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The American Heritage Book of Indians
Published in Paperback by Dell Pub Co (September, 1984)
Author: William Brandon
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"America has much to learn"
about the heritage of our American Indians"- JFK. Thus begins this book that has an introduction by Pesident John F. Kennedy. In this book you will learn about the such diverse native cultures as the Inca, Toltecs, Aztecs, Cherokee, Seminole and Eskimoe, just to name name a few of the indigenous peoples explored. The illustrations, historical photographs and art work is spledid and quite lavish. Very informative, short histories on most of the major native cultures of the Americus. If you're into native culture this is a good book to add to your libray.

The Gardens of William Morris
Published in Hardcover by Stewart, Tabori & Chang (April, 1999)
Authors: Penny Hart, John Simmons, Duchess of Hamilton Jill, and Jill Douglas-Hamil Hamilton And Brandon
Amazon base price: $35.00
Used price: $9.98
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The Gardens of William Morris
I loved this book. It demonstrated for me the real "art" of gardening. William Morris was a clever and far sighted man who advocated staying within the parameters of nature and natural beauty when making gardens. He also perpetuated the "garden room" theme which has been enormously popular since the eighteeth century. I refer to this book continuously and strive to design and construct garden rooms in my own garden which are as beautiful.

Old Bill Williams, Mountain Man
Published in Paperback by Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Trd) (December, 1981)
Authors: Alpheus H. Favour and William Brandon
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Used price: $6.99
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One of the best of the fur trade books.
The greatest tribute paid to a book of history is to reprint it several times; to honor its scholarship, judgment, and lasting contribution. Few books merit that tribute more than this one. Updated information may conflict with some of the author's details and certain of his generalizations, yet this work stands virtually unchallenged as the only true and complete biography of William Sherely Williams. Favour, an amateur historian, died in 1939, three years after the publication of Old Bill Williams, the only book he ever wrote. Favour can be proud of his achievement which ranks with the best of the fur trade books.

Williams was born in North Carolina in 1787, moved to the Missouri frontier, and began trapping while in his teens. He served in the War of 1812, was in Indian trader, an itinerant preacher, scout, explorer, and mountain man. Williams, as Favour points out, was the most noteworthy of the hundreds of mountain men in the Missouri River Country. Equally important is the revealing portrait of the mountain men and their lives. In Bill Williams, the author found those unique traits possessed by this singular group of men who led a young nation through uncharted lands to a rendezvous with the Pacific.

Bill Williams' image was unlike that of the typical hero. He was a study in contrasts. Williams was tall and redheaded, dirty and disheveled, had a knowledge of Greek, Latin, and comparative religion, and ate primitive frontier food including raw calf legs. Physical strength, ability to endure thirst, scanty rations, and fatigue counted for little unless a mountain man also had determination, courage, and fortitude. Williams and a few others possessed all of these traits yet the majority of mountain men, including Williams, died of disease, hunger, Indians, or exposure.

Williams emulated Indians in dress, deportment, speech, and conduct. If being taken for an Indian was the highest compliment a trapper could receive, it wasn't such for Old Bill Williams. Whether it was lifting a scalp, hunting buffalo, or stalking an enemy, Williams did it better than any Indian and was pround of his sobriquet - Master Trapper. Williams stood out from his contemporaries regardless of the method of comparison: bringing in the most fur, outfighting and outdrinking anyone, or simply living past his 61st birthday.

Williams' six decades of life spanned the fur trade era and through his eyes the author presents that adventurous time with clarity and understanding. Williams traversed the West, battled the Ute, Apache, and Blackfeet, wandered the great mountains and parks of Arizona and Colorado, and blazed new trails. His horse stealing excursions were a legitimate enterprise by fur trappers' standards. He excelled in this field and stole hundreds of horses from California to Mexico, including horses owned by unfriendly Indians.

