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James Bond Omnibus: Thunderball, on Her Majesty's Secret Service, You Only Live Twice
Published in Hardcover by Fine Communications (1997)
Author: Ian Fleming
Amazon base price: $12.98
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Fleming writes action in a way the films cannot do justice.
Reading Fleming's books is certainly a wise move for any fan of the Bond films. The "omnibus" is an excellent way to start, for it presents a flowing triology of action and angst between Bond and the hated SPECTRE agent Blofeld. On paper Bond becomes much more human and at times more vulnerable, which lends itself to greater suspense throughout the three stories. After reading the collection, one must ask why the films didn't stick with the plot and design of Fleming's writing--for in the writing lies the true 007.

The Commander and Ernst Blofeld keep the action going.
Mr. Bond and his arch nemisis, the criminal genius Ernst Blofeld, return and roll out the thrills in three novels. Bond thwarts three straight Blofeld opperations, gets the girl, and ultimatly destroys him and his entire circle of thugs in the last book of the volume, "You Only Live Twice." However, I thought the endings a bit weak in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and in "You Only Live Twice." A must read for any Bondophile.

A prime example of Fleming's genius as a writer. Bond is human and credible, the plots more realistic today than they were 30 years ago, the action and tension better than what the MTV generation gets...stylish, elegant and finally gets to meet the real Bond.

Frontier Orbitals and Organic Chemical Reactions
Published in Paperback by John Wiley & Sons (1976)
Author: Ian Fleming
Amazon base price: $62.95
Used price: $1.61
Collectible price: $5.29
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The FMO Bible
Provides an outstanding introduction to the concepts of molecular orbital interaction in organic chemistry. Presents the topic such that an organic chemist without a strong background in group theory or math can still follow the discussion.

A classic!!!!
This is a classic book about frontier orbitals. This book should be required reading for any serious chemistry student.

James Bond Bedside Companion
Published in Hardcover by Gallery Books (1986)
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $2.77
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THE expert's guide to the world of 007!
THE JAMES BOND BEDSIDE COMPANION is an apt title because for any true James Bond fans this indispensible guide to the world of 007 will not travel far beyond your night stand. It's a compusivlely fun read. What author Benson had done was take the best of sources like Kingsley Amis' JAMES BOND DOSSIER (another out-of-print classic), John Pearson's JAMES BOND-THE AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF 007, and John Brosnan's JAMES BOND IN THE CINEMA, and re-assembled them here with his own personal stamp. It's all here: a consise history of the novels, films, and world wide James Bond phenomenom , an analysis of the James Bond literary character, complete reviews of both Ian Fleming's and John Garner's novels and, of course, the movies. The book lacks the many photos from the Bond films but thats the key to its appeal- It's a pure literary compedium for the James Bond fan new and old alike, not a flashy celebration. With Benson's new found fame as an acclaimed James Bond novelist, I hope this book gets back in print and updated with speed of an Astin Martin.

Now pay attention 007 !
This is by far the most comcomprehensive look at Ian Fleming 's spy with a license to kill. It contains much background into the Fleming books ,and honest reviews of the movies.A bible for any die hard Bond fans. Although outdated ,( the last movie reviewed is Moonraker) it is still a tour de force. I received my copy as a Christmas gift in the Mid 80's , and literally wore it out . A hard book to find , but the treasure is worth the hunt.Mr. Gardner left no stone unturned in researching this book.

Ian Fleming : a catalogue of a collection : a preliminary to a bibliography
Published in Unknown Binding by The author ()
Author: Iain Campbell
Amazon base price: $
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The Bible of the Fleming Collector
Ian Fleming: a catalogue of a collection is an Excellent Book, the one and only Bibliography produced to date. Its 71 pages are filled with information not readilly avaliable anywhere else, such as details of periodicals and reference material. Iain Campbell's collection yeilds many one-and-only items, such as letters to people who had dealings with Ian Fleming and his reaserch, special proof and advance readers copies (that are not believed to exist any more), and details of the Fleming First editions. The book is in wrappers (not a hardback-there was no hardback) with a clear plastic dust-jacket. It was privately printed by Commersgate in Oxford in 1978, (in an edition of about 1000, I will presume). It is difficult to say how many items are listed, but there can be up to and above 20 per page. The sections on the novels are divided into: First Edition, Proof Copies, Source Material, Antologies, Book Reviews, Book Club editions,Paperbacks(U.K), Foriegn editions, Film Brochures and related, and finnaly film Reviews. Other sections relate to the books and periodicals related to James Bond and Ian Fleming, (biographies, reference, critisicm, review). As you will suspect, much more thoughrer than you would expect of a 'Preliminary to a bibliography'. ...
Overall, the Campbell reference work on Fleming is an invaluable reference to any Fleming Collector. I have refered to it hundreds of times since i purchased it, as, I'm sure, you will!

