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Archy and Mehitabel
Published in Hardcover by Amereon, Limited (01 January, 1976)
Author: Don Marquis
Amazon base price: $28.95
Collectible price: $42.35
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Speaking Truth to Power
As a middle-aged, college educated, white man I find it amazing that I cannot find critism with Rev. Farrakhan. After all the propaganda against him I was prepared to hate the man. Then I actuallly read him. And I listened to his entire sermon on C-SPAN, not just once, but twice. The man speaks with righteousness- not self-righteousness, but the righteousness of God. From my own studies and sources I know that he speaks the truth. If he has a hidden agenda, other than speaking truth to power, I do not see it. This man has the Spirit within him and there is no guile to his words. I could have remained anonymous here, but I choose to acknowlege a great man. And no, I am not a Muslim, nor do I plan to convert....

Not only a "Torchlight For America", but the world!
This book was amazing as I read through the captivating pages. As a social scientist living in Japan I believe that this is a must read as well as one to be translated. As a student and teacher I found the statistics to be quite informative, concise and worth adding to my bibliography for an upcoming book I am finishing. This book is a must read for any any nation desperately trying to survive (including America) in this 21st century!

A must read for everyone
My name is Matthew. I first read A Torchlight For America while a college student. The book is clear, concise and well-written.

If you are even a little interested about Min. Farrakhan, read this book. This is a good chance to hear him without the media or anyone else interjecting. Min. Farrakhan has a track record (more than 45 years at the time of this writing ) of teaching the truth to the powerless. He has a proven track record of reforming people. He has a proven methodology for teaching Islam to people who have no knowledge of the faith. He has a proven track record of unifying Muslims, Jews and Christians (see: or ). He is a guiding light for people.

I am thankful to God for Min. Farrakhan. God has used Min. Farrakhan to guide me into healthy personal, professional, and emotional relationships.

If you still think funny about him in spite of my testamony, read this book, and e-mail me about it: .

I am sure reading this book will make you see differently. I am sure Min. Farrakhan's brilliance will illuminate everyone who reads it.

Peace. *Bro. Matthew

The Lionheads: A Novel
Published in Hardcover by George Braziller (1972)
Author: Josiah. Bunting
Amazon base price: $13.97
List price: $19.95 (that's 30% off!)
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Good information presented as objectively as possible
How can a biographer write about Louis Farrakhan without passion? I admire Haskins for the pains he has taken to present both the positive traits and the failings of a man who has been been simultaneously viewed as a hero and a dangerous villain in America. By separation of fact, allegation and speculation, Haskins allows readers to form their opinions. The chapters on the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X gave a very concise history and were essential to show Farrakhan's place in the history of our country.

The Farrakhan Phenomenon: Race, Reaction, and the Paranoid Style in American Politics
Published in Paperback by Georgetown University Press (1997)
Author: Robert Singh
Amazon base price: $21.95
Used price: $6.00
Collectible price: $17.85
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The Farrakhan Phenomenon: Race, Reaction, and the Paranoid
Singh seeks to understand the causes of Farrakhan's rise and its implications for the United States; religion and worldview have only the slightest importance for this author, whereas black American politics are paramount. Although shakey on the Nation of Islam (referring mistakenly to its seven daily prayers and female Fruit of Islam guards) and also on conservative politics in the United States (thinking Farrakhan shares important features with Jesse Helms and Ronald Reagan), Singh has a thorough grasp of American racial politics and a clear sense of his subject's place in them. Correctly, he de-emphasizes the importance of antisemitism to Farrakhan's message while placing much greater emphasis on his vituperative attacks on other black leaders. These are based on the leaders' social liberalism, which is so much out of tune with the electorate's conservatism: "Farrakhan's popular appeals are also in part based upon his persistent exploitation of the disjunctures between elite black attitudes and popular African-American beliefs." In Singh's view, the Nationa of Islam's (NOI) religious doctrines and Farrakhan's eclectic theological claims are most appropriately regarded as merely an embellishment of more fundamental traditionalist and populist political tenets." Arguing against those who see Farrakhan as a media creation, Singh points to his having built up a large constituency without help from the mainstream newspapers and television. He concludes from this that the best way to fend off Farrakhan's ugly and threatening influence is "to accord him the opportunity-and even the responsibility-for implementing effective political, economic, and social change." However scary this course, the author maintains, it is the best way to call a demagogue's bluff. Middle East Quarterly, December 1998

