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God's Passion for His Glory: Living the Vision of Jonathan Edwards
Published in Hardcover by Crossway Books (1998)
Author: John Piper
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Used price: $12.50
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Great Minds Think Alike
This is a solid, powerful, stunning, and most biblical text from both Jonathan Edwards and John Piper. This book includes Edward's essay titled "The End for Which God Created the World," along with comments and further delineation from John Piper. To read Edwards sometimes takes much concentration and hard work, and Piper has done a great job bringing this work to life.

The first part of the book is an introduction to Edwards's work, by Piper (a sort of commentary, if you will), and the later part is the actual work of Edwards's. Piper begins by expressing his concern about the issue at hand, and then leads into a discussion of not only Edwards's life but his work as well. Piper comments on Edwards's conclusions in relation to Piper's concerns in his current ministry and then allows the reader to take what Piper has discussed and make application of it through Edwards's original work.

The thing I find most interesting about this work is its relevancy. What I mean by this is the fact that Edwards's wrote this work 200+ years ago and it is still pertinent to our own culture today (sure proof that the Truths of God endure forever). This is a great text, solid theology, and extremely relevant reading for today. I heartily recommend this work!

Must reading for all serious Christians
In this book John Piper reprints Edwards' classic, The End for Which God Created the World. The first four chapters include the insightful commentary about Edwards' work along with Piper's own reasoning for reprinting the work in the climate of today's theologically shallow church. Edwards' work is difficult reading, but his reason and biblical arguments are irrefutable as he explains that God's glory is the ultimate purpose and chief end of everything that exists.

Thank you John Piper
This tremendous book is divided into 2 sections the first is somewhat of an introduction by Piper to the second part which is "The End For Which THe World Was Created" by Jonathan Edwards. While Piper is always a "deep read" he is likewise an accurate shot. His insights and command of the simplicity of the sovereignty of God are a blessing tothe church today.

Jonathan Edwards, primarliy known for his sermon, "Sinners in the Hand of An Angry God" goes beyond his sermon and eloquently states that we are here to fulfill a purpose... to glorify God and yet that one singluar purpose is the essence of our own joy and peace. What a place of rest this is.

Regardless of all the wonderful things Piper has written and, I love them all... this may well turn out to be one of Piper's greatest acomplishments: the reintorduction of Jonathan Edwards to the church.

Voices of a Generation: Teenage Girls on Sex, School, and Self
Published in Paperback by Marlowe & Company (1999)
Authors: American Association of University Women, American Association of University Women, and Pamela Susan Haag
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No-holds-barred courage
I read this titillating tome cover to cover on the way home, laughing and being illuminated. I love it. I've already loaned it to my kid. I can't tell you how much I laughed. It was so good to find two people with a sense of humor and smarts and no-holds-barred courage. The honesty, coupled with the humor, sets a challenging example, I think, to any writer who reads it. Loved the raving about Viagra. Loved the actual conversations reproduced -- or produced. Loved the jealousy stuff, the women conspiring together against the guy stuff, the faked orgasm stuff -- if I keep going I'll end up citing every chapter and verse. I'm going to be recommending it far and wide.

Nothing else like it
This is an amazing, wild ride of a book. There is nothing else like it. The authors call it a 'rant', which is as good a description as any, I guess. It is funny, insightful. Very literate, tongue-in-cheek, but at the same time perfectly serious. That's what I found so amazing, the combination of humor and seriousness. Perhaps this is subject matter that can only be handled seriously by doing it with humor. And it is funny.But it's refreshing too. I've read a lot of self-help books, and sex books and none of them had the sheer nerve of this one. It's rare to read something both genuinely original and entertaining at the same time. I am still reeling.

Not for the Ironically Challenged
I started reading your book. I like what I've read so far but there are still too many big words in it. Here's what I mean. "Then the man put his penis into the young woman's bottom to disentagrinize the moment into one, long dirty filamigtorism. As the man orgasms the woman screams "Oh, oh estigalitistic demophore!".

Were just plain, simple working forks. On the next book, please try and give us mouth-breathers a break and use words we can understand. Nothing breaks the flow of a paragraph than having to stop at every third word and go running for the dictionary.