As a guide to Fremont's fourth expedition, which sought a railroad route through the Southern Rockies. Williams' place in history is circumscribed. After this expedition, Fremont castigated Williams, blaming him for the failure to cross the Rockies in midwinter. Williams had warned Fremont that a crossing in winter was dangerous yet went with him anyway. Eleven men froze to death. Favour tends to whitewash Williams in this incident but any blame is needless as nature wouldn't permit a crossing by anyone that winter.

After that disaster, Williams continued to guide parties across the frontier. In March 1849, Williams and Benjamin Kern were murdered by Utes evidently seeking revenge for a previous attack on their village by a contingent of the U. S. Army. When the Utes discovered they had killed Old Bill, they gave him a chief's burial.

Old Bill's death was denied by many Indians. For years they told tales of a majestic mountain Elk, with a slash of red across its crown, serenely grazing in Colorado's South Park, stopping from time to time to gaze intently toward the Southwest - toward its namesake Arizona's Bill Williams Peak which stands alone on the skyline along the western boundary of a frontier long past.

Professional ASP.NET Web Services with VB.NET
Published in Paperback by Wrox Press Inc (August, 2002)
Authors: Andreas Eide, Christopher Miller, Brandon Bohling, Kevin Hoffman, Matthew Reynolds, Mike Batongbacal, Mike Clark, Robert Eisenberg, Russ Basiura, and Brian Loesgen
Amazon base price: $41.99
List price: $59.99 (that's 30% off!)
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now in VB.NET - and for version 1
I reviewed the orginal version of this book which was in C#. I've been lucky enought ot get my hands on the new VB.NET edition and it is even better than the original. I am more used to VB as it is, and I spent quite a lot of time translating some of the code snippets in the original, but now I don't have to! The book has changed a bit, it looks better than the first edition, and it is now completely 1.0 compliant. I've used the first book a lot, it's told me more or less everything I've needed to know. If you need to know about web services and you prefer VB then this is the only book you'll need!

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Mighty Chronicles)
Published in Hardcover by Chronicle Books (October, 1998)
Authors: Jeff Campbell, Brandon McKinney, James Cameron, William Wisher, and Work in Progress Studios
Amazon base price: $9.95
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A pre-DVD-era movie gem...
Before the T2 Ultimate Edition DVD came out, this book was probably one of the most exhaustive sources of information regarding the movie, along with 'The Making of T2' paperback. It's basically the final draft of the screenplay along with production notes and anecdotes about each scene. There are also hundreds of mostly black-and-white stills that correspond to each scene as the script goes on. Also included are the many moments that were cut from the theatrical release, most of which, thankfully, has been restored in the Special Edition. This includes Sarah's dream with Kyle Reese, The Dysons at home, the garage head surgery, T-1000's "glitching", and several other notable omissions. And as you read the screenplay, you'll see that quite a few of the lines spoken in the film differ from what is written. Some of the final ad-libs and slight changes of premise are discussed in the scene notes, and the various reasons (if any) for the slight alterations.

The book also devotes a chapter to parts of previous drafts that included many scenes that were never filmed, mostly due to production costs, as well as notes and commentary about them. The most notable almost-scene is the time machine room, where the resistance sends Reese to 1984, and the second Terminator to 1994. Another abandoned moment is the T-1000 wreaking havoc at the Salceda camp (the trailer-park/junkyard-looking place in the desert) following the departure of the three heroes. This scene would've shown more T-1000 morphs and 'gags'. Like the photos that correspond with the final script, the storyboards of these lost moments are shown along with the script to give you an idea of what each scene would've looked like.

I found the most interesting part to be the introduction by co-writer/co-producer/director James Cameron. He talks about the grind of completing T2 in just a year, and probably his most profound revelation about himself: that writing the script is his least-favorite part of movie production. I found this little revelation to be rather ironic, because I always felt that his scriptwriting ability is his strongest suit. Well, maybe not with 'Titanic', but that's me.

Sadly, just about all of the stuff discussed in this trade paperback, and then some, has been incorporated into the Special Features disc of the Ultimate Edition DVD. If you've already entered the digital age of movie technology, this book is pretty much just a relic of the pre-DVD era.


