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Architect's Portable Handbook
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill Professional (24 March, 2003)
Authors: John Patten Guthrie and Pat Guthrie
Amazon base price: $59.95
Used price: $42.96
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Guthrie continues to improve the perfect reference book
I have had the First Edition of this book since 1993, and have used that as a reference almost daily throughout my education and well into my professional practice. I decided to purchase this revised edition since the original book was becoming worn and flat out-of-date. This new version (a good 200 pages heavier than the first edition) includes new building code information (specifically IBC 2000), and provides revised cost estimate numbers. To this day, it is still the ONLY book worthy enough to reside on my desk.

This book is an excellent source for the student and professional alike. Basic concepts, construction methods, and principles for design considerations are organized and indexed for easy reference and all attempts have been made to make the content easy to understand. Rules-of-thumb and graphics are provided throughout the text as well as commonly used tables, charts, graphs, maps, etc. Guthrie has also managed to develop several clever little checklists, which assist in making sure all issues have been addressed.

The book is getting a little thick, and the distinctive oversized laminated cover has evolved into a standard size cover (it's not spiral bound - it's a paperback). The price is a little high, but I think the information found in this tidy little book is well worth it.

Great Gift For Clients
I have had my own professional engineering firm (building energy systems) for twenty-two years. This small-sized, well-bound (in soft plastic), and amply illustrated volume is my favorite gift to clients who are new to the building process. It allows them to get comfortable with common ideas and terminology used by design professionals on their projects.

The book also is a useful reference for site construction personnel, junior architectural design personnel, and engineers who need to know what the architects are talking about.

Awesome reference book
This book truly is a great reference book for the design professional. As the author says it contains 20% of the information used 80% of the time from various sources. It has information ranging from building codes to design requirements, tips on quick perspective drawing, construction cost info., building materials selection, material sizes, plumbing, electrical and much more. If you don't want to spend buying too many reference books, this is a great one to buy.

Cassadaga: The South's Oldest Spiritualist Community (The Florida History and Culture Series)
Published in Hardcover by University Press of Florida (T) (2000)
Authors: John J., Jr. Guthrie, Phillip Charles Lucas, Gary Monroe, and Raymond Arsenault
Amazon base price: $20.97
List price: $29.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $15.75
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A truely fascinating read
for religious seekers, those curious about spiritual
matters, those interested in Florida's history and
any with a mind to understand religious communities,
this book is a MUST read. The varied articles are
revealing, stimulating, fascinating, well-written,
with marvellous footnotes and bibliography. Oh, if
all university, edited publications could be so good.
If this ever makes it to a reprint or paperback,
more varied and colour photos would just be the icing on the cake.

Hi, I am Ian Guthrie, nephew of the late John J. Guthrie Jr. I have read this book, i even did a report relating to the occurences and information in it. it is a great text, and it is soooooo good. and my uncle john was a great man. so i would highly reccomend this to people of all ages and all interest. Thanks. -ian

Goethe and the English-Speaking World: Essays from the Cambridge Symposium for His 250th Anniversary (Studies in German Literature, Linguistics, and Culture)
Published in Hardcover by Camden House (2001)
Authors: Nicholas Boyle and John Guthrie
Amazon base price: $75.00
Used price: $47.97
Collectible price: $55.58
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Erudite contributions on classic works
Collaboratively edited by Nicholas Boyle (Professor of German Literary and Intellectual History, and Head of the Department of German, Cambridge University) and John Guthrie (Fellow in German and Director of Studies in Modern Languages, New Hall, Cambridge), Goethe and the English-Speaking World: Essays for the Cambridge Symposium for His 250th Anniversary is an impressive compilation of informed and informative college-level essays and thoughts about Goethe's work, ranging from close readings of the well-known "Faust" and "Wilhelm Meister", to scrutiny of recent translations of his poetry, to a look at how Goethe's texts have affected Ireland literary culture in particular. Goethe And The English-Speaking World is strongly recommended reading for its deep, varied, and eclectic compilation of erudite contributions on the classic works of an immortal master writer.

