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The Dog Owner's Problem Solver
Published in Paperback by Readers Digest (September, 1998)
Authors: John Bower and Caroline Bower
Amazon base price: $11.87
List price: $16.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $3.50
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Nice book
Very nice book, with many information one may need regarding dogs. From grooming to illnesses, almost every kind of parasites, all breeds and their common problems. Especially beginners, will get the most from this book. If you are looking for a practical book regarding your little friend, you will love this book.

A small book that contains a lot of useful information.
This is an excellent book that will inform readers of what exactly is involved with caring for a dog. This includes exercise, grooming, and health care. It has clear precise photography of parasites and infectious diseases along with a description of how these diseases are passed along and what you can do to prevent it. The book includes a question and answer section to a variety of problems "real" people come across. There is much more to this book. If you are looking for a dog, you might find the breed profile useful. A large variety of breeds are listed. The profile includes life expectancy, adult height and weight, temperment, and known health problems. It also includes basic obedience training tips. I bought this book because of the many topics that were covered. Unlike most books, I found this book to give useful information and knowledge in a small, cut to the chase, real life situations.

Healthy House Building for the New Millennium
Published in Paperback by Healthy House Inst (13 November, 1999)
Author: John Bower
Amazon base price: $21.95
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Good information but below average delivery
I bought this book for information about healthy house building. It did give a lot of good information, but was a little bit schizophrenic. The book has gone through three editions (I read most recent, copyright 2000 edition), and the author, instead of updating the book by rewriting the chapters, just put updates at the end of each chapter. So, sometimes, he would recommend something in a chapter, and then in the update recommend something else.

So, good information but you need to pay close attention. I did indeed learn a lot from the book and got my money's worth.

Fabulous book, lots of great information
Here is the description of the house that the John Bower build to help his wife, who has MCS, recover. It discusses things they considered and what they actually used in THEIR OWN HOUSE. It also gives contact information so you can buy the products yourself. It is written by one of the experts in the area of healthy house building.

I have used the book numerous times to help investigate safe building materials and methods for my own house. I too have a wife with MCS.

Essays in Radical Empiricism :
Published in Hardcover by Harvard Univ Pr (December, 1976)
Authors: William James, Fredson Bowers, Ignas K. Skrupskelis, and John J. McDermott
Amazon base price: $100.00
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A Radical Excursion into Extreme Empiricism
For the serious James scholar, this book is indispensible. For those of you who are not too familiar with Jame's ideas and their background, this book is probably too much - and too boring at that. Even for scholars of epistemology, this book can be rather frustrating. Originally written for his grad students at Harvard, the book lacks much in the way of context, and it is completely theoretical. Furthermore, it is filled with many untranslated passages, from German to Latin. I gave the book four stars because it could use some editing. This is the modern era: Latin is dead - even for the most serious philosopher - and German is no longer the language of Philosophy. The passages should be translated, and some of the more abstract essays should come with introductions. That said, the book is still a valuable contribution to empirical epistemology, laying out James of view of "radical empiricism" - where subjects and objects collide. Indeed, the book itself is a pure experience!

The Healthy House : How to buy one, How to build one, How to cure a sick one, 4th revised ed.
Published in Paperback by Healthy House Inst (28 November, 2000)
Author: John Bower
Amazon base price: $23.95
Used price: $23.65
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Good Book
This is an excelling primer on Healthy Homes/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. It is easy to read and covers most of the important stuff. John Bower has learned by doing.

He is one of the better authors covering home ventilation. On the down side, there are some vague referances not backed up with objective data.

All in all, well worth the money.

The History of John Bull
Published in Hardcover by Oxford University Press (June, 1989)
Authors: John Arbuthnot, Alan W. Bower, and Robert A. Erickson
Amazon base price: $78.00
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A fascinating satire
When Lord Strutt suddenly dies, a falsified will makes Philip Baboon the new Lord Strutt. Backing the rival claims of Esquire South, John Bull and Nicholas Frog begin court action against Lewis Baboon, the father of Philip Baboon. Though Humphrey Hocus, a brilliant attorney, wins case after case, the court action drags on interminably. As the court action drags on, Hocus assures Bull that Lewis Baboon is nearly finished and the next case must surely finish him. And worse, having been brought to the edge of bankruptcy, Bull discovers that Frog, et al, are ensuring that Bull pays far more than his fair share. Finally, when Bull decides to put an end to it, he discovers the depth of his fellows' dishonesty.

Now, swap Charles II of Spain for the late Lord Strutt, Philip of Anjou for Philip Baboon, Charles of Austria for Esquire South, the English people for John Bull, the Dutch people for Nicholas Frog, Louis XIV for Lewis Baboon, the Duke of Marlborough for Humphrey Hocus, war for court action, battles for cases, general for attorney [pant, pant, pant], and you have the War of the Spanish Succession! (At least as seen through Tory eyes.)

This series of five pamphlets were published in 1712 as an allegory of the War of the Spanish Succession. They have biting satire in them (Marlborough, and quite a few others are roasted quite thoroughly), and make an enjoyable read. I must state, though, that unlike some satires, these pamphlets will not prove terribly entertaining if you get an edition that does not include a good background, footnotes, and a cast of characters (i.e., it is a so-so story on its own, but a wonderful satire).

It is not necessary to know much about the War, so long as you are interested in the subject, and are willing to periodically flip back to the notes (as was the case with me). I would say that this book is an interesting historical artifact, and an excellent piece of literature. By the way, these pamphlets are the source of the character John Bull.

Policies and Persons: A Casebook in Business Ethics
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages (01 September, 1997)
Authors: Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Laura L. Nash, and John Bowers Policies and Persons Matthews
Amazon base price: $83.45
Used price: $29.95
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Policies and Persons Casebaook
A VERY VERY fast response seller! I like u!!