Fantastic detailing of excellent film
I really enjoyed Terminator 2. It had some great scenes that the movie left out - like scenes with Kyle in the future and in Sarah's dream. Also had more characterization because you could read what the characters were thinking. Would have liked to have had the scene where the "learning chip" is turned on put in the movie. Mr. Frakes described a poignant moment when Miles Dyson dies. Highly recommend this book to all T1, T2, and sci-fi fans. Enjoy!

A mind blowing screenplay
James Camerons follow up to the Terminator has recieved both critical acclaim and criticism. I for one, loved the first Terminator movie. Terminator 2 was a worthy followup to the series. The action, the drama, the message, it was all there. Sure, some of his was hammered home, but its such a fun ride, you don't care. The screenplay itself is remarkable. It contains commentary and scenes that didn't make the final cut. For all you how need a testement to Camerons genius, this is it.

Macromedia Flash MX Components Most Wanted
Published in Paperback by glasshaus (September, 2003)
Authors: Brandon Williams, Aral Balkan, Paul Prudence, Todd Coulson, and Jen deHaan
Amazon base price: $39.99
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Nifty Components, Lacking in Real Technical Depth
"Flash MX Components Most Wanteed" is targeted towards designers and those that shy away from ActionScript. The book focuses on explanations of how to use each of the components -- not how they were created or the design choices made while building these sometimes extraordinarily complex components. Many of the components contained on the CD are quite useful, but I personally could have done without the "nifty graphics" and image manipulation components. It's nice to have detailed explanations of each of the available component parameters (kind of like a product manual), but the book left me wanting more about the hows and whys of creating solid, useful Flash MX components.

a darn good bargain
I still can't believe i only paid so little for this book, it's just awesome! I've been using Flash for a couple of years now, but only recently started getting into MX components - any designer (or even developer?) looking for efficient solutions should really look into using them. I'm at the point now where i'm having to reuse as much code/design elements as i can now because
work is just soooo busy, and with this book you get a cd containing 21 components (actually, there's even more than that if you count some of the neat experimental ones!). I'm not even gonna try and work out how much development time this cd will save me, but I can't advise it enough - i really hope these guys bring more of them out. To be honest i've only looked through about half of these components so far, but i'm still blown away -
check out tool tip, the dynamic text 'stringthing', and the XML/actionscript converter especially - i didn't even realize i needed these things until now! The chapter on the movie loader is just a killer too. And there are also more 'crazy-stoopid' ones, like pattern generators and image modulators. What can i say, buy it and hope these authors bring out a sequel! Tons of fully-documented components, tons of examples, i'm a happy

Great Book
Im coming from a unix/c background with over 10 years experience and I found this book to be really good introduction to Flash MX. Its written very clearly and concsicely and full of useful examples and great ideas. I got my project up and running very quickly with some very pleasing results. Keep up the good work boys!

Fresh Flash: New Design Ideas with Macromedia Flash MX
Published in Paperback by friends of Ed (August, 2002)
Authors: Jim Armstrong, Jim Armstrong, Jd Hooge, Ty Lettau, Lifaros, Keith Peters, Paul Prudence, Jared Tarbell, Brandon Williams, and Friends of Ed
Amazon base price: $34.99
List price: $49.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $34.40
Buy one from zShops for: $28.99
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Definitely not a book for beginners !
I just received this mornin' the fresh flash book, i already own the Flash Math Creativity book, and i have to admit that this fresh flash book is a great source of inspiration for designer, or good programmers, as the Flash Math Creativity, the authors still does not explain very well what they "paste" in the book, full pages of code with // explanation if you begin do not get this book, if you have solid knowledge of actionscript so this book is for you !!! you will scratch your head while reading the book, and that is the GAME !! Even if it is, a little bit more explanation in the book would have been a pleasure that is the reason why i would give 4 stars, because some parts of the code are very hard to understand...

Finally, this book is divided into 9 parts, one for each author, each one got his own way of coding and that is funny to see how they solve different problems, they got their touch !!

