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Book reviews for "Gordon,_Steve" sorted by average review score: Guide to the Top 50 Law Firms, 3rd Edition
Published in Paperback by Vault Reports Inc (2000)
Authors: Vault.Com Staff, Steve Gordon, Hussam Hamadeh, Mark Oldman, Douglas Cantor, Catherine Cugell, Michael Erman, Marcy Lerner, Chris Prior, and Vault Com Inc
Amazon base price: $17.47
List price: $24.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $9.25
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Order it from
This is a great book, but if you need it right away and don't want to pay a special handling fee order it directly from The eBook version is also available there as well as the new 2003 edition that is not available yet in bookstores.

a superb book and the only one of its kind
i don't normally write reviews as i'm too busy slaving away as a lawyer...but i must add my $.02 this vault guidebook is astonishingly good. my fellow lawyers and i can't get enough of "The Buzz" which tells what lawyers are saying about various firms. this is the ONLY resource that tells it like it is in the arduous, sometimes rewarding, sometimes nauseating world of BIGLAW

The best edition yet!!!
The folks at Vault have really outdone themselves. This new edition is huge and very much expanded from previous editions. The material inside is all new as well. The have increased the detail and have done an incredible job providing the scoop on the top law firms in the country (including many that didn't make the top 50). They have included information on the quality of life rankings and their methodology. The book is invaluable for any law student as well as any lawyer considering a lateral move. I have a copy on my desk at a prominent law school and find people constantly borrowing it. Highly recommended.

Lonely Planet Mediterranean Europe on a Shoestring (Lonely Planet on a Shoestring Series)
Published in Paperback by Lonely Planet (1997)
Authors: Tom Brosnahan, Colin Clement, Steven Fallon, Helen Gillman, Paul Hellander, Charlotte Hindle, John King, Frances Linzee Gordon, Jon Murray, and John Noble
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $4.49
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Pack Your Bags and Get Over There!
The Lonely Planet guides are excellent for any locale..but this edition (covering Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Portugal and even Morocco) is a must-read for the quintessential backpacker jumping on a plane for Europa. These guides excel at recommending lodging of many price ranges (from youth hostels to 5-star hotels) and meal choices of the same range (excellent recommendation for outdoor markets.."buy a loaf of bread, a block of cheese and a bottle of wine here"..which is a plus as many guides catering to this area focus on only older travels with large budgets..or persons seeking to spend only a dollar a day or some's always good to have the most information possible..and it's included here. Entertainments ideas from free plaza and park visiting to museums, discotechqes, architecture, boat rides etc. etc. are included..good for young and old. It even lists culture-sensitve information such as appropriate dress for visiting churches and monasteries as well as travel-safe tips for women. Book your Eurorail pass and get going.

Mediterranea Europe on a shoestring is quite fascinating!
Lonely Planet has great books and this one certainly was. It's very thorough and tells alot about things that interest travellers. They are up to date and tell you the pros and cons of the different countries. I liked it alot and I know that other people will too.

Power, Holiness, and Evangelism: Rediscovering God's Purity, Power, and Passion for the Lost
Published in Paperback by Destiny Image (1999)
Authors: Randy Clark, Steve Beard, Pablo Bottari, Harvey R., Jr. Brown, Michael L. Brown, Pablo Deiros, Gordon D. Fee, Chhris Heuertz, Scott McDermott, and Carlos Mraida
Amazon base price: $10.79
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Used price: $2.25
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Power/Holiness/Evangelism: Rediscovering God's Purity, Power
I purchased this book as a second thought, and found out I got more than I bargained for. The level of expertise and experience with God impressed me initially, but it was the depth of each topic presented by each of the authors that shocked me. When dealing with God and spiritual subjects in books, there are so many approaches, and many that are really weird, but in this book the contributing authors do much to show by scriptures and experience the reality of the need for the church to be seeking God's power, holiness, and evangelistic outreach to the human race. This is not a book of testimonies alone, but scriptures and the reality of the topics listed in the title. Another book that assisted me in certain sections of this book was I Give You Authority by Charles Kraft. Though much different in subject, it assisted me in understanding some things that are occurring in the South American churches. I highly recommend this book for one's bookself, not only for reading, but as a text book for what is happening in Christianity today.