Liberation Theology: An Introductory Reader
Published in Paperback by Orbis Books (1992)
Authors: Curt Cadorette, Marie Giblin, Marilyn J. Legge, and Mary Snyder
Amazon base price: $20.00
Used price: $4.99
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A theology unseen in today's Christian books
As grape soda is to Louis Roederer Cristal, so today's Christian books are to Edwards' "The Religious Affections". Espousing a theology foreign to most postmodern Christians, Edwards lays out the cornerstone of Christian thought of the mid-18th century.

As unflinching as his more famous sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God", this work develops the idea that what we feel and our true status in Christ are at war with one another, a constant battle that requires the searching of our souls by the Spirit of God in order to find the truth of our standing in Him. For some, the level of introspection and faithfulness demanded of the believer is higher than we might otherwise be prepared to endure. But only by complete surrender, the development of an inner craving for Christ, and spiritual examination can we rest in the assurance of our salvation.

This work also holds up a Christian faith that seems radically different - and more vital - than what we know. For this we should thank Edwards for allowing 21st century men and women a tie to historic Christianity, especially as seen through early-American eyes.

"The Religious Affections" is an extremely difficult book to read, not only because of the sentence structure and word choices of the 18th century, but also because of the loaded theology. It is a bombshell to the heart of anyone who earnestly desires to follow Christ. Impossible to ignore, Edwards' book demands a response. No one can read it and be unchanged. The level of discipleship it asks is shocking to modern readers, but ultimately necessary for our salvation.

A Must Read! timeless!
One of the greatest theological works of the 18th century. Who better to describe the place of the heart (emotions) in the true Spiritual life, than one whose mind is so sharp and precise on both the specific revealed Word of God, and the general revelation of creation. If you have ever read any of Edwards' sermons, then you need to read this work as well. How can we claim to know God with only our minds, if not also our hearts? It is not the quickest read, but it is like climbing a mountain, worth getting the view at the end.

An Absolute MUST Read
I'm a minister of music at an evangelical church. Almost every week, I have the conversation with someone "what are the role of emotions in our services and in the Christian's life in general?" (Nobody really asks it THAT way, but you get the idea.)

I've come to the point where I won't even begin the conversation without having them read this book. Seriously! Edwards covers ALL the issues in a thorough and practical way.

Strap on your thinking cap, but know it's worth it! I read this book every year and God never fails in using it to refocus my heart on Him.

Basic Woodturning Techniques
Published in Paperback by Popular Woodworking Books (1993)
Author: David Regester
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $9.98
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Afghanistan fieldguide tells the full story
Crosslines Essential Field Guide to Afghanistan tells the full story about Afghanistan in a way I can't find in any other book. Whether it's politics, culture or humanitarian information you're after - it's all in there. I never realised how big those Buddhas were that the Taliban blew up until I saw a picture in this book! If you want to understand more about the country at the centre of world news, this is the book to buy!

Update on the Essential Field Guide to Afghanistan

Published by CROSSLINES Global Report and Media Action International (formerly the International Centre for Humanitarian Reporting-ICHR)

The Crosslines Essential Field Guide to AFGHANISTAN Is the only detailed guidebook dealing with the current situation of the country available in English. Although certain elements in the book have been overtaken by recent events, the field guide is still essential reading for all journalists, aid workers, diplomats and military personnel operating in the region or otherwise interested in Afghanistan. Journalists and relief workers from the BBC, TIME, UNHCR, UNICEF and other media or aid groups have already informed us that the Essential Guide to AFGHANISTAN is the best thing going for quick and informed background information.

The book features over 500 pages of political, humanitarian and military analysis, biographies of key Taliban and opposition players, essential information briefs on agriculture, medical relief, environment, culture etc. as well as all regions of the country, street maps, advice on health and security, phrasebooks in Persian and Pashto, contact details for diplomats, aid agencies and journalists. Specially commissioned essays written leading experts analyse the country's political, military, humanitarian, and cultural situation. All country data was collated through first hand field research the editors.

The editors are Edward Girardet (a journalist and former correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor; also author of Afghanistan - the Soviet War) and Jonathan Walter (a former officer with the British Army's Brigade of Gurkhas, and editor of the World Disasters Report)

Handbook for relief workers in Afghanistan.
This book was made for the use of relief workers working in Afghanistan. Aid for Aid participated in helping provide the maps for this book .

Jonathan Edwards (Men of Faith)
Published in Paperback by Bethany House (2000)
Author: David J. Vaughan
Amazon base price: $4.99
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More than just a story
This biography is much more than just a story of Jonathan Edwards' life. It shows much of his thoughts and is chock-full of quotes from his sermons, books, diary, and letters. It not only tells you the history behind Jonathan Edwards but shows the evolution of his thought. I highly recommend this book; then go out and get the Jonathan Edwards reader.

