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Alchemical Active Imagination
Published in Paperback by Shambhala Publications (1997)
Author: Marie-Louise von Franz
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Where are you tonight, Sweet Marie?
This was the first serious modern work on alchemy that I've read, and boy did I luck out! It is a work charged with authenticity and vision. von Franz gives you some historical background on the origins of alchemy, then introduces this 16th century alchemist, Gerhard Dorn, and his inner and outer struggle to illuminate and heal the schism between spiritual alchemy and Western Christianity. Dorn doesn't come to any happy conclusions, but the chapter on Medieval Magic is worth the entire read. It includes a serious attempt to examine the question of evil (oh thank you!)and the historical process of projecting the contents of the psyche onto some aspect of the body. Also an inspiring section on the "cloud" as symbol in alchemy and christian mysticism for the confusing and darkening part of a person's journey inward to her own core. Also, peppered throughout are juicy tidbits about things like necromancy, pyromancy, hydromancy and something Jung himself was into for a while called Geomancy--which she explains in a brief but fascinating aside. The book is developed from transcripts of a 1969 lecture she gave in Zurich at the Jung Institute. It reads like a lecture, with the rythmns and addendums of the spoken word mostly intact, but obviously translated. That's ok--it flows like pure gold and is a great window into this whole Zurich scene and the living body of work that von Franz and Jung together embodied. This little work is bound to inspire and fuel some aspect of your own imagination. Enjoy!

I haven't read this book yet but couldn't find anywhere to request that you change your information. Ms Von Franz is no longer Jung's greatest living disciple; she no longer lives in Kusnacht; she died recently, perhaps in 1998?

a wonderful disquisition on alchemy and Jung...
....from his finest student. The depth of her self-exploration-informed research shines from every page. If you can't understand why alchemy has so much to tell us about the dynamics of the unconscious and of individuation, buy this book, it's quite wonderful.

Creation Myths
Published in Paperback by Shambhala Publications (2001)
Author: Marie-Louise Von Franz
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Very readable!
Although this is a transcription from lectures it deserves the highest grade because M-L von Franz here combines here erudition and interpretative faculty to produce very thought-provoking interpretations of creation myths from all over the world. Von Franz introduces her own theories within the framework of Jungian psychology. C.G. Jung said that M-L von Franz was the one theorist that had accomplished the most congenial development of his own ideas. This book is no exception. It conveys some new ideas, while keeping the reader fascinated from cover to cover. Von Franz subdivides the myths into different categories like: "the first victim", "the two creators", "germs and eggs", etc. and interprets the different categories accordingly. She explains that the incipient of many creation stories seem to be a state of pre-conscious wholeness which is broken in two when "subject" and "object" are created. The book can be read by the layman without foreknowledge of Jungian psychology, but is equally interesting to the professional as creation myths often appear in the individual's unconscious. It also serves as a good mythological reference as particularly interesting creation myths are picked out. This is a fine piece which does not reduce the creation myths into grey two-dimensionality, but holds their mystery in high esteem. /Mats W

Insight into the Creative Process
Marie-Louise von Franz is the most pre-eminent of Carl Jung's disciples, and one of the most respected expositors of Jungian psychology. This Jungian analysis of creation myths is one of her masterpieces. In the Jungian view, creation deals with the threshold between the conscious and the Unconscious. When we create a new "world" for ourselves (by a change in job, relationship, residence, life-status, etc.), we are at this inner threshold. This book uses images from ancient mythological systems to illustrate how a psychologically healthy person approaches the creative process. Although the theme may initially seem esoteric, the author is discussing issues that strike us all at our core.

Shackleton's Forgotten Men: The Untold Tragedy of the Endurance Epic (Adrenaline Classic Series)
Published in Paperback by Thunder's Mouth Press (30 March, 2001)
Authors: Lennard Bickel and Lord Shackleton
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A Journey to the Inner Grail
Robert Johnson said it best, "We each have but to walk down the path and turn left to find the Grail Castle. It's simply being conscious enough to know when the time has come to enter the Grail Castle." I love the story of Perceival so very much. Not only because it mimics so much of my own personal spiritual quest but also because of the hope it gives Western man. We have only to ask the question to heal the Fisher King, not know the answer. The question, "Whom does the grail serve?" is enough.

The Inner Grail Quest
Emma Jung, Carl Jung's wife, made a lifelong study of the Grail Legend, preparing for this book. After her death in 1955, her project was completed by Marie-Louise von Franz, the most pre-eminent of Carl Jung's disciples and one of the most respected expositors of Jungian psychology. This book, a Jungian analysis of the Grail Legend, is regarded as a masterpiece. What is the Grail Legend about? In a word: meaning. It is how the Fool, Perceval, finds the Holy Grail and thus rescues the suffering Fisher King from his non-life in the Wasteland. This book explains how that story, with its triumphant conclusion, can take place in each one of us. For anyone fascinated by the Grail and curious about its relevance to life today, there simply is no better book than Jung & Franz's study.

Projection and Re-Collection in Jungian Psychology: Reflections of the Soul
Published in Paperback by Open Court Publishing Company (1987)
Author: Marie-Louise von Franz
Amazon base price: $22.95
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The History Of Science And Religion
This is one of the few books Marie-Louise von Franz actually wrote (as opposed to being a transcription of seminars she gave at the Jung Institute in Zurich). Thus, in many ways, it is quite dense, and a difficult read. But, I believe this to be one of her finest works, and I'm more than pleased that Open Court has kept it in print. Herein, von Franz details (in two separate sections of the book) the history of scientific discovery and the history of the evolution of religion. The interesting thing, however, is that her focus is on the *errors* made at each step along the way. These, she maintains, represent projections of the unconscious psyche. And, therefore, we have much to learn about ourselves by studying how these things came to be. It truly is a fascinating piece of writing by my favorite of the first generation Jungian analysts.