Understanding Ventilation: How to Design, Select, and Install Residential Ventilation Systems
Published in Hardcover by Healthy House Inst (June, 1995)
Author: John Bower
Amazon base price: $31.95
Used price: $25.00
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Not a duct design or sizing manual
Over-hyped. If your goal is to come away with the ability to design and install actual ventilation systems, i.e. ductwork, try again. Little accurately re-design or modify my existing ductwork. I actually spoke with the publisher before purchasing this book, and was assured this topic was covered!

If you know of a book which addresses duct sizing and layout for the layperson, please email me!

A Holistic Approach to VENTILATION
I recently went "house-hunting" with some relatives and quickly realized that they were focused exclusively on floor plan issues like the number of bedrooms, the square footage, and the presence of trees on the lot. It disturbed me that they were neglecting any consideration of the critical role that ventilation plays in creating a healthy home environment. Like so many other homebuyers, they were adhering to a philosophy of "ventilation by default." Then and there, I decided to give them a copy of John Bower's extraordinary book UNDERSTANDING VENTILATION, as an early house-warming gift.

Bower understands how houses breathe and he communicates his expertise succinctly and authoritatively. He take a holistic approach to a house, viewing it as an organism consisting of interconected parts. He equates the ventilation system with the lungs of the structure. Houses built without a stratgically designed ventilation system are like sleep apnea patients, who breathe erratically and unevenly. Bower's approach teaches us how to build systems that have controlled, efficient, intentional ventilation.

In the theatre, the term "triple threat" describes someone who can sing, dance and act. In the area of building science, John Bower is a quadruple threat. He is a building ecology expert of very high calibre; he is a skilled writer; he is a talented teacher; and he is a compassionate 'sick house doctor' who can diagnose and prescribe strategies that heal.

Bower's style is masterful, clear, concise and very readable. The diagrams are illustrative and demonstrate the author's welcome sense of humor. The information is easily accessible for those who would prefer to use the book as a quick reference. The numerous appendices (abbreviations, glossary, bibliography, organizations, equipment sources) alone, make the price of the book a bargain.

If you are a homeowner (or a prospective one) and if concepts like infiltration, air exchange, positive / negative air pressure, source control and ventilation make you roll your eyes in the back of your head, then this is a 'must have' book for you.

"Understanding Ventilation" Not Installing Ductwork
Proper housing ventilation, the kind that helps maintain healthyindoor air quality (IAQ)is a poorly understood subject. John Bower's book is an excellent "teacher" for the layperson as well as a "continuing educational seminar" for the industry insider. It breaks down the concept of proper ventilation in an easy-to-read format while it presents a new paradign for industry workers familiar with installing ductwork but who may not have time to keep current with trade magazines. This book illuminates aspects of proper ventilation that are often overlooked such as how pollutants get into your house in the first place and provides workable guidlines to achieve solutions. It would be ridiculous to assume that any book would have the concrete answers to every possible IAQ problem, but where this book succeeds is in its ability to involove the reader in the solution to his or her own home's individual IAQ problems. END

Stonewall Jackson: Portrait of a Soldier
Published in Hardcover by William Morrow (June, 1989)
Author: John W. Bowers
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $5.00
Collectible price: $9.53
Average review score:

If you must have this book then buy it 1/2 price like I did.
I found this book to be one of the more poorly written works detailing the warrior genius, Stonewall Jackson. Bowers seems confused throughout the entirity of his writing and never settles on a tone or a rhythm. The result is a book that wanders quite aimlessly at times, spouting off tidbits of information at irregular intervals.

Basic Stonewall Jackson Overview
This biography is a quick overview of Stonewall Jackson's life and is written more as a historical sequence of events rather than a revealing depiction of the man's character.

A Different View
John Bowers' interpatation of the life of Stonewall Jackson is well researched and has a very interesting narative style. The license he takes with his descriptions I found novel and enjoyable, particularly his takes on Stonewall's early life and his time at VMI prior to the war. Coupeling imagination with history Bowers has produced a Shelby Footesque story about one of the most famous American military men. I highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys the stories of the Civil War.

The Healthy House Answer Book: Answers to the 133 Most Commonly Asked Questions
Published in Paperback by Healthy House Inst (March, 1998)
Authors: John Bower and Lynn Marie Bower
Amazon base price: $8.95
Average review score:

The Future is Sustaianble Architecture
It is an extremely interesting volume... of iummense use... to Built-Design professionals as well as amateurs. But personally speaking, it is not the amateurs, but the professional built-design professionals, who have to be bull-dozed into accepting green architecture. Wish something more can be done about it. H K Verma Editor Interiors Today - India's only Magazine for Built Design professionals Bombay

Diving and Snorkeling Guide to U.S. Virgin Islands: St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John
Published in Paperback by Pisces Books (June, 1992)
Authors: Susanne Cummings, Stuart Cummings, and Stephen Bower
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $23.98
Buy one from zShops for: $25.99
Average review score:

Buy the new edition instead
[Bad info] for snorkelers, and the site information is flimsy. But Lonely Planet just published a new edition of this book. ...It's MUCH better than this sorry, 10-year-old book, and the pictures are incredible!

Buy the new edition instead
This does suck for snorkelers. But Lonely Planet just put out a new edition of this guide. I bought if off their website, www...(sorry Amazon!). It's MUCH better than this tired old book, and the photos are incredible!

Diving NOT a Snorkeling Guide
The title is misleading, therefore only 1 star. There is only one paragraph devoted to snorkeling. It is, however a great 4 star diving guide. Great marine life pictures.

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