Hitler Speeches and Proclamations 1932-1945: The Chronicle of a Dictatorship 1932-1934, Volume 1
Published in Hardcover by Bolchazy Carducci (1990)
Authors: Adolf Hitler and Max Domarus
Amazon base price: $140.00
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John Gardner's screenplay approach to writing novels pays off. This is his first novel based on the screenplay of a Bond film and he seems to have found his niche even though some of these events are a retelling from Ian Fleming's novel "Live and Let Die" with the same character being mangled again! However, this novel is based on Richard Maibaum and Michael G. Wilson's story for Timothy Dalton's James Bond in LICENCE TO KILL. It remarkably makes for an interesting read from an otherwise unsatisfactory film adding detail to scenes and venturing inside the head of the main character exploring his feelings and motivations. For John Gardner this is pretty inspiring stuff.

Siren Song
Published in Hardcover by Forge (01 July, 2003)
Author: Quinn Fawcett
Amazon base price: $18.17
List price: $25.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $12.50
Collectible price: $10.50
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007 lite
Before catching his plane in the morning to go to his winter vacation home in Jamaica, Ian Fleming attends a New Year's Eve Party in London. There he finds himself attracted to journalist Nora Blair DeYoung. However, his efforts towards an evening of delightful romance before hopping his plane fail.

Before boarding his plane, two British intelligence agents order Ian, a World War II naval intelligence agent, but now a reporter, to smear American Oscar Winterberg, who they believe is selling secrets to the Russians. The governments of both the Americans and the British strongly believe Oscar is a Communist spy, though the evidence is flimsy. Ian refuses before leaving for Jamaica. Soon to his delight Nora joins him at his vacation home, but she did not come for fun in the sun as she works for the Americans and wants Ian to join forces with her. His objective is to keep the spy he loves safe while hers is to expose Winterberg.

Though exciting at times, Ian Fleming is just not James Bond even if the premise of this novel and its predecessor DEATH TO SPIES is that the author modeled 007 after his own activities. The story line will hook the die-hard fans, especially those that remember Lazenby and Allen as Bond respectively. The story line is filled with action, but Fleming's motive to assist the peril of Pauline Nora never fully comes across. Still this espionage thriller brings to life the 1950s with its Red Scare so that readers will overall enjoy this 007 lite.

Harriet Klausner

The Land Before Time V - The Mysterious Island
Published in VHS Tape by Universal Studios (01 April, 2003)
Amazon base price: $14.98
Used price: $13.22
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The three greatest 007 novels in one volume!
This great collection of Ian Fleming's three James Bond thriller novels, From Russia, With Love, Doctor No, and Goldfinger is the best deal anywhere if you're looking for cheap classics. Even though it's not avaliable anymore, ... so if you get an oppurtunity buy it instantly.

From Russia, With Love is about a Soviet conspiracy involving a code machine called the Spektor, a lovely Russian female named Tatiania Romanova, and a professional killer who is affected by the moon. The girl sends for Bond, pledging her love and at the same time luring him into a trap that would seriously damage the Service's image. Great read and the best Cold War thriller out there.

In Doctor No, James Bond is sent to investigate two agents who have disappeared in Jamaica. He soon discovers the clues linking him to Doctor No, a Chinese/German doctor who has an island base in Jamaica, where he disrupts U.S. missile firing. James endures through his toughest physcial test of his career, and some consider Dr. No to be the best 007 novel ever written.

