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The Complete Poems
Published in Paperback by Viking Press (August, 1977)
Authors: John Keats and John Barnard
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No personal library can be complete without at least a sampling of Keats, and this is the book that everyone should get. All the poems -- even the fragments -- are here, with line numbers included. The several appendices and letter excerpts make the collection even more valuable. If you are trying to decide which Keats collection to get, you have found the best.

The definitive edition of the poetry of Keats.
Jack Stillinger devoted much of his professional life to establishing the definitive texts of Keats's poems. This painstaking work has resulted in a number of changes to the poems. As to the quality of the poetry itself, at his best Keats approaches Shakespeare, as in the Odes. Stillinger is also an excellent teacher; I had his course on Keats 26 years ago, and it was fascinating. While the other reviewers have done a very good job of describing the beauty of Keats's poetry, one point Stillinger made about Keats as a person is worth repeating: Keats was the one English romantic poet that you would want to ask for advice about a personal problem you had. All the rest, Blake, Wordsworth, Shelley (especially!), and Byron would have given you advice that, if followed, would have been wildly impractical. Keats, as shown by his letters, was not pretentious and had a large degree of human decency and common sense. While these characteristics are not one usually associated with romantic poets, I think that they contribute to the strength of his poetry.

Keats rivals Wordsworth as the greatest Romantic poet
...and he rivals Shakespeare as the most perfect lyrical poet, the most exquisite shaper of words. Passages in the Odes (Melancholy is my favorite) are about as good as this language can expect to get, at least from a descriptive and sensual standpoint. Keats doesn't achieve the meditative transcendence of Wordsworth, but he has his own meditations -- usually more modest in scope, but made noble by the perfection of their expression.

Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology
Published in Ring-bound by Blackwell Science Ltd ()
Authors: John Kendrew, Dr Kay Davis, Professor Eric Barnard FRS, and Dr S Hunt
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Encyclopedia of molecular biology the best for me
As a molecular biology student I find this book a very good quick reference. It outlines all the major terms and explains them very well. As far as doing reports and assignments is concerned, for me this has got to be the most valuable starting point. It contains excellent diagrams which are easy to understand and follow. I would recommend this even to a non biologist. Naz Bradford

Selected Poems (Penguin Classics)
Published in Paperback by Penguin USA (Paper) (May, 2000)
Authors: John Keats and John Barnard
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Very Well written and Literely Breath taking.
I loved this book. It is truly a classic. Keats is long before my time, however his work that he left behind is still here and leaves a big mark on the world of poets. Wanting to be a journalist myself, and having a hunger for literature, Keats' book was quite inspiring. I recommend it for any poet. One of my favorites is, of course, "When I have fears that I may Cease To Be."

The Price of Ashes (Jakob's Star Trilogy)
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Louis Hubbard Pub (06 March, 2000)
Authors: Richard Barnard, Sam Hertogs, John Keely, and Barbara Field
Amazon base price: $7.50
Used price: $2.67
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Excellent book
World War II historical fiction brought to life with powerful images, well developed characters, and thought-provoking situations. Real people facing extreme circumstances with the full varity of human triumphs and failures. Well worth the read.


Eagle Forgotten: Life of John Peter Altgeld
Published in Hardcover by Charles H Kerr Pub Co (June, 1973)
Author: Harry Barnard
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Readable, if Exaggerated, Bio on an Important "Progressive"
The title of Harry Barnard's biography of John Peter Altgeld was inspired by Vachel Lindsay's poem "The Eagle That is Forgotten," which commemorated the life of Altgeld--the former governor of Illinois. In this spirit, Barnard presented a highly sympathetic account of the governor's life and contribution to American politics, and at times exaggerating his accomplishments.

Sometimes mistakenly branded as "one of those German revolutionists of 1848," Altgeld was born in southern Germany December 30, 1847. His family arrived in a farming community of Richmond County, Ohio when he was three months. After serving as a substitute in the Civil War at the age of sixteen, Altgeld was filled with new aspirations and ambitions that prompted him to travel west where he soon would enjoy a rapid rise in American politics.

Algeld was the governor of Illinois during a very important period in its history. He is best known for pardoning the three surviving Haymarket defendants and quashing some of the labor unrest of the 1890s. Barnard described Altgeld as a "law and order" governor during the Pullman strike. Altgeld encouraged labor to strengthen itself through organization, however, he would not tolerate any threat of violence on the part of labor agitators. Altgeld also palyed a pivitol role in the 1896 Democratic convention. Barnard maintained that every plank in the 1896 Dmocratic platform was revolutionary and entirely the achievement of the Illinois governor.

Barnard presented a clearly-written account of John Peter Altgeld's political career. He effectively placed Altgeld within the context of the general issues facing the nation. These issues included the Granger movement, economic depressions, the labor question, and the debate over currency.

In considering Altgeld's role within the general history of the United States in the 1890s, one can find many problems with Barnard's analysis. Barnard credited Altgeld for the demise of President Cleveland, however, the 1893 depression and Cleveland's role in the repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act were, most likely, more instrumental in the decline of Cleveland's influence in the party then were his ongoing tiffs with Altgeld. Cleveland's defense of the gold standard alienated him from the southern core of the Democratic party. Moreover, Barnard admitted that Altgeld cared little for the currency question until 1894. Altgeld may have dominated the 1896 platform; however, he was unable to prevent the nomination of William Jennings Bryan (Altgeld supported Richard Park of Missouri). In addition, the role of the Illinois governor may have been elevated because the convention was held in Chicago.

