paperback by Nelson Bibles (25 September, 1990)
Authors: Robert Hemfelt, Richard Fowler, and Thomas Nelson Publishers
Amazon base price: $9.99
Used price: $1.79
Collectible price: $9.30
Buy one from zShops for: $6.94
Average review score:

The BEST New Testament I've ever come across
While recently on a retreat to the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist, Kentucky, I visited the guest library looking for some heavy-duty theological works. Quite by accident, I happened to notice this cute little book that someone had left laying out on a table. The full title reads: "Serenity: A Companion for Twelve Step Recovery." I'm personally not involved in any of the twelve step programs, but I know a few people who are, and they have nothing but praise for how well they work.

The Serenity New Testament comes complete with the Twelve Steps made famous by Alcoholics Anonymous. However, it just does not reiterate them, but cross-references every single step with multiple biblical references that speak about the particular topic. For instance, Step Two: "come to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity" is cross-referenced with a passage from the Gospels: "Everything is possible for him who believes" (Mark 9:23).

The format is very simple, and extremely easy to follow. The Twelve Steps are listed in the very front of the book, with a short commentary and a long list of verses (with page numbers!) that you can look up. Or, you can go directly to the New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs, and read the various books in a normal fashion. But unlike a typical Bible, the authors have highlighted all the verses that speak directly to the Twelve Steps, and have placed the step numbers next to the verses. For example: when you read the ninth chapter of Mark's gospel, you will see "Step 2" placed next to Mark 9:23.

There is also a chain reference system, so that you can go through the New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs reading all the verses that pertain to the particular step your interested in. So when you read Mark 9:23 there will be a note in the margin telling you a page number where you can find another verse reference for Step 2.

The authors wisely chose the New King James Version for the basis of their work, which is far easier to read and understand than the early 17th century English of the old King James Bible. There are also lots of helpful notes spread throughout the Bible passages, helping the reader to understand the close relationship between the Steps and Word of God.

While I have more than enough Bibles in my home, I've never come across one as fascinating as this little gem. I seriously considering buying a case of Serenity New Testaments to have on hand for giving to people who could use a little encouragement.

An outstanding New Testament. Highly recommended, whether or not you're in a Twelve Step program.

This book has saved my life.
When I first got into the 12 step program in 1990 12 step literature only took me so far in my program and I needed more or else I was in danger or returning back to active addiction. In 1993 the company I worked for went out of business and we had to take all of our personal items from our office. In my office were certificates of awards,personal and family pictures gifts from friend and many others items of importances. The only thing I made sure I took with me the day I left was this book. Without Serenity and the divine inspired wisdom that it imparts I know I probally would have returned back to active addiction and would have died. If you are in the 12 step process get Serenity it will give you a true picture of what recovery is all about and like me it might save your life.

God's word comes alive
I will never again think that AA is a program for recovery apart from God's holy word! This Bible makes it so very clear that God directed Bill Wilson and the founders many years ago (1934) to be instruments of healing power. God is the Healer, Jesus the Great Physician and the one in recovery stands in awe of miracles in his or her own life. That is of course, if one follows the Steps "one day at a time". I will always be a recovering co-dependent. Pleasing people was what I was taught to do from childhood. I thank the counselor who guided me right down the Twelve Step path. Please add this book to your library. Everyone needs healing from time to time. God bless you.

Fine Things
Published in Audio Cassette by Bantam Books-Audio (1992)
Authors: Danielle Steel and Richard Thomas
Amazon base price: $11.89
List price: $16.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $3.99
Buy one from zShops for: $10.49
Average review score:

Half way thru and "caught in the middle"..Love it & Hate it
I hate to be party pooper...

I know that Danielle Steel is a fabulous author, and that her books are loved worldwide, and I do think she's an incredible person....


I just picked up this book, I am still in the middle of it, and I thought I would give my opinion already...

I think its an amazing story, great characters, and very emotional...

but something about the writing is not very intriguing or "different"...

Most of the sentences seem repetitive, like "he never loved her so much..."..."she never looked more beautiful"...."Jane loved him very much and he loved her too"...(I feel like these sentences are in each chapter). A lot of the writing is just predictable and boring; it almost seems like it was written for an elementary school reader...At times I have found myself re-reading sentences and saying "is she kidding ? "..

OK, here's one example

"Her mother looked wide-eyed and alert and beautiful, just like she had before, only thinner, and they were moving to Stinson Beach the next day"

...can someone please tell me how that sentence makes any sense ? ..

I found many of these, as a matter of fact they distracted me from reading all along my subway ride...I wish I had a highliter for each one I found...and for each "She loved him very much" or "She was never happier in her life"...

Another thing I'm not crazy about is how DS always uses the phrase, ".....and he told him just as much"....If you have read this book you might remember...

Another thing...

After Liz and Bernie were married they were trying SO HARD to have a baby. They wished for it when they tossed coins into the Fontana di Trevi on Via Veneto...then a month or 2 later, Liz begins to feel nauseous and exhausted, misses her period (and doesn't realize it), never remembers feeling that horrible....and doesn't think that maybe she's pregnant !'s just too unrealistic at times...

Sure it's fiction, it's a novel, but it's easy to get absorbed into a good book..

This one is too surreal, and it's disappointing in a way...


In each chapter, someone is going to or coming from an airport...A few times I thought I was re-reading a past chapter...Either Bernie is flying on a business trip, or his parents are coming to see him...