Goldfinger is in my opinion the best 007 novel of all. While investigating a cheat at cards by the name of Auric Goldfinger, James is informed that he is also involved in smuggling Great Britain's gold reserves to India, where the Russians wait for it. As James is captured, he discovers Goldfinger's master plan--to raid Fort Knox itself! With the smartest villian, the toughest henchman, and the most thrilling climax of all the James Bonds, Goldfinger is the by far the best masterpiece ever to come from the desk of Ian Fleming.

This wonderful trilogy is an enthralling epic of the Cold War, and I recommend it to anyone who has either read Ian Fleming before, or is thinking of starting very soon.

Better the the movies
This is a great book, and after reading this I watched all the movies again, and they can't even compare. If you enjoy James Bnd you will enoy this, I mean I am only eleven and I couldn't tare my eyes away. I enjoyed the action, suspense, romance, and even the detail, Iam Flemming is truly a master writer, and can only portay James Bond. The movies are nothing comapred to this, this is a must get.

Great collection...but with a correction
These three books together are, in some ways, the epitome of James Bond. However, I must correct one of the reviews. These books *are* sequential. These books are 5, 6, and 7 in the order that Fleming published them. The 8th was The Spy Who Loved Me and the 9th was Thunderball, the first book in the Blofeld trilogy. Aside from the 10th book, For Your Eyes Only (a collection of short stories), the story picks up in On Her Majesty's Secret Service and ends with You Only Live Twice. These three Blofeld books are available in the James Bond Omnibus, volume 2.

Martin Del Rio: Investigations into Magic (Social and Cultural Values in Early Modern Europe)
Published in Hardcover by Manchester Univ Pr (2000)
Authors: P. G. Maxwell-Stuart and Martin Antoine Del Rio
Amazon base price: $74.95
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Ian Fleming does it again!
Fleming adds the detail and the smashing debonaire of oo7 together and comes up with the incredible novel: On Her Majestey's Secret Service. The high adventure, the beautiful Bond girls, and James Bond's "save the day" attitude make On Her Majestey's Secret Service a must read! I've written several books myself but none compare to this. I stayed up late until one in the morning reading the wonderful descriptions of the exploits of Bond, James Bond. It, along with Casino Royale, The man with the Golden Gun, Goldfinger, and You Only live Twice, are ranked high on my favorite novels list and should be yours. The head of SPECTRE and his Number Two man torment the spy but as always, Bond defeats the evil plans of Ernst Stravo Blofeld but for him to only fight another day!This book is so good it should come with popcorn!

Fleming reclaims Bond
One of the last of the original Bond Books, On Her Majesty's Secret Service is also one of the best. Picking up a year after the end of Thunderball, this book finds James Bond again battling the nefarious schemes of Ernest Stavro Blofeld and SPECTRE and, most importantly, falling in love with the beautiful, resourceful, and ultimately tragic Tracy. Though the usual intrigue is well-presented by Fleming, he also makes it clear that Blofeld's plan is hardly meant to be taken all that seriously. (Without ruining it for those who might never have read the book or seen the surprisingly faithful film adaption, it all comes down to Blofeld hidden away in Switzerland, pretending to be an allergist, and brainwashing English farm girls. No, it doesn't make a lot of sense but Fleming obviously had so much fun presenting it that most readers won't take offense.) The heart of this book -- and this Fleming treats with an admirable seriousness that should take his critics by surprise -- is the love story between Bond and Tracy. In Tracy, Fleming has created perhaps his most fully realized "Bond girl." Vulnerable yet resourseful and more than capable of taking care of herself (and, at times, perhaps even more so than Bond himself), its hard not to fall in love with this character and when Bond finally does decide to reject all others for her, its impossible to disagree with his logic. Its a compelling, rather touching love story and, even though most Bond films know how its going to end, the ending still packs a heavy impact.

As for Bond himself, after being a rather predictable presence in Thunderball, he's back in full form as a full realized, interesting character in this novel. On Her Majesty's Secret Service was written after the release of Dr. No (Ursula Andress even makes a cameo appearance at the time) and one can sense that, with this book, Fleming is reestablishing his claim on the character. From the intentionally ludicrous evil scheme to the frequent excursions into Bond's head (revealing him hardly to be the ruthless, unflappable killer that filmgoers though him to be), Fleming comes across as a reenergized writer in this book -- determind to let all the new Bond fans out there know who is really in charge of their favorite secret agent's destiny. The result is one of the best of the original Bond books and one of the best spy thrillers I've read in a long time.