Perceptive and provocative
This biography of the great Puritan, Jonathan Edwards, is a scholarly yet sympathetic account of the man who was at the heart of the Great Awakening. Edwards was a pastor, theologian, philosopher and author whose influence on American history and the Christian community cannot be denied. The book is well-written and enjoyable to read with much documentation of Edwards' writings and correspondence. Any student of American history, as well as any Christian, will benifit from study of this inspiring man.

Jonathon Edwards (Men of Faith)
This well-written biography is an excellent account of the life and times of the philospher-theologian, Jonathan Edwards. The much maligned Puritan outlook is examined in the sympathetically truthful light of a modern day pastor. This book explains the renowned "Great Awakening," with an emphasis on Edwards' role in this revival and his thoughts about the revival. The author demonstrates solid scholarship by making extensive use of source documents of Edwards and his contemporaries.

Jonathan Edwards is a moving depiction of a great man of devotion.

Religious Affections: A Christian's Character Before God
Published in Paperback by Regent College Publishing (2003)
Authors: Jonathan Edwards, James M. Houston, and Charles W. Colson
Amazon base price: $17.47
List price: $24.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $17.34
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A M U S T R E A D !
I'm a minister of music at an evangelical church. Almost every week, I have the conversation with someone "what are the role of emotions in our services and in the Christian's life in general?" (Nobody really asks it THAT way, but you get the idea.)

I've come to the point where I won't even begin the conversation without having them read this book. Seriously! Edwards covers ALL the issues in a thurough and practical way.

Strap on your thinking cap, but know it's worth it! I read this book every year and God never fails in using it to refocus my heart on Him.

Defines the term "spiritual classic"
Houston's abridgement and editing have led to this one effect among others: Reading the book itself becomes a spiritual experience. We become examined, humbled, then excited and inspired. These are the questions Edwards' explores: What are the roles of the affections (i.e., emotions) for a Christian? How do we know they are genuinely from God's grace? In answering this he points to the beauty of God's holiness itself--a concept rarely seen in Protestant literature and rarely seen at all between the Middle Ages and von Balthasar. Another important concept is that the presence of the Holy Spirit within a believer provides a "new sense" to add to the 5 senses. Edwards' elucidation of the scripture's view on the affections/emotions is worth the price of the book alone.

good God makes man happy
no wonder many consider edwards north america's greatest thinker. like his other works, this volume is priceless. he brilliantly delves into the human psyche, exposing man's emotional needs and their fulfilment in God.

Works of Jonathan Edwards
Published in Hardcover by Banner of Truth (1996)
Author: Jonathan Edwards
Amazon base price: $41.99
List price: $59.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $45.00
Average review score:

In My Top Ten All-Time Favorite Theological Works
This Hendrickson edition is a remake of the Banner of Truth Edition from 1984 (a 2 Vol. Set). All of the works of Edwards are included.

In this work Edwards' memoirs, sermons, theological treatises, miscellaneous discourses, and short observations are included. Everything and anything written by Edwards (including his most famous works and the lesser known short works) are present. This is the ultimate primary text to own from Edwards.

Brace yourself. Edwards can write some of the most simplistic theological thoughts and some of the most complicated theological thoughts and have one follow the other in a single paragraph. This volume will fill your days with hours of great reading, most of which you will have to reread, and then read again to get a grasp of what Edwards is trying to say. There are certain works, herein, that I have read a dozen times and have yet to fully grasp what Edwards is communicating (though that is no cause to ever stop trying).

Edwards discusses issues such as the human will, freedom, predestination, the attributes of God, sin, original sin, salvation, the Church, marriage, love, time, etc. Even topics that one would never give much thought to, such as indetermination, are included in these pages. Edwards has a way with words that can often times be staggering - to think that someone could write in such a manner. If you are wanting to read Edwards' works then here they are all in one text. But I must warn you that these pages will change your thinking and your life forever!

