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Bivalve Seashells of Western North America (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Monographs)
Published in Hardcover by Santa Barbara Musuem of (2000)
Authors: Eugene V. Coan, Paul Valentich-Scott, Frank R. Bernard, and Patricia S. Sadeghian
Amazon base price: $99.00
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Everything you wanted to know about clams!
Beautiful photographs and helpful guides and descriptions to every clam, mussel and scallop on the west coast. A must for any marine biologist or shell enthusiast! While this price is high, it is definitely worth every penny (and more).

It's all about shells!
If you have ever walked down the beach and noticed all the pretty shells and wanted to know more about them, then this is the book for you. It is a comprehensive guide to all the differnet species of shells that can be found from Alaska to Baja. You would probably not notice by looking at them, but there are tons of different species of shells. Even though they may look alike, there are amazing differences. This book will anwer neary every question one could possible want to know about the shells found along the west coast. Pick it up and head down to the beach!

Blackjack for Winners
Published in Paperback by Barricade Books (1993)
Author: Scott Frank
Amazon base price: $11.95
Used price: $3.42
Collectible price: $5.81
Buy one from zShops for: $4.25
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blackjack for winners
excellent book, very interesting system.

Blackjack for Winners helped me win
The author gives a different approach to winninng at blackjack. Scott Frank presents the CORE System to counting cards in an easy to understand way. I really enjoyed the book and found Scott's theories to be helpful. I used the strategy in Vegas and actually won.

Visual Basic 4 Unleashed
Published in Paperback by Sams Publishing (1995)
Authors: Conrad Scott, Brad Shannon, Frank Font, Bill Hatfield, Howard W Sams, and Sams Publishing
Amazon base price: $49.99
Used price: $3.00
Collectible price: $20.00
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I'm an experienced programmer although I'm just learning VB. This book is essential to becoming productive quickly.

Already an experienced VB programmer? This book is for you!
Being a VB Consultant and a VB Teacher, I've had the opportunity to go through many VB books. By far, VB4 Unleashed is the best. If you're already a good VB programmer, VB4 Unleashed will take you further. You'll learn how-to easily add sound (.wav) to your applications, how-to make screen savers, and even help files. Best part is that there is NO need to purchase any additional third-party controls in order to use the examples. (E.G. Learn Visual Basic in 21 days requires purchase of 3rd party OCX controls to use many of the examples.) I highly recommend this book. Kevin Scott, Visual Basic Application Developer, First Logic Inc.

21st Century Soldier: The Weaponry, Gear, and Technology of the Military in the New Century
Published in Hardcover by Time, Inc., Home Entertainment (2002)
Authors: Editors of Popular Science, Frank Vizard, and Phil Scott
Amazon base price: $17.47
List price: $24.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $12.82
Buy one from zShops for: $16.27
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Proves Transformation requires M113A3 Gavin combat vehicles
If there is a single book that captures exactly what is going on right now in DoD, this is THE book. Not only do the authors survey all of the major air, land and sea weapons systems under development, they write from a context framed by the past. This makes this work exceptional in contrast to most books that gush over future gadgetry while ignoring the physical world we live in which requires platforms that are robust, durable and mobile.

The book details how real transformation in land combat requires splicing new technologies like hybrid-electric drives, band tracks and advanced armor and weaponry to combat proven tracked M113A3 Gavin type vehicles not expensive lav3stryker rubber-tired armored cars. The authors explain how 5 combat effective 10.5 ton tracked M113A3 Gavins can fly in a single C-17 and easily in smaller C-130 aircraft while the overweight 19-ton wheeled lav3strykers can only fly 2-3 at a time in a C-17 and stripped down of fuel/ammo inside a C-130. The authors dilligently point out that spending billions on inferior equipment and losing capabilities is not transformation---gaining capabilities by upgrading M113 Gavins into Brigade Combat Teams is the way to victory.

Another excellent segment of the book is its depiction of efforts to lighten the individual Soldier's load and give him greater mobility (4-25 mph) by means like folding all-terrain bikes (ATBs) and carts. This book is a fascinating look into the future of U.S. warfare and should be a must-read by every Soldier, Sailor, Airmen or marine.

Life With the Little People (Frank Waters Memorial Publication Series , No 3)
Published in Paperback by Greenfield Review Press (1998)
Authors: Robert J. Perry and Chester Scott
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $4.63
Collectible price: $14.00
Buy one from zShops for: $5.88
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Wonderful book!
I love the author's style of writing. The book contains the stories about the Little People, the Steel-lo-booch-go-gee that were told among generations. The author uses the storytelling device to present the stories. I was fascinated by the stories of the Little People and their connection to children and healing. I would highly recommend this book. I couldn't put it down.

Self-Organization in Biological Systems
Published in Paperback by Princeton Univ Pr (2003)
Authors: Scott Camazine, Jean-Louis Deneubourg, Nigel R. Franks, James Sneyd, Guy Theraula, and Eric Bonabeau
Amazon base price: $35.00
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Real, practical studies of self-organization in biology
Many books containing theory upon theory about self-organization in the biosphere have appeared in recent years. This book could be an important catalyst towards putting more of these theories to the test. While it has long been recognized that self-organization could be important in biological systems, many of these studies are computational models only. Many are very convincing, but unless steps are taken towards verifying these models and scrutinizing their validity, it is very difficult to know whether the theories have any real value towards understanding real life.