Keepers of the Spirits: The Judicial Response to Prohibition Enforcement in Florida, 1885-1935 (Contributions in American History)
Published in Hardcover by Greenwood Publishing Group (1998)
Author: John J. Guthrie
Amazon base price: $64.95
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a pleasantly inebriating reading experience
unlike the dry accounts one often reads of our sometimes sobering historical past, dr. guthrie has rendered the material in an informative and entertaining manner. his choice selection of anecdotes engages the reader in a topic that, in the hands of a lesser scholar, might be considered an account of arcane litigations. to be sure, dr. guthrie's book was a pleasantly inebriating reading experience, and one which i can highly recommend to anyone interested in this period of american history.

Relocating Teams and Expanding Leagues in Professional Sports : How the Major Leagues Respond to Market Conditions
Published in Hardcover by Quorum Books (1999)
Authors: Frank P. Jozsa and John J. Guthrie
Amazon base price: $64.95
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Professional Sports As A Business
Frank P. Jozsa, Jr. and John J. Guthrie, Jr. have written one of the most relevant books of its kind. "Relocating Teams and Expanding Leagues in Professional Sports", covers the subject of professional sports and how those sports react to market conditions in today's era of big money and demanding fans. From the relocation of the Brooklyn Dodgers all the way to the expansion Cleveland Browns this book is a must read for anyone involved in the decision making process which may involve the future of a professional sports franchise. People who will benefit from this book includes, but is not limited to, management in the front office of a professional sports franchise, state and local government officials who may be asked to subsidize a franchise or stadium/arena, fans who want to take their knowlege of professional sports to another level, and sports writers who want to be the most knowlegeable in their competitive field of sports reporting. After reading this book all will be able to answer the questions, Why did the Baltimore Colts really move to Indianapolis (in the middle of the night)? Why did the Boston Braves move to Milwaukee and then to Atlanta? How many NBA teams moved between 1952 and 1973? And most importantly, which sports teams are the most likely to move in the next few years and why? Are tax funded stadiums and arenas a good investment for the taxpayer directly and indirectly? Instead of guessing or taking an emotional stab at these questions you will KNOW the answers. As in any business, you can predict the future to some degree by understanding the forces which come into play by knowing what happened in the past. If you desire to truly understand how professional sports work, then this book is a must read for you. Don't let your competition be the only ones with all the answers. If you like professional sports then this book is a a truly enjoyable read.

Guide to Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology (Methods in Enzymology, Vol.194)
Published in Paperback by Academic Press (1997)
Authors: Christine Guthrie, Gerald R. Fink, Melvin I. Simon, and John N. Abelson
Amazon base price: $81.00
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A good book for those who work with budding yeast
This is a thorough book on yeast genetics (mainly budding yeast). It gives a vast background on most basic techniques. This includes the basic methods used in the field with some background material. Additional topics are covered (e.g. Ð cloning and recombinant DNA, mutants production, gene expression, as well as topics in cell biology and transport). Those who look for protocols for fission yeast, this is not the book.

Images of Hawaii's Flowers: A Pictorial Guide to the Aloha State's Flowering Plants
Published in Paperback by Hawaiian Service, Inc. (1996)
Authors: Loye Guthrie and John Mertus
Amazon base price: $7.95
Used price: $3.98
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Limited value
The book is of limited value because it does not describe or show the habit of the plant, shrub or tree on which the flower is blooming.

18th Century Shakespeare
Published in Hardcover by International Specialized Book Services (1971)
Authors: John Holt and William Guthrie
Amazon base price: $27.50
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Annette Von Droste-Hulshoff: A German Poet Between Romanticism and Realism (Berg Women's Series)
Published in Hardcover by Berg Pub Ltd (1989)
Author: John Guthrie
Amazon base price: $19.50
Used price: $8.00
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Aspects of Reading Acquisition: Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Hyman Blumberg Symposium on Research in Early Childhood Education
Published in Hardcover by Johns Hopkins Univ Pr (1976)
Authors: 5Th Hyman Blumberg Symposium on Research in Early Childhood Education and John T. Guthrie
Amazon base price: $27.50
Used price: $13.66
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