The Crown Jewel of Her Majesty's Secret Service Bookshelf
Without a doubt, Ian Fleming's finest James Bond Novel. Mr. Fleming neatly round out the character of James Bond as the reader sees the complete person behind our favorite government operator. The book begins with Bond begining to becomed bored with his assignment and meeting the love of his life. Due to the nature of his work and the emotional scars from previous relationships, Bond is always reluctant to engage in a serious romance with a woman. However, this time, Bond is willing to take his chances to find someone to fill the void in his life. Aside from the romance, Bond also has a job to do. Reinvigorated by progress in his once moribund assignment, Bond tackles his arch enemy Ernst Stavro Blofled through Fleming's engaing narrative. References to Bond's childhood memories, past assignments, and his dreams are particularly effective. Fleming's rich imagination transports the reader from Bond's old haunts on the Northern French coast to the Swiss Alps, where 007 once again takes his licks for "Queen and Country." Hats off to Fleming for his gutsy ending, which unfortunately for Bond, underlines the fact that 007 will always belong to "Her Majesty's Secret Service."

Teacha! Stories from a Yeshiva
Published in Paperback by Glad Day Books (02 February, 2001)
Author: Gerry Albarelli
Amazon base price: $8.76
List price: $10.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $6.32
Average review score:

A Great Cold War Thriller
By far the most realistic of the Bond books. Fleming's description of the MGB (later KGB) headquarters in Moscow's Dzherzinsky Square, where the plot to lure British agent James Bond to his death is first revealed, is reputedly based on information to which he was privy in his capacity as a WWII officer in British Naval Intelligence -- likewise the recruitment and training of the psychopathic killer Red Grant, one of the most formidable of Bond's enemies (and the only one in the films who looked for a while about to kill Bond for sure! 007 meets his match in Grant!) This is the book behind what in my opinion is the best of the Bond movies, steeped in the atmosphere of the Cold War into which the Bond series was born. 007 travels to Istanbul in pursuit of the bait, a Lektor decoder which can read top secret Soviet military and intelligence signal traffic. Another form of bait is the beautiful Tatiana Romanova, an MGB cipher clerk allegedly in love with Bond, willing to defect with the Lektor if only 007 will come and fetch her. (Fleming takes yet another jab at the Reds by choosing this name for Bond's love interest -- Romanov was the family name of the last Czar of old imperial Russia, the family doomed to extinction by the Russian revolution.) Kerim Bey adds a bit of panache, mischief and mystery as "Our man in Istanbul," Head of Station T (for Turkey). A truly great and suspenseful plot!

Bond and Fleming at their best
Fleming seemed to have used his first four novels (Casino Royale, Live and Let Die, Moonraker, and Diamonds are Forever) to warm us up to the Bond character and used the same plot style for the first four novels. In From Russia, With Love, Fleming takes Bond and his writing style to a higher, more intellectual level. Fleming is masterful in setting the scenes without being too boring. Bond doesn't appear until the second part of the book (Part II-The Plan) and you hardly even notice. Another interesting note is that of the James Bond movies, From Russia, With Love the movie follows the novel pretty well, even in lesser scenes such as the gypsy fight. This, perhaps, is due to the fact that Fleming was alive only for the filming and release of Dr. No and From Russia, With Love. This book is clearly Fleming at the top of his game and an outstanding entry to the series.

SMERSH battles against 007 with their deadliest plan yet....
Considered by many to the be the best James Bond 007 book of all time, From Russia With Love delivers the perfect formula for a James Bond novel. Originally, Ian Fleming's tales of 007 were not going so good, so he intended with this book to kill off James Bond once and for all. The end of this novel is quite a surprise to a first time reader.