So, designers, coders get this book !!!!!!!

This is a _very_ nice book. I have recently changed my field of study at my university to design and media. Lately I've been wanting to break in Flash so that I could add motion to my art. This book was perfect. I didn't need to learn how to create a tween or any actual respect of Flash really, but instead how to explore the creative potentials that permeate from Flash. It was quite incredible.

Particularly, I found the chapters on video and 3D, runtime 3D, "bezier creatures", and the set interval enticing. You should see the chapter on runtime 3D! A _full_ library of 3d code that is extremely easy to use (including incredibly insightful comments in the code). You do not need to know much math to make some crazy effects. Also the chapter on video and Flash enlightened me as I did not know of flash's capabilities in this field.

So, in the end, get this book! It is awe inspiring.

Shakespeare for Beginners (Writers and Readers Beginners Documentary Comic Book)
Published in Paperback by Writers & Readers (September, 1997)
Authors: Brandon Toropov, Joe Lee, and Van Howell
Amazon base price: $11.95
Used price: $28.25
Collectible price: $28.25
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Fun for Beginners and Experts
Brandon Toropov has concocted a fun and illuminating guide to all of William Shakespeare's plays that admits to the huge gap between the Bard's language and our own, and bridges it nicely. Each play is summarized and analyzed, plot points outlined, and main quotes isolated for easy identification. In addition, each play contains its own "theme" for the accompanying illustrations: Laurel & Hardy, Woody Allen, and others help new modern readers to quickly identify what it's all about, while long-time Shakespeare fans should no doubt get some delightful chuckles out of the creative way the material has been presented. I was sad to see this is out of print, until I found the website for the publishers...

A simple way to understand Shakespeare
Well, I bought this book 'cause I wanted to learn some about Shakespeare and his creations. You can find a lot of funny cartons that will help you to understand better this genius.This book is an easy way to discover Shakespeare's play and probaly thoghts.

Battlefields and Playgrounds
Published in Hardcover by Farrar Straus & Giroux (December, 1995)
Authors: Janos Nyiri and William Brandon
Amazon base price: $25.00
Used price: $1.74
Collectible price: $9.53
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Unusual Fictional Perspective
Fast, entertaining read. Focused entirely on a young boy and his family. More a narrative than a fact filled historical fiction but worth reading. Seeing WWII through the sometimes limited, sometimes seeing larger than life, view of a 8-12 year old child is interesting. Characters are fascinating, realistic and far from perfect. Jozsef fluctuates between innate maturity and the ability to see clearly through situations and adults to childish desire and emotions in a dangerous and desperate time. All facets of people during war are demonstrated here- the villains, saviors and the apathetic. Jozsef's many friends and teachers are hysterical but you sometimes flinch at Jozsef's cruelty.

The self-indulgent, narcisistic nature of the protagonist is the undisguised and tragic ego of the writer laid bare, both pathetic and heroic, in this brilliant if flawed Hungarian novel. An at times gripping, and always informative work, which rightly earned its place in PW's Best Fiction of 1995. An uneven masterpiece which would most probably benefit from a more literate and professional English translation. Nonetheless, the author's distinctively Hungarian, tragicomic voice is still audible despite a rather cumbersome and precious English rendition.

The Last Word
Battlefields and Playgrounds is the last word on humanity's darkest hour. A masterpiece of modern fiction, this novel is more than a novel, more than a chronicle, a memoir, a tribute to victims of persecution, holocaust and genocide. It is a celebration of life in all its glory and vulnerability, a portrait of childhood, human suffering and divine redemption. The exquisite prose, even in English translation is like a latter-day Gray's Elegy, sounding the curfew of Europe's vastest graveyard, with angels' trumpets echoing in the shadow of Death, heralding a last chance for humanity. This book restored my faith in literature, humanity and God. An unmitigated triumph of modern writing. Janos Nyiri's authorial voice rings true in a world ravaged by cruelty, bitterness and injustice. His genius lies in recording the greatest agony and evil, while reaffirming beauty, humor and innocence at the same time. By this life-affirming masterpiece, the author of Battlefields and Playgrounds restores Love, Beauty and Hope as only a child-survivor of the Holocaust can. Battlefields and Playgrounds should be required reading in every home, school, government and religion. An unforgettable book.