Complex and academic study of racial politics in the U.S.
Louis Farrakhan is an unusually emotive subject in the United States, inspiring extreme feelings of love or hate; feelings that are not common in the American political psyche. Robert Singh, a British academic, examines the rise of the leader of the Nation of Islam, and tries to explain his ascendency within the confines of the politics of paranoia. Stiring Stuff indeed! Yet, be warned - this is not a journalistic account of the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan's style or racial politics in America today. Those looking for an 'easy read' should turn elsewhere. Instead, this is an academic work, with all the trappings to match - the complex language, the unnecessary terminology, and the cluttered page. (Singh seems to have a particular penchant for commas, and utter disregard for full stops). Having said that, however, this work is an intellegent look at one of the most divisive and important issues in America today. Robert Singh is careful in his approach to the subject and provides worthy anaylsis. My advice? - read it slowly, stick with it and be enlightened

Get Your Booga King Now!
The pace of this book moves as briskly as that of a fry cook slapping out the patties for another day spent at one of our nation's greatest industries: fast food. At the Nation of Fry Cook, there are more patties waiting to be flame broiled for those hungry enough to slap down the moolah for the musk from the mosque -- and this book tells you how to cook 'em just right. Comes complete wid one of the Honorable and Most Reverend Louis Farrakhan's recipes for barbecue sauce.

Inside the Nation of Islam: A Historical and Personal Testimony by a Black Muslim
Published in Hardcover by University Press of Florida (2001)
Author: Vibert L. White
Amazon base price: $19.96
List price: $24.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $17.34
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Those who don't remember the past......
Overall, this is not a bad account, the only minor complaints are some inconsistencies (one section deals with Khallid Muhammad;s death and later in the book, White speculates on Khallid as a future NOI leader) and some historical errors here and there. That aside, White's description of the NOI (an organization which, as a believer in the brotherhood of humanity, I personally have little regard for), makes it clear that little has changed in this organization since Malcolm X (wisely) left it in the 1960s in regards to it's exploitation of angry, confused, and disfranchised Blacks. Some better editing would improve the book, but it's core lesson should be heeded to potential converts to groups like the NOI-"Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

A Penetrating Look Inside the Nation of Islam
In 1995 Loius Farrakan was big news with his Million Man March, which he promised would bring black power to politics. Within a year his organization, The Nation of Islam, became a focus of controversy when one of his ministers said that Jews were responsible for the holocaust. Then Malcom X's daughter blamed Farrakan for his assassination, something he denied, but sort of apologized for on 60 Minutes.

This is the first good book on the "black muslims" since Louis Lomax wrote his aacout of Elijah Muhammad and Malcom X in the 1960's and is the only book written by someone who was a member of the NOI - except Malcom X's book - which is a classic.

White gives a penetrating acount into the NOI. To me his potrayal makes the organization look like a cult around Farrakan. Everything in it is geared to promoting his public image and money is raised to maintain that. Much of what the NOI does is just show. The Million Man March, accomplished nothing, except to raise Farrakan money. Farrakan talks - but really does few concrete initiatives. His trips to the Middle East with "world leaders" is an example of this - all show, but no real substance. Just acting to give the appearance of being more important than he really is and to keep his followers excited about what he might do or say next.

This is why Farrakan has a tendency to say something insulting - or anti-semitic from time to time - it gets him news coverage, attention, and makes him look like an important and contervsial figure. It gets him members, which is the bottom line.

One thing that surpised me in this book is the shabby financial condition that the NOI is in. I would guess that one day it will eventually go bankrupt - probably after Farrakan retires or passes away from the scene. I've never seen a detailed account of the NOI business structure and finances - but here it is in this book.