Unity and Passion for God
The chapters are written by individuals from various backgrounds who are sensing the Holy Spirit drawing them into a closer relationship with God. This purity of heart has been documented in past and present revivals around the world.

Practical Unix: Contents at a Glance
Published in Paperback by Que (22 December, 1999)
Authors: Steve Moritsugu, James Edwards, Sankiv Guba, David Horvath, Gordon Marler, Jesper Pedersen, David Pitts, Wilson Dan, and Sanjiv Guha
Amazon base price: $20.99
List price: $29.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $12.75
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the best book for new unix users
I collect unix books, close to 300. This is the best book for beginners in unix, it actually shows a beginner how to install (the only beginner book that does this) 2 flavors of unix, sun solaris and sco's unix. the chapters are short and to the point. errors are nearly non-existent. If you are serious about learning solaris, then start with this one and go straight to answer2book, the solaris documentation set that comes with the operating system. You can easily multi-boot solaris with all the windows flavors as well as ms-dos. Mark Sobell's book is also an excellent source.

Highly recommended for neophyte UNIX programmers.
Steve Moritsugu and DTR Business Systems' Practical UNIX is recommended for UNIX programmers who seek a reference book of solutions for common UNIX problems. From modifying and compressing files to determining how to extract fields and using networking capabilities, this expands upon the UNIX platform of knowledge.

Socio-Technical and Human Cognition Elements of Information Systems
Published in Hardcover by Idea Group Publishing (09 August, 2002)
Authors: Steve Clarke, Elayne Coakes, M. Gordon Hunter, and Andrew Wenn
Amazon base price: $79.95
Used price: $78.95
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An academic's view
E.W. Dijkstra, one of the founders of computing science, noted a long time
ago that when computers first appeared the goal of our programs was to
instruct our machines, but now the goal of our machines should be to execute
our programs. Similarly, the goal of IT systems should be to satisfy
well-defined business needs instead of -- as it often still happens --
directing businesses in their operational, tactical, or strategic work. When
IT provides opportunities as a business enabler, the business (including
social) and IT aspects of an organization are intertwined and thus have to
specified and reasoned about explicitly. In all cases, reasoning about IT
systems (which never exist in isolation) and their organizational contexts
should be done using concepts and terms understandable to all stakeholders,
from business decision makers to IT developers. This interesting book shows
various approaches of doing just that.

A consultant's view
Too many IT systems have failed because assumptions (often tacit), norms and
values of IT system designers and developers differ from those of their
various business and organizational customers. This has been recognized both
in academia and in industry, and the book's thirteen papers propose
interesting and promising ways of improving this unfortunate state of
affairs. In many cases, the authors of this thought-provoking book do not
deliver answers, but rather recognize and clearly formulate problems, thus
leading to an essential framework for solving these problems. Several papers
provide sincere and often eye-opening assessments of important IT usage
failures. And all authors show interesting and useful models that help to
determine how business and organizational issues -- including political ones
-- ought to be treated in an explicit, rigorous and proactive manner before,
during and after IT system design and development.

Innocence: The True Story of Steve Linscott
Published in Paperback by Zondervan (1986)
Author: Gordon Haresign
Amazon base price: $7.95
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Collectible price: $3.16
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A Fascinating TRUE STORY! (What's the outcome?)
This book was a fascinating story. It's about a man who has a dream about a murder, and later finds that a young woman in his building has been killed in a somewhat similar fashion. Although the dream was very vague, investigators used it to acuse and finally convict him of the crime, although he was innocent. While in prison, he and his wife went many years trying to win an appeal. Finally, the victory was thiers. Steve Linscott was released. That's the basic overview. If you like non fiction books, this is extremely interesting. Some parts seem to drag a bit because there needs to be background informatiuon given, but the story is truly bizarre. You will be shocked at what non-evidence was used to convict him! The kicker is the author's note at the end, stating that just before the book was to be published, there was an arbitrary court decision which put Linscott BACK in jail. At the time of publication (1986, I think), he was in jail serving a life sentence and trying to win another appeal. * DOES ANYBODY OUT THERE KNOW THE OUTCOME? WHERE IS STEVE LINSCOTT TODAY??? If you know, please email me! Thanks.