The Mount Everset of Theology!
Martyn Lloyd-Jones said that he was "tempted, perhaps foolishly, to compare the Puritans to the Alps, Luther and Calvin to the Himalayas, and Jonathan Edwards to Mount Everest!" (The Puritans: Their Origins and Successors, p. 355). I concur. Nothing in my library holds such a storehouse of wealth, as do these two hefty tomes. Edwards was a brilliant theologian, a zealous evangelist, an astute philosopher, a warm hearted pastor, and an eye-witness (and one of the primary instruments causing) the first Great Awakening. If you want theology at its richest go to Edwards' "End for Which God Created the World." IF you want a passion for souls, read his "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." If you are interested in well-articulated philosophy at its finest, peruse "The Nature of True Virtue." If you want biography geared to cultivate godliness in your own heart, read "The Life of David Brainerd." If you want pastoral counsel concerning the state of your soul, you will find nothing better than "The Religious Affections." And if you want to know what a REAL revival looks like, study "A Narrative of Surprising Conversions." (And those works are less than half of what is in here!) If my house were burning, I would probably grab for these two books second only to the Bible. To get Edwards is to get theology. So get Edwards!

Nothing More Valuable to a Christian
This is perhaps the most valuable set of books you will ever buy as a Christian. Jonathan Edwards' breathtaking analysis of the things of God will sweep you off of your feet. I have come to this set of books time and time again for insight, profound reflection, and personal renewal. I would challenge you to read the works of Jonathan Edwards, especially if you are an Arminian. Edwards presents the absolute sovereignty of God with impeccable clarity, logic and argument. If read in faith, you will never be the same. Be sure to get this Banner of Truth set, as the Yale set is far too costly.

The Default Provisions of Revised Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code
Published in Paperback by ABA Publishing (1999)
Author: Timothy R. Zinnecker
Amazon base price: $34.95
Used price: $2.94
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A great kids Christmas book!
This book is wonderful for several reasons. The big,bright pictures hold my childrens interest,they are 2& 1/2 and 1 years old. The text is short enough on each page to let me read it all before they turn the page. The story explaines all the "things" kids see with the christmas season, and tells them that these "things" are ways to celebrate the real reason for christmas,the birth of Christ!

A Christmas Treat!
This is an intriguing story about a curious pet lizard who escapes his cage on Christmas Eve and ventures up the Christmas tree. He is greeted by an array of ornaments who proceed to tell him their definition of Christmas. Holiday parties, family and friends, Santa and presents are a few of the explanations he receives but when he reaches the top he is greeted by the angel who shares with him the real meaning of christmas. This story is both funny and heartwarming as it unifies all of the different christmas themes into one. My children (4 & 7 ) loved it!

Out of Touch: Skin Tropes and Identities in Woolf, Ellison, Pynchon, and Acker
Published in Hardcover by Routledge (2002)
Author: Maureen F. Curtin
Amazon base price: $65.00
Used price: $54.60
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Honestly, some people are fanatics!!!
"The Hunting of the Snark" is a brilliant nonsense-poem. Yet Gardner has seen fit to put pretentious, geeky, ...pedantic annotations all over it. Now I like nonsense, but the vulgarly rational "sense" of some of these annotations irritates me. Do we really need to know that the word "BOMB" begins and ends with B (thereby relating it to the Boojum) and that OM is the Hindu name of God??? Do we really need to know of a political cartoon in which Kruschev says "BOO", and does Gardner have to tell us that he was trying to say Boojum??

Annotations should be done in the manner of Gardner's own annotations of Alice in Wonderland. Now those were annotations that made *sense*. Annotations that simply explained out of date concepts, gave relevant details from Carroll's own life, or obscure humour. That's all! That is what annotations should be like.

The pedantic geekery of these annotations remind me of of Star Trek fanatics (or Sherlock Holmes fanatics).

The poem is brilliant, though; and the illustrations were funny, before the annotations over-analysed them.

Ahead of his time
Lewis Carroll is brilliant in this piece. First of all the poetical music is perfect, absolutely perfect, and yet the words don't mean much. Many of these words are not even to be found in any dictionary. Be it only for the music, this piece is astonishingly good. But the piece has a meaning. I will not enter the numerical value of the numbers used in the poem : 3, 42, 6, 7, 20, 10, 992, 8, and I am inclined to say etc because some are more or less hidden here and there in the lines. Hunting for these numbers is like hunting for the snark, an illusion. But the general meaning of the poem is a great allegory to social and political life. A society, any society gives itself an aim, a target, a purpose and everyone is running after it without even knowing what it is. What is important in society is not what you are running after or striving for, but only the running and the striving. Lewis Carroll is thus extremely modern in this total lack of illusions about society, social life and politics : just wave a flag of any kind, or anything that can be used as a flag and can be waved, in front of the noses of people and they will run after it or run in the direction it indicates. They love roadsigns and social life is a set of roadsigns telling you where to go. Everyone goes there, except of course the roadsigns themselves who never go in the direction they indicate. Lewis Carroll is thus the first post-modern poet of the twenty-first century. He just lived a little bit too early.