I'm also a reader of Michel Foucault, who offers another history of human thought. But, unlike Foucault (himself a psychologist), who's focus is almost exclusively on issues relating to external polical power, von Franz's focus is inward, trying to define (as did Jung) the nature of our individual unconscious selves. If your goal is a better understanding of who *you* are, then you should read this book.

Current Jungian thought, influenced highly by Object Relations theory, has tended to minimize von Franz as merely one of the "handmaidens" of Carl Jung. But this woman is far more than just that! She is an intelligent (even brilliant) individual, who was able to take Jung's thought into realms he only alluded to. This book is well worth the effort you will put into reading it. HIGHLY recommended!

Stands out among other books on Jungian psychology
Great writer and scientist on her own right, Marie-Louise Von Franz in her book explains and summarizes complex ideas of Carl Jung with good style and clear understanding of the subject. The book deals very comfortably with some of the most difficult subjects of Jungian psychology: projections, the problem of evil and synchronicity. A must read for everyone interested in Jungian psychology and spirituality.

The Amorous Drawings of the Marquis Von Bayros
Published in Hardcover by Grove Press (1984)
Author: Franz Von Bayros
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Warning: This book consists of sexually explicit drawings
Von Bayros is most often described as the successor of Aubrey Beardsley, but where Beardsley's drawings were angular, Von Bayros' are round and voluptuous. These black and white drawings (done sometime in the late 1800's/early 1900's) are loving, beautiful, highly stylized representations of some incredibly amoral acts. This book contains not only hardcore images of heterosexual and lesbian sex, but also mild BDSM, bestiality, necrophilia, and prepubescent children. The last would generally make me incredibly sick to my stomache, but Von Bayros has created a fantasy world where all his subjects remain remarkably beautiful and innocent in their shameless pursuit of the 'pleasures of the flesh'. These pictures are also humorous and often accompanied by humorous titles or captions. If this description has left you curious instead of turned off, then this book is a must buy for you.

The amorous drawings of the Marquis von Bayros
Published in Unknown Binding by ()
Author: Marquis Franz von Bayros
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $105.00
Collectible price: $100.00
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A marvelous coffee table book
Wonderful drawings, illustrations, Biographies. vignettes. So many variances. Great discoveries on every page Wonderful entries.

Animus and Anima in Fairy Tales (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts, 100)
Published in Paperback by Inner City Books (2002)
Authors: Marie-Luise Von Franz, Daryl Sharp, and Marie-Louise Von Franz
Amazon base price: $11.20
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A classic Jungian analysis of the contrasexual complexes
Written by Marie-Louise von Franz (a colleague of Jung who worked closely with him for nearly thirty years), and capably edited by Daryl Sharp for contemporary readers, Animus And Anima In Fairy Tales is a classic Jungian analysis of the contrasexual complexes (animus and anima) as found in fairy tales, and what these say about the human mindset and human behavior. A profound, philosophical, college-level dissection of deep-seated motivational concepts in a powerful form of literature, Animus And Anima In Fairy Tales is a welcome and recommended addition to Jungian Psychology Studies reading list or reference collection.

ADHD with Comorbid Disorders: Clinical Assessment and Management
Published in Paperback by Guilford Press (2001)
Authors: Steven Pliszka, Caryn Carlson, and James Swanson
Amazon base price: $23.00
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if you think she's just a Jungian apologist...
...think again. Here is one volume of a collection of the papers of Jung's most gifted student, interpreter, and innovator. Highly recommended.

The Feminine in Fairy Tales
Published in Paperback by Shambhala Publications (1993)
Author: Marie-Louise Von Franz
Amazon base price: $24.00
Used price: $22.27
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Enlightening Discernment Between the Feminine & Anima
There are not very many fairy tales geared towards the real woman and the real woman's needs and life journey. Most fairy tales with female characters are based around the real man's inner woman - the anima. Von Franz accurately points out some of the fairy tales which point the way to healing for women, and delves into the meaning of their symbols. Even those who only have a rudimentary idea of Jungian concepts would learn a lot from The Feminine in Fairy Tales. I have read the book several times, learning more and more from each reading. I highly recommend it.

Franz Marc: Horses
Published in Hardcover by Hatje Cantz Publishers (2001)
Authors: Franz Marc, Christian Von Holst, Karin Von Maur, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Busch-Reisinger Museum, Karin Von Maur, and Andreas Schalhorn
Amazon base price: $31.50
List price: $45.00 (that's 30% off!)
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Exceptional art book
Even though I'm a professional artist, I don't normally buy art books of this sort (display books about a single artist). And I'm not even all that big a fan of the art of Franz Marc, although I do have some interest in his painting. However, this book really stands out. The reproductions are absolutely exquisite, with rich colors and good detail, and the pages themselves, physically, have a nice texture to them. Additionally, a lot of the pictures that are included in the book aren't all that familiar and are not usually seen in books about the artist. The writings about and by the artist are also very insightful and made me want to know more about him, and to really care about his work in a way I never had before. This is an exceptionally beautiful art book, and if you like the work of Franz Marc you will love this.

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