Although, White gives plenty of ammo for critics of the NOI I saw his book as a sensitive treatment of them. Adding some of his own story to the book is helpeful to show how/why someone would join the organization. Although some of the leaders may be rotten, many of the members are looking to improve their lives and make the world a better place, even if they have been misled.

This is an important book for people who want to understand the legacy of the nationalist strain in black America. From Marcus Garvey to Elijah Muhummad to the Black Panthers to Louis Farrakan there will always be a strain of black leaders of the nationalist bent. This book is one of the best sources for understanding this in contemporary times - and in the past 20 years.

Highly Recommend Book for Reading !!!
I've Read this book and to be honest the author did state that in his writing, "these are my own personal views"; in which are alot of assumptions. We must remember that, "even though the teachings are perfect human beings are not, this is why we strive to be perfect". I have to say that this is good reading for those whom are considering joining the Nation of Islam in order that you may know that the Nation of Islam is not a perfect utopia but is striving to be.

In the Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam (Black Religion and Culture)
Published in Paperback by Duke Univ Pr (Trd) (1996)
Author: Mattias Gardell
Amazon base price: $16.77
List price: $23.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $4.00
Collectible price: $5.99
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In the Name of Elijah Muhammad
Gardell's impressive research results in a far richer and more subtle account of the NOI and Farrakhan. Immersing himself in the writings of the movement and in much else related to it (such as its connections to the FBI, Mu'ammar al-Qadhdhafi, and rap musicians) he has produced an impressively thorough account. The study usefully covers other NOI branches, including the Lost Found Nation of Islam, the Five Percent Nation of Islam, and the Ansaaru Allah Community. Here's where to find out about the NOI's tentative moves toward mainstream Islam, its connections to American neo-Nazis, and its challenge to the black Christian churches. Gardell's book is highly unusual in one way: although the author has many strange and tendentious ideas (that Reagan planned 'for a war on Libya' in 1986, that Farrakhan is not an anti-Semite, that a mistress of Elijah Muhammad's was his 'Islamic wife,' that the 1992 Rodney King riots were 'the bloodiest uprising of the twentieth century'), he does not slant the evidence but scrupulously offers information that directly disproves his own arguments. Most readers of In the Name of Elijah Muhammad will want to read the study for its facts while keeping a distance from Gardell's conclusions.

Middle East Quarterly, March 1997

I'm no academic...
but you needn't be one to enjoy this book. Mattias Gardell does an excellent job of explaining the history of and contradictions within the Nation of Islam. He explains their beliefs in a very straight forward manner. As a previous reviewer mentioned, you're best off ignoring Gardell's opinions on the NOI and drawing your own conclusions. To his credit, the author allows you to do just that.

Balance and reflection
After having read and viewed a wide range of books on the Nation of Islam and also works published by the NOI, I think Gardell's presentation of the NOI is the most balanced, encompassing, systematized, readable and reflected book on the subject. This work is a must for everyone that wants some real insight into the history and theology of the Nation, whereas most other books on NOI that are still in print are providing nothing but repetions of what we already know. Read this book, acquire new insights and become wiser.

The Farrakhan Factor: African American Writers on Leadership, Nationhood, and Minister Louis Farrakhan
Published in Hardcover by Grove Press (1997)
Authors: Amy Alexander and Louis Gates
Amazon base price: $24.00
Used price: $2.53
Collectible price: $21.18
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Average review score:

Don't be misled...
This book was written by someone who obviously does not have an open mind and may not have even heard Farrakhan actually speak.

I was disappointed...