Good companion to The Annotated Alice
I am a fan of Lewis Carroll, but somehow was unaware of the existence of an edition of "The Hunting of the Snark" with annotations. As someone who tremendously enjoys Martin Gardner's "Annotated Alice," I heartily recommend this book to like-minded readers. Gardner's annotations and introduction set the stage for the reader, putting the composition of the poem in its proper context in Victorian England, and in Lewis Carroll's life. And as with "Annotated Alice" the annotations are fascinating and amusing in their own right. "The Hunting of the Snark" is one of Carroll's lesser-appreciated (or at least lesser-known) works, and this paperback is an excellent introduction.

I noticed some confusion in the Amazon listings for this book, so let me clarify that the edition with Gardner's annotations is the paperback, and for illustrations it contains reproductions of Henry Holiday's original woodcuts from the 1800's. There are only eight pictures, and these are in old-fashioned style which may turn off some modern readers. This edition does not contain the illustrations - listed in the review of the hardcover editions - by Jonathan Dixon, nor the illustrations by Mervyn Peake also listed as available in hardcover from Amazon.

To Snark fans, though, I would unhesitatingly recommend both those editions as well. Dixon's is little-known, but excellent, the most profusely illustrated Snark, with pictures on every page in lush, gorgeously detailed and humorous pen and ink. It may still be available through the website of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, who published it in a small edition. Peake's drawings are also in beautiful black and white, and capture his own rather dark, quirky "Gormenghast" take on the poem. (A good companion, too, to the recently released editions of "Alice" with Peake's drawings.)

The Supremacy of God in Preaching
Published in Paperback by Baker Book House (1990)
Author: John Piper
Amazon base price: $9.59
List price: $11.99 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $6.50
Buy one from zShops for: $8.18
Average review score:

I couldn't think of a more appropriate title
I have yet to read a book by Piper without being enlightened and motivated by the supremacy of God. Far from being a boring "how-to" manual on preaching, John Piper has given an excellent primer on preaching with passion and direction in this work. This book is the application of Piper's overriding philosophy of life, that "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him," to preaching. Piper divides the book into two parts. The first part is sort of a defense for his thesis being the supremacy of God in preaching. In so doing, Piper argues that the goal of preaching is the glory of God, the ground of preaching is the cross of Christ, and the empowerment of preaching is the Holy Spirit. The second part of the book is essentially a survey of Jonathan Edwards' preaching, based on his view of God as supreme. Essentially, Piper judges modern preaching with the preaching of the great Jonathan Edwards. It is most significant that Piper finishes this section by saying that one must first of all, catch a vision of the God of Jonathan Edwards (105). Piper says, "If God is not supreme in our preaching, where in this world will the people hear about the supremacy of God? . . . If anyone in all the world should be able to say, 'I have looked upon thee in the sanctuary, beholding thy power and glory,' it is the herald of God'" (108-09).

The Most Inspiring Book On Preaching I Have Read
This is a thrilling book, which should convince those called to preach of the importance and joy of such a call. Here are a few quotes from the book which will give you a small indication of its helpfulness:

"People are starving for the greatness of God ... The majesty of God is an unknown cure ... Preaching that does not have the aroma of God's greatness may entertain for a season, but it will not touch the hidden cry of the soul..."

"God saves people from everlasting ruin through preaching."

"No man can give the impression that he himself is clever and that Christ is mighty to save." [a quote from James Denney]

"Don't strive to be a kind of preacher. Strive to be a kind of person."

The book has only 102 pages of text, but contains much more help than any number of longer books.

Buy one for yourself and one to give to friends in the ministry.
Highly recommended.

Calls us to the highest standard
If I had only read the author's preface to this book, it would have been worth it. This book in meant to be read a paragraph at a time and savored. Piper's immersion in the Word of God produces a man after God's own heart. Highly recommended for anyone who aspires to the preaching or teaching ministry, particularly the emphasis on the desire to see the Word applied to their own life and those who are being reached by their ministry. Give it to your pastor!

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