The strenght of this book lies in its rigorous introductions to the relevant theoretical concepts in self-organization, followed up by a general debate of self-organization versus competing explanations. The book spends many chapters looking at particular natural phenomena in detail, and examines possibilities for self-organization in these. In spite of the fact that these chapters have different authors, they follow each other well. The book is unusually well put together for this kind of collection of works by multiple authors.

The majority of the case study chapters involve studies of social insects, which narrows the topic a little in comparison with the more ambitious title. Self-organization also occurs elsewhere in biology, and personally I am a little dissapointed that a wider range of case studies were not chosen for the book. This could have spawned more interest and further work in other areas of the field.

However, the book is definitely well worth reading for biologists and other scientists interested in self-organization, and represents a major step towards establishing studies of self-organization in biology as a serious field.

Sinatra: The Man and His Music: The Recording Artistry of Francis Albert Sinatra-1939-1992
Published in Paperback by Texas State Directory Press (1992)
Authors: Scott P. Sayers and Ed O'Brien
Amazon base price: $24.95
Buy one from zShops for: $25.97
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Ed O'Brien is a work of art.
Ed O'Brien (as always) has done a magnificiant job on another Sinatra book

A Day in the Life of the National Hockey League
Published in Hardcover by Collins Pub San Francisco (1996)
Authors: Frank Brown, Roy Cummmings, Lisa Dillman, Pat Hickey, Len Hochberg, Tom McMillan, Nancy Marrapese, Scott Morrison, Brian Scrivener, and Jim Taylor
Amazon base price: $35.00
Used price: $12.12
Collectible price: $52.40
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Nice Picture Book
This is a neat coffee table book for hockey fans. Because it's compiled under the supervision of the NHL, it isn't going to reveal anything that Gary Bettman doesn't want you to know. I did find some interesting content in it, though. It's loaded with some great photos and short essays on the daily doings of the NHL as they happened on March 23, 1996. What I mainly liked about it was that it didn't just stick with a few teams, but almost all of them appear in one part, or another. It also talks about travel, workouts, pre-game prep (including what equipment crew are doing when ESPN and Fox Sports Net aren't around), ice rink conversion, press, fans, games, coaches, the dressing room, hotels, broadcasters, Gretzky, Keenan, St. Michael's, kids, arena crews, and trainers. It doesn't give the whole picture on everything, but it's an adequate scratch at the surface.

Is this book out there?
I have been trying to find this book for sale for about a year without any luck.Maybe this note will bring this book to my possession.I am just your average Joe looking for a book that has my picture in it next to the Stanley Cup.I would love to purchase this book if anybody has it.

Excellent But.........
I find this book to be really interesting. What makes it the most interesting is that the person on the front cover of this book is me. I found this out by just happening to be in a book store and looking at hockey books. I looked under the Tampa Bay Lightning and their was my picture with my name by it. I really made me mad. No one told me they were going to put my picture in a book or my name. I don't even have a book for myself. I wish they still made them so I could have one. I feel they should have sent me a book or at least told me I was on the cover and my name was inside the book. Don't you think.

Walker's Building Estimator's Reference Book
Published in Paperback by Frank R Walker (1999)
Authors: Scott Siddens and Frank R. Walker Co.
Amazon base price: $69.95
Used price: $41.97
Average review score:

An Excellent Source
Walker's shows you how to work up a price and customize your bids. It takes some computation of your own (you definitely have to know your local labor costs) but it's definitely worth the effort because Walker's explains how jobs wind up costing a certain amount. A great book for sure.

Great Tool!!!
This book is unique in that it gives you the tools to obtain an accurate cost for your project with its own specific data. Having control over a project, and its BUDGET, depends on how well you know your estimate; and this book will teach you most of what you need to know about estimating.

A lot of book for your buck
This is like five books in one. I think it's an amazing value. My father used this book for about 40 years and, as a result, I became a disciple of the Walker method. I just picked up the new edition and I found the concrete and masonry chapters vastly improved. It teaches you how to factor in all those variables and to account for the unexpected and how to put together your own bid, something that estimating software has yet to do.

Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty (Batman)
Published in Paperback by Titan Books (28 May, 1999)
Authors: Mike W. Barr, Scott Hampton, Gary Frank, and et al
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $19.78
Buy one from zShops for: $19.78
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Awesome story, excellent Art
Batman: Dark Knight Dynasty, shows our beloved dark knight fighting against Vandal Savage across three different Millenias. The story is very good and have unexpected twists, the art changes in each Millenia, which i must tell that the art here is one of the best i ever seen. Its a worhty book for any Batman reader!

Diggin' Dark Knight Dynasty
Incredible tale(s) about 3 generations of the dark knight and each is spun together with an impressive nemesis

One Dark Knight is not enough
What a cool concept. Batman through the ages (and genders). This book has well thought story lines and marvelous colors to match. I'd like to read more of these ancestorial tales.

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