The Farrakhan Factor: African-American Writers on...
Alexander has assembled a potpourri of seventeen pieces about Farrakhan, ranging from the scholarly (by Ernest Allen, Jr. on the evolution of the Nation of Islam-the single best quick survey of this subject, incidentally) to the hysterical (by Leonard Pitts, Jr. on Farrakhan's ability to incense white Americans). The short articles also range from the enthusiastic (Aminah B. McCloud lauds his "realistic road to solutions") 182 to the condescending (the editor: "I find the idea of Farrakhan as Dangerous Black Leader a ridiculous proposition") 14 to the outraged (Itabari Njeri considers him "the worst thing that could happen to Black people at the dawn of the twenty-first century"). 240 If no consistency can be found in their approach or their views, one generalization can be hazarded. Few of the authors, not even the several Muslims among them, take Farrakhan's Islamic aspirations very seriously. Repeatedly, they stress that his unique place in the life of American blacks has been won despite the outlandishness of his cosmology and the severity of his way of life. They see him rising to his current position of importance due to an ability to organize and to articulate African-American resentments, plus his perverse ability to alarm whites; 105 they attribute little role to the quasi-Islamic content of his mission.

Middle East Quarterly: Islam in the United States December, 1998

Jabbo speaks -- and speaks, and speaks and speaks!
Foolish enough to have dropped a dollar into the cup of a blind man? Don't feel too bad -- over a million other benighted souls did the same thing! Listening to a million dollars rattle sounds a lot like a diamondback on his last lurch forward. Great ideas have never come at such a discount and this book tells you why.

Salt Water Fishing Tactics: Learn from the Experts at Salt Water Sportsman Magazine
Published in Hardcover by Creative Publishing International (1999)
Author: Creative Publishing International
Amazon base price: $15.37
List price: $21.95 (that's 30% off!)
Average review score:

It is obvious after reading this book that the author has not even heard Farrakhan speak or at least did not listen with an open mind.

Many of the references are not even based on fact.

I doubt that the author has even been to the mosque to hear any of the ministers.

If you have an opinion on the Nation of Islam, it is better to hear a speech first hand or talk directly to a member. Save your money by not buying this book.

It is truly a pity to see with what weak arguments this work is attacked. Since when must one attend a speech before rectifying bigoted distortions distributed on paper?

If true, it's a much-needed dose of reality.
I do not pretend to be an expert on Louis Farrakhan, but if this book accurately quotes his remarks and statements, he is obviously an either woefully misinformed or quite hateful man. He is lying, and this book refutes those lies. It is informative and useful.

If this book inaccurately quotes Louis Farrakhan, then its critics should use that as the basis for their dislike of it. When an author disproves a noted religious figure's statements, and that figure's adherents demonstrate an inexplicable refusal to deny that the statements were made, you can usually be certain that the author is correct.

Louis Farrakhan demonstrates that you don't have to be a white Christian to be a dangerous racist spreading lies and promoting genocide---he's actually the only non-white non-Christian that I know of who is doing so in this country---but that's about all.

Our Great Seals
Published in Paperback by Artisan Sales (1979)
Author: E. Raymond Capt
Amazon base price: $7.00
Used price: $5.27
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Average review score:

Not What I Expected
This was the first book that I have read on Minister Farrakhan. I have heard both positive and negative comments on his teachings and, although not a Muslim myself, wanted to learn more on the subject. The book initially absorbed me with the comparison of Christianity, The Nation of Islam and Orthodox Islam. I enjoyed reading the history of the three religions and how they differed. However, after the initial chapters reviewing the history aspect it seemed to me that Elreta Dodds did not present an objective view on her subject. It became obvious that the purpose of her book was to trash Minister Farrakhan based on his religious beliefs versus the authors. This book seemed to be a bit biased overall. The objectivity was thrown out the window and replaced with Elreta's personal views. Perhaps I bought the book expecting a different angle. The Minister's speeches are disected with an unrelenting pejorative tone. While I did gather a basic dislike of what he has been preaching I wish that this would not have been the first book that I read on the subject. It left me wondering if all the negative comments I have heard about the man may have, to some point, been overblown by those on the far opposite end of his teachings. For those that like unbiased facts and like to contemplate these facts on their own I do not recommend this book. For those that have their minds made up and would like to read comments of someone that thinks like they do, this is your book. I was a bit dissapointed.