It's All About Power
Published in Paperback by M.P.D., Inc. (01 July, 1999)
Authors: Steve Schnabel and Darrell Graf
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $7.32
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This is a lousy book! Period.....
I have been fascinated by the incident for many years. The incident IS fascinating. The book is a joke. Poorly written. Poorly edited. It reads like a conversation over coffee at some hole in the wall pancake house deep in the bowels of North Dakota. I feel for the ex-cops that experienced the shoot-out. I am sorry, but leave the writing for the professionals - so the two guys who unfortunately had to deal with the poorly planned attempt at apprehending Kahl - can have their memories for their kids, grandkids, etc.... I am sorry but the book is just plain BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A refreshing change from the "same old, same old".
I am a former law enforcement officer from a small North Dakota town. After reading this book, I felt as if both authors just told me their stories face-to-face. The diagrams and photos really put me "at the scene". It is obvious that the authors of this book are not writers by trade, which actually made it a refreshing change from the same old, same old. I can relate to these officers having to wear many "hats" at their job. Graf shows the world, through this book, what being a Peace Officer is all about--trying to keep the peace. Unlike other authors of books on this subject, Graf actually met with and talked to the murderer on several occasions prior to the shoot-out, making informed decisions on first-hand knowledge. Others chose to ignore this knowledge when it was brought to their attention. Unlike a previous reader review, I've actually had a chance to meet with and talk to the authors after I read this book. I've seen the documentation they have to back up everything they write about in this book. Read the others first if you like, but save this book for last. It is the only true and accurate account you will read!

A Fascinating and Factual Read
I lived in North Dakota at the time of these events. The author's first-hand account is consistent with, but fills in a lot of the blanks that have been written and reported about the confrontation at Medina ever since.

Critics of the book may point to minor flaws such as allegations of ...covering by the authors. I do not find such flaws nearly as credible as the book. Both Graf and Schnabel were professionals who were cooperative and did more than they were asked. Yes, their small-town police departments was organized like (surprise!) a small-town police department. And, yes, their account is factual, direct and down-to-earth, not full of socialogical [stuff] like Bitter Harvest, the first major book on the incident.

Neither author is apt to get rich on the book as it tells neither side exactly what they want to hear. Accordingly, the only fans of the book are likely to be those interested in just the unvarnishied, unfiltered facts from two police officers who did the best job they could with the tools available and are probably the only ones who conducted themselves properly thoughout all the events leading up to this incident and the aftermath thereof.

In short, if you believe your government is always right and never lies, skip this book because it will shatter your dreams. Skip it also if you believe the tax protest fringe is always the unfortunate victims of a government conspiracy. However, if you believe the truth lies somewhere between, you owe it to yourself to get and read this book.

The Biggest Halo (Tom's Wacky Adventures)
Published in Hardcover by Liberty Bell Productions (1998)
Authors: Antonio Jocson, J. E. Christian, Steve Gordon, and Robert Enright
Amazon base price: $10.47
List price: $14.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $7.50
Buy one from zShops for: $4.97
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Great Ink Job on the Illustrations
To be honest, the book wasn't all that great. Actually it scared me. Death and mayhem ruled throughout and the storyline jumped from place to place. The only bright spot was the inkjob done by none other than Robert Enright. It says that Enright was the illustrator, but I have seen some of his other works, and he wouldn't dare put those drawings into a piece. My thoughts are that Enright merely did the inking in of poorly done drawings and was "laid to blame" for the actual illustrations. Well done, Robert Enright! Great praise is given to you for your ink ability. However, I am sorry that your good name was placed on the cover of such a horrendous book.

The Book of Prayers: A Man's Guide to Reaching God
Published in Audio Cassette by Dove Books Audio (1998)
Authors: Stephen L. Shanklin, W. Terry Whalin, Gordon Thomson, Steve Shanklin, Terry Whalin, and Bill McCartney
Amazon base price: $25.00
Used price: $8.47
Buy one from zShops for: $3.97
Average review score:
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Accept the Gift of Abundance
Published in Audio Cassette by Light of Mind Pub (1991)
Authors: David Gordon and Steve Gordon
Amazon base price: $9.98
Average review score:
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