The book begins by telling of the commanding rule of SMERSH. The leader of this organization is General Grubozaboyschikov. Also working is Colonel Rosa Klebb and director of planning Kronsteen, who treats real people as if they were chess pieces. The muscle of the group is a homicidal madman, who follows orders, and is in practically perfect physical shape, Donovan "Red" Grant. These evil minds have planned the perfect way to destroy the life and reputation of James Bond. Their plan is to lure 007 with the beatiful Tatiana Romanova and a Spektor cipher decoding machine as bait. Then Grant will meet up with them eventually and kill them both. However, SMERSH will take it a step further to lie to the public that Bond and Tatiana were in an affair, and that Bond commits suicide. It's a perfect plan.
Bond indeed does travel to Istanbul, believing that this girl wants to defect, and will give him the Spektor machine only if he personally helps her. 007 meets Darko Kerim, and a wonderful gypsy fight adds to the fun of the story. Bond and Tatiana travel on a train back to Europe, where he meets Red Grant and is told of the plan to kill him. An extremely bvrutal gun and fist fight breakes out between the men with 007 shooting Grant. 007 goes to Paris with Tatiana to catch Rosa Klebb in a meeting. However, Klebb releases a poison knife from her shoe and kicks 007 in the leg, before being taken away by the police. The story ends with 007 lying on the floor of the hotel room...

Perhaps the finest story of Ian Fleming, filled with the excitement and adventure to give this book it's reputation as on of the best 007 novels ever!

Doctor No
Published in Hardcover by MacMillan Pub Co (1958)
Author: Ian Fleming
Amazon base price: $10.00
Used price: $0.95
Collectible price: $4.99
Average review score:

Despite some great parts, one of the weaker Fleming books
The whole presence of Jamaica and everything on the around the island was great. Fleming knew the place well. There are some great aspects to this book, but no matter what the handling of the villain--the fascinating Dr. No--was shoddy. His discription of Dr. No is fantastic and the character, or the little we learn of him, is one of the more intriguing villains in all of the Fleming canon. However, his early and rather laughable demise just stinks of having nothing to do with the whole setup. There was a big blank after the death of Dr. No and I was like, huh? The whole point was to dump bird crap on him and wrap up this whole complicated mission. Oh well. It's still a Fleming Bond, and I have yet to read a "bad" one. They are ALL good, but some are certainly stronger than others. This is on the weaker end but still very enjoyable.

Want to discover Fleming's Bond? Read this one first!
As an avid Ian Fleming fan, I always recommend this one to newcomers who enjoy the films and want to check out the author who inspired them. Bond doesn't just waltz through this one unscathed... he goes through hell to accomplish his mission! The scene in which a poisonous centipede crawls all over Bond's naked body while he's in bed will make your skin crawl. The torture-tunnel sequence, in which he must worm his way through yards of heated metal, tarantulas and more, is also incredibly gripping. And Dr. No's demise in the book is even more unusual than the way he bought it in the film! Read this one, and see Bond the way Fleming intended him to be seen. Roger Moore never endured trials like these!

Great sequel to "From Russia with love".....
This book is supposed to be the sequel to "From Russia with love", in fact it begins with Bond in hospital due to a life-threatening injury obtained in "From Russia with love" but recovers, M(Bond's boss) decides that there is no better way to get Bond back in shape than give him a "simple" mission in the island of Jamaica where the representative of the British Secret Service(John Strangways, who also appeared in Fleming's Bond novel "Live and let die") has disappeared, Bond's mission is to find out what happened. This "soft option" leads Bond to his most dangerous and thrilling mission yet and leads to him to do an "obstacle course", to a fight with a squid and a fight with a "dragon"! I thought this Fleming's most suspenseful book as I never could tell what would happen next and this kept me hooked, so much so that I read it all in one day! Unfortunately, this is also Mr. Fleming's most far-fetched. It was far-fetched in the sense that I don't think even Bond(who at that point was supposedly half-dead) could have defeated a 60-foot squid with just a dagger. That apart it's a great, great thriller. Read it, wonder in awe at it's elements, then read it again just to savour Fleming's writing. Unfortunately, the movie never did the book justice. I heard that in "From Russia with love" Fleming planned to simply kill off James Bond, thankfully he didn't and produced a marvellous book in Dr. No.

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