A Nice Basic Assessment of Farrakhan, But has a Few Errors
This is a fairly good basic text. Elreta's assessments of Farrakhan and his leadership in the Nation of Islam had some strong elements to them. First, she brought forth some pretty strong arguments against some of the content in various speeches delivered by Farrakhan. Second, while she is not a biblical scholar, prima facie, her use of certain Scripture gave good support for some of her arguments. Third, the way the book was outlined, followed and presented was very helpful in staying on course with what she was trying to communicate. For a beginning basic text, I would recommend this book, but with these warnings.

First, the book lacked strong scholarly support. What I mean by this is, it would have been more beneficial for Elreta's research to document many of the claims she made. While she hit the nail on the head with some of her claims regarding apologetics and certain other theological issues, it would have been much more advantageous to her research to quote from biblical scholar's, theologian's and apologists's works.

Second, some of her assertions about the Islamic religion were wrong. For instance, on page 13 she declares that Orthodox (using the term to make distinctions between Islam and it's aberrant cult The Nation of Islam) Muslims do not believe God (Allah) is spirit. This is wrong. For the Muslim, no matter what sect, Allah is spirit. The Muslim metaphysic is one of the material (matter) and the nonmaterial. If Allah does not fall into one of these then what is He? However, ultimately, nothing can be predicated of Allah. The Qu'ran is fairly clear Allah is not material. Thus, a stronger research base in the religion of Islam would have kept Elreta from making some of these simple errors.

Aside from these factors, the book is pretty good. It could be one among other places to begin research on the Nation of Islam. It is at least a step in the right direction.

Exposes the religious teachings of the NOI
The book exposes the religious teachings of the Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad, and Farrakhan and explains how those teachings go against the gospel of Jesus Christ and Christianity as a whole.

Prophet of Rage: A Life of Louis Farrakhan and His Nation
Published in Paperback by HarperCollins (paper) (1997)
Authors: Arthur J. Magida and Julian Bond
Amazon base price: $13.00
Used price: $0.95
Buy one from zShops for: $8.99
Average review score:

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing ?
In my opinion, since 1 Star is the lowest Rating that can be given, then I find a 1 Star Rating appropriate, because I personally find the introduction by Julian Bond to be demeaning to the principles of the Nation of Isalm because the Nation believes in PURE BLACK BLOOD. From the appearance of Julian Bond, in my opinion, it sure be a looking like a he be a having "some crackers in there somewhere".

Prophet of Rage: A Life of Louis Farrakhan and His Nation.
As his title suggests, Magida structures his account around the biography of Farrakhan, telling about his growing up in Boston, succeeding as an entertainer, joining the NOI, competing with Malcolm X, involving himself in Malcolm's murder, and, to his disappointment, not succeeding to the leadership of the NOI upon Elijah Muhammad's death in February 1975. Farrakhan then felt increasingly alienated as the movement moved rapidly toward Sunni Islam; in November 1977, he finally announced the resurrection of the NOI. Since then, he has been the organization's top theologian, administrator, and spokesman. Magida reviews some of Farrakhan's record over the subsequent years (for example, his efforts to court mainstream black leaders), but focuses mostly on his complex relations with Jews. In addition to the well-known anti-Semitic comments (Judaism is a "dirty religion"), Farrakhan also shows the typical anti-Semite's fascination with things Jewish (for example, structuring the Million Man March along the lines of a Yom Kippur atonement).

Middle East Quarterly, March 1997

Louis Farrakhan
Prophet Of Rage by Arthur J. Magida, Julian Bond presents as rare and exclusive into the life and leadership of Louis Farrakhan. Louis Muhammed Farrakhan, was born in New York, to a West Indian mother. His birth name was Louis Euegene Walcott. As a child and an young man he was a track star, musician, and college student in North Carolina.

Arthur J. magida, and Julian Bond tells the readers how Farrakhan went from being "The Charmer" to being the National represenative of Elijah Muhammed's Nation Of Islam. After the bitter split between Malcolm X and Mr. Muhammed, Louis Farrakhan became Elijah's biggest supporter. Farrakhan charged with being a hypocrite. He is noted for saying in his speeches that Malcolm X was "A triator worthy of death, and would have meet his death if it was not for the Honorable Elijah Muhammed".