Barnard presented convincing arguments to refute a number of traditionally held views regarding Altgeld. Chief among these views was the belief that the Haymarket pardons ruined Altgeld's political career. Barnard clearly demonstrated that Altgeld remained very strong in the Democratic party during the 1896 convention. He cites poor health, a desire to leave politics, and the hard work spent on Bryan's presidential campaign at the expense of the gubernatorial race for Altgeld's failure to gain re-election. The fact that Altgeld died only eight years after the pardons may make it difficult to access the actual effect the pardons had on his career.

The biography is, for the most part, well-written with an excellent use of primary sources; however, it is often overburdened by long quotations which interupt the flow of the reading. An exchange of these long quotes for more information on Altgeld's day-to-day gubernatorial record would make this work more complete. Still, it is an essential source of information on an important figure in American Progressivism.

Walter Reuther and the Rise of the Auto Workers
Published in Hardcover by Little Brown & Company (January, 1983)
Author: John Barnard
Amazon base price: $13.50
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Collectible price: $9.99
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Good biography, challenging for children but understandable
This biography of one of our great labor leaders surprised me. It didn't go very much in-depth but I always doubt those biographies aimed at kids because they rarely present a balanced portrait. This one does just that, showing Walter's flaws alongside his greatness and his achievements. It might even be of interest to adults who know nothing of Reuther and want a simple book on the topic, enough to knock off in an afternoon and without sinking into the depths of political theory.

Soviet Casualties and Combat Losses in the Twentieth Century
Published in Hardcover by Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal (November, 1997)
Authors: G. F. Krivosheev, John R. Erickson, and Christine Barnard
Amazon base price: $39.95
Used price: $24.99
Collectible price: $29.11
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Interesting if you follow Soviet History... Too expensive..
This book by Greenhill Publishing is the authority on Soviet military losses through the years before and after the 'Great Patriotic War.' I often question the stats though, and wonder how many people were victims of democide by their own government... and simply counted as casualties. Anyway, it has a wide range of figures, statistics, providing a plethora of facts, data and information. I've got quite a few books on Soviet history and its wars, so why not this one. The only downside for a red-blooded American is that it is written by a Pro-Soviet General... Be prepared for glorious praise and extol for the Red Army. I guess you can't get everything you want. Though, I got it at a considerable discount and would not pay full retail for it.

If you're interested in Soviet History than I recommend Brian Crozier's The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire.

Good source data. However...
This book edited by Col-Gen Krivosheev is an excellent example of the history we can expect as historians work through the voluminous Soviet/Russian (and E. German) archives. In one volume we have authoritative figures on losses due to all causes-not just combat. Even more interesting than the WW2, are the Korean and "Assistance to Other Countries" sections. I would point USAF historians to the losses reported of aircraft and pilots during the Korean Conflict. Having said this, as other reviewers have commented on, there are some sections that raise one's eyebrow. For instance, on the chapter including the Winter War we read, "[Finnish]military airfields built with [German help] had capacity for ten times more aircraft than were operated by the Finnish air force"-blatantly untrue. Elsewhere: "The Finnish Army had] 600,000 men including reserves, supported by approximately 900 guns...270 aircraft and 29 ships". The real numbers are: some 350,000 men fully mobilized, 120 or so guns, 100 aircraft and 14(!) ships. Finally, all readers should keep in mind that the enormous sacrifice in lives and material was partially self-inflicted due to poor leadership, and Stalin's interference/paranoia. Sustaining heavy casualties is certainly no indicator of military excellence. Which makes the Great Patriotic War even more tragic for the Russian people. Recommended for military historians.

A Must Read for History Lovers:
For the first time we get the real losses of Soviet Russia in WWII. Some author should do one on German losses in WW II. The Soviets lost 9 million military and 18 million civilians.Could the U.S. have fought WW II and taken the same percentage losses and Won? It took IRON discipline to make solders fight and civilians work 12 hour days and seven day weeks to defeat Nazi Germany. I put a copy in the Hampton library.I have been waiting for a book like this for over 30+ years since reading about the Eastern Front in WW II. A MUST BUY! We now know that the Soviets Fought Greater than we have been led to Believe by German authors.

Affect, Cognition And Change: Re-Modelling Depressive Thought (Essays in Cognitive Psychology)
Published in Paperback by Psychology Pr (01 February, 1995)
Authors: Barnard Teasdale, Philip J. Barnard, and John Teasdale
Amazon base price: $37.00
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Alexander Pope: The Critical Heritage (The Collected Critical Heritage: The Restoration and the Augustans)
Published in Unknown Binding by Routledge (E) (October, 1995)
Author: John Barnard
Amazon base price: $119.00
List price: $170.00 (that's 30% off!)
Average review score:
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The American Experience in Education
Published in Hardcover by Franklin Watts, Incorporated (May, 1975)
Authors: John Barnard and David Burner
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $5.95
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