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Activities Handbook for Teaching Psychology
Published in Paperback by American Psychological Association (APA) (1999)
Authors: Barbara F. Nodine, Randal M. Ernst, Charles B. Broeker, and Ludy T. Benjamin
Amazon base price: $20.97
List price: $29.95 (that's 30% off!)
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A lifesaver for first time teachers
I recently taught Introductory Psychology for the first time, and this book was a great help in designing my course. For each area of psychology, I chose activities from this book to illustrate key concepts. Every activity that I tried went over well with my students.

A Must For Anyone Who Teaches Intro Psychology
Dr. Benjamin has compiled the book every teacher of introductory psychology needs. Full of activities designed to spark interest and understanding of basic psychological concepts. High school students will appreciate the psychology more when they can actively participate. The book will show students psychology as science, not hocus-pocus.

The Guyver 2: Dark Hero
Published in VHS Tape by New Line Studios (18 March, 1997)
Amazon base price: $9.98
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Ernst & Young's Personal Financial Planning Guide - 3rd Edit
As a tax professional and tax educator, I recognized many years ago that tax & financial illiteracy is a major problem amongst taxpayers. For example, consider: 1. how many wage-earners do not even understand all the deductions posted on their pay statements -- or that net pay is not the same as taxable income; or 2. how many people do not understand that the basic tax equation is "tax liability = tax base x tax rate" -- and that tax rate alone is not enough information to calculate one's tax liability; or 3. how many people think capital gains taxes paid are a "bad thing" -- when in fact, they are frequently a "subsidy" provided to wealthier taxpayers at the expense of wage-earners; or 4. how many people are eligible for some form of deferred compensation [401(k)plan, 403(b) plan etc] but they either do not participate or do not participate fully; etc, etc, etc.

In an effort to promote "Basic Tax Literacy," I highly recommend the EY-PFP Guide as a highly accessible & understandable guide for teens and above. This book makes a wonderful gift for all life events -- coming of age ceremonies, graduations, marriage, birth of child, divorce, mid-life crisis, pre-retirement, retirement. It could even serve as a textbook for certain courses and seminars.

E&Y Personal Financial Planning Guide(3rd ed.)- a good tool
This 3rd edition is a useful tool for people who are either starting to understand personal financial planning or those who have years of practical experience but want the latest information available. Complex concepts are explained clearly and concisely. There are no major gaps in the information provided. The book is well organized. Part II which uses a life-event approach to financial planning will be most helpful for people beginning to understand personal financial planning or facing a major life-event.

I enjoyed reading the book and found it filled with exactly the information I was seeking to improve my own personal financial planning. The format was very understandable and will allow me to continue using the book as a reference.

Ernst & Young's Total Financial Planner
Published in Paperback by John Wiley & Sons (1997)
Authors: Ernst & Young LLP, Robert J. Garner, Robert B. Coplan, Barbara J. Raasch, and Charles L. Ratner
Amazon base price: $21.00
List price: $30.00 (that's 30% off!)
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A great book for learning and implementing financial plans
This book starts off with the basics but then goes into the details of each subject. It goes well beyond the other books which usually say to do or not do something but does not go into the details of why. I hightly recommended this book.

Darkside of Debonair
Published in Paperback by Red Barn Press (2002)
Authors: Barbara Davis and Pauline Ernst
Amazon base price: $16.00
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Very impressive first story
I, too, was sickened by the reality of the murders in the first chapter - good storytelling! Although the facts of the bushmeat crisis are horrible I found the story fast, fun and exciting - a good read! I like the fact that the story was based upon a real-life situation and that the atrocities visited upon the unsuspecting rare animals of Africa were addressed honestly and with no holds barred. It is important to impact the reader's sensibilities both thru fictional characters as well as with facts. The author did a great job of taking you into the bush with her. I would recommend this book to any lover of action, adventure or romance!

This book took me on an African adventure and I never left my house! The details, suspense, romance/sex and violance were graphic and strong but tastefully done. Once I got past the reality and horror shown in the first chapter, I was meserized, completely caught up in the story. The plot twisted and turned, every chapter made me want to know what was going to happen next. I found myself really carring what was happening to the charactors. I cried and laughed outloud. This is not a book for kids. I didn't know about the bushmeat crisis or that people were hunting and eating chimpanzee's and other endangered animals. The author must have researched this for years! If you enjoy books by Wilbur Smith, like I do, then you will really love this one.

As a hunter who visits Africa yearly, I am always skeptical to see an action/adventure book based in Africa that is written by a woman. I heard a radio interview with the author and I was intrigued and I must admit, she knows her subjects! The hunting scenes, the culture, the animal's behavior are spot-on! The story flowed from the first chapter, and held my attention non-stop to the end. I'm most impressed how and why the author used a current event like the bushmeat industry as a backdrop. I found it very interesting. This lady has one heck of a imagination too! Some of the scenes are gruesome and real, and others made me chuckle. I enjoyed the way the chimp, dog and elephant became important characters that I cared about. I highly recommend this book, whether you are a hunter or not. It's a real thrill!!

New Kids on the Block Photo Album
Published in Paperback by New American Library Trade (1990)
Authors: Publications International, Salvatore Raimondo, and Publishers Signet
Amazon base price: $5.95
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Alias Papa: A Life of Fritz Schumacher
Published in Paperback by Oxford University Press (1985)
Author: Barbara Wood
Amazon base price: $9.90
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Contemporary Art in New Mexico
Published in Hardcover by Craftsman House (1996)
Authors: Jan Ernst Adlmann and Barbara McIntyre
Amazon base price: $55.00
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Did Six Million Really Die? Report of the Evidence in the Canadian False News Trial of Ernst Zundel - 1988
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Samisdat Publishers, Ltd. (01 September, 1992)
Author: Barbara Kulaszka
Amazon base price: $50.00
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Die Tiefe der Tinte : Wolfgang Bauer, Elfriede Jelinek, Friederike Mayröcker, H.C. Artmann, Milo Dor, Gert Jonke, Barbara Frischmuth, Ernst Jandl, Peter Turrini, Christine Nöstlinger im Gespräch
Published in Unknown Binding by Verlag Grauwerte im Institut fèur Alltagskultur : Vertrieb durch Unipress Verlag ()
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Ernst & Young's Financial Planning Essentials
Published in Paperback by John Wiley & Sons (1999)
Authors: Ernst & Young LLP, Robert J. Garner, Robert B. Coplan, Martin Nissenbaum, Barbara J. Raasch, and Charles L. Ratner
Amazon base price: $6.99
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