From Malcolm death (Febuary 21, 1965) and before the death of Elijah Muhammed in 1975, Farrakhan became the National represenative of the NOI. Mr. Muhammed praised Farrakhan for his faithfulness, and appointed him as the New York Minister. Louis Farrakhan in a sense was the "new Malcolm", and there is no doubt the he patterned his talking style to his former mentor.

The death of Elijah Muhammed lead Farrakhan to evaluate his direction and purpose, then build a new nation based on the teachings of Elijah Muhammed. On Febuary 26, 1975 the Nation of Islam celebrated it's Savior's Day Celebration. "Master" Farad Muhammed birthday ( Febuary 26) is celebrated as Saviors Day. On Savior's Day 1975, the Nation of Islam announced Wallace D. Muhammed as it's new leader. Farrakhan vowed his loyality to the new Leader. Inspite of his plague of devotion to Wallace, the new leader made far to many changes for Farrakhan to handle. Wallace Muhammed had rapidly moved the Nation of Islam to Orthodox Islam. Wallace also denounced his father, and refuse to reconize Farad as "G-d in person". Wallace also destroyed the Nations race based policy. He changed the organizations name twice first it was the "World Community of Al-Islam in the West", and the "American Muslim Mission". It is clear that Wallace's decision proved to be heavy for Farrakhan. Farrakhan left Wallace's leadership to seek his own platform.

Louis Farrakhan with fellow Muslims who also left Wallace Muhammed, built the "Nation of Islam". The Nation of Islam, headed by Farrakhan was based on the old mystical teaching of Elijah Muhammed. Farrakhan brought back the Fruit of Islam army, the Muslim girls trianing, dress code, and everything that was first created by his Mr. Muhammed.

The wild, crasy, and unorthodox speeches and positions of Louis Farrakhan made him the controversal leader that he is today. In the late 1980's Farrakhan began to attack the Jewish community. He charged them as the "Most powerful people in the World". He has even denounced fellow black leaders as cowards, who are always bowing down the the white man. He has also called himself the "only freed Black man in America". He is also one of the most complex, and has proven to be the most complex.

The arthurs have done an excellent job in there presenation of Louis Farrakhan. It should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand him, and the Nation of Islam.

Looking for Farrakhan
Published in Hardcover by Ivan R Dee, Inc. (1997)
Authors: Florence Hamlish Levinsohn and Ivan R. Dee
Amazon base price: $25.00
Used price: $26.47
Average review score:

It is obvious after reading this book that the author has not even heard Farrakhan speak or at least did not listen with an open mind.

I doubt that the author has even been to the mosque to hear any of the ministers.

If you have an opinion on the Nation of Islam, it is better to hear a speech first hand or talk directly to a member. Save your money by not buying this book.

Looking for Farrakhan.
Levinsohn, has an intelligent mind and a good knowledge of race relations in the United States, but she remains captive to a far-left mentality that distorts her understanding of this subject (poor black women in search of domestic work she terms "victims") as well as international politics (the Kuwait conflict she dubs "George Bush's curious war against Iraq"). Her ignorance sometimes causes her needlessly to speculate about well-known facts (such as the physical characteristics of the NOI founder, W. D. Fard, whose huge portrait has graced many of the movement's public events). She repeats old mistakes (that Farrakhan was expected to succeed Elijah Muhammad, that Malcolm X was more powerful than Elijah Muhammad) and initiates new ones (Farrakhan never mentions in speeches the old NOI goal of a separate black state, that the NOI does not follow up on its threats of violence).

Despite these shaky underpinnings, Levinsohn does offer insights to help decipher Farrakhan, showing the role of his family's West Indies background and explaining the "aura of madness" that surrounds him. She calls him "the most influential man in the black world" but also "one of the shrewdest opportunists in recent history," someone who "doesn't care" about such issues as job training and the problems of the black poor. Instead, his "interest is in building a great and strong Nation of Islam, with branches wherever there are black people."

Middle East Quarterly, December 1998

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