Flash Math Creativity
Published in Paperback by friends of Ed (February, 2002)
Authors: Manny Tan, Jamie Macdonald, Glen Rhodes, Brandon Williams, Kip Parker, Gabriel Mulzer, Jared Tarbell, Ty Lettau, JD Hooge, and Keith Peters
Amazon base price: $34.99
List price: $49.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $28.13
Buy one from zShops for: $31.25
Average review score:

Is this the magic behind Flash?
Most of those amazing Flash films share have the very same secret: mathematics, especially geometry. Many basic and advanced techniques in this area need to be taught. A review of some basic concepts would also be helpful. It's true that a lot is done by trial and error, but those who grasp the basics are the ones who know what can be done with what is available.
This book has beautiful, colorful pages and many contributors, some with great ideas - learned from some imagination and from some trial and error.
Yet this one book fails considerably. Great opportunity, great idea. But no math is really taught, no basic technique is really given. What can be found is only a mixed bag of ad-hoc math solutions to produce some nice effects and little meat.
What is wonderful about this book is its potential. What is tragic about this book is its end result.

Math Creative?
I always knew somewhere in the back of my head that Math and physics could be creative. I remember getting through Calculus and Intro to Physic course back in college by trying to understand the concepts visually. Mind you, I failed Intro to physics once and got a D in Calculus3 by doing it that way. Fast-forward 4 years. I've been using flash on and off for about a year but started doing actionscripting, about 2 months ago. I picked up this book when I bought ActionScript: The Definitive Guide, I think this book is a great companion. I found that I was using this book as a springboard to learn creative visual Actionscripting techniques. Though I found the explanations hard at time, definitely not a book for beginners, its a great source to get your hands dirty. I've coded examples and found myself going off in my own creative direction afterwards. I think the most satisfying moment I had was relearning Trig but seeing it on a screen. It definitely gave me a deeper understanding to some math concepts and proving my thoughts way back, that math can be visually creative.

The Power of Math with Flash--1 year later
After having had this book a year now and well into Flash MX, I still find this one of the best resources for moving Flash MX (or Flash 5) into a level of creativity not available by mere hacking through script or twiddling with tweens. Even now I keep finding new little gems in this book. However, as some reviewers have found, this is not for those saddled with sluggish imaginations or sense of exploration.

This book is one of the few that assumes some background in or appreciation of math as a tool for developing algorithms. It's not a book for everyone, and one reader rightly pointed out that it's not a primer in math. So if you don't have math savvy, this book may not be your cup of tea. However, from what I saw, one need not be a math whiz to work through the different kinds of interesting algorithms contained in this book, and you will learning something about both Flash and math.

One of the best lessons this book can offer (besides the sheer joy of experimentation even though you're not sure what you'll create) is how to use different elements of geometry and a little algebra with Flash to do some very interesting things. After beginning by following instructions to make a snail spiral, I quickly found myself doing my own experiments by changing different vectors, values, colors and whatnot just to see what would happen. I was surprised by my own results, and then I took elements from different chapters, mixed them together for even more new discoveries.

This book is not a paint-by-the-numbers book, and unless you like to explore for the sheer joy of the exploration and learn something for no particular reason other than it's sort of cool, the book is not for you. It is not a "practical" book in the sense that if you learn how to create a Flash site for some suit, but it is very practical if you'd like an invitation to discover concepts in their own right.

Finally, I found it ironic that such a book using Flash 5 would be published almost exactly at the time Flash MX was unveiled. Well, the algorithms are even more appropriate for Flash MX because you can do so much with movie clip drawing methods with MX that were not available in Flash 5. It's probably not even going to have to be revised for Flash MX because the kinds of people who would buy this book would have little problem in taking its wisdom and doing even more with it in the new Flash.

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