More repetitiveness...

Each time Grandma Ruth comes, she has bought tons and mountains and lots and lots and lots of toys for the kids from "Schwarz...and each time Bernie sees his mother he has a new bag for her or she is wearing a suit or hat that he bought her years before...

There is way too much mention of the department store Wolff's...That store seems to be the saving grace of everything...

Need food ? Wolff's has a gourmet department...

Need a lawyer ? Wolff's has that too !

Whatever Bernie or his family needed was provided by Wolff's. Seems like these 4 people are living in a glass bubble called Wolff's...

It is also annoying to have to hear about every piece of clothing worn by Grandma Ruth, Liz and every other woman in the book, where the oufit was made, what material it was, and how it looked on them....A run-on sentence just to describe an outfit...( I love clothing and shopping but this is a novel, not WOMENS WEAR DAILY)...

Also, I was told in English class in high school NEVER to start a sentence with the word AND, and sure enough DS seems to do that VERY VERY often...

I plan to finish this book, since it's a gripping story, but I am very bored with the writing style.......I will not give up on DS however, I do plan on reading more of her books, (not consecutively - i need a change of writing style)hopefully I don't come across these same bad habits......

I would love to hear if anyone agrees or disagrees with me...send me an offense to anyone, just my honest-to-goodness opinion !

I never thought it was possible to like the story line of a book, but not like how it was written...

I guess it's kind of like what they say about jokes "it's all in the delivery"......

Real tear-jerker!
This is a superb story of a young mother who finds a man to love, and who loves her. Her little girl loves the man, too, and so they all get married. He's Jewish and she's Christian, and her mother-in-law has her doubts about the marriage, but she eventually learns to love the young woman and her daughter.

As the months go by and she becomes pregnant with her little boy, she finds out after the birth that she has cancer. This is a very trying and difficult time for Bernie Fine, the young man who has waited all his life for his dream girl, now with the thought of losing her to a terrible, uncurable disease.

Fine Things was made into a movie of the week, and it is one of the finest Danielle Steel movies ever made. It ranks 2nd in my opinion poll, right under The Promise with Kathleen Quinlan and Steven Collins.

Little Noley Thornton (alias Heidi) stole my heart in the TV movie of Fine Things. I love everything this child is in, but especially this movie.

Both the book and the movie are worth buying, and I give them both five stars!

Very emotional................... story of love and hope
Fine Things is a wonderful story. I read the book in less than 3 days. I couldn't put it down. I fell in love with Bernie Fine and his wonderful character. Once you pick this book up, you will not be able to put it down. This story demonstrated the courage to continue. It was such a vivid story. I rented the movie to compare the book and the movie and the people in the book were just like the people in the movie. This has got to be one of the most wonderful books I've ever read........ and I've read many. Kudos to Ms. Steel for such wonderful work.

Valerie Boone-Ogunleye

The Audition Book: Winning Strategies for Breaking into Theater, Film and Television (2nd Edition)
Published in Paperback by Back Stage Books (1996)
Authors: Ed Hooks and Richard Thomas
Amazon base price: $16.95
Used price: $1.55
Collectible price: $8.95
Buy one from zShops for: $1.77
Average review score:

A No-Nonsense Set of Guideposts to the Industry
You must read this book. Along w/ Michael Shurtleff's book "Audition" on theatre auditions, a book which Hooks recommends, this has been one of the best audition tools I've come across. The book will definately pay for itself if you take Ed's advice to heart and into action!

Funny and easy to read
I really enjoyed this book it was funny and helpful.
The only book out ther that I found equally or even a little more helpful was Twelve Step Plan To Becomming an Actor by Dawn Lerman.
If you want to laugh and develop self confidence and audition skills.
Read these two books.

Miles Paul

I wish everyone in the business was this honest.
In a very honest and inspiring approach, Mr. Hooks paints a picture of the experience involved in auditioning for various media (theatre, film, commercials). Every beginning actor should read this book.

Study Guide for use with Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill Higher Education (27 April, 1998)
Authors: Richard Brealey, Alan Marcus, Stewart Myers, Thomas Stitzel, and David Durst
Amazon base price: $31.25
Used price: $6.99
Average review score:

A little too detailed for beginners
The financial concepts are explained very nicely. Though it is my first finance book i can go through it without much difficulty or extra help. However there are still some drawbacks need to be noticed:

1. Need more charts and graphics to explain the concepts, ie: when explaining the DU PONT System, i think the pyramid structure can be illustrated so as to state a whole concept, not only fragments

2. Too many examples

3. This book is too detailed in both relevant and irrelevant matters

Still, I think it is a good book.

I own Principles of Corporate Finance (5th ed.)
If possible, please tell me the difference between this book (Fundamentals of Corporate Finance by Richard Brealey) and Principles of Corporate Finance by Brealey and Myers. I currently own the 5th edition of Principles; having worn the book down with constant thumbing, I am looking for a replacement.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Excellent book for very beginners
I and my friends(with no business background) are studying corporate finance by ourselves using this book and all of us are very satisfied with the book so far.

The concepts are explained very clearly(even kindly) and sample tests with complete solutions are very useful. The book also has solutions for selected end-of-the chapter problems and I enjoy mini cases which help me apply the concepts to the practice in detail.

I had tried other finance books before and most of them were not clear in explaining concepts and a bit difficult for me(my major was chemistry). I think that this book is probably the easiest and the best book to begin with for starters in finance.

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